Legendary LGBT Activist Denise Penn Asks and Tells

Photo by John Gilhooley
Ready for anything

By Dave Barton

When activist Denise Penn gets out of bed in the morning and looks at herself in the mirror, she sees a ridiculously accomplished person: executive committee member of the California Democratic Party and co-chairperson of the LGBT Caucus; editor of bimagazine.org; past president of BiNet USA; past news editor of Lesbian News; a person on the board of directors for the American Institute of Bisexuality; the first openly bisexual member on the board of Lambda Literary; AIDS prevention activist; and guest on Dr. Phil.

And that's all before she's had her coffee.

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Huntington Beach Attorney Matt McLaughlin Files Ballot Measure Requiring Gays To Be Shot

Fly this flag at your own risk.

How do you stop the encroaching gay menace threatening the well-being of [one particular interpretation of the Christian] God's country? Well, if you're attorney Matt McLaughlin, you crawl out of the Mailbox Express box you practice out of in Huntington Beach and you spend $200 of your own money to file a ballot measure called the "Sodomite Suppression Act". This charmingly titled proposal re-criminalizes homosexuality and makes it a capital crime.

The text also specifies that the death penalty must be carried out by "bullets to the head or any other convenient method." Good call there: Wal-Mart has been sold out of rifle bullets the last few times we went to stock up for Gay Marksman Days.

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Liborio De La Luz Ramos Injected Silicone into 2 Victims, One of Whom Died: Prosecutors

Courtesy of SAPD
Liborio De La Luz Ramos injected victims in Orange and Santa Ana, prosecutors allege.
UPDATE, FEB. 9, 2:09 P.M.: In revealing the charges against Liborio De La Luz Ramos in connection with the death of Felipe De La Riva, prosecutors say the deceased 40-year-old transgender woman did not attend a silicone-injection party in Santa Ana as police there first thought but was injected at a hotel in Orange. Ramos was charged today with involuntary manslaughter and two counts of the unauthorized practice of medicine and was scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon. The 44-year-old Santa Ana resident did not have a medical license or authorization to perform medical procedures in California, alleges the Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA). It is believed De La Riva, who went by the first name Katya, was injected some time between Dec. 30-31.

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Transgender Woman's Death After Silicone Party Raises Alarm with Cops, LGBT Officials

Photo by flickr user Jose M. Ruiberriz
The quest for perfection continues.
You don't generally see a police department and Orange County's LGBT resource center sounding the alarm about the same thing, but that changed Thursday concerning the death of a 40-year-old transgender woman who'd attended a "silicone party" in Santa Ana.

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Orange County Dinged in Report That Ranks Huntington Beach Our Most LGBT-Friendly City

Photo by Austen Risolvato; rendering by Dustin Ames/OC Weekly
Christ, Orange County should score higher because of this place alone.
Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which are most and least LGBT-friendly Orange County cities of them all? Well, the Human Rights Campaign--or HRC, the nation's largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender civil rights organization--did not rank all 34 of OC's incorporated cities, just seven, and based on that Huntington Beach is the most LGBT-friendly and Fullerton is the least LGBT-friendly.

But the executive director of Equality California says none of the Orange County cities should take pride in their rankings, while OC-adjacent Long Beach deserves a big, wet, rainbow-lipsticked kiss. Why? Read on ...

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Kidnapped for Christ Screens After Kate Logan Talks About Her Horrific Teen Center Film

Kidnapped for Christ LLC
Anti-gay therapy is the pits.

Biola University student Kate Logan went to the Dominican Republic to make a movie about a troubled teen center. But once in Jarabacoa she discovered teens had been kidnapped at the behest of their parents to attend a school where they'd undergo behavior modification and anti-gay therapy. Thus, the theme of Logan's documentary changed, something she'll talk about at a panel discussion in Long Beach Saturday night before Kidnapped for Christ screens.

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"What Is This Gay Shit?" and More Morehouse College Football Reactions to Dear White People

Dear White People's Tyler James Williams (center with afro) also played the title character in TV's Everybody Loves Chris.

UPDATE, OCT. 30, 12:45 P.M.: One quote about a movie deserves a bunch of others:

"What kind of movie is this?"
"Man, you looked at that, I saw you!"
"What is this gay shit?"
"Some of y'all didn't turn your heads away!"
"Man, I must've watched every episode of Everybody Hates Chris back in the day. Can't believe he'd go out like that. Shit kills me."

-Members of the football team from the mostly all-black Morehouse College of Atlanta, while watching Dear White People in a Columbia, South Carolina, theater before playing Benedict College last Saturday.

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Isaiah Washington of Grey's Anatomy COULD NOT Attend His Gay-Friendly Film Screening

UPDATE, Sept. 15, 7:27 A.M.: Actor-producer Isaiah Washington's schedule changed, preventing him from attending the Long Beach QFilm Festival screening of his film Blackbird, according to the movie's publicist Tim Yates.

KBiz Entertainment
Isaiah Washington (left) produced and stars in Blackbird, the first picture Mo'Nique shot after winning an Oscar for Precious. A gay teen struggles with his sexuality in Blackbird.

The red carpet at the QFilm Festival just got more interesting. Scheduled to make appearances Saturday evening at Long Beach's longest-running LGBTQ-themed film festival is actor Isaiah Washington, who famously joked on the Golden Globes red carpet in 2007, "I love gay. I wanted to be gay. Please let me be gay" in response to reporters asking whether he'd called a fellow Grey's Anatomy cast member a faggot.

Needless to say, the joke did not go over well.

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Scott Steiner, OC Judge, Censured for Having Sex in Courthouse

Illustration by Bob Aul
Steiner: Stiffed?

Remember back in March 2013, when Moxley broke the story that Orange County Superior Court Judge Scott Steiner had to recuse himself from a case for having sex with a former student from his days teaching at Chapman University? And that Steiner had sex with ANOTHER former student, then allegedly hooked her up with a spot at the Orange County District Attorney's office? Well, Steiner's overseers at the Commission on Judicial Performance weren't happy with that and just censured Steiner today for his actions.

But they stopped short of booting him off the bench, because it's not technically illegal to schtup former students in the court chambers--just embarrassing as hell.

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Azul y no Tan Rosa, Gay Dad/Straight Son Drama, Rolls at 2014 Long Beach Qfilm Fest

Cines Unidos
Like father, not like son ...

A Venezuelan drama about a gay photographer adapting to his closed-minded teenage son (and vice versa) will make its Southern California premiere at next month's 2014 Long Beach Qfilm Festival presented by the LGBTQ Center of Long Beach.

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