This is the Best Defense of the Really Real Orange County You'll Ever Read

Many right-minded Orange Countians are routinely confronted with the region's reputation as a bastion for conservatism, intolerance and gawdawful reality show cast members.

While we here at the Weekly do our part to expose the freaks, we should also make it a practice to honor those working to dispel the stereotypes slapped on all the people who live, work and love here.

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Addie Vincent, Transgender Entrant in Pageant at Chapman University, is Miss Congeniality

Addie Vincent not only made history as the first transgender contestant in an all-female pageant at Chapman University, she walked away with a title.

No, she was not named Delta Tau Delta fraternity's Miss Delta Queen, but the 21-year-old senior was named Miss Congeniality.

In yer face, Sandra Bullock!

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Joe Gregorio, Husband of One of the New Real Housewives of OC, Announces He's Not Gay

The Gregorios
Joe Gregorio is not one of the new MILFs on Bravo's The Real Housewives of Orange County, and his wife Danielle Gregorio does not make her debut as a Real Housewife until the new season premieres on April 24. And yet, the Villa Park husband and father of three felt compelled to announce he's not gay.

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Right-Wing Hysteria Over How Transgender Students Go Pee-Pee Fails to Spread

When a progressive media watchdog wanted to counter the hysteria of conservative pundits alarmed that transgender public school students in California can use the restroom facilities that correspond to their gender identity, it turned to the largest school districts in the state. Among them was the Garden Grove Unified School District, whose response corresponded with that of officials in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento and Riverside.

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Alain A. Dang, UCI Queer/Asian-Pacific Islander/Student-Government Activist, Dies

Like Alain A. Dang's family, friends and fellow human-rights activists, folks at UC Irvine are mourning the loss of the fierce fighter for student, worker, LGBT and Asian-Pacific Islander rights.

The 37-year-old went to El Camino Hospital in Mountain View with flu-like symptoms on Feb. 3.

Six hours later, he was dead.

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Chris Kluwe: Boycott Sochi Olympic Sponsors

Thumbnail image for chris-kluwe_square.jpg
Former NFL punter Chris Kluwe, the pride of Los Alamitos High, Costa Mesa hobby shop owner and part-time Huntington Beach resident, is calling on Americans to boycott corporate sponsors of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Russia.

Kluwe, a married father who became a national advocate for gay marriage and gay people after writing a scathing Deadspin article, supports a ban because of Russia's anti-LGBT laws.

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Chris Kluwe Says He Punted Well in Surf City as Vikings Plotted to Cut Him for Pro-Gay Stance

Chris Kluwe--the former NFL punter, pride of Los Alamitos High, part-time Huntington Beach resident and owner of a Costa Mesa hobby shop--has posted on article online that is turning nearly as many heads as his widely publicized September 2012 post in support of gay marriage.

In his latest article, Kluwe dissects his May 2013 release by the Minnesota Vikings and concludes--as the headline puts it--"I Was An NFL Player Until I Was Fired By Two Cowards And A Bigot."

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Orly Taitz to Court: Either Allow Ban on Gay Wedding Cakes or Reinstate Duck Dynasty Star

Orly Taitz, proving to be the holiday gift that keeps on giving, has now stuck her Russian-American nose into the Duck Dynasty controversy, firing off a letter to a Denver, Colorado, court demanding reversals of either the A&E cable network's sanctions against a series star or its own judge's ruling that a baker must bake wedding cakes for gay couples.

Um ... at least there is no mention of President Obama being a foreigner in this complaint.

Actually, this is bizarre territory even for the Bizarro World inhabited by the Rancho Santa Margarita-based attorney/dentist/real estate saleslady/Queen of the Birfers.

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Kicking and Screaming, Westminster City Council Grants Tet Parade to LGBT-Excluding Group

Photo by Charles Lam

They preached, they yelled, they banged the tables, but ultimately, the five members of the Westminster City Council voted unanimously yesterday to grant the (for now) LGBT-excluding Vietnamese American Federation of Southern California a permit to host the 2014 Tet Festival.

Each member made separate impassioned speeches for inclusion before the vote, but eventually heeded the advice of their city attorney and approved the request.

"This city council has gone on the record to indicate that it does not in any way condone any form of discrimination," said City Attorney Richard Jones. "It supports the LGBT communities' right to participate in this parade. ...Having said that, we are in the unique situation that the event in front of the council this evening is not a city-sponsored event. It's an event proposed by a private organization, and they have the right to exclude whoever they please."

It may be the most disdained unanimous vote in Westminster's history.

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Rep. Loretta Linda Sánchez Gathers Evidence of Discrimination Against LGBT Latino Workers

CORRECTED POST: My mistake: It's Linda Sánchez, not her sister Loretta, leading today's hearing. Corrected throughout (along with photo).

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Linda Sanchez congress 8.jpg
The sister of Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Garden Grove) is scheduled to lead a congressional field hearing this morning on hiring bias and on-the-job discrimination faced by LGBT Latino/as.

"Rep. Sánchez will take testimony from national leaders at Latino and LGBT organizations on the importance of passing LGBT workplace protections to prevent harassment and discrimination," organizers say of Linda Sánchez (D-Yes Cerritos).

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