Memphis Stare-Down at Memphis Cafe

Photo by The Mexican
Drink up!

I'm still missing Memphis at the Santora, the pioneering downtown SanTana restaurant that was my neighborhood locale for about a decade and tragically closed down earlier this year. I still haven't made the transition over to the original Memphis Cafe, even though it's just down the street from Weekly world headquarters. Call me a beast of habit: this generation of Weeklings only goes there en masse to bid one of us farewell, or to meet sources in order to scare our enemies...HA!

Nevertheless, Memphis Cafe is stronger than it has been in years. Breakfast is now daily, our own Dave Mau is back to managing the bar, and they're changing up the cocktail list for the better. Consider the Memphis Stare-Down.

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Long Beach Lunch: La Ceiba

Sarah Bennett

Despite not having a very large Salvadoran population, Long Beach has been an overall good place to have a pupusa addiction. The city's farmers markets are filled with acceptable $3 versions of the cheese-bean-and-pork-stuffed corn tortillas, and there are even several authentic Salvadoran restaurants at which to properly knife-and-fork ones made with traditional vegetables like the loroco vine and calabaza (squash).

There is, however, only one La Ceiba--that pan-Latin eatery on 7th Street, Long Beach's home of the 99-cent pupusa.

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Long Beach Urban Farm Dinner THIS SUNDAY!

Roughing it

Community Supported Agriculture programs (CSAs) are not only another way to eat well, but they help local growers. The Growing Experience - An Urban Farm out of Long Beach is a CSA that sets up shop at Uptown farmers' market in Bixby Knolls every Thursday afternoon. However, what makes them unique is their joint collaboration with the University of California Cooperative Extension and Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles.

Started in 1996, a vacant, seven-acre lot within the Carmelitos Housing Development was transformed to a fruit and vegetable garden. Crops are grown year-round without synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides. Residents with an interest in green industries and landscaping can hone in on their skills while participating in workshops and tours. This year marks the fifth anniversary of their autumn harvest event.

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Five Tips for Combining Craft Beer and Dating

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Photo by Cleo Tobbi
This could be you!

With the growth of breweries and craft beer bars in Orange County, you're eventually going to end up at one for a date, but for some of you not-so-savvy beer drinkers, a night out to a brewery can be intimidating. Long, winding draft and bottle menus stare at you from the moment you enter a craft beer bar, and the choices fluctuate with each visit. It can be tough to have a "usual" order at places like Native Son Alehouse or The Copper Door, and while rotation is ideal for the avid beer snob, it's not so fun for first-timers on a date. Here's how to combine romance and craft beer.

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Meat Up BBQ Opens in Placentia

Categories: Now Open

This is where you'll meet up at Meat Up.
Is it just me, or does North County have, like, a lot of BBQ restaurants now. There's Leadbelly's, JP23, Big B's, Blake's Place and I haven't even started counting the chains.

Now there's one more called Meat Up BBQ, which opened in Placentia last weekend, taking up the space of Sue Ann's American Kitchen. Meat Up BBQ is a joint effort from the people behind The Viking Truck and GarlicScapes Truck.

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FREE Blaze Pizza In Brea Friday!

The Poorman
On your mark

Folks at Blaze Pizza know the magic word around here is FREE. They've got it down to a science, actually. Students lined up in droves when UCI was the first in the county to open their doors. Mission Viejo was giving it away barely three months ago.

If you're headed northbound on Friday, exit Imperial Highway to get a taste of this DIY brand. Specific details are coming right up-- just as soon as you continue reading.

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The Waffle Affair Is NOT Another Waffle Sandwich Shop

Yep. It's a pumpkin spice waffle.
Earlier this year, I wrote about a waffle shop called Waffle Affair that was planning to open at Bayside Center in Newport Beach.

Their soon-to-be-landlord, The Irvine Company, had this description for their future tenant:

The Waffle Affair is a unique restaurant featuring waffles made to order. The menu includes the popular fried chicken and waffle combination in addition to other gourmet ingredients.

So naturally, I assumed that it was to be another Bruxie-like waffle sandwich shop when I wrote:

Chances are good that they'll likely serve waffles as the bun for burgers and fried chicken--and they'll have fried chicken, because if I know anything about these waffle sandwich shops, they always have fried chicken.

Well, apparently, my assumption was incorrect, and I'm quite happy that it is.

The Waffle Affair's PR folks sent me a nice e-mail saying "waffle sandwiches aren't even on the menu, they offer modern variations on authentic LiƩge, and all ingredients are incorporated into the batter."

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Portola Wins Best Micro Roaster of the Year; Plans to Expand to Four New Locations


We've known about how awesome Portola is for awhile now (They won Best Coffee 2013. Also check out Michelle Woo's 2013 story, The Deans of Caffeine), and I'm glad to say they're getting some national recognition.

Not only were they tapped to host two national barista competitions earlier this year (as well as sending their wonderful Jon Paul Doerr to the US Barista Championship to be held in long Beach in February), but they've just won Roast Magazine's Best Micro Roaster of the Year.


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Restauration: Where There's Smoke . . .

Categories: Now Open

Photo by Jennifer Fedrizzi

The closer you get to Restauration, the more you smell the sweet wood smoke that snakes out of its tall chimney stack. It's a wonderful scent, a scent that says something rustic, something special is being made, even if the oven the chimney is attached to is used mostly for pizzas. More than anything, the smell promises a back-to-basics neighborhood restaurant and diner of the kind before the Chili's and Denny's of the world commoditized the experience with picture menus and reheated food.

It reminded me, strangely, of my childhood in Indonesia, where the same smell emanating from the wood-fueled stoves of street vendors permeated the evening air with the promise of something imbued with that flavor. But Restauration's food and space could only happen on Retro Row, which keeps solidifying its reputation as Portland-by-the-Sea.

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This Is How America's Second Strongest Man Eats


I've always been curious about how high-level athletes eat. I got my first glimpse when Michael Phelps went viral with his 12,000-calorie diet so when I saw that Vice's MUNCHIES vertical was starting series of videos with athletes, well, I was pretty interested.

The first video follows strong man Robert Oberst, the second strongest man in America. It's labeled 20,000-calorie diet, but a funny thing happened along the way to the end of the 10-minute video. Instead of a sped up montage of an entire day's worth food consumed in 20 minutes, Vice follows Oberst as he waxes poetic on everything about food, fuel, family, and life.

It's a good watch and you should check it out after the jump.

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