Kevin O'Grady Out as Head of The Center OC, County's Largest LGBT Org

Photo by John Gilhooley
O'Grady: Keep fighting

Late last week, the Center OC pushed out its executive director, Kevin O'Grady, in a surprising move no one saw coming. O'Grady--formerly regional director for the Anti-Defamation League's Southern California chapter--had boldly pushed the Center to the Orange County mainstream since getting the job in 2012, taking on haters of the stupid (Westboro Baptist Church) and political (Newport Beach councilmember Scott Peotter, the idiot who says gays appropriated rainbows from God) kind, rallying for inclusion at the Tet Parade, opening a satellite branch in downtown SanTana, increasing the Center's budget and donor rolls, and forcing notoriously cisgendered OC to pay attention.

And despite all of this, O'Grady was axed.

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Robert Englund Comes Out! ... About the Gay Embrace and Subtext of His Nightmare Films

New Line Cinema
Robert Englund on his scene with Mark Patton: "Is it an oral sex innuendo?"
To hear Laguna Beach resident Robert Englund tell it, his Freddy Krueger movies could be removed from the horror shelves and placed in the gay cinema section instead.

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Pornhub Tallies 29 Million Clicks and Counting to Raise Money for Breast Cancer Charity

Photo by flickr user Suzie's Farm
Nice pair!
UPDATE, OCT. 12, 11:48 A.M.: Pornhub claims that as of three days ago, there had been 29 million clicks across its platforms to raise money for breast cancer prevention--not that everyone searching for "big tits" and "small tits" online actually knew that it was money they were also, ahem, raising.

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10 Must-Sees as QFilm Fest Starts TONIGHT

While 10 is a nice, Lettermanesque number for a listicle, it's really criminal to impose such a cap on the many fine offerings at the 2015 Long Beach QFilm Festival, which opens Thursday night and continues through Sunday night. So after breezing through this nice, Lettermanesque, illegal listicle, click on the link at the end to feed your head with many more worthy QFilm Fest titles (and cool parties).

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Savage Love: The Boyfriend Experience

Special Dan note to OC Weekly readers on account of its 20th anniversary: OC Weekly is a good paper that used to be great. What would the editors have to do to make this paper great again? Start running my column--and not just one week in some special "anniversary" issue that readers don't care about. (Adults don't care about their parents' birthdays, Gustavo; what makes you think they give a shit about their newspapers' birthdays?) They'll have to run it every damn week! XO --Dan

My boyfriend of six months tied me up for the first time a month ago. He didn't know what he was doing, and I didn't get turned on because it hurt. I got him two sessions with a professional bondage top as a gift. I was the "model," and I was very turned on as the instructor walked my boyfriend through safe bondage techniques and positions. The guy was attractive, but not as attractive as my boyfriend. At one point, I shuddered, and my boyfriend is convinced I had an orgasm. He says I cheated right in front of him, and now he wants to dump me. What do I do?
Helplessly Explaining My Predicament

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Here Are OC's Most Cheating-est Cities, According to Ashley Madison Document-Dump Data

Mike Carona approves of all the cheatin'

All last week, hackers have revealed user data from Ashley Madison, the website that has long encouraged couples to cheat on their spouses, significant others, and even mistresses. No comprehensive, easily accessible database of users has yet to emerge, although some websites do claim to offer a search option in which you can find users by email (let's just say some of the local names found through this method are, um, surprising). But a Spanish website named Malfideleco ("Infidelity" in Esperanto) has pulled addresses from the Ashley Madison data dump, and, while incomplete, can still allow us to make some observations about OC's cheating scene.

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DeColores Queer OC Looks to Revolutionize "Pride" During Weekend Conference

Photo by Denise Rodriguez
Ballet folklorico DeColores style!
OC Pride week wrapped up earlier this month with an all-day celebration in downtown SanTana, but not everyone is feeling too festive. A conference organized by DeColores Queer Orange County, a grassroots LGBT people of color group, is looking to reshape the very notion of pride, or better yet orgullo, this Saturday. Issues near and dear to DeColores remain invisible, something the group wants to directly address.

"We're at the end of pride season for the LGBT community," says DeColores organizer Javier Saucedo. "We're looking at what pride means for us."

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Scott Peotter Survives Threats by Newport Beach City Council Wussies: Update

City of Newport Beach
They keep the Newport Beach city seal under glass so Councilman Scott Peotter can't get to it.
UPDATE, AUG. 12, 12:26 P.M.: After all that holler, the Newport Beach City Council decided not to censure Councilman Scott Peotter for his homophobic hate speech nor seek an investigations of his misuse of the city seal.

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Greg Louganis Film Back on Board Exposes Pride of UCI and OC High Schools TONIGHT

The Fight
The four-time Olympic gold medal-winning diver describes Back on Board: Greg Louganis as "a raw look at my life."
A documentary on the pride of UC Irvine--and before that Santa Ana and Mission Viejo high schools--premieres at 10 tonight on HBO.

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XR Brands' Fetish Company of the Year Award Extends XR LLC's Extreme Winning Streak

Photo by John Gilhooley/OC Weekly
Ari Suss wins again!
The Weekly included Ari Suss in our People Issue 2015 in part because the CEO of Huntington Beach's XR LLC had just been inducted into the Pleasure Products Branch of the Adult Video News (AVN) Hall of Fame. Now one of his companies, XR Brands, just received the Fetish Company of the Year award at the Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo (ANME) Founders Show.

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