Euro Caffe Expands To Irvine and Huntington Beach

Edwin Goei
The Italiano Waffle Sandwich
Euro Caffe, the little cafe that occupies a former flower shop near South Coast Plaza across from Bella Cuba, is expanding.

A Euro Caffe just opened in Irvine on Alton near RedHill (1621 Alton Parkway), hidden inside the industrial building that used to be headquarters for Fox Racing. And in 2016, Euro Caffe will open in Huntington Beach's Bella Terra, taking over the space of SweetXO.

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Native American Activists Plan to Protest Redface Runners at Long Beach Turkey Trot

Categories: Indigestion

Facebook screenshot from "Protest the Long Beach Turkey Trot!! page
They're not yawning or doing karate chops!

Every Thanksgiving, runners head to Long Beach's annual Turkey Trot looking to put a dent in the calorie bombs sure to be gobbled up later in the day. They come by the thousands donning silly turkey hats with others wearing spoon and fork costumes. Too cute! Others, sadly, sport feather headdresses, sexy PocaHotties loincloths and war paint in a nauseating display of redface.

Native American activists are planning to protest this year's Turkey Trot, though, to put the brakes on redface runners. "Conquering our image is another form of colonization that began with the theft of our lands," says protest organizer Tahesha K. Christensen. "Redfacing is racist and it is no different than blackface, or making fun of Jews, Asians, or any other cultural group."

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Noodles & Company Brings Fast-Casual Global Noodles to OC

Photos by Brian Feinzimer
Noodlin' around

If I had to describe Noodles & Company in three words, they would be "Panera with noodles." In fact, the Noodles & Company at the Village at Orange--the first and, so far, only OC location of this Denver-based chain--is actually connected to a Panera. If only the Chipotle across the parking lot were in the same building, the triumvirate would form the fast-casual incarnation of the mythical three-headed beast, Cerberus.

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OC Law Firm Plans Turkey Giveaway for Families of People Killed by Police

Categories: Food Politics

Courtesy of Carrazco Law
Thanksgiving is almost here, and so is the turkey philanthropy with a side of gravy. Carrazco Law, a Tustin-based firm, is doing a turkey giveaway tomorrow with a bit of a different twist. Families who've lost loved ones to police killings in OC and beyond can pick up a free turkey and bag of groceries from its law office.

"During these holidays, it's hard for the families," says attorney Angel Carrazco. There's the pain of the empty seat at the Thanksgiving table that becomes much more acute. "It's good to bring them all together and at least enjoy Thanksgiving with them."

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On the Line: Rich Mead Of Farmhouse, Part Two

Categories: On the Line

Photo courtesy Michelle Marie Photography
Lefties rule

If you haven't stopped by Roger's Gardens lately, you'll soon have a reason to. Rich Mead's Farmhouse concept is taking shape as we head into the holiday season. Stay for a spell and get to know him in today's installment.

My interview with Rich began yesterday, so catch up over here.
When you're ready to learn about his favorite childhood memory, keep reading below!

Where did you grow up? If you're not from Orange County, what brought you here?
Washington D.C. I came to Newport Beach to open Sage. My brother lived here, and despite what everyone thinks, The Irvine Company was nice enough to lease me the Sage space in Eastbluff. I had been trying to open a restaurant in Los Angeles. I saw the space, and was able to open with a small amount of money and a lot of sweat and vision.

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10 Great Year-Round Turkey Dishes in Orange County

Thumbnail image for turkey_dinner.jpg
OC Weekly archives
Beyond the bird

Virtually every family has their own special way of preparing turkey for Thanksgiving--but what about the rest of the year, when you don't feel like picking stuffing out of the cavity of a dead bird? Not enough OC restaurants have non-Thanksgiving turkey dishes on their menu beyond turkey Cobb and sad slices of grey deli meat--but those that do usually take care to make it worth your while. So the following are turkey dishes you can enjoy outside of your dinner table and away from your annoying cousins.

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On the Line: Rich Mead Of Farmhouse, Part One

Categories: On the Line

Photo courtesy Michelle Marie Photography
Keeping busy

One of the many friends of The Ecology Center, I met Rich Mead a couple of months ago while attending an event there. You may recognize Mead's name from two of his previous eateries, Sage and Sage on the Coast. Rich's newest project, Farmhouse, is in the development stage over at Roger's Gardens. His background was one I knew very little about, making my interview a chance to learn more from the man people spoke so highly of.

Your indispensable kitchen utensil.
Spoon. Stirring, serving, mixing, tasting--different shapes and sizes, slotted or holes.
You need a spoon to taste your food, and tasting is important in cooking.

What is the most challenging part of opening a restaurant?
Putting together a great team of people. I am lucky to have worked with quite a few good people and hope to have as many of them come back and work with us again. You also want people to believe in what you are doing.

It is also important to train and create consistency as quickly as possible--you are only as good as the last experience your customer has.

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DaDa Shabu Shabu, AYCE Shabu Shabu Buffet, Opens in Irvine

Let's Get It On.
Spicy Crab, the Boiling Crab copy cat that also tried to offer an AYCE option for its shrimp, has closed at the Zion Market-anchored plaza in the Northwood neighborhood of Irvine. Now a new restaurant has taken its place: DaDa Shabu Shabu, which is an all-you-can-eat shabu shabu buffet.

From what I've seen, the toll is $25.99 for adults, which comes with unlimited trips to the buffet (which has Korean hot dishes), drinks, and as much meat as you wish to swish in your pot of boiling broth.

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4th And Olive Alsatian Cuisine Coming To Long Beach

If you can't locate it, it's your own damn fault.

We found ourselves judging a cocktail competition in Long Beach over the weekend for Dine LBC. After many, many sips, we crowned a winner. His name is Dan Tapia, and he's also preparing to launch a restaurant concept in early 2016.

Simply named after his closest intersection, 4th and Olive will be a Franco-German wine and beer garden, serving Alsatian food. Think sausage, pretzels and kraut.

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War and Peace at Chapter One: The Modern Bistro, Our Drink of the Week!

Photo by The Mexican
Not Tolstoy-esque at all, but still damn great

Chapter One: The Modern Bistro in downtown SanTana just did a literary cocktail revamp, of all things. Find some of mankind's best books distilled into a tumbler glass in the Grapes of Wrath (Malbec gives it heft), the Slaughterhouse-Five (no bombing of Dresden, alas, but there is cola) and others. But my favorite is a book I never cared for, and a name that has nothing to do with what you'll actually imbibe: The War and Peace.

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