Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend

Photo by John Gilhooley
We miss you, Alison!

Alison Rosen works out of the roomy upstairs apartment she shares with her husband, Daniel Quantz, and their cute little pooch, Wendy, in Los Angeles, but she is Orange County through and through.

Born in Oakland, Rosen was 1 when her parents moved into the same Corona del Mar house in which they reside today. "I think they wanted a safe place to raise kids," she says from her apartment's comfy sofa. She spent her Orange County years becoming a professional journalist, punk-rock guitarist and subject of hilarious self-deprecating exploits she frequently shares on her popular podcast Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend, which is recorded from her dining-room table.

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Alison Rosen is No Longer Adam Carolla's Best Friend as Her Firing by Aceman Sparks Outrage

Categories: OC Media, Radio
She's your new best friend!
Adam Carolla recently fired his "News Girl" Alison Rosen, and to hear the former OC Weekling who grew up in Newport Beach tell it, she's as surprised and perplexed by her canning from the hugely popular Adam Carolla Show podcast as anyone.

In a long conversation with The Wrap's Tony Maglio, Rosen reveals that she learned she had been fired via an email from Carolla while she was vacationing with her husband Daniel in New York over the holidays, it came about a week before the news broke on Monday and that, "I just didn't see it coming."

"I literally had to sit down, which I don't think has ever happened to me--where I'm standing, reading something and I literally had to sit down and let everything sink in--it was surreal," says Rosen of that moment.

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Will Ferrell on His South Coast Repertory Acting Class and Pay-to-Play Standup at Golden Bear

Paramount Pictures Corp.
Stayin' classy
"I would start by singing the theme song to Star Trek. The whole [in falsetto:] aaaaaaaaa-aaaahhhhh, aaa-aaa-aaa ahh-ahhhhh .... But I'd sing the whole thing. Aaaaaaaaa-aaaahhhhh, aaa-aaa-aaa ahh ahhhhh. That would usually get applause or some reaction. And then [I'd say] I was originally the singer and I don't have any testicles."

-Will Ferrell, to WTF podcaster Marc Maron, on our Holiday Film Issue 2013 cover boy's first performance on stage at the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach.

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Will Ferrell on Watching Irvine Improv Open Mics and Life in "Park Watts Apartments"

Photo by Gemma LaMana, cover design by Dustin Ames
"... I had an older neighbor, in Irvine's only apartment complex by the way."

Hee-hee, yeah?

"Park West Apartments."


"Which the rich kids referred to as 'Park Watts.'"

Oh, really, it was bad?

"It was just that one black family [was among those living there] but everyone thought, wow, it's ethnic."

-Will Ferrell, our Holiday Film Issue 2013 cover boy, to WTF podcaster Marc Maron.

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"Rockin' Fig" Rick Fignetti and the Vans U.S. Open of Surfing: an Un-love Story

Surfing Walk of Fame
Rick "Rockin' Fig" Fignetti at the mic.
Over the years, you've heard him on KROQ, read his local newspaper columns and walked past his Main Street shop, so it was really no surprise that one of last weekend's Surfers' Hall of Fame inductees in Huntington Beach was Rick Fignetti.

No, the surprise came weeks earlier, when it was revealed "Rockin' Fig" would no longer be the voice of the U.S. Open of Surfing. And now we learn the bad mojo Fignetti now feels from the international event extended all last weekend, which kicked off with his induction ceremony and ended with the now-infamous "white riot." Karma may be a Fig.

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OC-Based Record, Film Producer Christopher B. Stokes Files Defamation Lawsuits

Entertainment world polymath Christopher B. Stokes filed two civil lawsuits this month in Orange County Superior Court alleging that two entities, a Youtube channel and an online radio show, violated California law by committing defamation against his character.

Stokes--a music producer tied to B2K and Brandy, and a film director from House Party 4 and You Got Served--filed his May 2 lawsuits seeking at least $2 million in damages from Shadyatlien, the Youtube channel, and IP617FM.COM (a.k.a. IP617RadioTV), a Massachusetts-based enterprise.

The Anaheim Hills resident, a self-styled "entertainment mogul" who is the son of actress Irene Stokes, accuses the two entities of presenting the public "libelous material" that "defames plaintiff's character, broadcasts/transmits a falsified story, negatively portrays plaintiff's name/public image" in a "fraudulent nature."

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Ira Glass Drops F-Bombs in Long Beach

Asked about the legacy he will leave, Ira Glass delivered a message Saturday night to future generations of earthlings:


Needless to say, many bluehaired This American Life listeners in the Carpenter Center for the Performing Arts in Long Beach were not prepared for that.

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[UPDATED with 'Ghost' Makes Final Farewell:] Huell Howser Leaves This Earth But What About Comic James Adomian's Impersonation?

See the update at the end of this post about where you can hear the comic's ghostly "final farewell" from "a different Huelliverse."

James Adomian
ORIGINAL POST, JAN. 7, 2:50 P.M.: The Mexican broke the news earlier about LA public television legend and tireless Port of Long Beach defender Huell Howser passing away.

Which has me wondering will this also spell the end of comedian James Adomian's spot-on impersonation of ol' Huell?

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10 Brushes with Celebrities in Orange County, Both Major and Very Minor in 2012

Moving cameras are nothing new to Orange County, where countless motion pictures have been shot, movie stars have frolicked and resided and, in more recent years, reality television stars have made our Plasticland "real."

But though we're a short distance/long commute from being Hollywood adjacent, we still get a kick of out seeing, say, a comedy blockbuster star on our toll road, a porn star in our courthouse or a popular teen show baddie in our drunk tank. After the jump are 10 random brushes with celebrity in 2012 . . .

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[VIDEO:] Jim Rome Debuts on Showtime and We Recall His Clash with Another OC Resident

Categories: Radio, Sports, TV
With Jim Rome on Showtime premiering tonight, uh, on Showtime, we thought it would be a great time to recall Irvine resident and sports "bring it"-er extraordinaire Jim Rome's famous meeting with another Orange County resident.

Not that Romey would like to re-live what he's called the lowest point in his broadcasting career . . .

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