Eat This Now: Everything at Rocharin Thai Bistro

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Edwin Goei
Not so shrimpy shrimp!
OC doesn't have its own Thai Town, but this doesn't mean that we don't have great Thai restaurants. It only means that the ones we have are scattered throughout our fair county--the proverbial Easter eggs waiting to be found. Some of the greatest--Coconut Rabbit in Los Alamitos, Sutha Thai in Tustin and Tasty Thai in Lake Forest--are still waiting to be discovered. And then there's Rocharin Thai in Seal Beach, which isn't hard to find if you've ever decided to take the PCH scenic route instead of the 405 from Long Beach to Orange County.

The interior design is straight-up Pier One. At sundown, they dim the lights low for a romantic mood, candle lights flickering on each table. Like Coconut Rabbit, Rocharin Thai is one of a handful of Thai restaurants that could conceivably and capably function as a first-date place. Wine and fruity soju-based cocktails are served. The shareable sticky rice with mango comes with two kinds of sticky rice.

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Scoopfest At Baskin-Robbins Is Going On NOW

Anne Marie Panoringan
Warm temperatures, cool desserts

It started yesterday, is going on now, and lasts until tomorrow. Scoopfest 2014 is happening at a Baskin-Robbins near you, and all you need to do is show up. A single kids scoop is a buck, two for $2, three for $3 and so on. There's also some unconfirmed rumor that (similar to an In-N-Out burger dare) this has no limits-- meaning someone could hypothetically show up with a bucket and ask for 100 scoops for $100. Hey, maybe my friends at Foodbeast should shed some light on this?

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Now Open: The Winery in Newport Beach

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Anne Marie Panoringan
Reminding us that beach cities are all about location, location, location

Just over a week ago, our leading men at The Winery unveiled their newest locale off Pacific Coast Highway. I stopped by a few days before to view the former Villa Nova space. Extreme makeover is an understatement-- between a wall of wine lockers requiring use of a library ladder and imported countertops adorning a duo of bars, it rivals fine dining establishments at local resorts. We caught JC Clow downstairs, overseeing the stocking of their massive, two story wine cellar. Chef Yvon Goetz was on the second floor, coordinating pre-opening dinners for investors and select guests. Here in a proverbial nutshell is a rundown of what to expect.

How do you plan to cater to Newport clientele?
The Winery Newport Beach is set to be the newest, most luxurious, classy and cutting edge culinary experience in Orange County. The restaurant sits on a landmark location on Pacific Coast Highway that has incredible views of the Newport Marina. We know that our guests from Newport Beach and beyond will be impressed with our team of eight certified Sommeliers, including a Level 3 Sommelier.

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Krispy Kreme Doing Buy a Dozen, Get a Dozen FREE Next Monday


Who wants to be the office hero and wait in line for hours Monday morning? Why? Well, Kripsy Kreme will be offering a buy-a-dozen, get-a-dozen promotion for their own personal Hero Appreciation Day.

Hey, wait in line and you'll at least be appreciated.

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Two Beer Events to Get Drunk At This Saturday in San Clemente and Fullerton!

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Get your designated drivers ready because April 26 will be filled with lots and lots of local beer. There will be two events happening at the same time, so here are all the details so you can plan accordingly.

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Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Cop Car Stuck on Boulder!

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Thumbnail image for TacoBell_crimes_logo.jpg

Have you ever seen many cops at Taco Bell? Not in my experience, unless they're chasing criminals for this column. And that's how a cop ended up getting his car stuck on a boulder.

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On the Line: Benjamin Wallenbeck & Justin Odegard of Ways & Means Oyster House, Part Two

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Dustin Ames
Justin and Ben actually sitting still.

Having twice the skill set in the back of the house means twice as much attention to detail. It also means double the personalities. Yet my time with Ben and Justin of Ways & Means taught me that collaboration and working towards a common goal (in this case, running an efficient kitchen) can only mean success. I interview them shortly before the afternoon management meeting, as they prepare for dinner service.

Read our interview with Ben and Justin of Ways & Means, part one.
And now, on to part two . . .

Name one thing you like about each other.
Ben Wallenbeck:
Justin's ability to show up every day with a sense of urgency and work ethic that never grows tired. Always holding himself to a high standard.
Justin Odegard: Ben is an honorable man who treats others with the utmost respect.

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"Raining Food" Video Goes Viral

Categories: Really?!?!?

Is this getting you hungry? Or the opposite?
Steve Kardynal the genius behind last year's hilarious "Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (Chatroulette Version)" is at it again. This time his video is a simple one: it has him being showered with food in slo-mo. It's hypnotic (especially the cascade of sprinkles), silly, and kind of contemplative when you find out that the whole thing is being done for charity.

Steve and a fellow YouTuber are donating a portion of the profits from the videos to Action Against Hunger and are asking viewers to donate, too.

If you've ever wondered what that movie "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs" would look like in real life, wonder no more! The video has already garnered about 1.5 million hits since it was uploaded 2 days ago.

Watch the video after the jump.

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On the Line: Benjamin Wallenbeck & Justin Odegard of Ways & Means Oyster House, Part One

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Dustin Ames
Ben and Justin, the yin and yang of Ways & Means

Best friends. Significant others. Chefs de Cuisine. However you want to classify them, I've been interviewing pairs for On the Line as of late. I don't know if they're trending, but there's a positive energy that occurs when you have another person to collaborate with (Maybe it's because you share the stress?). Either way, our subjects for this week are creating a name for themselves at the edge of Old Town Orange. We bounce questions off both Benjamin Wallenbeck and Justin Odegard, the chefs de cuisine over at Ways & Means.

How are your responsibilities divided up?
Ben Wallenbeck:
We always divide responsibilities based upon strengths. Our kitchen is a team-driven atmosphere. Those who are more creatively driven will take on responsibilities along those lines, while others who are more organizationally inclined will gravitate in that direction. However, we always have input from everyone so that we have a more well-balanced approach and perspective.

What advice do you have for people afraid to cook seafood?
Justin Odegard:
Get over it. You'll never know it until you do it. Like anything in life, practice makes perfect.

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Chipotle Raising Its Prices

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Photo by Mr. T in DC
Soon to be just slightly more expensive.

According to an announcement by Chipotle during an earnings call last week, that barbacoa burrito with extra sour cream is going to cost you a bit more soon. The chain is instituting the first price hike since 2011. They cite rising costs for beef, avocados and cheese for the increase.

What does this mean for you? Expect to pay about 3 to 5% higher for your meal. For a typical $8 burrito bowl, this translates to about 24 to 40 cents more.

The price increase will be rolled out in a few weeks, as soon as the new menu boards are installed.

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