10 Reasons North County Sanders Presidential Campaigner Julio Castaneda Feels the Bern

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What is it about a guy who looks like this ...

Bernie 2016

... that excites a guy who looks like this?

Courtesy of Julio Castaneda

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Webster James Guillory Guilty of Misdemeanors in County Assessor Nomination Papers Case

County of Orange
Webster James Guillory: guilty but not as originally charged
Given the mounting merde piling up at the Orange County District Attorney's office, it's funny what preoccupies prosecutors. They threw the book at former county Assessor Webster James Guillory--who faced up to four years and four months behind bars, based on the felony charges originally filed against him by the OCDA for filing false election paperwork. On Wednesday, the legal equivalent of a thin pamphlet was thrown back at prosecutors.

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Accused Murderer Awaits Execution While OC Prosecutors Hide Exculpatory DNA

Joe Rocco / OC Weekly
At the age of 5 on Nov. 15, 1984, Jerrod Hessling witnessed the murder of his family's live-in babysitter, Linda Faye Rodgers. Jerrod watched the killer strike Rodgers with a metal chain, drag her to the master bedroom inside his ranch-style residence on the 1700 block of West Wilshire Avenue in Santa Ana, and then retrieve a knife from the kitchen and a hammer from another room before demanding the location of drugs and cash. In the aftermath, the bound, semi-stripped, 25-year-old woman, who had been beaten, raped and repeatedly stabbed, lay dead on the bed. Blood spatter on the ceiling and walls signaled the attack's ferociousness. A used white vibrator found near her thighs added to the grisly display.

When police arrived at the crime scene, Jerrod described the killer as a "white man" wearing "a white shirt, black belt and white pants." As a cop later testified, officers transported the boy to the police station to "see if he could differentiate races." They displayed photographs of two Asian males, two Caucasian males, a Latino and two African-Americans and asked him to identify the men by race. He easily performed the task. After they repeatedly tested the boy's memory of the murder, the detectives noted that his description of the killer didn't change.

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Prop 47 Advocates Counter Orange County Law Enforcement's Exploitation of Jimmy Troung

Santa Ana Police Department
Released early, Jimmy Hoang Truong could now get life in prison.
UPDATE, NOV. 10, 10:31 A.M.: I did not read the joint release from the Santa Ana Police Officers Association and Orange County Deputy Sheriffs Association regarding Prop 47 and the arrest of Jimmy Hoang Truong until late last night, prompting the patchwork known as the "Original Post" on the next page. But as my head hit the pillow, I wondered if the cop unions, Santa Ana Police Department and Orange County District Attorney's office would also send me statements if a low-level offender released early ran into a burning building and saved a baby who would have otherwise been dead if the hero was still locked up. Speaking of now for something completely different, let us turn to retired San Diego police chief William Lansdowne.

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"This is Tyranny!" Orly Taitz Bemoans Dismissal of Her Last Surviving Birfer Suit Against Obama

Bastardization of "Casey at the bat" photo by Jason Cutshaw, Fort Drum Public Affairs
Licensed under Public Domain via Commons
And the crowd goes "meh."
Oh, somewhere in this teabagged land Ben Carson is shining bright;
Ted Nugent is playing somewhere, and somewhere homos are light (in the loafers),
and somewhere Trump is laughing, and somewhere the Clintons pout;
but there is no joy in Birtherville--mighty Orly has struck out.

Amazingly, even Orly Taitz herself is acknowledging the defeat of her last surviving court case alleging Barack Obama was not born in the United States.

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Follow the Money Backlash of Diane Harkey's Stint at UCI Women's Conference TODAY

California 37th State Senate District
Diane Harkey (left) stands ready to wind up her life size Rep. Mimi Walters doll.
A female alum/longtime politician/self-described financial whiz is a natural fit for today's Connecting Women to Power conference in UC Irvine's Student Center. But critics doth protest that state Board of Equalization member Diane Harkey brings with her too much baggage.

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Son Truong Nguyen Allegedly Laundered $13k for Janet Nguyen's Supervisor Run

Janet Nguyen asks firefighters if it's hot in here or is it just her.
A Fountain Valley man has been charged with 10 misdemeanor counts of money laundering $13,300 for the campaign of then-Orange County supervisor (and now-state Senator) Janet Nguyen, according to the District Attorney's office.

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2015 Bob Dornan Scary OC Hall of Fame Inductee: Curt Pringle!

Thumbnail image for amin_david_curt_pringle.jpg
Photo by The Mexican
Longtime Los Amigos head Amin David (left) with Pringle: the alliance that sealed Anaheim's current political hell

When Curt Pringle assumed office as Anaheim's mayor in 2002, my beloved hometown of Anaheim sure was a wonderful place to live in. Oh, there were problems--an out-of-control police department, income inequality, Disney doing whatever the hell it wanted to do--but there were still jobs in the city that employed the working class, civility in City Hall, and a sense that, despite the then-recession, Anaheim would turn out all right.

Flash-forward to now. Things have gotten only worse--the police department remains out of control, while income inequality is getting to San Francisco levels. Disney has even more of a lock on City Hall than every before, and the city seems to favor hipster jobs that help only a select few instead of the Kwiksets and canneries, truck depots, and packing houses that once employed hundreds. The citizen unrest that the world got to see during the summer of 2012 was only a glimpse of your average Anaheimer's unease with the city's future.

And all of this is Curt Pringle's fault.

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Two Orange County Republican Congressmen Join Democrat Delegation in Opposing CISA

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U.S. Government and Printing Office
He won't even chime in on back-slapping stories until we correct all "falsehoods" dating back to '95.
When foes of the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) "light up" the Capitol in Washington, D.C., tonight as promised, most members of Orange County's congressional delegation will at least be there with them in spirit. Surprisingly, two of the congressmen who most vociferously advocate a free and open Internet and oppose mass surveillance are Reps. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach) and Darrell Issa (R-Vista).

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The Race to Replace Loretta Sanchez in Congress is Becoming a Lefty Love Fest

Correa, Dunn, Nguyen (left to right) and Jordan Brandman (not pictured) want to go to Washington
John Gilhooley
We'll have to excuse Ray Cordova, a veteran Orange County labor activist, an overlooked dead ringer for almost any character on The Sopranos, and the moderator of an Oct. 17 debate to replace Representative Loretta Sanchez in the 46th Congressional District, a slot once occupied by legendary right-winger Robert K. Dornan. An inattentive Cordova produced several senior moments, twice forgetting pending questions to candidates Joe Dunn, Bao Nguyen, Jordan Brandman and Lou Correa.

Cordova also doesn't know when to be appreciative. Most seasoned political operatives would have dropped to their knees and thanked a higher power that their public policy event--especially on a gorgeous Saturday morning in Southern California--had drawn an overflow crowd of more than 120 people. Instead of welcoming late-comers standing in the back of the room, he incredibly ordered them to hit the street.

Good judgment can't find this union boss lately. A week before the debate, when he should have been keeping his mouth shut and remaining publicly neutral, Cordova announced he'd already made his choice. He declared in a statement, "I am pleased to endorse Lou for Congress."

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