Cal State Fullerton's Social Justice Summit Returns This Weekend!

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"Think global, act local"
Finally, the Social Justice Summit has come back to Cal State Fullerton! Okay, so the all-day activist event only had a one-year hiatus, but in this reactionary county of ours, that can seem like an eternity.

The summit returns for its 10th anniversary with its familiar slew of workshops, cool t-shirts, social justice swag bags and vegan luncheon sure to draw hundreds this Saturday. The lineup of keynote speakers is superb with civil rights icon Reverend James Lawson, Cal State Fullerton's own Dr. Berenecea Johnson Eanes and undocumented activist extraordinaire Abraham Medina all on deck.

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A Quick History of the Blunder-Happy Santa Ana School Police Force at Center of Controversial Video

Last week's viral video showing a Santa Ana school cop restraining a teen tagger with what witnesses described as a chokehold wasn't the first embarrassing moment for the department. They've been caught on film before and seem to be as adverse to cameras as vampires are to sunlight!

A juvenile court date for the kid and completion of an internal investigation by the Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) Police Department await this week.

In the meantime, the Weekly compiled a short list of their best impressions of Reno 911!

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Mother of Son Arrested by Santa Ana School Cop Says Viral Video Shows 'Abuse of Power' UPDATE

Gabriel San Roman / OC Weekly
Griselda Lopez (left) with Elvia Fernandez who filmed the rough arrest of her son
See bottom of the post on page 2 for update with SAUSD Police Chief.

ORIGINAL POST, APRIL 11, 12:26 P.M.: On the fourth floor of the Lamoreaux Justice Center in Orange, Griselda Lopez waited with her son for his case to be called. The cherubic 14 year-old is at the center of a viral video first reported by the Weekly showing his rough arrest by a Santa Ana school cop at Adams Park. Elvia Fernandez joined Lopez and her son earlier this morning. She filmed the encounter and came to support Lopez, a single mother, so that the woman wouldn't be alone.

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Barack Obama UC Irvine Commencement Protest Part Deux: This Time It's the Birfers

A Simi Valley birther has emailed various people with email addresses ending in "" with this ALL-CAPS message:


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Santa Ana School Cop Puts Crying Boy in Chokehold, Tells Witnesses "Stop Speaking Spanish!" (VIDEO): UPDATE

Cop on top of kid
See the bottom of the post on page 2 and 3 for the latest updates!

ORIGINAL POST, APRIL 9, 7:03 A.M.: A Santa Ana School Police Department officer is at the center of controversy after someone filmed him putting a young boy in a chokehold. The incident occurred shortly after 10 a.m. yesterday at Adams Park, on the corner of Warner Avenue and Raitt Street.

In the clip, we see a man at the park yelling "You're choking him" at an officer as a motionless boy screams "Help me! Help me!" Though filmed from a distance and on a smartphone, the video clearly captures a cop lying on top of a sobbing child kid, whose tiny arms are prone on the ground. The cop's arm is around the boy's neck, as he yells "Stop fighting me," only to have the boy scream in pain, "I'm not fighting you!"

See also: Memorial Shrines for Victims of Police Violence in Anaheim

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Dennis Walsh, Saddleback Valley Unified School Board President, Arrested for Resisting Arrest

The president of the Saddleback Valley Unified School District board has been arrested for allegedly resisting arrest, according to the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

Dennis Walsh is accused of trying to prevent deputies from having his vehicle towed Monday after it was believed to have been involved in a non-injury, hit-and-run collision with a fire hydrant.

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Melissa Nicole Lindgren, Fullerton Junior High Teacher, Allegedly Molested and Sexted 3 Boys

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for melissa-lindgren.jpg
The math teacher at a Fullerton junior high school arrested in February after a police investigation was charged today with sexually assaulting and sending sexual messages to three male students ages of 13 and 15, prosecutors announced.

Melissa Nicole Lindgren, 28, of La Mirada, is scheduled to be arraigned in Fullerton Wednesday morning on charges that could send her to state prison for 16 years and four months.

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Judge Seated Juror Who Declared Defendant Guilty Before Trial

Truth, justice and the American way, right pal?
Jose Felipe Velasco insists Orange County Judge David A. Hoffer cheated him out of a fair trial by placing a juror on the supposedly neutral citizen's panel after she repeatedly declared the defendant guilty before hearing any evidence.

Velasco, who is serving a prison term of 123 years to life after that panelist--identified as Juror 112 in court documents--helped convict him in 2009 of committing multiple sex crimes against underage girls.

"The judgment must be reversed because the trial court's erroneous failure to discharge a biased juror deprived appellant of his 6th Amendment right to a fair trial by an impartial jury," Velasco, the 45-year-old owner of Kung Fu Martial Arts Association at the time of his arrest, wrote in a June 2012 appeal for relief from federal judges. "The presence of a biased juror cannot be harmless. The error requires a new trial."

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Impeach Obama Group Forms to Protest President's UC Irvine Commencement Gig

Gang of three
Remember the unbridled joy that was unleashed when UC Irvine revealed Barack Obama will speak at the 50th anniversary graduation ceremony at Angel Stadium on June 14? I recall video of students hooting and hollering as if finals were canceled and blanket A's were given out.

Well, it turns out not everyone in Irvine is pleased about the looming presidential visit.

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UCI Graduate Student Workers Striking Tomorrow

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Heads up, Anteaters. You might not have discussion tomorrow because your discussion leader might be on strike. UAW 2865, the union that represents UC TAs, readers, and graders, will be striking Thursday, April 3 over what they claim are unfair labor practices.

"From threats to international student's visa status who participate in union activity, to unlawful videoing, and calling legal strikes illegal, the UCs are taking every opportunity to try and intimidate its members," reads a statement released by the union.

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