Westminster Police Chief Kevin Baker Dropped From Federal Extortion Lawsuit

Chief Baker
The onetime Little Saigon bikini bar owner who accused several members of the Westminster Police Department of participating in an Orange County extortion racket today dropped several defendants from her federal lawsuit.

Hanh Le--the alleged victim--is no longer interested in pursuing her claims against the City of Westminster, its police department, police chief Kevin Baker and officer Timothy Vu.

The move leaves Le's civil case ongoing against defendants Kevin Khanh Tuan Do, the FBI-arrested businessman who pleaded guilty in June to a federal prosecutor; Anthony Duong Donner, the primary Westminster cop allegedly used by Do; and officer Phuong Pham.

Le's dismissal of the other defendants occurred by joint stipulation filed inside the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse in Santa Ana.

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Letter Returned to Westminster Because Someone "Don't Speak Gook": UPDATE

mail thief mission viejo.jpg

UPDATE, 5:31 P.M.: The person whose address was listed as having rejected the letter contacted the Weekly and let us know that not only did they NOT write the "gook" note visible in the letter, but that they never even received the letter in the first place. As we wrote earlier, we openly wondered who actually wrote the note.

ORIGINAL POST, 10:33 A.M.: Holy racism, Bat Man! Fresh off the presses of our friends over at Angry Asian Man, someone returned a letter sent by an Asian-American-run insurance company in Westminster because they, quote, "Don't Speak Gook."

Seriously, what the fuck.

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DEA: Beverly Hills Businessman Was International Cocaine, Pot and Ecstasy Dealer

Nguyen's Linkedin page
Tom Nguyen attributes the success of his Beverly Hills-based Alenta Global Alliance (AGA) to "proven business acumen" that provides his customers "access to privileged business portfolios."

"At AGA, we identify high-growth segments of the economy where we can establish a competitive advantage and generate superior returns," Nguyen wrote in an Internet ad for his venture capital company.

But, according to Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents, Nguyen masterminded a lucrative double life as a "high-ranking member of an international money laundering and drug trafficking organization" selling large quantities of Ecstasy pills, marijuana and cocaine in Mexico, Canada, California, Arizona and Florida.

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Police-Tied Little Saigon Loan Shark Hoping To Escape Prison At Sentencing Hearing

Will Little Saigon loan shark escape confinement?
The Little Saigon businessman who pleaded guilty earlier this year in a loan-sharking scheme that allegedly used a Westminster Police Department cop as the enforcer is hoping today that a federal judge on Monday punishes him with probation for two years instead of prison time.

Kevin Khanh Tuan Do, 39 and a 1991 immigrant from Vietnam, has apologized to U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse, voiced his shame and promised to never commit another crime.

Based on the work of Assistant United States Attorney Brett Sagel and FBI special agents, a Southern California grand jury indicted Do and officer Anthony Duong Donner in August 2013 for charging bikini lounge operator Hanh Le an illegal, "usurious" 60 percent annual interest on a $170,000 loan and using threatening tactics to force payments.

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Little Saigon Ecstasy Dealer Wins Punishment Reduction

Scooby snack
This week inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse a Little Saigon ecstasy dealer saw firsthand the impact of new federal drug sentencing guidelines set to go into effect on Nov. 1.

Under the current guidelines, Tu Luong Khuong--tied to the criminal street organization Asian Gang (AG)--faced a range of 63 to 78 months for selling nearly five kilograms of MDMA to a confidential informant working for law enforcement in 2013.

But U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter--the county's most experienced criminal judge--agreed with a request by federal prosecutors to comply with punishment reduction recommendations made by the United States Sentencing Commission, approved by Attorney General Eric Holder and effective if Congress doesn't interfere in coming weeks.

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Bao Nguyen: I'm Running To Be Garden Grove's Mayor

Bao Q. Nguyen: Lets make Garden Grove better for residents
Bao Nguyen--one of Orange County's rising, young political stars--announced today that he is running for mayor of Garden Grove, his hometown city.

