Kelly Thomas' Family Under Fire for Facebook Posts Against Michael Brown

Ron Thomas Scott Moxley OC Weekly 7.jpg
When a St. Louis County grand jury declined to indict Ferguson cop Darren Wilson last week for the fatal shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown, a curious posting went up on the "Justice for Kelly Thomas" Facebook page that same night. The page shared a photo of a black teen with a wad of cash in his mouth pointing a handgun captioned "Michael Brown."

"This photo is doing the rounds on social media," the Justice for Kelly Thomas page (of which his sister is an administrator) wrote. "Discuss..."

Only problem? It wasn't Brown.

But the Thomas family's potshots at Brown weren't over. Two days later Ron Thomas, Kelly's father, posted a Fox News video on his personal page with the caption "And heres [sic] little "Mikey Brown" as he is leaving the liquor store with his "5 finger discounted" smokes. All 290 pounds of him!

The moves have detractors calling him and his daughter insensitive at best, racist at worst, and tone-deaf to the issue of police brutality all around.

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Fullerton Police Chief Dan Hughes Addresses Pasadena Arrest of Dreadlock Hippie AJ Redkey

OC Weekly
Fullerton Police Chief Dan Hughes
As the three-year anniversary of Kelly Thomas' beating death by Fullerton police approaches, emotions are still running high. There's a new Chief in town, but old anger remains. The latest outrage surrounds the Pasadena arrest of inLeague Press livestreamer AJ Redkey last month on a warrant stemming from a failure to disperse charge during a January 18 protest after the Thomas trial verdicts acquitted two ex-cops. In a rare move in local politics, councilman Bruce Whitaker agendized the arrest for frank discussion during Tuesday's meeting of the city council.

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Undercover Fullerton Police Arrest ANOTHER Pasadena?

"Anaheim" James films the police
Fullerton police are at it again! Alan James Redkey of inLeague Press traveled to Pasadena City Hall on Wednesday in a show of solidarity with Adolescents lead singer Tony Cadena. The punk-rock legend (and longtime educator) is in an ongoing fight with the local school district over the mistreatment of autistic students, including his son. Redkey, better known as "Anaheim" James, stood outside ready to protest when a number of plainclothes Fullerton police officers came to arrest him. His crime? Anaheim James failed to disperse, just as 10 others before him during a Jan. 18 protest in Fullerton over the Kelly Thomas verdicts.

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Homeless Take a Whack at Manuel Ramos on New Adolescents Album Cover!

Artwork by Mario Rivera
The Adolescents are at it again. The iconic punk band formed in Fullerton decades ago is still angry about the Kelly Thomas beating death by city police in 2011. With a new album scheduled for release this summer, they're letting you know with a provocative album cover. The devil-horned piƱata head of ex-Fullerton cop Manuel Ramos, shaded in a piggish hue of pink, dangles as a homeless man wielding a stick readies a whack to the delight of other homeless in the background. HA!

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Manual Ramos Wants Immunity In Kelly Thomas Killing To Hinder FBI Probe

Ramos: May I keep my mouth shut or, at least, field only softball questions?
Fearing he will be prosecuted by the U.S. Department of Justice for murdering Kelly Thomas, fired Fullerton cop Manual Ramos is asking a judge to grant him immunity from a scheduled civil deposition or alternatively to limit the scope of questions asked by lawyers for the dead man's father who is suing officers for the savage killing.

In January, an Orange County jury in state court acquitted Ramos as well as ex-officer Jay Cicinelli of any criminal wrongdoing and District Attorney Tony Rackauckas dropped charges against a third defendant, Joseph Wolfe.

At a post-verdict press conference, Ron Thomas--the victim's father--urged federal prosecutors to pursue justice.

Ramos is now using that statement plus an acknowledgment by the FBI that a case is "active" to at least temporarily thwart Thomas' civil lawsuit that has won a tentative December 1 trial date.

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Dirty Ex-Cop Jay Cicinelli Has a New Job: Little League Baseball Coach!

Richard Dwyer
Cicinelli's life in freedom

Former Fullerton cop Manuel Ramos was outed last week as a PONY League coach in the city, but apparently he's not alone. Jay Cicinelli, Ramos' fellow FPD-er who, in his own words, took the face of Kelly Thomas one July night in 2011 and "just smashed it to hell," is also coaching youth baseball--in La Mirada.

The thought of Cicinelli serving as a role model to kids through sports was just too much for one member of Kelly's Army. Richard Dwyer decided to head out to La Mirada Little League's Opening Day this weekend to snap a pic of the killer cop himself.

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Ex-Dirty Cop Manuel Ramos Has a New Job: PONY League Baseball Coach!

The M stands for "Mannywood?"
The lights shone brightly at Duane Winters Field in Fullerton's Amerige Park earlier this week for a PONY League baseball game. Youngsters stepped up to the plate as the sound of aluminum bats thwacking baseballs rounded out what otherwise was a normal night of America's for the killer cop in the dugout.

There stood Manuel Ramos, coaching kids in the fine art of swinging a baton at a defenseless homeless man...sorry, swinging a bat at a defenseless homeless man...sorry, coaching kids. Across the street from the baseball diamond stood his former workplace, the Fullerton Police Department.

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Manuel Ramos, Disgraced Fullerton Cop/Kelly Thomas Killer, Chased Out of Denny's by Angry Public!

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Your daily vomit
An Orange County jury may have found disgraced Fullerton police officer Manuel Ramos innocent of murder charges in the beating death of Kelly Thomas--but that doesn't mean the public has, or ever will. Instead, Ramos is rightfully condemned to live life in non-cop society as an outcast, looked at with scorn wherever he goes--if he's lucky.

More likely, he'll be heckled out of any room he enters. And that's exactly what happened last week, at the Denny's off Harbor Boulevard in Fullerton just down the street from where Ramos and his fellow goons killed Kelly.

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Justice for Kelly Thomas Goes Hollywood

A group that feeds the homeless on Skid Row in Los Angeles is organizing a peaceful protest in Hollywood, asking for justice in the Kelly Thomas killing.

Monday Night Mission, which feeds the homeless every weeknight in LA, is calling the scheduled Feb. 8 event "5,000 Angelenos for Kelly Thomas."

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Kelly's Army Begged Fullerton City Council for Justice Last Night

Josue Rivas
Chief Dan Hughes listening to the public's comments
Last night, the Fullerton City Council set aside part of their agenda so an overflowing public of more than 300 attendees could speak about their concerns surrounding Kelly Thomas and last Monday's shocking verdict. While everyone who spoke was angry across the board, their concerns ranged from pleading with Police Chief Dan Hughes to bar Manuel Ramos, Jay Cicinelli, and Joseph Wolfe from getting their jobs back to citizen police oversight and how the Fullerton Police Department dealt with Saturday's protest.

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