Sweaty Do-Gooder Weekend: Stop Diabetes Tour de Cure SAT., PILF 5K Race Judicata SUN.

American Diabetes Association OC/Jax Bicycle Center

Leave it to Uncle Clockwork to lay out your weekend exercise/do-gooder plans, which start Saturday morning with Stop Diabetes movement's third annual cycling event, Tour de Cure, and continue Sunday morning with the UC Irvine School of Law's Public Interest Law Fund (PILF) 5K Race Judicata.

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Chapman U Symposium Set to Celebrate Radical Educator Paulo Freire THIS Saturday

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Gabriel San Roman / OC Weekly
Paulo Freire's bust at Chapman University
Among the many bronze busts of lunatic conservatives like Milton Friedman, George Argyros, Ayn Rand and Ronald Reagan dotted around Chapman University is a bona fide leftist radical: Paulo Freire. The late, bearded Brazilian educator transformed education through Pedagogy of the Oppressed, his most influential book first published in 1968. Generations of leftists teachers have waved the book around since, especially those in ethnic studies, the type of studies that Chapman President Jim Doti thinks ghetto-izes college students--so how the hell did Freire end up on campus?

Chapman is not only home to a bust of the Brazilian, but also houses the Paulo Frerie Critical Pedagogy Archives--double-down on the radicalism! The collection will be re-dedicated Saturday with an all-day symposium planned.

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Kent and Jill Easter's School Mom Victim Kelli Peters Finally Gets to Speak Her Mind: Update

Photo courtesy of Kelli Peters
"I actually started to fear for my life and the life of my daughter," Kelli Peters said of the harassment Jill and Kent Easter put her through.

UPDATE, OCT. 20, 10 A.M.: The victim of Jill and Kent Easter finally got her chance to speak out about the nightmare the vindictive Irvine lawyer couple put the school volunteer through, something she remained silent about until both had been prosecuted.

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UC Irvine Puts Experts and Professors in the Field in Santa Ana to Abate Family Violence

Ellen Olshansky, a professor of nursing science at UCI, is one of three leaders of the Interdisciplinary Center on Family Violence.

A new center dedicated to family violence that unites community partners with faculty from 20 UC Irvine departments launches this afternoon at the Delhi Center in Santa Ana.

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Shooting That Injured One Closes Santa Ana Neighborhood and Locks Down School: Update

OC Weekly archives
UPDATE, OCT. 16, 5:36 P.M.: A 20-year-man was shot several times in the upper body in the 1600 block of West Orchard Avenue in what is believed to be a gang-related crime, according to Cpl. Anthony Bertagna, the Santa Ana Police spokesman. Despite being shot, the victim ran east on Orchard, then north on Doreen Way and finally into a home in the 1400 block of South Doreen Way, where he asked for help, said Bertagna, who added the fellow later went into surgery. Police sought two gunmen on bikes, one of whom ran onto the campus of Jose A. Sepulveda Elementary School at 1801 S. Poplar St., prompting authorities to temporarily hold students in classrooms before later releasing them to their parents.

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Eradicating Disease-Carrying Mosquitos is UCI Talk Subject as Yellow Fever Mosquitos Arrive

Emil August Goeldi/public domain
Views of an adult yellow fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti)

How is this for a coincidence? The same day vector control officials announced the discovery of yellow fever mosquitoes in Los Angeles County, UC Irvine promoted a lecture on a strategy to eradicate disease-spreading mosquitoes worldwide.

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Andrew C. Jones Faced Racism as Coast College District Chancellor: Rancho Santiago Chancellor

Rancho Santiago Community College District
Raul Rodriquez wrote in email to Andrew C. Jones that he was "disgusted" with the "dysfunctional" Coast Community College District board "and their passive aggressive racism."

The Rancho Santiago Community College District chancellor, who is Hispanic, told the recently departed Coast Community College District chancellor, who is African American, that the latter was essentially the victim of racism.

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Is That a Smartphone in Your Pocket or a Cosmic Ray Detector? UCI Says It's Both

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It even looks like a spaceship.

Physicists Daniel Whiteson of UC Irvine and Michael Mulhearn of UC Davis swear they are not--in the words of the late, great Frank Zappa--jiving us with their cosmik debris, claiming to have designed an app to turn the global network of smartphones into a planet-sized cosmic ray detector.

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Dr. Carl Schultz of UCI Med Center Downplays Terrorist Spread of Ebola. As for Smallpox ...

Illustration by Mikael Haggstrom/public domain
Where does it hurt?

"While in theory it looks like biological weapons would be great ... [it's a] lot harder to implement than you would think."

-Dr. Carl Schultz, a professor of emergency medicine (with emphasis on disaster medicine and terrorism) at UC Irvine Medical Center in Orange, when asked recently about the possibility of terrorists spreading the Ebola virus in the United States.

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Timothy Lance Lai, Tutor Accused of Helping 3 Students Cheat, May Have Aided Hundreds

Timothy Lance Lai was arrested Monday at LAX.
You'd think a 29-year-old tutor accused of helping three Corona del Mar High School students cheat last year was facing the crime of the century, given the lengths Irvine's Timothy Lance Lai went to to avoid prosecution.

Then again, it has now been revealed the cheating scandal may have extended beyond CdM to Santa Ana and other points beyond.

"There's probably hundreds of kids affected by this individual," says one school official.

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