Kaiser Anaheim Medical Center Slapped with $50,000 State Fine over Patient's Death

Kaiser Permanente
A patient death could cost Kaiser Anaheim Medical Center a $50,000 state fine.
The Kaiser Anaheim Medical Center reached a milestone last week, although it's unlikely to be announced on the Lakeview Avenue facility's home page: It received its first administrative penalty from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).

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Great Park Insider: Larry Agran's Corruption, Incompetence Worse Than Previously Known

Meranda Carter/OC Weekly
In January 2008, Larry Agran--the leader of a three-council-member, Democratic alliance that then controlled the city of Irvine for more than half a decade--desperately needed to enlist outside professional help to manage what had spiraled out of control: plans to build the Orange County Great Park, then one of California's largest public-works projects.

But there was a problem.

Agran, a career politician who had no clue how to build a massive public park despite his promises otherwise, didn't just crave a competent CEO for the $1.6 billion project. The county's living liberal icon with frightening Nixonian tendencies hoped the park would be an unbreakable monument to his legacy, so he needed someone who would obey his wishes, no matter how ridiculous or shady.

Excluding the four other elected representatives on the council, as well as the other eight members of the Great Park's Board of Directors, Agran--a losing Democratic Party presidential-primary candidate in 1992--met Mike Ellzey at an Irvine Denny's off I-5 on Sand Canyon Avenue.

Ellzey's background with private corporations, at a university and as CEO of the Golden Gate Park Concourse Authority made him a suitable candidate for the Great Park job. Demonstrating his dictatorial sensibilities that allowed him to dismiss notions of government transparency and the participation of his colleagues, Agran unilaterally offered Ellzey a taxpayer-funded job worth more than $175,000 annually.

Of course, there was a catch.

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Fracking Educating Spreads to All of North County: Update

See the update at the bottom of Page 2 on Saturday's well-attended fracking forum in Brea and details on an upcoming event involving seven North County cities.

Photo by flickr user Maryland Sierra Club
Fracking has drawn opposition all over the country including, as shown here, Maryland.

ORIGINAL POST, JULY 18, 8:33 A.M.: It's doubtful anyone from Linn Energy, the major leaseholder in the Brea-Olinda Oil Field, will swing by but organizers say they are presenting a first-ever presentation educating Brea residents on fracking Saturday night.

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Orange County Federal Judge Aided Rapist/Killer's Death Penalty Appeal

As my colleague Matt Coker reported earlier, a Santa Ana-based federal judge this week ruled the death penalty unconstitutional in the case of convicted rapist/murderer Ernest Dewayne Jones.

Though other federal judges in more liberal settings have made similar rulings in the past, the decision by U.S. District Court Judge Cormac J. Carney won national headlines perhaps because of the conservative nature of Orange County and the Republican judge's lifetime appointment by execution-happy President George W. Bush.

What hasn't won attention is the fascinating backdrop to Carney's ruling.

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County Board Approves Acquiring Santa Ana Warehouse for Year-Round Homeless Shelter

OC Weekly archives
Better homeless housing than this is finally coming to Santa Ana.

Just steps from where homeless people camp in Santa Ana every night, the Orange County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a plan Tuesday to spend $3.6 million for a Santa Ana warehouse that will be converted into a year-round shelter.

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Real Costs of College and University Are Costing California Students Now and Later: Reports

Universal Pictures
"Christ. Seven years of college down the drain."

It not only takes longer for California students to attain community college degrees in the traditional two years and state university degrees in the normal four years, the system has created "a raft of expensive consequences for students and the state," according to two recent reports.

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Bryan Zavala Wins $3.8 Million Jury Award for Hand Injury in Newport-Mesa Shop Class

Photo by flickr user Scarlatti2004
Careful with those fingers, kids.

A 2013 Estancia High School graduate whose right hand was severely injured in a metal shop class when he was 16 received a $3.8 million jury award in his lawsuit against the Newport-Mesa Unified School District, according to his attorney.

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Will Perry Mason Moment Destroy Bribery Case Against Orange County Jail Deputy?

Cass isn't happy with prosecutor's interpretation of circumstantial evidence
During closing arguments in the trial of a deputy accused of turning the Orange County Jail into a two-year pleasure palace for a bribe-tossing killer inmate, innocence or guilt comes down to common sense, according to both the prosecutor and the defense attorney.

Deputy District Attorney Aleta Bryant confidently told a jury on July 2 that David Lloyd Cass betrayed his duties by allowing Stephenson Choi Kim to enjoy regular sex dates in the jail's visitor area and permitting the gangster to smuggle in contraband--marijuana, razor blades, candy, food, tools, porn and a cell phone--in exchange for bribes totaling at least $850, mostly in gift certificates, and the promise of a high-end Asian prostitute.

"How did he get in that seat?" Bryant asked, pointing at Cass at the defense table. "His conduct put him there. . . . They [Kim and Ha Duc Nguyen] had a special friend in Mr. Cass because Mr. Cass was turning off the lights [in an Attorney-Bonds booth] and letting them have sex."

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Greenlight Financial Settles Discrimination Complaint by Women on Maternity Leave

flickr user jerrylai0208
Loans to women on maternity leave get a "green light"

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced today that an Irvine-based mortgage lender will pay $48,000 to settle allegations it violated the Fair Housing Act by denying or delaying mortgages to women on maternity leave.

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Risana Nowell was NOT a Deputy at Time of "Violent Attack" on 15 y.o. Girl: LA Sheriff

See the update at the end of this post on the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department saying the women being sued was not employed by the agency at the time of the Huntington Beach incident.

Courtesy of Garcia, Artigliere & Medby
Sasha Walters shows off her injured arm after receiving treatment.

ORIGINAL POST, JUNE 30, 6:02 A.M.: An off-duty Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy A woman violently beat a 15-year-old girl with Asperger's Syndrome walking her service dog in Huntington Beach, according to a lawsuit brought by the minor's Long Beach law firm.

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