Dr. Sears, OC Republican Legislators Illin' Over Gov. Brown Signing Vaccinations Bill

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Too late for this boy, who was infected in 1963.
That late December/early 2015 outbreak of measles traced from Disneyland to other parts of Orange County, across California, over the border to Mexico and to other states such as Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Oregon, Utah and Washington state prompted Golden State vaccination legislation that was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown Tuesday--and then immediately blasted by Orange County Republican legislators and a pediatrician embraced by "anti-vaxxers" or those opposed to or skeptical of vaccinations.

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Dana Rohrabacher's Scary Crisis: How Can I Buy Booze After Campaign Embezzlement?

Bill Hunt @ BillHuntIllustrations.com / OC Weekly
Rohrabacher: No, no, no! My campaign funds can't be missing. I need another couple of rounds of drinks, bartender!
Congressman Dana Rohrabacher--Orange County's senior, career politician--announced today that his longtime campaign treasurer allegedly stole more than $173,000 from his election coffers.

But Rohrabacher, a notorious cheapskate and slob known as the Loretta Sanchez of the California Republican Party, failed to mention who is likely most upset by the situation: the congressman's wife, Rhonda, who has in the past deposited about 50 percent of campaign contributions into the family's bank accounts by--cough, cough--acting as his campaign manager.

Nick Gerda at the Voice of OC broke the story and quoted Rohrabacher as claiming he's "disappointed and dismayed by this betrayal of trust" by Jack Wu, a surfing Newport Beach/Los Angeles tax accountant, past city council candidate and conservative political activist whose Twitter account description declares, "Kick ass for da Lord!"

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Pot Hole Disasters Prompt Twitter War Between California Republicans

In the perverted world of California transportation, two facts can't be denied.

First: Our streets and highways are in horrible condition and need at least $296 billion during the next five years for already ignored construction and repair projects; a reported 87 percent of road pavement is rated as "at risk" or "poor."

Second: Politicians in Sacramento routinely refuse to prioritized transportation spending in favor of social programs; To the chagrin of Republicans, the Democrat-controlled legislature has proposed an upcoming $168 billion budget with a measly $2 billion for roads when experts say the state should be spending at least $8 billion annually.

While Gov. Jerry Brown is calling for a special session to address the problem that may result in the imposition of new taxes, two prominent California Republican Party activists have been engaged in a Twitter war on the topic: Orange County's Jon Fleischman and Dana Reed of Indian Wells.

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Rancho Santiago Community College District Foundation Takes Up Saudi Arabia Deal TODAY

Photo by flickr user Shannon Doyle
Hello, we'll be your guidance counselors.
The Rancho Santiago Community College District Foundation's board is scheduled today to discuss its controversial $105 million consulting contract with Saudi Arabia that has been chastised by faculty, a student trustee and the oldest pro-Israel organization in the United States.

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Why is the Ocean Off Orange County So Freaky Lately? Let Us Count the Ways

Photo by Rick Johnson
Remember the movie The Blob? Actually, this is a Newport Beach tar ball.
Dozens of sharks off Seal Beach. Red crabs all over Orange Coast shores. Tar balls from Long Beach to Newport Beach. Gamefish off Dana Point that you don't normally see until you're 200 miles farther south (and, hopefully, in a boat). Dogfish and catfish living together ... MASS HYSTERIA!

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San Diego Politician's Plot To Taint Orange County Great Park Audit Fails Again

Gonzalez likely thought: I'll waste taxpayer dollars if it will help my wealthy campaign contributors
The blatant attempt by a San Diego politician to undermine the findings of an independent audit of how the City of Irvine spent $250 million without building a single, major proposed feature at the Orange County Great Park might have concluded in failure.

Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez had asked the Joint Legislative Audit Committee to order the state auditor to audit the Great Park audit that documented how her fellow Democrats in Irvine grossly mismanaged the project, including giving lucrative contracts to one of her campaign contributors, Gafcon, Inc.

In April, Gonzalez's rambling pleas couldn't muster enough votes on the committee, which is comprised of senators and members of the assembly--to direct state auditors away from inspecting state agencies and instead set up camp at Irvine City Hall.

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Hillary Clinton to Scoop Up Presidential Campaign Cash in Newport Beach TONIGHT

Categories: Events, Politics

The first 100 to give at the $2,700 level get their picture taken with her.
When even Democrats are coming to Newport Beach to scoop up presidential campaign cash, you know it's getting serious.

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Ed Royce Accused of Scratching Friend's Back with "Freedom News Network" Propaganda Bill

Official U.S. House of Representatives portrait
Rep. Ed Royce denies there is anything improper with his "Freedom News Network" bill.
Ten-term Congressman Ed Royce, who has long been involved in the U.S. government's international propaganda broadcasting, is coming under fire for new "Freedom News Network" legislation that apparently benefits a businessman who refers to himself as a "personal friend" of the Fullerton-based Republican.

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Garden Grove Mayor Bao Nguyen on How "One California" Budget Proposal Will Help Immigrants

Categories: Politics

Thumbnail image for BaoNguyenMayorOCW.jpg
Courtesy of Bao Nguyen
Garden Grove Mayor Bao Nguyen: Coolest mayor in OC, redux

By Bao Nguyen, Garden Grove Mayor

Editor's note: Garden Grove Mayor Bao Nguyen's stirring story is well-known to longtime OC Weekly readers, so we're more than happy to print his op-ed on a proposal before California Governor Jerry Brown. Enjoy!

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Dispatches from the Association of California Cities--Orange County's Blabfest

Categories: Politics

Photo by Jennifer Fedrizzi

Infrastructure in Orange County is tough business, what with the 34 different cities and dozens and dozens of other various special districts. I mean, heck, have you driven around the airport? There's three cities there that can barely communicate who borders where and who's in charge of what.

So, what's a totally non-governmental organization's to do when they host an infrastructure summit sponsored by some hopeful government contractors? How do you put on an event that has a takeaway both for Seal Beach and for Yorba Linda? The Orange County chapter of the Association of California Cities--the conservative response to the actually-respectable League of California Cities--decided on an event full of streetcar and water talk. I went, and here's what I learned (hint: I learned a lot more about one local mayor's French speaking ability than I did about anything else).

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