Sourin Babayan Gets Prison, $80k Restitution Order for Hosing, Trying to Shut Up Workers

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Install in ceilings then get hosed.
A former sprinkler contractor cut a deal in an Orange County courtroom that had him pleading guilty to winning a lucrative bid to install improvements at the Fairview Developmental Hospital in Costa Mesa, paying his employees the state contracted amount and then forcing the workers to give him back $81,000 lest they lose their jobs.

Sourin Babayan, who also had the nerve to try to get his workers to keep quiet about the scheme, was immediately sentenced Friday to two years in state prison and ordered to pay $80,200 in restitution.

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Apple iPhone 6 Launch Draws a Crowd to South Coast Plaza Today ... But Some are Protesters

Categories: Labor, Tech

If you go to the Apple Store at South Coast Plaza to order an iPhone 6, expect to be educated.

On the eve of debuting the iPhone 6 in retail stores today, Apple announced that it will not unlock most iPhones for the government. But don't mistake those rallying outside the South Coast Plaza Apple Store this morning as pro-Apple freedom lovers. Actually, they are there to "educate customers about big tech's economic toll on struggling service workers who contribute the industry's success."

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Nurses Deliver Petition to St. Joseph Hospital of Orange CEO Decrying Benefit and Staffing Cuts

Photo courtesy of California Nurses Association
Nurses brave the heat to rally outside St. Joseph Hospital of Orange Monday morning.

A delegation of St. Joseph Hospital of Orange registered nurses, local religious leaders and community supporters braved the heat to deliver a petition to CEO Steve Moreau Monday morning calling for the restoration of long standing employee benefits, including disability and retiree healthcare plans that were recently cut.

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Jim Righeimer, Steve Mensinger, Costa Mesa Mayor and Councilman, v. Cop Union Lives!

Photo by Chasen Marshall/OC Weekly
File photo of Costa Mesa Mayor Jim Righeimer holding up a fire services proposal.

I don't know how many election cycles we'll have run through before it's all sorted out, but when it comes to the harassment case Costa Mesa's mayor and a councilman have against the city's police union, it's still game on, baby!

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Jose Solorio, Union-Friendly Democrat, Accuses GOP Foe Janet Nguyen of Being Union Friendly

"Thanks for the donation, guys!"

Former Assemblyman Jose Solorio (D-Santa Ana), a longtime friend of labor unions, is taunting his Republican opponent for state Senate, Orange County Supervisor Janet Nguyen, for snuggling up to a union. Wait ... what?

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DA Tony Rackauckas Election Opponent Schedules Bowling For Anti-Corruption Event

With three weeks to go before California's June 3 primary election, the long-shot challenger to Tony Rackauckas has scheduled an event to publicize the incumbent Orange County District Attorney's "corruption."

Greg Diamond--an Orange County Democratic Party officer, former Jerry Brown campaign official, civil attorney and political blogger--hopes to win attention to his effort with a May 17 bowling alley event he's calling "Strike Out Corruption."

Diamond announced his campaign earlier this year when it was clear Rackauckas rival Todd Spitzer, a Republican Orange County supervisor, would again forgo a campaign against his old boss and nobody else was interested in offering voters a ballot choice.

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Shawna Barretto Allegedly Stole $1.4 mil from Law Firms; Fred Correll Took Teamsters' $10k

An Anaheim bookkeeper has been charged with embezzling more than $1.4 million from two law firms and issuing unauthorized checks to her husband.

Meanwhile, the former treasurer of the Fullerton office of a Teamsters union has pleaded
guilty to embezzling $10,000 and faces sentencing Aug. 4.

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Fired African-American Hotel Worker at Irvine Embassy Suites Claims Racial Discrimination

Clergy members and activists protest Irvine Embassy Suites
Activists and clergy members from numerous organizations gathered outside Irvine Embassy Suites earlier this month to support former employee Aaron Westly who claims management fired him after he complained to no avail about a coworker calling him an "animal" and "nigger." The story of racial harassment went unreported save for the Tri-County Bulletin, an African-American newspaper serving the Inland Empire, Long Beach and Orange County.

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Graduating High School Senior: Little Saigon Salon Burned My Hair Off

Pop, pop, sizzle, pop, pop
In anticipation of her 2012 high school graduation ceremony, Kellie Nguyen visited a Garden Grove salon with plans to style and color beautiful hair that reached her thigh.

But Nguyen says her trip to the Fancy Hair Salon was a horrific, man-made disaster that left her in pain at the emergency room and, sadly, without most of her hair.

That assertion is contained in an ongoing fraud, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence lawsuit the young woman filed in Orange County Superior Court against the Brookhurst Street salon in Little Saigon.

When she arrived at the salon, Nguyen says she told her stylist, called "John Doe" in the legal action, that she was "scared" of "harsh chemicals," and the man then applied the product to her hair, left her unattended for three hours and found her squirming in agony, according to the lawsuit.

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Marine Hero Deputy Cheated By Orange County Sheriff's Department Wants $2 Million

Photo by Jack Gould
Scott Montoya
A deputy wrongly fired from his $99,000 per year post after enduring an anti-military bias inside the Orange County Sheriff's Department (OCSD) is asking a federal judge to award him $1.964 million for income he would have gained if he'd been allowed to finish his career and retire at the department.

Late last year, a federal jury concluded that OCSD illegally harassed and discriminated against Scott Montoya after the deputy returned from combat duty as a U.S. Marine in Iraq and earned the prestigious Navy Cross for his life-saving heroics while under enemy fire.

Rejecting OCSD arguments that Montoya was fired for being an unethical moron and that even if the jury found in the terminated deputy's favor on the hostile work environment issues they couldn't award him any money, jurors nonetheless handed the war hero more than $206,000 for prior, lost wages and another $41,800 for improperly confiscated vacation pay.

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