OC Weekly's Bottoms Up: Food Updates And Special Offer!

Clinky clink clink

Can you believe it's the end of January? We're trying hard to ignore that fact. Although it does mean we are only a week away from our first annual Bottoms Up party! No Valentine's, just some tunes, booze and socializing over at Newport Dunes.

If you want to know more about the liquor, that was documented in our previous post. We're back to share a $10 off deal, plus the dining roundup for the event. Let's do this!

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The Beach Barrel Replaces Biggie Baguette In Newport

I reviewed Biggie Baguette or Quebec Montreal Poutine, whichever name it finally went by, late last summer for its poutine--the Canadian staple of fries in gravy with cheese curds. A few months later Biggie Baguette or Quebec Montreal Poutine, whichever it was, closed.

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Afters Ice Cream Is the Sixth Most Yelped Place of 2014

Categories: Food Media

Photo by Charles Lam
They sold hundreds of thousands of these

Time to add another feather to the Yelp cap that is Orange County. First,
Bruxie was the second highest rated restaurant of 2011. Then we placed a bunch on all of the Top 100 Yelpiest lists. And now the latest: Afters Ice Cream, Orange County's darling opening of 2014, is the sixth most Yelped about place of 2014.

Congratulations guys, you deserve it.

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Sorachi Ace Showers Double IPA at Noble Ale Works, Our Drink of the Week!

Photo by Cleo Tobbi
Refreshing as a shower

If you've been keeping up with Noble Ale Works and their single-hopped Double IPA Showers Series, you know their Sorachi Ace Showers (not sriracha) is their 13th installment of the series, following storied hops such as Citra, Mosaic, and El Dorado. And oh is it delicious.

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Bulgogi House Is the Palace That Meat Built

Categories: Now Open

Photos by Jennifer Fedrizzi
Sizzle on

It's a good idea to forgo meat a week before going to Bulgogi House. On the day of your trip, skip breakfast. If you're going for dinner, have a salad for lunch. Bulgogi House, as you may have guessed, is an AYCE (all-you-can-eat) Korean barbecue restaurant--the kind of place at which you pay a nominal amount for the opportunity to try to stuff more animal protein down your gullet than any health professional would say is advisable. But Bulgogi House is more than just your typical Korean barbecue joint; it's also a full-on buffet, with an assortment of sushi, fried dumplings, miles of side dishes, and desserts (including pumpkin pie and s'mores), so it's conceivable a person could never touch a piece of Korean barbecue meat but still overeat.

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McFadden's Restaurant and Saloon Now Open in Anaheim Gardenwalk

Kiss It, It's Irish.
Anaheim GardenWalk has had its ups-and-downs, and I'm just not talking about its Escheresque layout of stairs and balconies that you can never find a way down from. A few years ago it faced bankruptcy and was eventually sold. During those rocky times, the roster of eateries at the mall that was supposed to feed off the Disney tourist hordes remained pretty static. The staples of Bubba Gump's, P.F. Chang's, Roy's, The Cheesecake Factory, and McCormick & Schmick's hung on, but compared to other, more dynamic outdoor malls like the Irvine Spectrum, nothing new opened for years.

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Does Rainn Wilson Really Hate Hipster Foodies?


A lot's been said about foodie culture over the past few years, much of it negative. It's gotten to the point where hipster hate (which has been thrown around so much that the definition of the word 'hipster' has become basically 'person') and foodie hate has made late night cable television.

Example: when Rainn Wilson made an appearance on Conan earlier this week, he made went on a little baby tirade on how much foodies suck. Check it out of the jump.

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Pastry Classes With Stephane Treand At SoCo

Categories: Cooking!

Anne Marie Panoringan
Making hearts

On certain days of the year, restaurants feel the need to jack up prices and force you into a set menu. While most of us follow along, quite a few are willing to buck the trend for an evening. However, you're now left wondering what to do next. Unless you know your way around a kitchen, there's nothing to show for. Don't be that person. Learn how to create something special, and all is practically forgiven.

This is where Stephane Treand enters the picture. Every Saturday in February, the man himself is teaching a series of one-day workshops designed to get you in the mood to bake. At three hours long, there's just enough time for Treand to demonstrate steps. Then he turns the kitchen over to you, with individual stations to have fun (or fail miserably) with pastry.

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The Best Places to Drink in Orange County Right Now

Jennifer Fedrizzi/OC Weekly
Anepalcos Cafe

By Gustavo Arellano, LP Hastings, Charles Lam and Dave Lieberman

With breweries opening up at a rapid rate, distilleries getting ready to debut later this year, bartenders upping their games, and dive bars remaining a place for comfort, we live in a golden age of OC drinking. With that in mind, behold a list of our finest booze barns, from Korean and Mexican bars to cocktail lounges, beer-tasting rooms, Long Beach dives and more. Enjoy, and let the second-guessing come with last call, cabrones!

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Chipotle Finally Gets Hispanic Authors for their Stories-on-a-Cup Series...and None are Mexican

No nopales yet

Okay, haters: go for it. Go on and rant that the anger that Chicano authors and I have for Chipotle after they announced the latest batch of authors for their "Cultivating Thought" series is laughable. That we should rejoice that the series included Hispanic authors this time, from Brazilian self-empowerment guru Paulo Coelho to Dominican writer Julia Alvarez to Spaniard Carlos Ruíz Zafón. That we should thank Chipotle for including diverse voices after the travesty of last time, shut up, and get on with our lives. Actually, that we should get lives, period, and go bend a taco or something.

But the fact remains: when curating author Jonathan Safran Foer had another chance to expose hipster America to Chicano or Mexican authors, he chose not to. And the question must be asked: why?

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