Los Hermanos Lonchera Sin Fronteras Now Has a Twitter Account!

Categories: Local Eats, News
A couple of weeks ago, I raved about Los Hermanos Lonchera Sin Fronteras, a taco truck run by two pocho brothers from the 909 who nevertheless can beat the wabs at the game of tortas, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, and tacos. Now, like the good Mexicans that they are, they ripped of Kogi BBQ; you can track them on Twitter, where they leave status updates on where they'll show up with their creations. Today, until 2 p.m., at the Bowers Museum, tomorrow on the corner of Main and Buffalo streets in SanTana from 12:45 p.m. until two in the tarde. One thing Los Hermanos have yet to incorporate into their Twitter updates, however, are the specials of the day. Already, I've feasted on yummy, if too-thick, ceviche, amazing fish tacos (fried on the outside), and a hybrid of chile con carne/picadillo enlivened with green salsa and mint that passed the Mexican mami test. 

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