Sprinkles Marks Earth Day (Today) With Donations to Environmental Charities

Until Friday, April 24, the Newport Beach branch of Sprinkles is donating 100 per cent of the proceeds from sales of its vanilla cupcakes to the local chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the country's beaches, oceans and waves (!)

Not that we ever need an excuse to eat cake, but, seeing as it's for a good cause, we're happy to oblige. The figure to beat, from last year, is $2,700. That's more than 830 cupcakes, folks. Come on, we can do it!

Sprinkles' motto for the week is "Eat a Cupcake and Help Plant a Tree", but perhaps in OC we should change it to "Eat a Cupcake and Help Save a Wave"? Just a thought.

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