SanTana's Latino-Erasing Corner Bakery

Categories: Chain Reactions

2005_10_cornerbakery.gifThe gal and I have been eating a lot recently at the Corner Bakery in SanTana's failed City Place lofts because the food is surprisingly good--I always get the muy-cheap Anaheim scramble, although I'm still wondering why the chain named the meal that considering SanTana's not Anaheim, and there are no Anaheim chilies in it.

But the strangest thing in this Corner Bakery is a photo montage on the walls depicting SanTana life. The usual suspects appear--French Park, hipsters playing guitars, the old county courthouse, and so forth. A lot of white faces--a lot. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but in a city that's at least 85 percent Latino, ain't it a bit disconcerting that the only Latino faces on the wall are kitchen drones and an empty Fourth Street?

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