Guy in Raiders Sweatshirt Lives Up to the Stereotype by Robbing Stanton Market: Video

Courtesy of the Orange County Sheriff's Department
Robber in Raiders sweatshirt calls an audible to the liquor store cashier.

The hardest part about being a Raiders fan is not the consecutive losses strung over two seasons, the revolving door for head coaches or an ownership more interested in moving a team than fielding one. Nope, it's having to be associated with thugs and thieves who don't know a pro-set formation from a probation officer. Take the armed robber of a Stanton market Tuesday night ... PLEASE!

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Kevin Reilly Argues Having Himself Castrated Ended His Sex Drive for Little Children

Categories: Crime-iny

Corpse Party/Mavelous USA

"The district attorney has to prove that he cannot control the pedophilia, that is what is at issue. He had himself physically castrated so he would no longer have a sex drive. He did that on his own."

-Deputy Public Defender Holly Galloway on Kevin Reilly, an admitted pedophile who molested children in San Diego, Tustin and Arizona in the 1980s and '90s and had himself
castrated in a bid for freedom from a state mental hospital.

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Eradicating Disease-Carrying Mosquitos is UCI Talk Subject as Yellow Fever Mosquitos Arrive

Emil August Goeldi/public domain
Views of an adult yellow fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti)

How is this for a coincidence? The same day vector control officials announced the discovery of yellow fever mosquitoes in Los Angeles County, UC Irvine promoted a lecture on a strategy to eradicate disease-spreading mosquitoes worldwide.

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Disney Urged to Animate Disabled Characters So Disabled Children Have Role Models

Alexsandro Palombo
Unrelated to the new campaign, Italian artist Alexsandro Palombo created a series portraying Disney princesses in wheelchairs or with missing limbs to comment on the lack of amputees and the disabled in pop culture.

Will we one day see costumed characters with disabilities at Disneyland? That could eventually happen if a new petition drive is successful. In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, a San Francisco family is calling on Disney Animation Studios to represent children with disabilities in their animated films.

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Gary Webb: Pariah No More

Photo: Scott J. Ferrell/Congressional Quarterly/Getty Images, Design: Dustin Ames

A few months after Gary Webb killed himself with his dad's old pistol, I stood shirtless in my back yard, staring at the full moon. The sky was black and cloudless, the moon blurry. Earlier that night, I'd poured myself several splashes of single-malt scotch. I shook my fist in the air and screamed.

I'd been a mess ever since Dec. 12, 2004, when the Sunday-morning edition of the Los Angeles Times hit my porch. As usual, I had opened the paper to the last page of the news section, where the Times tended to bury its most important stories. "Gary Webb, 49, wrote series linking CIA and drugs," read the headline, and suddenly I realized I was reading an obituary. Webb, the article stated, who "wrote a widely criticized series linking the CIA to the explosion of crack-cocaine in Los Angeles, was found dead in his Sacramento-area home Friday. He apparently killed himself."

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Larry Agran Spent $200 Million At Great Park, But His Adviser Scores New York Times Story

Meranda Carter/OC Weekly
Agran became an Irvine career politician 36 years ago

We once could have imagined The New York Times sending a future reporter to a completed Orange County Great Park in Irvine for an awe-inspiring article in the paper's "Great Homes & Destinations" section. Don't laugh. There's no shame in being fooled a decade ago. That's when Irvine political boss Larry Agran promised OC that the decommissioned El Toro Marine Air Corps Station wouldn't just be filled with new houses.

The failed, 1992 Democratic presidential candidate said the development plan included man-made canyons, waterfalls and wildlife corridors; an architecturally impressive sports stadium and amphitheater; breathtaking university buildings; botanical gardens and a conservatory; and Smithsonian-caliber museums. Agran even guaranteed the Great Park would be bigger and more impressive than Manhattan's Central Park and San Diego's Balboa Park. All Irvine voters had to do to reap that historic milestone was to keep him and his political machine in control of the city.

This month, a Times reporter with "Great Homes & Destinations" did focus on Orange County, though the story wasn't about the Great Park--at least directly. That's no surprise. During Agran's 12-year reign, not a single major proposed feature was built even though $200 million evaporated from the park construction kitty.

Where did all that taxpayer money go?

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Lawsuit: LA Times Says OC Register Owner Aaron Kushner Won't Pay Bills, Keeps Tips of Delivery Drivers

Thumbnail image for wimpy_popeye_kushner.jpg
Flickr user MBransons
"I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a newspaper today"

The Weekly obtained a copy of the lawsuit filed yesterday by the Los Angeles Times against the Orange County Register for unpaid distribution bills, and it's a hoot. The complaint, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, claims to know Reg owner Aaron Kushner's true modus operandi when it comes to the newspaper industry: He's a moocher in the vein of Wimpy, Popeye's rotund pal who'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

But even ol' J. Wellington had a regal air to him when explaining why he couldn't pay up. In emails attached to the court filing, Kushner's carefully crafted public persona as a cool-headed Stanford grad is exposed as a farce, and the the true Kush emerges: a man way over his head who's begging his debtors not to chop off his proverbial thumbs--in this case, the distribution routes for the Register that the Times had run since 2009. Too late!

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Santa Ana Mayor Honored Cop Sued For Fatal Shooting of Unarmed Man

"If only flat brim hats were illegal..."

In a prelude to city council chaos in Santa Ana over a 'Fuck the Police' hat last week, Mayor Miguel Pulido praised policemen amid jeers during a previous meeting. Santa Ana Police officer John G. Rodriguez received a service award as one of the honorees on September 2 for being on the force 25 years--almost as long as the reign of the Pulidiato itself!

"He's received two Santa Ana police department service medals of valor for actions during encounters with armed suspects," the Don Papi said, mentioning the cop's many credentials. Left out, of course, is the fact that lawsuits filed this year allege officer Rodriguez used excessive and lethal force in shooting Travis Mock, an unarmed man, in the back last year in an incident that also left another man, Jason Hallstrom, dead.

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OC DA Clears Santa Ana Police for Shooting Unarmed Cholo in the Foot

Categories: Where you from?

Flickr user sneakerphotography

After more than four years, the Orange County District Attorney's (OCDA) office finally got around to clearing a SanTana cop in a May 18, 2010 shooting. The agency found no wrong doing when officer David Jensen shot 21-year-old Yoni Velasquez in the foot after a--you know it!--foot pursuit, leaving a bullet hole in his white Nike kicks.

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"The Price We All Pay" Campaign Shames Polluting Corporations for What They Cost Us

California League of Conservation Voters
Bought and sold

You've heard of Citizens United, the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that allows corporations to flood our democracy with special-interest dollars. If you can't beat 'em (or out-spend 'em), out 'em! The California League of Conservation Voters has joined a national campaign aimed at exposing these corporations that pollute the state, nation and planet.

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