Hey, Santa Ana, Ready for a Needle Exchange Spot in the French Court Neighborhood?

Will Santa Ana soon get a needle exchange location? No, silly, an official needle exchange location, which is right now proposed for the French Court Neighborhood.

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Cal State Fullerton Newspaper Says Campus Public Relations "Stifles" Student Journalism

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A scathing April 23 editorial in The Daily Titan blasted Cal State Fullerton's commitment to transparency. The college newspaper took aim at Christopher Bugbee of Strategic Communications for dragging down news stories by allegedly causing undue delays, insisting on questions being posed by email, with responses returned sometimes a month later.

"In recent semesters, CSUF media relations officials have developed a shameful track record of delaying and denying inquiries from Daily Titan reporters," the editorial begins. "A great deal of information important to the interests of the CSUF's students, faculty, staff and parents has gone unpublished."

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CAIR Applauds OC High School's Pledge to Correct its Islamic Inaccuracies

flickr user ~crystalina~
The Qur'an
An Orange County high school agreed to change its lesson plans on Islam after pressure from parents and a Muslim civil rights group. The Anaheim-based local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) applauded the swift decision made yesterday by the school and the publisher of the texts.

"Such bias in the curriculum exposes Muslim students to contempt and ridicule among their peers and subjects them to unnecessary marginalization," says CAIR-LA Senior Civil Rights Attorney Fatima Dadabhoy.

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Rancho Santiago College Foundation Accused of Brown Act Violations in Saudi Arabia Deal

A clash between Rancho Sanitago Community College faculty and brass could rock the casbah.
The Faculty Association of the Rancho Santiago Community College District claims the state's open-meeting law was violated in deliberations that led to RSCCD's controversial $105 million consulting contract with two technical schools in Saudi Arabia.

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Peter Mathews Shares His Book and Thoughts About "Dollar Democracy" in OC This Week

Peter Mathews talks money.
You may know Peter Mathews as a longtime political science professor at Cypress College, an adjunct professor at Cal State Long Beach or a guest lecturer at Cal State Fullerton.

Or, you may know Mathews as a political analyst on Southern California radio and television news programs.

Or, you may know Mathews from North County ballots, as he has run for several elected offices over the years. Now you'll get to know Mathews the author. He's got a new book out titled Money in Politics: the Destruction of the American Dream, and How to Restore It.

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Community Congregates at UC Irvine to Inspire At-Risk Youth

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Kristine Hoang
At-risk youth talk to members of Sigma Delta Alpha at UCI

"What's your dream job?" UC Irvine Professor Keramet Reiter asked a group of at-risk youth from Carson, Compton, and Watts Saturday morning.

"RN," "dentist," and "lawyer" were the three replies heard from the crowd.

"Do you feel like you can get there?" Professor Reiter asked.

A faint "no" comes from the audience.

On April 18th, The Gang Diversion teams (GDT) of Carson and Century sheriff stations held their third annual "Pave Your Own Path" event at UC Irvine for high school students who have been exposed to gangs, drugs, and violence. The program consists of motivational talks from professors, outreach directors, and adults who've succeeded after being at-risk in their youth. Alissa Subsarn, one of the event's organizers, says GDT works with these students to fight drug usage, offer help with schoolwork and counseling, and expose them to an environment they normally don't see in their neighborhood (which is why the event is held at UC Irvine).

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Chapman U Statues Defaced with Caution Tape, Accusations of "Homophobia," "Racism," "White Savior Complex"

OC Weekly archives
Our mockup of Rand bust from way back 'cause we haven't taken a picture of it

When I was an undergrad at Chapman University during the late 1990s, about the only radical actions on campus we had was protesting against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas speaking at the dedication of the law library. Activism was limited to just the Black Student Union and MEChA clubs--and those faded away mostly as Chapman embarked on yet another mega-fundraising effort by President Jim Doti to wash away any liberalism and replace it with post-racial prosperity gospel goodness.

I'd still argue that activism at Chapman is nil, with a couple of true believer still lurking around. Or maybe I have to visit more often? What else can explain the awesome political art that was someone defacing a bunch of those creepy busts of neocon icons that lurk around the campus with caution tape and signs warning everyone about their racism, homophobia and other conservative goodness?

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UC Irvine Student Health Center Doctors Ready to Strike Saturday

Union of American Physicians and Dentists
Unhappy campers (who are doctors).
Doctors at UC Irvine's student health center plan to go on strike Saturday and stay off work until April 15 as part of a labor action by physicians at all 10 University of California campuses, their union recently announced.

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Acjachemen Experts and Jeffrey Toobin Speak at UC Irvine About the Law Today and Friday

Larry D. Moore/Wikipedia Commons
Jeffrey Toobin, shown at the 2007 Texas Book Fair, speaks at UCI Friday.
The UC Irvine School of Law hosts experts on American Indians in Orange County today and a CNN senior analyst and New Yorker staff writer who will likely face a sell-out crowd on Friday. (And for those playing the home version, yes, I did check to make sure these events are open to the public ... this time.)

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UC Irvine Conference to Quench Thirst for Drought Research in NOT Open to Public

Andre Casasola/Orange County Water District
UPDATE, APRIL 7, NOON: The state should've tapped the water in my bleary eyes while writing the original post because I scanned right over the part about it being a working researchers' conference that is NOT open to the public. So sorry.

ORIGINAL POST, APRIL 7, 6:35 A.M.: Is Governor Jerry Brown going too far or not far enough in ordering Californians to cut their water consumption by 25 percent? That will be among the hot topics of debate at UC Irvine on April 20-22, when top researchers, water managers and policymakers explore the latest drought findings and fast-moving policy.

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