This is Why We Miss Vlady Guerrero

A few more frames later comes the bloop single to left and bad throw that scored a run and put Vlady on second.
Caps off to Deadspin's Barry Petchesky for reminding us what we miss so much about former Angel Vladimir Guerrero.

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OC Time Warner Customer Gets Year of Free Cable and Internet for Letter Calling Her "Cunt"

Categories: OC Media

That's not an alternate spelling of "Esperanza" on Ms. Martinez's letter.
Surely Time Warner Cable operators are used to being called what appeared as the first name on a letter Orange County customer Esperanza Martinez received from the company.

It rhymes with "cunt."

Check that: it is cunt.

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Jenna Jameson Gets Restraining Order That Extends Protection to Tito Ortiz and Sons in HB

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Photo by flickr user Thomas Hawk
Jenna Jameson claims her ex-friend threatened her career.
Jenna Jameson has obtained a restraining order against a former friend she accuses of repeatedly breaking into her home--and has extended the protection to her children and estranged baby daddy Tito Ortiz, who is raising their twin boys in Huntington Beach.

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Come to Chapman for the Bell Scandal, Stay for Shots at/of "Jabba the Corrupt" Robert Rizzo

Huntington Beach Police Department
All hail Jabba the Corrupt.
Chapman University's announcement that it will be presenting a day-long conference in February examining the City of Bell scandal is not the exciting part, although I'm sure a good time will be had by all.

No, the bestest of the bestest about this is we get to once again break out our police mugshot of Robert Rizzo, the former Bell city administrator who was living in Huntington Beach when he became the national poster child for greedy public servants run amok.

Then-Los Angeles County District Attorney Steven L. Cooley called the Bell scandal "corruption on steroids," which must mean steroids are fattening considering Jabba the Corrupt's lovely image.

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ISIS Hacks Website of Buena Park Nonprofit That Helps Syrian Refugees in Middle East

Photo by flickr user noswonky
Giving Hackers Hope
Giving Children Hope, a Buena Park-based nonprofit that has been helping Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan since 2012, reportedly had its website hacked by a group identifying itself as Team System Dz, an ISIS sympathizer.

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Changes Coming to LA Times' Costa Mesa Plant

Categories: OC Media

Photo by Matt Coker/OC Weekly
Take this picture, it will last longer.
Tribune Media Co., owner the LA "By God" Times, announced plans Thursday to redevelop its property north of the 405 freeway and near Harbor Boulevard in Costa Mesa, where the Orange County edition of the LA "By God" Times was printed for years.*

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Alison Rosen is No Longer Adam Carolla's Best Friend as Her Firing by Aceman Sparks Outrage

Categories: OC Media, Radio
She's your new best friend!
Adam Carolla recently fired his "News Girl" Alison Rosen, and to hear the former OC Weekling who grew up in Newport Beach tell it, she's as surprised and perplexed by her canning from the hugely popular Adam Carolla Show podcast as anyone.

In a long conversation with The Wrap's Tony Maglio, Rosen reveals that she learned she had been fired via an email from Carolla while she was vacationing with her husband Daniel in New York over the holidays, it came about a week before the news broke on Monday and that, "I just didn't see it coming."

"I literally had to sit down, which I don't think has ever happened to me--where I'm standing, reading something and I literally had to sit down and let everything sink in--it was surreal," says Rosen of that moment.

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Elena Nauman Gets Conned Out of $500 After Responding to Offer for Dalmatian Puppies

Photo by Mary Bell/OC Weekly
If the promised puppies do exist, they may need the services of Dalmatian Rescue of Southern California Inc.
Someone posing as a dog breeder recently conned a San Clemente couple out of $500 through an online ad offering Dalmatian puppies for sale.

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Appellate Court Rejects Libel Case Involving OC Weekly Article On Shopping Mall Owner

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A California Court of Appeal has rejected efforts by a prominent shopping-mall developer to revive his failed 2012 libel lawsuit involving an OC Weekly cover story.

Shaheen Sadeghi--owner of Costa Mesa's the LAB anti-mall and the CAMP shopping outlet--hoped to win reversal of Orange County Superior Court Judge Ronald L. Bauer's 2013 decision to dismiss the lawsuit against Delilah Snell, a Santa Ana small-business owner and named source in the story, after determining the court action was an improper use of the judicial system to try to silence critics, or SLAPP, a strategic lawsuit against public participation.

In the Christmas Eve ruling, the Santa Ana-based appellate justices backed Bauer, opining that the content of the December 2011 Weekly article consisted of constitutionally protected speech by Snell on public issues and that Sadeghi's libel claims were not likely to prevail at a future trial because, in part, he hadn't been accused of any wrongdoing.

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OC District Attorney's Public Shaming of Johns Draws Likes and Dislikes from JohnTV
Ready for their closeups?
"The original Video Vigilante" likes some things about Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas' recently implemented "public shaming" of those who buy the services of prostitutes. But Brian Bates also has some problems with an online page that features the names and mugshots of johns.

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