Why is the OC Register So Anti-Airbnb?

Eirk (Airbnb host)

For a publication that historically has held up free markets as the real Jesus, the Orange County Register's news section has recently has treated Airbnb as if it were the housing equivalent of Mexicans, a public menace deserving of scare tactics. In a late August, staff writer Jessica Kwong highlighted the voices of SanTana neighbors unhappy with a resident's alleged conversion of her home into a short-term vacation rental. Another article a couple of days later, by staff writer Susan Christian Goulding, switched the NIMBY scene to Fountain Valley.

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OC Weekly Wins 7 Awards at LA Press Club Gala, Including 3 First-Placers!

Cover design by Dustin Ames
Awesome cover for Reza's awesome piece

Last night, the LA Press Club held their annual awards gala, and although no one from this infernal rag was able to make it (Mox is still in the salt mines, Nick was finishing up a cover, and I had just finished a five-day taco bender--go to Instagram and find the hashtag #epictacocrawl if you don't believe me), we still did mighty fine, hauling in seven awards, including three first-place finishes.

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Federal Lawsuit: OC Register Owes $609,000 Printing Bill

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And the Kush swings again!

Although the Orange County Register is no longer run by the bumbling Aaron Kushner, his legacy lives on. Last week, the paper got hit in federal court with a lawsuit asking for $609,638.30 in damages for failing to pay their printing bill. Failing to pay bills was a big part of Kushner's business strategy, of course--don't forget that the Los Angeles Times sued the Reg for over $3 million for not paying their delivery bills--but this is the first time I remember the Reg being taken to the federal level.

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Aaron Kushner and Eric Spitz Resign from Orange County Register Effective Immediately

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BOOM! goes the Kush!

UPDATE #1, 5:20: The Weekly has obtained audio of the meeting in which it was announced that Kushner and Spitz were stepping down. Still trying to pin down Kushner's speech, but far more interesting for sure would be the words of his former co-owner, Eric Spitz, whose angst was audible as he rambled about Kushner's greatness.

Spitz is going to remain at Freedom Communications in a capacity, but is sure going to miss the Kush. "Not much happens without a dream," Spitz said, talking about Kushner, "and for something great to happen, there must be a great dream. Behind every great achievement is a dreamer of great dreams. Much more than a dreamer is required to bring it to reality, but the dream must be there first."

And he went on like that.

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OC Register Loses Latino Reporter, Editor in Further Gabacho-fication of Paper

As Kushner sings, "La la lalalala la lala la la"

Back in 2013, at the height of the Orange County Register's much-ballyhooed hiring spree, we did a blog post criticizing the paper's lack of diversity in expanding the paper, especially in getting next-to-no Latinos. And that situation has gotten even worse, with the departure of editor Theresa Cisneros and crime reporter Salvador Hernández.

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OC Register Parterning with Nonprofits to Sell Year-Long Sunday Subscriptions for 10 Cents

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How low can Kushner swing?

First, the Orange County Register offered Latinos a two-year subscription for the Sunday edition for $2. Then, as we reported last week, they offered the same subscription to Catholics for a buck. Now comes word that over the holidays, the Reg partnered with local nonprofits for a fundraiser: the non-profits tried to sell subscriptions on behalf of the paper to their followers.

The most recent deal? The Sunday paper for 10 cents. A dime.

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OC Register Offers Blasphemously Great Subscription Deal for Catholics--$1 for 2 Years!

Demon Kushner looking for Catholic blood...

One of the various strategies Orange County Register owner Aaron Kushner used to boost subscription numbers was to offer ridiculously cheap discounts to select audiences. For instance, he offered Latinos a two-year subscription to the Sunday Reg for $2. The way he got around accusations of discrimination was by offering the deal as a bundle--people who'd take the plunge would get the Reg and their throwaway Spanish-language weekly, UNIDOS. But the deal was only offered to Mexicans--and SanTana Mexis at that, not Coto de Caza wabs.

Kushner's segregationist subscription scandal (sorry; couldn't resist) continues. Over the holidays, Catholics in Orange County were subjected to an even better discount courtesy of the Diocese of Orange: two years of the Sunday Register for a dollar. A DOLLAR.

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OC Register Counter-Sues LA Times, Calling Them a Mean Ol' "Bully"

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So remember the lawsuit that the Los Angeles Times filed this past October against the Orange County Register and its owner, Aaron Kushner over unpaid bills to delivery drivers? Welp, Kushner and the Reg not only denied all the Times allegations in motions filed in Los Angeles Superior Court last week, they also counter-sued for--bear with me--express indemnity, breach of contract, "breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing," intentional interference with contractual relations and prospective economic advantage, misappropriation of trade secrets, and unfair competition.

That's all legalese for Kushner's main allegation against his rival: that the Times are a bunch of mean ol' bullies.

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Long Beach Register, Like Los Angeles Register, is Now a Collector's Item

Building community, August 2013-December 2014
The Orange County Register company-owned Long Beach Register ceased publication Sunday, joining their Los Angeles Register in becoming a collector's item.

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100 Layoffs Happening at OC Register, Riverside P-E TODAY: UPDATE

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Here we go again!

1ST UPDATE, 11:40 A.M.: Here's a note from new Orange County Register publisher Rich Mirman explaining the layoffs to his crew. He confirmed what we broke--100 layoffs across the Register and the P-E.

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