"5 Documented Gang Members" Held in Slaying of Anaheim's Eduardo Curiel Molina: Update

Anaheim Police Department
UPDATE, NOV. 23, 9:42 A.M.: "Five documented gang members"--the four adults shown here and a juvenile--have been arrested in the Nov. 14 Ponderosa Park homicide, according to Anaheim Police.

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Prosecution Team Cheating Costs DA Tony Rackauckas Another Murder Conviction

R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly
DA Rackauckas with aides Susan Kang Schroeder and Scott Simmons
On the same day that national legal scholars urged a U.S. Department of Justice investigation into Orange County's law enforcement corruption and a tone-deaf district attorney's office spokeswoman reacted contemptuously, a superior court judge yesterday erased a murder conviction after determining sheriff's deputies conspired to violate the defendant's constitutional rights.

Judge Richard King's ruling in People v. Eric Ortiz is the latest proof that, despite District Attorney Tony Rackauckas' insistence otherwise, the county's corruption crisis isn't imaginary, but rather one with obvious embarrassing consequences.

It's the 13th example in less than a year of blatantly unethical prosecution team moves wrecking a felony case while not a single involved person with a badge has been held accountable.

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Ivan Derek Castaneda and Jesus Valdivia Cruz Have First-Degree Murder Convictions Reversed

Google Maps
Jose Miguel Quiroz was murdered at the Taqueria De Anda at Bristol and Washington in Santa Ana.
A panel of Fourth District Court of Appeal justices reversed first-degree murder convictions of two men involved in a 2010 gang-related shooting at one of the Taqueria De Anda shops in Santa Ana.

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Legal Battle Over Placentia Gang Injunctions Kicks Off

Photo by Gabriel San Roman
Jennifer Rodas speaks against Placentia gang injunctions during a courthouse press rally
An overflow crowd congregated in the hallway outside of Orange County Superior Court Judge Peter J. Wilson's Santa Ana courtroom for a pair of hearings on two new gang injunctions in Placentia. Inside his quarters, Deputy District Attorney Lisa Grossman finally spoke on the gang injunctions her agency had previously been mum on--and she went straight for the jugular during the La Jolla street gang morning hearing.

"I would ask that the permanent injunction be issued today," Grossman said, arguing that La Jolla defaulted in the civil suit. Judge Wilson ultimately granted a preliminary injunction, but for just three of all alleged gang members.

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Alberto Colondres I.D.'d as Fullerton Man Found Stabbed to Death in Orange: Update

Thumbnail image for Police-line-crime-scene-tape_Qwik-Tape.jpg
UPDATE, NOV. 12, 1:41 P.M.: The man found stabbed to death in Orange Saturday has been identified by the county coroner as Alberto Colondres, 23, of Fullerton, according to sheriff's Lt. Jeff Hallock.

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Accused Murderer Awaits Execution While OC Prosecutors Hide Exculpatory DNA

Joe Rocco / OC Weekly
At the age of 5 on Nov. 15, 1984, Jerrod Hessling witnessed the murder of his family's live-in babysitter, Linda Faye Rodgers. Jerrod watched the killer strike Rodgers with a metal chain, drag her to the master bedroom inside his ranch-style residence on the 1700 block of West Wilshire Avenue in Santa Ana, and then retrieve a knife from the kitchen and a hammer from another room before demanding the location of drugs and cash. In the aftermath, the bound, semi-stripped, 25-year-old woman, who had been beaten, raped and repeatedly stabbed, lay dead on the bed. Blood spatter on the ceiling and walls signaled the attack's ferociousness. A used white vibrator found near her thighs added to the grisly display.

When police arrived at the crime scene, Jerrod described the killer as a "white man" wearing "a white shirt, black belt and white pants." As a cop later testified, officers transported the boy to the police station to "see if he could differentiate races." They displayed photographs of two Asian males, two Caucasian males, a Latino and two African-Americans and asked him to identify the men by race. He easily performed the task. After they repeatedly tested the boy's memory of the murder, the detectives noted that his description of the killer didn't change.

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Police Doctored Report, Prosecutor Lied In Wild Attempted Murder Case Near Disneyland

Illustration by Joe Rocco

Honest judges across the nation would be alarmed by the corruption that tarnishes Orange County's criminal-justice system. Unlike fictional TV court dramas, the process isn't being subverted by stereotypically devious defense attorneys. Though District Attorney Tony Rackauckas insists policing moves that tainted dozens of cases were accidental errors, evidence continues to mount that cheating against defendants isn't rare.

The latest disaster is People v. Daniel Ray Jones, a wild, late-night June 2013 shootout 2 miles from Disneyland. The ongoing case demonstrates the results of scant or nonexistent, meaningful law-enforcement oversight: prosecutorial willingness to trample ethical boundaries; unholy alliances with Mexican Mafia thugs; and judicial indifference to government lies, record tampering and buried exculpatory evidence. It also showcases Rackauckas' refusal to enforce what citizens expect: a zero-tolerance misconduct policy for his deputies.

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Placentia Residents Speak Out Against New Gang Injunctions And City Council...Listens?!

Categories: Where You From?

Photo by Gabriel San Roman

Mexican residents from historic Placentia barrios filled the City Council chambers last night to speak out against two new gang injunctions affecting them. For nearly two hours, everyone from homeowners to an Afghanistan War vet said they felt safe in their neighborhoods and didn't need, nor want, Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas' so-called safety zones.

More surprising, still? Unlike their callous counterparts in SanTana and Anaheim, the Placentia city council actually made eye-contact with speakers at the podium and took copious notes!

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Convicted Killer Seeks New Trial Because Cop Lied, Hid Exculpatory Evidence

Stephenson Choi Kim, a convicted killer who embarrassed the Orange County Sheriff's Department while in custody by filming a porno and repeatedly having sex with a visitor without detection, is hoping a federal judge will overturn his case.

Jurors in 2011 convicted Kim, a Los Angeles County gangster nicknamed Dragon, for the lethal, 2004 shooting at a Cypress restaurant, the Fifth Wave Café, and prosecutors unsuccessfully sought a jury approved death penalty before Superior Court Judge John D. Conley eventually imposed a life plus 255-year punishment.

Kim argues Conley and then-Cypress Police Department detective Susan White trampled his constitutional right to a fair trial.

The judge, a former homicide prosecutor, blocked Leonard B. Levine, Kim's defense lawyer, from showing jurors recorded police interviews with Ronald Woodhead, a victim who, before dying, on two different occasions coherently identified another man, Wilson Sun, as the killer.

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Bail Bondsman Gets Prison For Secret Mexican Mafia Alliance

Bringing down the house: Who knew criminal plots can supersede racial bigotry?
That youthful, white supremacist hoodlums in Southern California suspend their Adolf Hitler idolatry to date African Americans and Latinas, or enter into chummy narcotics trafficking with non-Nazi approved races are facts well known to OC Weekly readers.

But last week inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse an odd case concluded when a 79-year-old, Caucasian, great-grand father and successful businessman got punished for his secret ties to the Mexican Mafia.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Jack Glenning of Orange used La Eme gangsters as violent enforcers against customers who were delinquent in making payments to his bail bonds operation.

Prosecutors also report that telephonic surveillance proved Glenning served as a communications conduit to the underworld organization known to employ lethal measures; they also say he plotted ways to financially benefit the gang and discussed locating a witness to a Mexican Mafia murder.

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