Meet Cherie the Surfing French Bulldog [VIDEO]

Sasha Azoqa/OC Weekly
Cherie shreds

By Sasha Azoqa

Cherie the French Bulldog has had an adventurous journey. She grew up in a home that didn't treat her with the love she deserved and found her way into the open arms of the French Bulldog Rescue. She soon discovered her forever home with Amy and Dan Nykolayko in Newport Beach and after visiting the beach a few times, she couldn't stay out of the water.

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Surfrider's International Surfing Day in Surf City Ends with Guinness World Record [VIDEOS]

Surfrider Foundation
Move over, two girls, one cup: It's 66 riders, one surfboard.
Surfrider Foundation's 11th annual International Surfing Day included clean-ocean events all over the globe, but the Huntington Beach gathering was significant because it drew the San Clemente-based nonprofit's CEO, featured the collection of 116.5 pounds of trash and was capped with a Guinness World Record.

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Shark Video Leads to Seal Beach Warning Signs. Does Shark Beach Have Seal Warning Signs?

Seal Beach Marine Safety Department
Cue the Jaws theme ...
Shark Week returns to the Discovery Channel on July 5, but it is has come early in Surfside based on this sign that just went up and the video after the jump (both of which were posted by the Seal Beach Marine Safety Department).

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Watch Horrific Video of Huntington Beach Hit-and-Run (and Perhaps Help I.D. the Driver)

Courtesy of Huntington Beach Police Department
Pedestrian down!
A hit-and-run video released by the Huntington Beach Police Department is drawing mucho interest on the Interwebs.

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Garrett Smith's Naked Anaheim Romp May Have Produced the Most Amazing Video Ever

Please don't tell me the streak craze is back.
Yes, Garret Smith is accused of crimes and of mucking up Charles Barnes' minivan and of scaring the stuffing out of Clarisa Vidrio.

Still, after watching the amazing surveillance video in the news report after the jump, I totally want to go as the Riverside 21-year-old next Halloween.

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Jason "Mayhem" Miller's Latest Production is His Laguna Beach Arrest Video

Courtesy of the Orange County Sheriff's Department
From the Jason "Mayhem" Miller Booking Mugshot Collection
Mixed martial arts fighter-turned-jail inmate for life Jason "Mayhem" Miller is in trouble with the law again, and this time there is video.

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Ghost Roams Disneyland After Closing--and There's Video to Prove It!

Photo by flickr user Kent Buckingham
Going our way?
For reasons not quite clear, a video originally posted on YouTube on Sept. 15, 2009, of what's supposed to be a ghost (Uncle Walt?) roaming Disneyland in Anaheim is suddenly spooking social media-ites.

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You Make the Call: Video from the Orange County Police State or Perps Behaving Badly?

Mack Sennett Studios/public domain
The Keystone Po-Po line
I don't know where the video on the next page was shot, other than apparently within a gang enforcement zone patrolled by the Orange County Sheriff's Department. (Stanton, South OC or unincorporated North OC, perhaps?) The video raises interesting points about living in a police state (perceived or otherwise). Ah, there I go again, getting ahead of myself.

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Jack Vale's Wholesome YouTube Pranks Have Made Him a Star

John Gilhooley

In front of a hardware store, Jack Vale stands with his wife, a petite brunette who is noticeably pregnant--as in, baby's-hand-hanging-out pregnant. A bundle of lumber rests on the ground; they stare at it. The dilemma: How are they going to carry it to their truck?

A bespectacled, middle-aged man walks up to them and stops. "Where you going with that?" he asks. Vale points to his vehicle in the parking lot.

The man offers to help, bending down to lift one end of the pile. Vale then takes a step back and motions to Sherry, clutching her round, round belly. "Honey," he says to her, "you can grab the other end here." The man freezes.

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VIDEO: What Happens When Thomas Edison Crashes a Tesla-Loving Steampunk Convention

Matt Kollar/OC Weekly
Edison, right, stealing his latest invention

What happens when Thomas Edison walks onto a ship full of Nikola Tesla lovers? No, this isn't the set-up to a bad joke, but rather the premise of our latest video. Her Royal Majesty's Steampunk Symposium came to the Queen Mary in Long Beach once again, and we sent our freelance reporter Thomas Edison to cover it.

The annual convention dedicated to the retro-futuristic branch of science fiction known as steampunk was filled with supporters for Nikola Tesla, the underdog genius inventor and bitter rival of Edison. How will a shipfull of Teslians greet the great theif Edison? Watch here to find out...

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