OC Mental Health Workers Join Statewide Protest Against Kaiser's Whistleblower Firing

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Gabriel San Roman / OC Weekly
Welcoming committee
UPDATE, MAY 19, 6:35 A.M.: Kaiser Permanente mental health workers ended their statewide leafleting on Friday. The health insurance nonprofit weighed in with the Weekly about the National Union Healthcare Workers (NUHW) organized action saying in a statement that they had deep concerns about picketing "a site where patients receive care on what can be sensitive matters, and who trust they are doing so in a safe and confidential environment."

As for stalled contract negotiations and alleged retaliatory whistleblower firing? "It is unfortunate that the union is making a new round of false claims against Kaiser Permanente as part of its bargaining strategy, this time wrongly leveling accusations of retaliation," the Kaiser statement reads.

"We have engaged in good faith bargaining with the health care professionals and therapists and have in no way sought to retaliate against them."

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Former Employees Reportedly Allege Unethical Practices at Orange County Animal Care Shelter

Photo by Vickie Chang/OC Weekly
Don't taze me, bro!
A television news investigation has reportedly turned up "a number of former employees" alleging unethical practices at the Orange County Animal Care shelter in Orange.

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Sale Near for Former Home of Homo-Hating St. James Anglican Parish in Newport Beach

Take this church ... please!
An Episcopal church bishop announced to Newport Beach congregants Sunday the closing of the sale of St. James the Great Episcopal Church, whose previous flock broke from the diocese in 2004 when openly gay Gene Robinson became a bishop in New Hampshire, realigned with an Anglican church in Uganda and later lost the OC property in court.

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Support Pours in for Family of Mother Killed in Laguna Canyon Crash Early on Mother's Day

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Friends, family and police are raising funds for the late Sandra Maldonado's family.
A crowdfunding campaign has raised more than $9,000 in six days for the family of a mother who was killed in a Mother's Day crash in Laguna Canyon that her children, ages 4 and 8, were able to walk away from with only minor injuries.

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Loved Ones of the Late Robert Lavender III (a.k.a. "Chance Daily") Rejoice Over Re-arrest

Courtesy of Fullerton Police Department
Deanna Marie Soto was placed back in custody last week.
The prayers of family and friends of Robert Lavender III have finally been answered, nearly a year after the motorcyclist nicknamed "Chance Daily" was killed in a Fullerton crash police blamed on an alleged drunken driver.

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OC Water District Wants Poseidon Desal Plant to Rip Us Off Less Than It Can

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Illustration by Kevin McVeigh

Last week, the Orange County Water District moved forward in the process that could eventually lead to a deal with Poseidon Water, voting 7-3 during a several-hour-long special meeting to accept an amended term sheet with the company that sets forth what an eventual water purchase agreement would actually look like.

The agreement, as often reiterated by OCWD staff, is not legally binding, and Poseidon still needs a permit from the California Coastal Commission before it can even begin construction (Poseidon and the commission are currently undergoing a design feasibility study. A ruling on the permit may come as early as the fall). What's particularly surprising about the amended agreement though, are the things that changed. While the bulk of the amendments were page numbers and re-wordings, OCWD and Poseidon did add new language to the rate sheet that applies to how much the district would pay for the water.

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Jack Rudy on Tattoos' Stigma and Why It's Good They Hurt

Josh Chesler
Rudy, a four-decade veteran of the tattooing industry, still runs the namesake shop of his mentor, Good Time Charlie.

Forty years ago, tattooing was nothing like it is today. As tattoo legend Jack Rudy of Anaheim's Good Time Charlie's Tattooland would tell you, it wasn't just that there weren't as many tattoos, there weren't even as many styles of tattoos.

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Slippery Loretta Sanchez Darts By TV News Crew After Making Native American Gaffe

Run, Loretta, Run!
Less than 48 hours into her U.S. Senate campaign, Loretta Sanchez made two, unforced gaffes and topped off the embarrassments by providing what could be the most inadvertently hilarious footage in the Democratic Party primary to replace retiring Barbara Boxer.

Sanchez first tried to tell a story to a gathering of native Americans at the state party's convention in Anaheim this weekend. The 19-year congresswoman tapped her hand on her mouth and said, "Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo!"--the stereotypical battle cry of attacking Indian warriors. Her lame punchline served to distinguish American Indians and individuals from India.

A native American in the crowd wasn't amused and gave reporters his cell phone video of what he viewed as Sanchez's offensive remarks.

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Weekender Updater: Alan Keith Hunter and James Stephan Paschall Get 30 Years to Life

Alan Keith Hunter (left) and James Stephan Paschall were getaway drivers.
This weekend you are updated on the long prison sentences for two would-be jewelry store robbers whose two partners were shot to death by the shop owner.

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Orange County's Dirty, Philandering, Christian Ex-Sheriff Mike Carona is Home from Prison

Photo by John Gilhooley/OC Weekly
Mike Carona meets the press after being found guilty in 2009.
With apologies to Larry King, America's Incarcerated Sheriff has been released from federal prison. Mike Carona, the former Orange County lawman the veteran broadcaster dubbed "America's Sheriff" after appearing on King's longtime CNN show to call out a child murderer, is now back home after serving 52 months of a 66-month sentence for felony witness tampering. Carona, who served most of his sentence at a low-security prison in Littleton, Colorado, was released from a federal prison medical center in Lexington, Kentucky, he had been transferred to, according to officials.

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