OC's Getting Rid of Mississippi's Flag--What About Our Other Markers to the Confederacy and Klan?

Y'all come back now, ya here?

It's been fun to see the Orange County Board of Supervisors, the Orange County Bar Association, and now the Orange County Human Relations trying to outdo themselves in getting Mississippi's flag taken down from the Santa Ana Civic Center. REAL brave to take on Mississippi, the Hemet of America. How courageous to get offended at the Confederate flag, the ultimate symbol of the ultimate losers. Why, if we just had such conviction in government, legal, and nonprofit circles, we'd eradicate racism forever!

Please. Betcha those groups don't have the stones to confront the true racist menace littering Orange County's landscape: monuments to the Confederacy and the Ku Klux Klan.

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White-Supremacists Stickers Found on Electrical Box in Yorba Linda

Gracias, source!
Whiny whities....

If you told me to guess in which city were white-power stickers found on an electrical box, I'd most likely say "Yorba Linda." Huntington Beach gets all the infamy for its neo-Nazi losers, but the Weekly mostly ran out those idiots to Menifee last decade. Nowadays, the newer generation of gaba racists tends to live in majority-white neighborhoods that are wealthy but not Coto de Caza-wealthy and slowly diversifying--in other words, Yorba Linda.

So when we got a tip that white-power stickers were found on an electrical box, I guessed "Yorba Linda." And I guessed right--someone give me a Donald Trump piƱata as a prize, stat!

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Joseph Jackson Jr. Made Civil Rights History as a Member of Mississippi's Tougaloo Nine

Mugshot memories
"You know you don't belong here!" a worker yelled at 23-year-old Joseph Jackson Jr. as he walked into the Jackson, Mississippi, main public library on March 27, 1961, to try to desegregate it. "You go back to your library!"

Dozens of angry, white faces surrounded the slight, bespectacled, nervous student as he made his way to the information desk and into the front lines of war. In a couple of months, freedom riders would get arrested by the hundreds in the city; the following year, James Meredith tried to enroll at the University of Mississippi with the help of U.S. Marshals only to have a deadly riot erupt around him. The year after that saw Jackson weather a sit-in at Woolworth and the assassination of legendary activist Medgar Evers. And in 1964, the murder of three civil-rights workers brought in the federal government and led Nina Simone to pen her scintillating smackdown of the Magnolia State, "Mississippi Goddam."

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Confederate Flag Flies in Laguna Beach...Art Exhibit

As South Carolina considers taking down its Confederate flag, the stars and bars battle flags fly in Laguna Beach starting Saturday--if by "battle flags" you mean "images of the Confederate flag in two paintings" and by "Laguna Beach" you mean "Laguna Art Museum" and by "flying" you meaning "hanging on walls."

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How the Confederate Flag and Johnny Rebel Fell at Anaheim's Savanna High School

Savanna High School's stars and bars

The Confederate flag still flies high above South Carolina's state capitol building a week after the massacre of nine blacks at a Charleston church by a bowl-cut bigot. But the racist "Stars and Bars" is coming under increasing fire in the wake of terror. Walmart, Target and other big box stores are pulling the flag from its stores; Alabama's governor ordered them quietly drawn down.

One place the Confederate flag waved far from Dixie for decades far without much protest is this reporter's alma mater, Savanna High School in Anaheim.

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Rancho Santiago Community College District Foundation Takes Up Saudi Arabia Deal TODAY

Photo by flickr user Shannon Doyle
Hello, we'll be your guidance counselors.
The Rancho Santiago Community College District Foundation's board is scheduled today to discuss its controversial $105 million consulting contract with Saudi Arabia that has been chastised by faculty, a student trustee and the oldest pro-Israel organization in the United States.

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KKK Fliers Found in Downtown Fullerton--But Klan Couldn't Spell "California" Right

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Where's Daniel Carver when you need him...

Over the weekend, some idiot left bags filled with rocks, Tootsie Rolls and fliers for the Ku Klux Klan in the neighborhoods around downtown Fullerton, according to a local who shall remain nameless for now but shared their finds on Facebook. Coming as it did in the aftermath of the Charleston, South Carolina massacre, it has residents on edge--and laughing.

"These were all cowardly thrown from a car with stones and tootsie rolls, intact and in plastic baggies on my block right now," the person wrote. "Really?"

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Online Petition Seeks to Force Loretta Sanchez to Apologize to OC Native Americans: Update

Thumbnail image for SanchezTranKOCE.jpg
Loretta Sanchez is wound up before a local television appearance.
UPDATE, MAY 28, 2:42 P.M.: The campaign for an in-person meeting with Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Garden Grove) so she can apologize to Native Americans over remarks she made recently has moved from the real world to the virtual world.

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Angels Fans Dress as "Mexicans" with Approval of Part-Time Mexican Owner Arte Moreno

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Let's see them pull this shit in SanTana...

Since your Anaheim Angels of Anaheim can't be expected to set any legitimate baseball records anymore (save for the extraordinary Mike Trout), the organization is reduced to passing out free hats and achieving glory that way. Yesterday, about 25,000 fans wore sombreros on Cinco de Mayo, thereby shattering the Guinness Book of World Records entry for the largest gathering of people wearing the Mexican hat. The Halos put that in their trophy case alongside previous achievements such as biggest gathering of people wearing Santa hats, cowboy hats, wigs, and worst free-agent signing.

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Your Anaheim Angels Have No African-American Players on Roster for First Time...Ever?

1978 Topps Baseball Card
At least Baylor is still a coach...

For a county that has been notoriously nasty to African-Americans, the one place they have always received a welcome was playing for your Anaheim Angels of Anaheim. From the earliest days of Leon "Daddy Wags" Wagner through Alex Johnson through the glory days of Don Baylor, Reggie Jackson, and Rod Carew through Garrett Anderson, Torii Hunter, and Howie Kendricks, the Halos have almost always counted at least one black player as one of its stars.

Until this year. For the first time perhaps ever, there are no African-Americans on the Angels' roster.

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