Help Save a Hog

25578BP~The-Simpsons-Movie-Homer-s-Pig-Posters.jpgFrom faithful commentator Kat:

I'm asking everyone I son has a pig he has raised for the FFA at school. He is supposed to take it to the OC Fair July 20th, but due to a death in the family, he is supposed to go to Ohio with his sister on July 1st. The school has told me that I am responsible for the pig, so we were trying to sell the pig before the 1st....

The pig is a female Yorkshire, approx. 9 mos., approx. 170 lbs.
She was bred for eating, but if I had the room, we'd keep her as a pet cuz she is so
I owe the school $250 for the pig, feed, etc...
It would be great to break even, but I'm willing to negotiate due to the urgency/short time we have....

Save the pig's sweet, sweet meat from carnivores like me. Anyone interested can contact Kat at

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