Woody's Diner to Replace Islands in Laguna Hills Next Week

Edwin Goei

Next Wednesday, April 22, Woody's Diner opens in the space vacated by Islands in Laguna Hills. This will make the fifth restaurant for the 22-year-old local chain that started in Huntington Beach.

The others are in Seal Beach, Sunset Beach, and Newport Beach; but this new locale represents the first Woody's in a city that doesn't have the word "Beach" in it (Not that there's anything remarkable about that...just thought it was interesting).

If you've never been to the others, the menu will stay faithful to its proven formula of American diner classics, with a focus on staples like burgers, hot dogs, breakfast all day, and meatloaf for dinner, all served with a 50s surf theming, tabletop jukeboxes, and probably pictures of actual woodies.

Oh...just so that there's no misunderstanding for those of a certain age: "woodies" is what they used to call cars with wood-side panels.  Look it up!

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