Dear Albert: An Open Letter of Apology to Angels "El Hombre" Pujols

Photo by Todd Mathews/OC Weekly
A bobblehead worthy of El Hombre

Dear Albert,

Please bear with me as the following is most difficult to write as it includes the unthinkable: admitting that I was wrong. But wrong I was, about you in an Angels uniform, your on-field production and your deep faith, for which I would like to extend my most sincere apology, especially today, as tickets for all potential American League Championship Series games at Angel Stadium go on sale at 10 a.m. and you prepare to face off against the A-holes or Royal Pains in the Asses in Thursday's divisional series opener at the Big A.

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Gustavo's Latest KCRW "OC Line": On Arte Moreno Threatening to Move Angels to Tustin!

Illustration by Bob Aul
Arte: Take the Halos and run

Tonight, the Tustin City Council is scheduled to have a closed-door session discussing whether they want to make a run for your Anaheim Angels of Anaheim, who are whining loudly about how Mayor Tom Tait is a big meanie to them because he doesn't want to reward billionaire owner Arte Moreno with hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies. Because of this, Moreno broke off lease negotiations with Anaheim late last week, effectively calling his team a free agent--but are they going to wow people like Vladimir Guerrero, or be the next Vernon Wells/Josh Hamilton/Gary Matthews Jr/Bo Jackson/Von Hayes/Dave Parker/insert-your-favorite-washed-up-free-agent-signing here?

All of this was the subject of my weekly KCRW-FM 89.9 "Orange County Line" commentary yesterday.

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Fans Rally to Keep the Angels in Anaheim

All photos by William Vo/OC Weekly
The Catch restaurant was the place to catch "Keep the Angels in Anaheim" fever.

Hours before your Anaheim Angels of Anaheim would rally to beat the Philadelphia Phillies at the Big A Wednesday night, dozens of their fans rallied nearby to keep the Major League Baseball franchise in town.

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Chad Curtis, Former Angels Outfielder, Shares His Sex Assault Story from Michigan Prison

Chad Curtis--who was a spark plug for what was then the California Angels of the early 1990s and also spent his 10-year career with the Tigers, Blue Jays, Dodgers, Indians, Yankees and Rangers--is not sitting in a dugout these days but the Harrison Correctional Facility in Adrian, Michigan.

That's where the 45-year-old, married father of six and devout Christian has been since October, after being convicted of sexually assaulting multiple underage girls.

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Huntington Beach Dodgers-Angels Chick Fight and Stabby Street Brawl: The Video

KCBS/Channel 2
At the end of yesterday's thrilling episode on the Dodgers-Angels chick fight that devolved into a stabby downtown Huntington Beach street brawl, we mentioned that cops there are seeking cell phone video taken by witnesses of the early Sunday mayhem.

Well, the vids are starting to roll in . . .

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Lady Angels and Dodgers Fans Fighting Leads to Street Brawl in Downtown Huntington Beach

UPDATE: Huntington Beach Dodgers-Angels Chick Fight and Stabby Street Brawl: The Video

And here comes the basebrawl . . .

A lady wearing an Angels jersey was attacked by two women who were apparent Dodgers fans early Sunday afternoon, leading to a Main Street brawl in downtown Huntington Beach that left two Marines hospitalized and two suspects facing assault charges, according to police.

One Marine was stabbed in the face with a broken bottle right in front of cops busy detaining people, reports Huntington Beach Police Lt. Mitch O'Brien.

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Mark Trumbo Still Has Angel Fans on His Mind

Photo by Rickett & Sones
Looking at Mark Trumbo on today's People Issue 2014 cover may have you wondering when the former Angel/current Diamondback faces Anaheim on the field.

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Josh Hamilton, Angels Slugger, Downsizes Role of Anti-Drug "Accountability Partner"

Thumbnail image for Josh-Hamilton_Angels-300x200_wikipedia-commons.jpg
John Hamilton came to your Anaheim Angels of Anaheim with a big stick and a lot of baggage. The first overall pick in the 1999 Major League Baseball draft spent most of his first eight seasons in the minors or suspended due to drug and alcohol addiction. He's gone on to become a lifetime .295 hitter, five-time All-Star outfielder and 2010 American League MVP in the Bigs. By his side on and off the road has been an "accountability partner"--think a life chaperon. But the Angels and Hamilton have announced that's about to change.

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ESPN Magazine: Angels "Worst Franchise" in Baseball

Thumbnail image for arte_moreno_bob_aul.jpg
For years, Anaheim Angels of Anaheim owner Arte Moreno has made much hay about how Forbes once named him the best owner in professional sports. That was back in 2009, the last year the Halos made the playoffs. Ever since then, of course, the team has bumbled its way through hundreds of millions of dollars in high-priced free agents who haven't panned out and the disembowelment of its farm and scouting system, leading Forbes last year to call the team the worst in Major League Baseball for the money.

Now comes ESPN The Magazine, which wrote a long profile on the team's farm system, in the process calling them "the worst franchise in MLB." And it's not just the Mag who's saying that.

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Arte Moreno Threatening to Move Angels to...Tustin?!

It's now officially the silly season for your Anaheim Angels of Anaheim, as owner Arte Moreno is now acting like the billionaire baby he is. Anaheim officials aren't immediately giving him acres of land near Angels Stadium to fund what the Halos insist are much-needed upgrades to Angels Stadium--never mind that Disney refurbished the stadium about 20 years ago. So what has Moreno decided to do? Approach Tustin officials to start discussions about moving the Big A down the 5-to-the-55 and park it on the long-abandoned Tustin Marine Corps Air Station.

Um, what?

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