Huntington Beach Planning Commisioner Michael Hoskinson Adds "Kid-Basher" to His Hate Train

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One of the things Hoskinson posted to his Facebook page--fun!

This past Tuesday, the Huntington Beach City Council started the process to repeal a plastic-bag ban that the previous city council had enacted in 2013. Passions are inflamed about the issue, of course, in a town that has environmentalists, retrograde Republicans, and retrograde Republicans who claim to surf and care about the environment yet are fine with plastic bags in the ocean.

Among the group of people speaking were students, which right-wingers immediately claimed were coached (like the GOP never does that--anyone ever heard of YAF?) to babble granola-crunchy heresies. Among the most adamant pusher of this conspiracy was Huntington Beach planning commissioner Michael Hoskinson, appointed by newly elected councilmember Erik Peterson just this past month. But if you think trashing kiddies is low for Hoskinson, then you don't know Hoskinson.

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Irvine Couple's Invite to Obama's State of the Union Address is Questioned by LAPD Critic
LAPD Sgt. Emada Tingirides and her husband LAPD Captain Phil Tingirides reside in Irvine.
An Irvine couple's invitation from first lady Michelle Obama to join her at the President's 2015 State of the Union address is being questioned by a critic of racism within the Los Angeles Police Department.

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Joe Biden Coming to Irvine SATURDAY

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Andrew Cutraro/White House
Joe Biden
Vice President Joe Biden is coming to Irvine on Saturday.

He is scheduled to deliver the keynote speech at the Patient Safety, Science and Technology Summit at the Hotel Irvine, 17900 Jamboree Road.

Biden will be following another Democrat heavy-hitter as Bill Clinton is set to be Friday's keynoter at the same summit.

The gathering is presented by the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, which seeks to end preventable deaths by getting clinicians, administrators, medical technology companies, payers, government, and patients to work together on solutions.

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Gustavo's Latest KCRW "OC Line": On Whether Loretta Sanchez Will Run for Senate!

The TV! The TV!
Loretta, talking about terrorism

Anyone who knows anything about Orange County politics--and even those people who don't--know that Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez has always had dreams of running for the Senate. What got in her way, of course, were the battle axes in the way--Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer.

But with Boxer announcing recently that she won't run for reelection, there's an opening for Sanchez--one that she stands no chance of going through, as I explained in my latest KCRW-FM 89.9 "Orange County Line" commentary.

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Moxley Confidential: Irvine's Beth Krom Shows Why She's Not Cromulent

Luke McGarry

After the crushing defeat of three of her allies in last November's Irvine elections, it's understandable that Beth Krom would take the holidays to "rest, restore and re-focus," as she declared to her Democratic Party supporters in a Jan. 3 email. For a dozen years, Krom served as the angry, robotic gunner in Larry Agran's political machine that controlled the city, operated with Nixonian secrecy, ran fake Republican candidates to maintain power and stalled Orange County Great Park construction by funneling chunks of the project's kitty to political operatives in no-bid contracts.

At least for now, the fun is over for Agran, who--though possessing the greatest name recognition as Irvine's political godfather and running for U.S. president in 1992--has finished dead-last among serious candidates in the past two city elections. The situation leaves Krom without her commander on the dais, the lone Democrat on a supermajority Republican council and a fourth-rate ordinance maker searching for answers as she flies solo: Why did residents reject her alliance, and how can she make herself relevant until the 2016 elections?

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OC Barbara Boxer Senate Seat Rodeo: Sanchez is In; Royce and Kashkari are "Unknowns"

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Facebook/Loretta Sanchez Campaign
New campaign for this page?
Rep. Loretta Sanchez confirmed on her Facebook campaign page today what many assumed after Barbara Boxer revealed last week that she will not seek reelection in 2016: that the Garden Grove Democrat is seriously considering a run for the first open U.S. Senate seat since 1992.

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Gustavo's Latest KCRW "OC Line": On the the Proposed Poseidon Desalination Plant, Part 2!

Photo by Feral Ferguson, I believe...
What the sign says

About a year and a half ago, I devoted my "Orange County Line" commentary for KCRW on the proposed Poseidon Desalination Plant that had miraculously come back from the dead after getting offed a decade earlier. So much for effective journalism: last week, the Orange County Water District voted that it would buy up the water that any Poseidon water plant may make, clearing a hurdle for the controversial Connecticut-based company it needed before they go up against the Great Wall known as the California Coastal Commission.

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Ex-Orange County Republican Won't Leave Texas For Run At Barbara Boxer's Senate Seat

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DeVore: Texas, not California, gets public policy right
Former Orange County Republican politician Chuck DeVore--who mounted an energetic if unsuccessful, 2010 bid to topple U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer in California--said today from his out-of-state home that he will not return and run for her seat following the Democrat's recent decision not to seek re-election in 2016.

"I'm a Texan now," DeVore, 52, told OC Weekly.

An accomplished conservative known for ideological consistency, intellectual depth and notable speaking skills even among political foes, the former Irvine resident moved to the Austin area--Dripping Springs, to be exact--in 2011.

After raising nearly $3 million but finishing third in a GOP primary field of five against Boxer, DeVore joined the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a private think tank that touts "liberty, personal responsibility and free enterprise," originally as a visiting scholar and within about a year became vice president of the organization.

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Federal Judge Rejects Anaheim's Claim That Fired City Attorney's Lawsuit Is Frivolous

Despite repeated efforts to derail an anti-Latina discrimination lawsuit filed by fired City Attorney Cristina Talley, lawyers for the Anaheim City Council must continue to prepare for an April 12, 2016, jury trial inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse.

This week, U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter did agree with city lawyers' contentions that several prongs of Talley's lawsuit should be dismissed without prejudice for being vague, but he refused to dismiss the entire action, firmly rejecting Anaheim's assertion that the case is "frivolous."

Pending a late January debate over whether the dispute should be sent back to state court, Carter is letting the heart of the case proceed: Certain elected officials discriminated against Talley, created a hostile work environment before firing her and then hired a much younger, less experienced white male lawyer with a starting salary higher than the one she earned after a 16-year career in Anaheim.

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Corporate Attorney Wants To Become Next Party Chairman For Orange County Republicans

Party boss?
Fred Whitaker--a longtime political activist, community volunteer, city councilman and corporate lawyer--announced today that he will campaign to replace Scott Baugh as chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County, arguably the most important local GOP committee in California.

Baugh--also a corporate lawyer, government lobbyist and former state assemblyman--announced an intention to step down last year after directing the OCGOP for 11 years.

Whitaker says that Baugh, who replaced longtime, legendary chairman Tom Fuentes, asked him to run for the post last year and he has already reached out to numerous activists for ideas to strength the local GOP that has been criticized for poor minority outreach.

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