The One Great Thing About the Great Park...

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...Is Avanti Cafe, the Costa Mesa Slow Food laboratory of everything great and healthy. They serve food at the Great Park's Hangar Cafe for the massive thing's free Friday and Saturday concerts. The menu is limited--veggie burgers, three-way hummus (as delicious as it sound randy), salads, and a massive choco-chip cream cheese banana sandwich that's worth its pricey $8 price is about it. But in honor of the Great Park's multi-culti offerings, Avanti also prepares special menus themed with every performance--taro for Hawaiian groups, a potato-and-black-bean salad topped with an heirloom tomato dressing for the recent mick concert. This special menu is worth the drive down to Larry Agran's baby, but if you miss out, don't worry--just visit Avanti on Tuesdays for their International Tuesday offerings.

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