Joe Cavallo, Haidl 3 Lawyer and Briber: I'm Not Guilty of $20 Million Saudi Sheik Extortion Plot

See the update on Page 2 with Joe Cavallo and the German national pleading not guilty at arraignment and what the OC lawyer's lawyer John Barnett said outside court.

Joe Cavallo booking photo.JPG
OC Weekly archives
Just to be clear, this photo is from a previous time Joe Cavallo was booked.

ORIGINAL POST, JULY 15, 6:07 A.M.: The first time I read about lawyer Joe Cavallo was years ago, during my colleague R. Scott Moxley's award-winning coverage of "The Haidl 3," the nickname we gave the Orange County assistant sheriff's son and two friends who were ultimately convicted of a disgusting rape and sexual acts to a passed-out teen girl Cavallo and others on the defense team portrayed as a willing slut.

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Michael J. Schroeder is Powerful But "Vader" Likely Did Not Cause Jetliner Mishap Last Night

Allied Professional Insurance Co.
Mike "Vader" Schroeder had quite a flight last night.

"My theory about flying is any landing you walk away from is a good one."

-Michael J. Schroeder (or "Vader" to Moxley Confidential readers), to a reporter after his flight to Orange County from Chicago was diverted to Wichita Sunday evening when an emergency evacuation slide inflated in-flight.

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Robert Howard Claudio Faces 15 to Life After Conviction of Sex Assault on Boy at Library

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Robert Howard Claudio mug.jpg
Damn, Moxley takes a vacation day and major developments happen with his stories. First, it was the Andy Tran death-by-cop case settlement. Then it was the Judge Scott Steiner sex-with-law-school student probe. Now comes a creep Moxley wrote up getting convicted of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy lured into a library bathroom.

Robert Howard Claudio, 24, of Anaheim Hills, now faces up to 15 years to life in state prison at his scheduled Nov. 8 sentencing.

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Scott Steiner, Judge in Middle of Sex Scandal, Escapes Charges from State Attorney General

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for scott steiner judge 45.jpg
The California Attorney General's Office will not pursue criminal charges against Orange County Superior Court Judge Scott Steiner, whose former law school student claimed to have been coerced into having sex with him, according to Steiner's attorney.

"The Attorney (General's Office) made the right call," veteran OC defense attorney Paul S. Meyer reportedly said. "Judge Steiner is innocent. He has been forthright and candid."

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Andy Tran Family Gets $1.3 mil from Garden Grove in Death-by-Cop Case, Reports the Register, Which Flubbed the Original Story

R. Scott Moxley last year brought us "The Execution of Andy Tran," which detailed how Garden Grove police officers used a Taser to kill a mentally disabled Vietnamese man who was complying with their commands.

Garden Grove settled the federal civil rights lawsuit brought by the 32-year-old's family, but the city insisted the amount remain secret. The secret is out now: the family got $1.3 million.

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Troy Edgar Loses Key Endorsement In State Assembly Run After Cheating Revelations

Troy Edgar Los Alamitos 6.jpg
Edgar's lack of honesty costs him a key ally
At one point 10 months ago, Troy Edgar enjoyed support from a long list of Orange County Republicans in his attempts to leave the Los Alamitos city council for higher public office.

But recent months haven't been kind to Edgar--especially after the Weekly revealed he'd doctored mandatory federal campaign disclosure reports to hide a large campaign expenditure and who illegally paid the bill.

Citing that cheating and Edgar's pro-tax increase stances, Michael J. Schroeder--a former California Republican Party chairman and Orange County political heavyweight--declared this week that he is withdrawing his endorsement.

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Libertarian Presidential Duo of Gary Johnson & Jim Gray Plot 2016 White House Run

Judge Jim Gray Libertarian OC .jpg
Judge Jim Gray: We'll be baaaack!
No matter the results of the Nov. 6 election, the Libertarian presidential campaign duo of Gary Johnson and Jim Gray, the retired Orange County superior court judge, plan to run again for the White House in 2016.

Gray, Johnson's vice presidential running mate, told a crowd this month at Tulane University that the two men have already decided a second run--next time with plenty of planning--is critical to break the stranglehold the two major political parties exercise over failed foreign and domestic policies.

Calling President Barack Obama and Democrats "financially irresponsible" and Mitt Romney and Republicans "socially intolerant," Gray predicted voters will warm to Libertarian ideas as a route to escape present day "bipolar politics."

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Santa Ana Pedophile: Police Unfairly Tricked A Confession About Boy Rape

Santos Flores mug child molester 5.jpg
Flores: The boy demanded anal sex.
For several months leading up to early 2010, a woman on her way to work routinely dropped off her three children at her sister's house in Santa Ana where she assumed they would be safe.

One day in February, one of the kids, an eight-year-old boy, told his mother that he had been repeatedly sodomized by Santos Solano Flores, a 21-year-old man who also lived at the babysitting house. 

According to court records, the boy claimed Flores liked to ejaculate inside of him.

The outraged mother contacted the authorities and two detectives got Flores to sit for an interview at the police station where they told him about the allegations.

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[NSFW] What Does Rep. John Campbell Have In Common With Porn Legend Ron Jeremy?

Congressman John Campbell Irvine.jpg
Baseball, apple pie, hot dogs and . . . XXX!
Orange County Republican Congressman John Campbell likes to tout that he, like most conservatives, considers the strength of "the traditional American family" in all of his decision-making.

But Campbell's office may have a slight problem called Lou Penrose.

Penrose, the congressman's trusty district director and longtime aide, is nothing but, according to Campbell, "an energetic, hardworking individual whose enthusiasm for his career is contagious to others."


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Voter Registration Deadline in OC is Midnight For the Nov. 6 Election

Mitt knows he's going to be the next president and it feels so good
Tick tock.

Citizens anxious to boot President Barack Obama from the White House (or to keep Mitt Romney out of it), but haven't yet registered to vote for the Nov. 6 election face a midnight deadline today to fill out the necessary, brief paperwork for the Orange County Registrar of Voters.

The Obama-Romney showdown could be the closest election in U.S. History, so make your voice heard.

The Registrar's Soviet-bunker style office is located at 1300 South Grand Avenue, Building C, at the intersection of Grand Ave. and McFadden in Santa Ana.

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