Knott's Berry Farm Will Have Guests Saving the Park via 4-D Attraction Voyage to the Iron Reef

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But I was looking for Camp Snoopy.
Knott's Berry Farm announced plans Thursday for a new interactive 4-D attraction for 2015 that has guests saving the theme park from mysterious creatures emerging from the seas beneath the Boardwalk. Which must mean the Big One or a killer tsunami just hit because I'm next to positive the seas didn't used to extend to Buena Park.

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Orange County Boasts Best Roads in California

Wikipedia Commons
Sorry, gotta bounce.

The roads around the former Weekly world headquarters not withstanding, Orange County has the best roads in California. That's not fair: I have not been back to that area of Santa Ana in a couple months, when I had a hankering for a taco off the truck that parks on Sycamore Street. But then and the whole five years or whatever it was our offices were near there, the crack-, crevice- and pothole-filled surface streets jarred many a front-end alignment. Lowriders didn't need hydraulics to bounce!

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Activists Want Knott's Scary Farm to Scrap Dia de los Muertos-Themed "Scare Zone"

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EDM + Día de los Muertos = SCARY!

What's scarier than scurrying cockroaches closing Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant for a day? For petitioning activists, the answer is Knott's Scary Farm's Día de los Muertos-inspired "Fiesta de los Muertos" scare zone!

"I hope you join me in asking Knott's Scary Farm to discontinue this sacred holiday as a theme," writes Hesperia resident Armando Cruz Velasco on "Please sign this petition with me, letting Knott's know that, until they change once and for all this 'Scare Zone' to something less culturally insensitive and offensive, you will not/no longer be a patron--and will encourage others to do the same."

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Dozens of Electric Cars You Can Drive Zap Into Surf City for Saturday's EV Fest

Photo by Matt Coker/OC Weekly
This Mitsubishi i-MiEV SE is lonely no more as many more electric car models come to Surf City.

I suddenly find myself in the market for a car again, which means I will again want an electric car to offset the large carbon footprint I created by driving a Caddy Eldo convertible for years. My quest takes me Saturday morning to Huntington Beach, a one-stop shopping destination for different models of electric vehicles (or EVs, as the cool kids call them).

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John Moorlach Believes OCTA Streetcar Project Will Leave Taxpayers with the Benz

Orange County Board of Supervisors
John Moorlach (right) and a big titan arum (a.k.a. "corpse flower" for the odor it emits) at Orange Coast College in June. The county supervisor thinks an OCTA streetcar project really stinks also.
"We're going to spend millions of dollars on 1,700 people? Why don't we just buy them all Mercedes-Benzes?"

-Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach, in his dual role as an Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) board member, ridiculing daily ridership projections of 1,700 people for a $238 million streetcar project for downtown Santa Ana that would link with a new Garden Grove transportation center.

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Bryan Larsen Says He Was Assaulted on Bike But Cops Wonder if He's Partly to Blame: Video

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Avoid the bottles, Betty Boop!
Semi-professional bicyclist Bryan Larsen drew a lot of attention for YouTube video he posted of being "assaulted" by bottles flung by a lass in a pickup that passed his bike on Pacific Coast Highway in Dana Point. But the resulting criminal case has been kicked back by prosecutors to Orange County sheriff's investigators, who've been directed to gather more evidence.

Larsen believes it was assault when the bottles of water and Gatorade hit him on May 31 as he was riding in a bike lane, and many fellow cyclists have complained on social media that sheriff's investigators have not done enough to catch the perps.

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Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Stations Now Online at Four Orange County Malls

NRG Energy
You can charge cars at stations (left), home (center) or equipped businesses.

If your electric car comes with a portable plug, you can charge it up at home. More charging stations are also coming on line up and down the state. But here in Orange County, we love to shop. No sweat if you take to the aisles at four OC shopping malls.

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General Motors Sued by Orange County DA for Unfair Consumer and Business Practices

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flickr user tjblackwell
Working airbags? We don't need no stinkin' airbags.

Hours after a General Motors-hired arbitrator announced in Washington, D.C., there will be no limit on payouts to victims of accidents caused by flawed switches on GM vehicles, the Orange County District Attorney's office revealed it has filed a consumer protection lawsuit against the company in Superior Court in Santa Ana.

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You Are Hereby Asked to Dump the Pump

The Britt Allcroft Co.
And now for the seven words you can't say on a train.

Hopefully we can catch you before you're out the door this morning, convince you to "dump the pump" and instead jump onto public transportation to get around.

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Commies and Teabaggers Unite ... to Blame Obama for Saturday's Snarled OC Traffic

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Official White House Photo by Pete Souza
"What's with all this PCH traffic?" Actually, ol' Bar drives Bob Gibbs' car on the White House South Lawn in October 2012.

Here's something all sides can finally blame on Obama: snarled traffic in parts of Orange County on Saturday morning and early afternoon.

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