Huntington Beach Dodgers-Angels Chick Fight and Stabby Street Brawl: The Video

KCBS/Channel 2
At the end of yesterday's thrilling episode on the Dodgers-Angels chick fight that devolved into a stabby downtown Huntington Beach street brawl, we mentioned that cops there are seeking cell phone video taken by witnesses of the early Sunday mayhem.

Well, the vids are starting to roll in . . .

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Who's Orly Taitz Chumming With Now? Pastor with "Jesus Would Stone Homos" Church Sign

Orly Taitz is so proud of being on The Manning Report, the online series of chief pastor at ATLAH World Missionary Church in New York City James David Manning, that the Rancho Santa Margarita lawyer/dentist/real-estate saleslady/Birfer Queen/mad matryoshka model posted the video above on

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Servite High Stage Extension That Collapsed Was "Flawed," School Admits: Update

See the update at the end of this post with Servite High School's president admitting the stage extension that collapsed Saturday night was "flawed."

ORIGINAL POST, MARCH 10, 8:36 A.M.: I won't tell you what a fellow former Catholic high school parent told me when I shared the news about a couple dozen students from all-girls Rosary High School getting injured when the stage they were stomping on at Servite High School in Anaheim collapsed--because it wouldn't be classy and we're all about the classy here at Navel Gazing.

Most sustained bruises and scrapes Saturday night but some suffered broken bones.

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At Home with the Ortizes: Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz's Custody War Spreads to YouTube

Have you wondered what the hell life was like for then-retired porn star Jenna Jameson, then-un-retired UFC legend Tito Ortiz and their twin boys in their Huntington Harbour home?

Thanks to Dave Delino, you get a peak on the next page, although Jameson--who is estranged from and in a very nasty, very public custody battle with Ortiz--claims Delino is really her ex-, shaming her via surveillance video from the pad posted Friday evening on YouTube.

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10 Revelations in Nadia Davis Lockyer's Bombshell Interview

A reporter colleague who used to cover Huntington Beach like a wet blanket would often walk around the newsroom saying, "If it happens in Huntington Beach, it's news to me." The joke was you could take that two ways: 1) Everything in Surf City was on his radar; 2) "That happened here? Well, that's news to me."

We believe if it happens to Nadia Maria Davis Lockyer, it's news to us here at Navel Gazing.

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Somali Pirates of the Caribbean, Anyone? Al-Shabaab Offers Recruits "Real Disneyland"

So Somalia-based al-Shabaab, the terrorists responsible for the Nairobi mall massacre that left more than 62 people dead last week, is actively recruiting young U.S. citizens with promises of entry into the "real Disneyland" in Somalia.

Come to think of it, I've stood in lines at the Tragic Kingdom that seem to extend back to the Horn of Africa.

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SoCal Edison Demands Latino Advocacy Group Remove Online Video Supporting Rooftop Solar YouTube channel
Southern California Edison has sent a letter to a Latino advocacy organization demanding that a video linked to a rooftop solar campaign be taken down from its website and YouTube., which is part of the coalition that includes The Other 98%, has responded by saying it refuses "to be intimidated" by the power giant and will "expand" the "fight for solar energy" it is waging with the Sierra Club's two-year-old My Generation Campaign.

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Hans Kevin Arellano Killing by Santa Ana Cop and Family's Confrontation with Police on Video

A Los Angeles television station obtained cell phone video from a witness to a Santa Ana police officer fatally shooting homeless father of two Hans Kevin Arellano on Tuesday afternoon. It's difficult to make out the action, but you clearly hear the death shot and the cameraman repeating, "Why'd they shoot him ... why'd they shoot him."

Meanwhile, another witness captured Arellano family members confronting police.

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Hate Crime Against OC Weekly? Let's Go to the Video, Stu ...

En route to a lynching vacation or whatever one does for fun in Kentucky (not to be confused with our own beloved Fontucky), the Mexican-in-Chief soberly posted "A Eulogy for the OC Weekly Rack Destroyed During the Huntington Beach Riots."

He labeled the maiming what it clearly was: a HATE CRIME! Now we have video evidence, after the jump ...

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Bike Shop Smashed in Sunday's Surf City Riots Seems to Wax Poetic About '86 Version: Video

You recall HB easyrider from Sunday's riots in Huntington Beach from the horrific cell phone video of the jerk-off ramming a stop sign through the front window of the shop at Main and First streets, followed by another jerk-off stealing a bike and a third getting into an unsuccessful tug-of-war with the owner for a $5,000 two-wheeler on display. Because others rushed in to help easyrider owner Bert Etheredge by chasing off the second would-be smash-and-grabber, that moment is being marked as an example of selfless community support. Amen to that, brother. But if the shop is still there a quarter century from now, will whoever owns it then identify more with the heroes or the vandals?

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