Brazilian BBQ Buffet Restaurant, Brazil Cali Grill, To Open in Santa Ana

Edwin Goei
Meat here later.
A new churrascaria called Brazil Cali Grill is opening in Santa Ana. It's merely in its planning stages at this point, with nothing inside the restaurant built yet. When it does open, it will be located next to Musubiya Balls and Burgers at 3701 South Harbor Blvd. Ste. E.

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On the Line: Julio Hawkins Of Fly N Fish Oyster Bar And Grill, Part One

Categories: On the Line

photo by the talented LP Hastings
Looking for inspiration

If there's one thing chefs like to discuss, it's food. Fortunately, that's one of my favorite topics. Hanging out with Julio Hawkins reminds me that there's always more to learn from a certain dish. He's taken some of our favorite seafood meals and tailored them to his tastes. The results: unexpected depth and a newfound appreciation for some of the classics.

Best culinary tip for the home cook:
Mise en place, Mise en place, Mise en place. Translation = everything in its place, both mentally and physically. That's why so many home cooks freak out when trying to execute Thanksgiving dinner. You've got to be organized to truly enjoy the holiday season. Get your shopping list together (mental) and then execute the prep (physical).

You are an advocate for sustainable seafood. Please elaborate on where you source some of your dishes from.
We source most of our seafood through Santa Monica Seafood, which in turn works with the Monterey Bay Fish Aquarium to ensure we are in compliance with the World Fisheries fishing practices.

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GD Bro Burger Will Leave You Stuffed

Categories: Buns In the Sun

Photo by Dustin Ames
That's the money maker

I will admit I was skeptical of GD Bro Burger. First of all, I've eaten a lot of burgers, and there's honestly not a lot of space to innovate between two buns. Second -- and the guys behind GD Bro know it -- the trademark red bun that adorns all of their burgers kind of looks like a gimmick.

But the truck just made it on the Food Network's Great Food Truck Race and the Afters guys have cosigned the restaurant by investing, so last Thursday night, I figured 'heck, why not' and made the trip to the friends and family soft open at the old Toro Burger spot in Santa Ana, where GD Bro Burger's new brick and mortar is now operational.

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Now Open: Sessions West Coast Deli In Huntington Beach

Categories: Now Open

Anne Marie Panoringan
Grilled cheese make out session

Debuting earlier than planned, Sessions Huntington Beach coincided with the Vans US Open of Surfing. What better place to conquer your hunger at the beach? Prime real estate has our second favorite restaurant facing Pacific Coast Highway, a crosswalk away from the pier.

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36. Plato's Salad Bowl At Falasophy

Anne Marie Panoringan
Meatless madness

Every day until the publication of our fantabulous Best Of Issue, we'll list our favorite meals this year in descending order. Enjoy, pass it on, and tune in daily!

Some may feel that luxe loncheras are a dying breed. We are not of the mindset. There is a time and a place for everything, and mobile meatless cuisine is certainly a necessity in a sea of carnivorous options. Omitting the meat simply isn't the same as feasting on an entire entree of goodness.

Just over a year ago, an acquaintance left his white collar career to pursue a dream of bringing healthy cuisine to the masses. His approach was to present a menu close to his heart. Hummus, falafels and vegetables were the stars of this show. Fries and flavorful sauces would round out the options, and customizing your meal was welcomed. This is the Falasophy way.

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OC Japan Fair Starts Today at OC Fair & Event Center

Categories: Food Festivals

To be fair.
Right about now, you're having deep-fried food withdrawals. Right about now, you're missing the OC Fair. Right about now, you yearn for things served on sticks, cold beer in plastic cups, and the outdoor vendors who would serve them.

If you are, then you're in luck. How about all of this, in the same place you'd been for the OC Fair, but also with ramen, takoyaki and sushi? OC Japan Fair 2015 has all of it and starts today and through the weekend. Among the many food vendors, Daikokuya will be serving ramen and GAJA will be making okonomiyaki.

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Surfrider American Pale Ale, Our Drink of the Week!

Matt Coker
The Dudes abide.

Heading into this hot-and-humid-as-H-E-double-matchsticks summer, I decided that for the season I'd put aside my usual suspects--India pale ales, double IPAs and anything with enough alcohol by volume to choke a Clydesdale--in favor of brews I could drink vats of without the resulting headaches, hangovers and trips before the judge. One of my favorite session beers, as the boys in twirly mustaches call them, was served at the Surfrider Foundation's 31st birthday celebration at their San Clemente headquarters on Aug. 12.

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10 New Dessert Spots to Try in Orange County

Charles Lam

OC dessert veterans--Joe's Italian Ice, Disneyland's dole whip--will always have a place in our hearts, but the county has been making room for the new. You know what that means: lots of liquid nitrogen ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, and ice cream flavors that are getting more and more unexpected (surprisingly, there are no new popsicle joints--wasn't that a thing last year?) Though summer's ending soon, let's be real: it's still going to be hot and dessert--specifically ice cream--is a year-round thing here. And the list of new places to try just keeps growing.

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MAZ café con leche Opens TOMORROW

Categories: Now Open

MAZ café con leche--a SanTana coffee shop specializing in Latino-inspired drinks like Mazapan, Abuelita, and horchata lattes and frappes--is celebrating its grand opening tomorrow, August 29, starting at 9 a.m. They'll be having a buy-one-drink-get-one-half-off deal all day, free samples, and giveaways, so you won't want to miss it ('sides, it'll be hot, so you'll be needing a cold drink anyway).

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Tebo Tebo Tea Lounge Coming To Irvine

Photo by thatguy
Tebo or no Tebo...that is the question
Tebo Tebo Tea Lounge, the boba milk tea joint based out of Westminster that serves its drinks in reusable glass bottles (Tea + Bottle = Tebo), is opening in Irvine at Culver near the 5 next to Boiling Point.

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