The intellectually-weighty, calm but irrepressible son of Vietnam War refugees, Nguyen--currently a trustee of the Garden Grove Unified School District's Board of Education--says he can help make serious improvements in city affairs for residents.

"I want to return focus back to our neighborhoods and businesses," the UC Irvine graduate said in a statement. "Our neighborhoods need attention as much as our tourism industry. We should be a city where our children will choose to stay, raise families and grow businesses."

On the school board, Nguyen's achievements have included improving learning standards for students in language skills as well as fighting homophobic plots to ban gay and lesbian Vietnamese American citizens from participating in the annual Tet parade in Little Saigon.

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Little Saigon Loan Shark To Be Sentenced In September By Federal Judge

On-duty cops patrolled bikini cafe for arousal or for a loan shark?
The federal judge overseeing the FBI case of the Little Saigon businessman, who recently admitted guilt stemming from a loan-sharking operation that allegedly used a Westminster Police Department cop as the enforcer, will be sentenced Sept. 15.

U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter quizzed Kevin Khanh Tuan Do and then accepted his guilty plea on June 13.

Carter also re-scheduled the trial of remaining defendant Anthony Duong Donner, who is accused of using his cop job to aid Do, until June 16, 2015, inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse.

An FBI wiretap and surveillance operation resulted in the August 2013, charges against the men for illegally charging 60 percent annual interest on a loan to a Vietnamese American immigrant who owned a coffee shop with bikini waitresses.

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Little Saigon Loan Shark Accused Of Using Cop As Enforcer Admits Guilt

The Little Saigon businessman arrested in a loan-sharking scheme that allegedly used a Westminster Police Department officer as the enforcer against a bikini coffee shop owner for 60 percent annual interest has pleaded guilty.

After originally claiming innocence, Kevin Khanh Tuan Do admitted less than a week before a scheduled trial that he's guilty of a federal crime--lying to thwart FBI agents investigating the loan-sharking operation with surveillance and wiretapping.

According to the June 13 plea deal, the government will drop other charges while Do acknowledges that on August 30, 2013, he "knowingly and willfully made a materially false" statement denying his loan activities.

Do--a Fountain Valley resident known to have police and political connections by being generous with food and cocktails--must personally declare his guilt to U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter, who can accept or reject the deal.

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Little Saigon Politicians Linked To Alleged Police-Tied Loan Sharking Operation

Councilman Quach
A Little Saigon businessman accused by the FBI of using a Westminster Police Department officer as an enforcer in an illegal, loan-sharking operation does not want his upcoming jury to know about his close associations with two local Republican political figures.

The lawyer for Kevin Khanh Tuan Do--who was arrested last August with accused accomplice cop Anthony Duong Donner--told U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter this week that federal prosecutors should be blocked from informing jurors about Do's ties to Westminster City Councilman Andy Quach and former councilman Tyler Diep.

Do attorney Shaun Khojayan is also asking Carter to block evidence of witness statements tying his client to violence--including at Little Saigon coffee cafes--in the collection of debts as well as his his "lunches, drinks, campaign contributions or even extra-ordinary contributions for the assistance in the granting of permits" by Quach, Diep--both mentored by ex-Little Saigon Assemblyman Van Tran--and other unnamed police officers.

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Westminster Police Sued For Allegedly Aiding Little Saigon Loan Shark

The victim in a Little Saigon loan-sharking operation that FBI agents believe used at least one dirty lawman as an enforcer is suing the Westminster Police Department, its chief, three cops and the alleged loan shark.

Lounge owner Hanh Le claims in her 11-count federal lawsuit that a "team" of defendants "conspired" to "frighten, pressure, harass, intimidate, assault and threaten" her into making payments on "usurious loans" totaling $170,000 with an illegal 60 percent annual interest rate to accused loan shark Kevin Khanh Tuan Do of Fountain Valley.

Last August, prosecutors inside the U.S. Department of Justice charged officer Anthony Duong Donner and Do in the case, but Hanh believes the corruption extended to her named additional defendants: Police Chief Kevin Baker as well as veteran officers Phuong Pham and Timothy Vu, according to the lawsuit.

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