Another Day, Another Strike by Truck Drivers at the Port of Long Beach

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Fidel Gonzalez, who drives for XPO Logistics, shares his grievances.
One wonders if there is a lonely crate of widgets at the Port of Long Beach that's been waiting to get picked up all year given all the labor unrest there this year.

Oh yeah, if it's Tuesday it must be another strike--what is that, three this year alone?--by truckers who haul stuff to and from cargo ships at one of the busiest ports in the country.

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At What Cost? Pro Wresting Movie TONIGHT! Long Beach Indie Fest Through SUNDAY!

Smee Entertainment
Whaddya mean you already have plans tonight?
At What Cost?: An Anatomy of Professional Wresting, which is the latest documentary from Long Beach's Mark Chervinsky, makes its West Coast premiere in his town of residence tonight.

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Mark Falkowski Goes From Classroom to Courtroom for Alleged Sexting with Girl

Orange County Sheriff's Department
Mark Falkowski allegedly began the relationship when the girl resided in South County.
A Long Beach man is due in Orange County Superior Court this morning for arraignment on charges of engaging in sexual, inappropriate electronic communication with a female juvenile, and due to the 28-year-old's roles--teacher and girls sports coach--authorities fear there may be other victims.

A couple weeks ago, the Orange County Sheriff's Department was made aware of inappropriate e-mails and Skype conversations between the man and the girl that began in early 2014, according to the agency.

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10 Must-Sees as QFilm Fest Starts TONIGHT

While 10 is a nice, Lettermanesque number for a listicle, it's really criminal to impose such a cap on the many fine offerings at the 2015 Long Beach QFilm Festival, which opens Thursday night and continues through Sunday night. So after breezing through this nice, Lettermanesque, illegal listicle, click on the link at the end to feed your head with many more worthy QFilm Fest titles (and cool parties).

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Isai Beltran Accused of Sex Assaults on 2 Boys He Met as Church Helper, More Victims Feared

Courtesy of the Orange County District Attorney's office
Isai Beltran is currently out of custody, having made his $100,000 bail.
A 25-year-old Long Beach man who was a youth group volunteer at several Cypress and Los Alamitos churches is scheduled to be arraigned today for the sexual assault of two boys, but police and prosecutors fear there may be other victims.

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Marvin Jay Caukin Gets 135 Months in Prison for Flying Off with Gulfstream's $10 Million

Photo by flickr user Dean Morley
Gulfstream jet departs London Luton Airport in England.
The former director of finance and accounting at Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.'s Long Beach facility was sentenced this week to 11 years and change in federal prison for embezzling more than $10 million from his employer over a 13-year period.

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Long Beach Mental Health Facility Sued by The Young and The Restless Star Issues Defense

Aaron Montgomery/JPI Studios
Kristoff St. John and Victoria Rowell in a scene from The Young and The Restless.
UPDATE, MAY 28, 2:23 P.M.: La Casa Mental Health Rehabilitation Center issued a statement about Kristoff and Mia St. John's lawsuit over the death of their son in a restroom at the Long Beach facility.

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Palmer Luckey Gives New Meaning to Joystick with Oculus Rift Porn Revelation

Photo by Dcoetzee/Wikimedia-Commons
Palmer Luckey speaks at the 2014 Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference.
Long Beach born and raised Palmer Luckey--who proved there is life beyond journalism when he left his web editor position at Cal State Long Beach's Daily 49er to invent the Oculus Rift--revealed this week that his virtual-reality headset will not block adult content.

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What the Frack Is Happening Under Long Beach?

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Chelsea Mosher
Like the sign says

By Joshua Frank

Perhaps you've driven past them at night: several towering panels lit up like a psychedelic art installation, with a 45-foot waterfall gushing down the side and onto the boulder-strewn, pedestal-shaped, very-much-manmade island. The brightly painted structures seem harmless enough--if a bit out of place several hundred feet offshore from Long Beach's affluent Bluff Park neighborhood--but what goes on behind the palm-lined fa├žade is profoundly controversial and potentially very dangerous.

Built in 1965, the four THUMS islands--so named for the companies that first developed the sites: Texaco, Humble, Unocal, Mobil and Shell--were designed by esteemed landscape architect Joseph Linesch, who had a knack for turning blight into eye candy. While Long Beach's Gas & Oil Department (LBGO) operates the islands, a wholly owned subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum (known as Occidental Long Beach Inc.) is contracted to perform the work of extracting fossil fuels from beneath the ocean floor.

The THUMS islands include portions of Pier J in the Port of Long Beach, and were constructed from a goliath supply of stone from Catalina Island--640,000 tons of it--along with 3.2 million cubic yards of sand from Long Beach Harbor. The purpose was to exploit the vast reserves of the Wilmington Oil Field, which stretches 13 miles long and 3 miles wide, from onshore San Pedro to offshore Seal Beach. Since it was first discovered in 1932, 6,150 wells have been drilled in the oil field, with nearly 1,550 pumps still active.

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Lawrence Lee Casados of Los Alamitos is Shot Dead in Long Beach and Suspect is Sought

Qwik Tape
Tale of the tape in LBC
A 47-year-old Los Alamitos man was shot dead in Long Beach late Saturday night, and police are hunting for the shooter.

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