Boobs Were Used to Get Dirt on Costa Mesa City Councilman: Case Against Cop Union's P.I.s

Photo by Chasen Marshall/OC Weekly
Jim Righeimer at a Costa Mesa City Council meeting years ago. He's one of the victims of union private investigators, the DA says.
UPDATE, DEC. 16, 9:31 A.M.: Costa Mesa's CEO and acting police chief issued a joint statement reacting to the Orange County District Attorney's case against two private investigators--who worked for a law firm retained by the city's cop union in the weeks before the November 2012 election--accused of illegally spying on two City Council members.

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Ex-Anaheim City Attorney Says She Is Victim Of Council Majority's War On Latinos

A veteran Anaheim city attorney forced to resign in Jan. 2013 is hoping a future federal jury will believe her claims of discrimination, retaliation and hostile work environment, and award her damages.

In the pending lawsuit filed inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse, Cristina Talley alleges that a city council majority "continuously harassed" her because they perceived she sided with Latino community protesters who oppose city government subsidies to private corporations and believe the city's elections are rigged to dilute their representation.

"When certain issues pending before the city council angered the Latino community, resulting in large turnouts of Latino citizens at council meetings, certain members of the city council implied that perhaps Ms. Talley would not and could not be objective in those matters," the lawsuit states.

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UC Irvine Joins White House Initiative Aimed at Expanding Climate Change Education

White House
Politicians have spoken with kids, soldiers and campaign staffs behind them but solar panels?
UC Irvine's global sustainability effort has been chosen to be part of a White House initiative aimed at climate education that will distribute science-based information to students, teachers and the broader public, the university announced Tuesday.

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Loretta Sanchez: CIA Torture Report is "Long Overdue," Exposes "Unconscionable Actions"

Categories: Politics

Loretta Sanchez says the Senate report on CIA torture was "much needed" and "long overdue."
The Senate Intelligence Committee report released today on the CIA's interrogation of suspected terrorists after the 9/11 attacks--which concluded the agency's tactics were far more brutal than previously disclosed and failed to elicit information about any imminent threats to the U.S.--was "long overdue" and exposed "unconscionable actions," according to Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Garden Grove).

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Even In Death, Ex-OC Assistant Sheriff Don Haidl Can't Help But Generate Hillbilly Antics

$$$: Assistant Sheriff Haidl: Somehow, California's Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) agency let a used-car salesman have full police powers without a minute of required POST training
During his life, Don Haidl--the booze-loving, foul-mouthed, piano-playing, Rancho Cucamonga auto-auction king with underworld ties and a hatred for journalists--dreamed of playing cop, so he secretly paid more than $100,000 to Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona, grabbed an assistant sheriff's badge, gun, patrol car, full police powers and, for occasions when he craved public adulation, a fancy uniform with high-ranking, lapel stars.

When he testified in Carona's 2008 federal corruption trial and helped to put his pal in prison for 66 months to save himself from incarceration, the ultra-wealthy Haidl admitted he'd partly wanted the badge to impress his associates, enhance his stance in business negotiations and, if necessary, escape DUI charges after one of his nights out at swank bars.

He also recalled delight from blasting the siren on his Orange County Sheriff's Department (OCSD) car to alert his neighbors to his status and to awe his youngest son, Greg, who would go on to secure infamy in the international-headlines-grabbing Haidl Gang Rape case, in which an unconscious, 16-year-old girl was sexually assaulted with a Snapple bottle, pool cue, apple juice can and a lit cigarette.

It shouldn't be surprising then that the scrappy Haidl--who passed away in December 2012 at the age of 61 (he looked 81)--could still generate scandal in death.

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Gustavo's Latest KCRW "OC Line": On the OC Supes Rejecting a Local Ethics Committee

Thumbnail image for TSpitzer67.jpg
From the OC Weekly Museum
Hey, Todd: Why ya scared about an ethics commission?

One of the funniest scorched-earth campaigns I've witnessed in my years at this infernal rag is the Board of Supervisors versus longtime campaign-finance watchdog Shirley Grindle. Who on earth could hate someone who follows the money on who's giving what to which douchebag? EVERYONE!

It's this hatred that led the supes to push Measure E, a November initiative for which too many of you voted. It effectively neutered any chance of OC ever having a local ethics committee to replace Grindle when she eventually goes to the Big File Cabinet in the Sky, giving investigatory powers instead to the ox that is the California Fair Political Practices Committee. This was the subject of my KCRW-FM 89.9 commentary this past Monday.

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Will Carly Fiorina Sheepishly Demonize GOP Opponents on the Road to the White House?

Carly for California
Who was running that campaign? Pink Floyd?
Remember the heady days leading up to the 2010 GOP primary for U.S. senator in California? Let's go back to former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina's campaign running an online "demon sheep" ad against moderate candidate Tom Campbell. The perceived front-runner at that time, Campbell was called out for sheepishly supporting the tax hikes of then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, while Fiorina had signed a pledge against such increases. Arch-conservative candidate for senator Chuck DeVore of Irvine then set up a website to at first chastise the Carly for California campaign's use of demon sheep in the race--before Chuckie adopted demon sheep as his own.

Good times, good times.

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Santa Ana Joins Nationwide Ayotzinapa Vigils Drawing Attention to U.S. Role in Mexico

Categories: Politics

Josue Rivas / OC Weekly
Your pain is our pain
The story of 43 missing Mexican students from Ayotzinapa, Guerrero refuses to disappear, as their whereabouts still remain a mystery more than two months after local police clashed with them on September 26. Anger continues to fuel protests in Mexico against the government over corruption, violence and ties to narcos. And on this side of the border, activists are holding their own rallies and bringing attention to the cause.

Now comes a coordinated nationwide effort: #USTired2, in which activists in 43 cities (including SanTana) will light a candle this Wednesday and tell the story of the 43. The national day of action demands an end to the U.S. funding of the Mexican government through the Mérida Initiative, also known as Plan Mexico.

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Bao Nguyen Is Garden Grove's History-Making Mayor in More Ways Than His Ethnicity

Categories: Politics

Thumbnail image for 14-news-Bao-Nguyen-credit-John-Gilhooley.jpg
John Gilhooley/OC Weekly
Please keep wearing those bow ties!
If you need a metaphor for Bao Nguyen's stunning win as Garden Grove's new mayor earlier this month and what it means for the future of Orange County, look no further than the city's historic Main Street on election night. The storefront-heavy stretch is the last remnant of Garden Grove's old downtown, nowadays a forlorn place usually as alive as a two-stoplight town somewhere in Kansas. But as election results rolled in on Nov. 4, the street hosted two distinct parties right across from each other.

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Jesse Jackson and Fellow UCI Ebola Panelists Agree All We Have to Fear is Fear Itself

UCI School of Law
Jesse Jackson makes a point at UCI Wednesday about people who want affordable healthcare for themselves but not Obamacare for those who would otherwise be uninsured.
UPDATE NO. 2, NOV. 20, 7:30 A.M.: During the discussion and exchange with audience members at Wednesday's UC Irvine law school panel on "The Constitutional Implications of Ebola: Civil Liberties & Civil Rights in Times of Health Crises," dean Erwin Chemerinsky said, "It's important that constitutional decisions be based on scientific information and not fear."

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