Magdi Faiz Girgis Murder Plot Against Wife in 2004 Featured on NBC's Dateline TONIGHT
Ryan Girgis is shown after the then-17-year-old broke out of his ties on Sept. 29, 2004. He'd been bound by killers of his mother who had been hired by his father.

A cold-case murder plotted by a Westminster respiratory therapist who did not want to pay for his divorce from his wife in 2004 gets the NBC Dateline treatment tonight.

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Former Superman vs. Former Superstud: Dean Cain and Matt Leinart Trade Barbs

Dean Cain: from Superman to life on the D list?

Dean Cain, who played Superman on the ABC series Lois & Clark in the 1990s, told TMZ Sports that Johnny Manziel should be careful about running with the Hollywood crowd because he wouldn't want to end up out of the NFL like Matt Leinart. Guess who took the Twitter after that?

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Justin Bieber Cruising Disneyland in a Wheelchair Draws Swift Biebot Defense

Wheely messed up?

Justin Bieber pivoted from pissing off wealthy neighbors to pissing off Disneyland guests over the weekend, when it was assumed he was making like your grandmother by using a wheelchair to cut to the front of attraction lines. But a rep for the Biebs says it ain't so ...

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Santa Ana Officials Say They Got Associated Press to Correct "Erroneous" Water Use Story

Photo by flickr user tubblesnap
You can lead a horse to water, but ...
The Associated Press, citing state data, reported on July 16 that water consumption increased 65 percent from May 2013 through May 2014 in the City of Santa Ana.

That was apparently news to the City of Santa Ana's leaders and water officials.

Incorrect news.

"The fact is that the city's water consumption increased by only 7 percent during that time frame," according to Santa Ana's Public Works Agency.

Nabil Saba, the city's water resources manager, spoke with the Associated Press reporter who crafted the original piece, which was later corrected, according to a notice Santa Ana residents received recently.

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Loretta Sanchez Painted as a Net Neutrality Foe

Categories: OC Media, Politics

OC Weekly archives
If Loretta Sanchez has AT&T for Internet, she's already been punished.
Rep. Loretta Sanchez is catching heat for essentially saying she opposes net neutrality "to protect Latinos."

The Garden Grove Democrat has joined fellow Latino Members of Congress Albio Sires (D-New Jersey) and Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) in signing a letter penned by Rep. Gene Green (D-Texas) to support the corporate dismemberment of the free and open Internet, according to, which calls Green "one of AT&T's best friends in Congress."

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Ashton Colby Sachs' So-Called Messed-Up Life Led to Murders of Parents: Grand Jury Report

Courtesy of OCDA
Ashton Colby Sachs, messed up
I have not seen the grand jury documents regarding the shocking murders of Bradford and Andra Sachs, but the Orange County Register has, and they reportedly indicate their 19-year-old son Ashton bought a rifle a couple of weeks before the Feb. 9 shootings, did not sleep for days before driving 18 hours from Seattle to the family's hillside San Juan Capistrano home on Feb. 9, paced outside his parents bedroom door as they slept and finally rushed in and shot them and his 8-year-old brother, who was left paralyzed.

Why? No particular reason, just generally because of his messed-up life.

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Reykeel Zorio, Ex-Disneyland Cast Member, Alleges The Mouse Stiffed Him Shy of $75k

Walt Disney Productions
Uncle Remus was not Disney's only ex-slave, according to a former Disneyland cast member.

The Happiest Place on Earth was the Sappiest Place on Earth--as in sapping a Disneyland cast member of wages, vacation and other compensation, according to the ex-employee's complaint.

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Advocates for the Undocumented Seek Removal of Obstacles to Getting CA Drivers Licenses

AVCO Embassy Pictures

A report on California recently joining 10 other states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia in allowing undocumented immigrants to apply for drivers licenses puts a spotlight on the Mexican Consulate in Santa Ana, where five-hour driver's ed classes are being offered for free to ... ick ... excuse me. I need to clean up the goo from the heads of Register readers/Weekly commenters whose heads just exploded.

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New Column! The Orange County Quiz: California or Florida?

Wikipedia Commons
Slices of Orange County life are being served. But which Orange County?

Your lesson for the day: Read each of the following six headlines and tell us if the incident happened in Orange County, Florida, or Orange County, California.

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Bald Eagles at Irvine Lake Mark Raptors' Return to Orange County Since the 1920s

Wonderful Pistachios
The bald eagles that have returned to Orange County aren't even on leashes.

Bald eagles, once threatened with extinction, are reportedly nesting near Irvine Lake in Silverado.

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