Why is the OC Register So Anti-Airbnb?

Eirk (Airbnb host)

For a publication that historically has held up free markets as the real Jesus, the Orange County Register's news section has recently has treated Airbnb as if it were the housing equivalent of Mexicans, a public menace deserving of scare tactics. In a late August, staff writer Jessica Kwong highlighted the voices of SanTana neighbors unhappy with a resident's alleged conversion of her home into a short-term vacation rental. Another article a couple of days later, by staff writer Susan Christian Goulding, switched the NIMBY scene to Fountain Valley.

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Orange Mobile Park Residents Protest Steep Land Rent Hikes

Photo by Courtney Hamilton
Group of Park Royale residents getting their protest on

Residents of Park Royale Mobile Home Park in Orange protested a sudden $175 hike in their land rent this past weekend--and they vow to stand outside the downtown SanTana office of part-owner Norman Katnik every weekend until he and the other owners listen.

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Conan Hayes, Ex-Pro Surfer and Co-Founder of RVCA, Arraigned for Alleged Short-Sale Fraud

Jennie Warren/OC Weekly
RVCA models Natalia Fabia and Kristin Burns have nothing to do with the fraud case.
Former pro surfer Conan Hayes, the RVCA co-founder who sold the clothing brand to Billabong for more than $7.5 million, is scheduled to be arraigned in Santa Ana this morning for allegedly committing short-sale fraud of his home, resulting in a loss of over $500,000 to Bank of America.

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Real Estate Workers and Home Loan Modifiers Keep Orange County Courtrooms Humming

Photo by flickr user Kevin McShane
The missing "e" is for "embezzlement."
I went to my newspaper's crime page and a real estate section broke out! That's how it feels given the recent spate of Orange County cases involving those in the home sales/mortgage loan modification industry. Consider ...

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Real Estate Agent Allegedly Removed Slow- Growth Campaign Signs, Pulled Knife on Dude

This would be the before picture
A real estate agent is fighting charges of illegally taking down ballot proposition signs and threatening a man with a knife in Buena Park, according to authorities.

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Kobe Bryant Suffers Injury and Real Estate Setbacks, But at Least Kobe Inc.'s Doing Fine

Budding Newport Beach business mogul suffers some setbacks.
Yeah, undergoing the knife Wednesday for season-ending shoulder surgery blows, but what really sucks for Kobe Bryant is lowering the asking price on one of his (or is it Vanessa's) home in Newport Coast to $6.995 million. That's down from $7.599 million. Poor mamba!

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Family Run Loan Modification Scammers Preyed on Latinos Throughout SoCal: OCDA

Photo by flickr user Louish Pixel
Money, money, money ...
Three Orange County family members and two of their business associates operated a loan modification scam that stung Latino customers throughout Southern California for nearly $400,000, prosecutors alleged Thursday.

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Meet 32 of Your OC Friends and Fraudsters

Photo by flickr user Bart
Does he look like he's made of money?
What's that neighbor of yours up to, I mean really? Can we ever know? Well, in the case of the following 32 Orange County neighbors, we now know they've been up to stealing and embezzling and frauding buttloads and buttloads of moolah.

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Are Reality TV's Decline and Real Housewife Vicki Gunvalson's Home-Buying Woes Related?

Name the season that featured this Real Housewives of Orange County cast
Boy, you hate to read this: Reality TV may finally be sputtering out after a 20-year reign thanks to--of all things--quality programming. Could this be evidence of the decline? Vicki Gunvalson, the only original cast member left on the pioneer of Bravo's Real Housewives franchise--The Real Housewives of Orange County--and the supposed West Coast businesswoman answer to Bethenny Frankel, reportedly can't afford to move into her Dana Point dream home.

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Zillow Real Estate of Sexual Harassment Suit Fame Sued for Age, Race and Religious Bias

Photo by flickr user Classic Film
You've come a long way, baby. ... Sorry, wrong ad slogan from 1973.
One man alleging age discrimination, another claiming religious discrimination and three more leveling accusations of race discrimination are suing Irvine real estate company Zillow. Yes, that Zillow, the one my colleague R. Scott Moxley just reported on being sued by a woman who alleges she was subjected to sexual harassment that included a supervisor sending her a text that read: "Joke of the day - A black woman can tell if she is pregnant if she pulls out her tampon and all the cotton has been picked off." Ah, the classics!

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