David Elifar Verduzco Gets 30 Years for His Style of Preying at Agape House of Prayer

Courtesy of Tustin Police Department
David Elifar Verduzco is one sick pup.
A piano teacher who molested girls ages 9 and 12 he met through Agape House of Prayer in Anaheim has been sentenced to 30 years to life in state prison.

A worship team leader who gave electronic keyboard lessons at Agape, 35-year-old David Elifar Verduzco of Santa Ana had befriended the families of the girls, who all attended the church together.

"You were really close friends with my family and now it's hard to trust anyone," said the younger girl in a victim impact statement delivered at Friday's sentencing. "The way I feel now is that I'll be scared forever, and I don't want to remember this at all when I get older."

The father of the other girl called Verduzco a wolf who disguised himself as a sheep to prey on victims, adding the experience nearly broke up the dad's marriage.

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Myung Jae Kim Gets 24 Years in Prison for Taking Grudge Against Bank WAY Too Far

Categories: Court, Crime-iny

Courtesy of Buena Park PD
Myung Jae Kim was out for revenge.
A 57-year-old man who took a Buena Park bank employee hostage and was shot in the stomach in a standoff with SWAT officers has been sentenced to 24 years in prison.

The attorney and family of Myung Jae Kim begged for probation only, pointing to the punishment he has endured in needing two colostomy bags following the shooting. But Orange County Superior Court Judge Michael J. Cassidy only shaved four years off the maximum punishment of 28 years on Friday. Senior Deputy District Attorney John Christl had argued the police bullets were meant to protect the innocent people in the bank, so the defendant had not yet been punished.

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St. Joe Nurses Demand Better Ebola Prep

Illustration by Mikael Haggstrom/public domain
Got Ebola?

Registered nurses will come calling on the CEO of St. Joseph's Hospital in Orange at noon to demand improved Ebola preparedness standards for patients, RNs and other caregivers.

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OC Register Reduced to Begging Readers to Become their Delivery Drivers

Thumbnail image for aaron_kushner_pied_piper.jpg
"Deliver me from evil!"

The fallout from Orange County Register owner Aaron Kushner stiffing the Los Angeles Times on delivery bills and striking out on his own continues. Not only was there a lawsuit, not only were the new delivery drivers incompetent, not only did Kushner blame it all on the Times--but now the Reg is putting inserts into its paper essentially begging Orange County to deliver its paper because no one else wants to.

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UC Irvine Puts Experts and Professors in the Field in Santa Ana to Abate Family Violence

Ellen Olshansky, a professor of nursing science at UCI, is one of three leaders of the Interdisciplinary Center on Family Violence.

A new center dedicated to family violence that unites community partners with faculty from 20 UC Irvine departments launches this afternoon at the Delhi Center in Santa Ana.

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Busty Model Krista Boseley Busted for Allegedly Smuggling Molly into John Wayne Airport

Categories: Court, Crime-iny

Courtesy of the DEA
Holy Molly!

Federal agents busted a onetime Playboy model and a pilot at John Wayne Airport after their private plane that had arrived with them from Las Vegas was found to have nearly 60,000 Ecstasy pills and almost 90 pounds of Ecstasy powder onboard, authorities say.

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"PBR Day in Surf City USA" to Leave Hipsters and Frank Booth Sorely Disappointed

Warner Home Video
What kind of beer do you like? Heineken!?! Fuck that shit! PABST! Blue Ribbon!

After blue collar workers--and before the hipsters--Pabst Blue Ribbon was most appreciated by Frank Booth, the sick pup brought to career-resurrecting life in the movie Blue Velvet by the late, great Dennis Hopper. An Orange County city that seems like a crossing station for blue collar workers, hipsters and Frank Boothians is Huntington Beach, where Saturday has been proclaimed "PBR Day in Surf City USA."

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Shooting That Injured One Closes Santa Ana Neighborhood and Locks Down School: Update

OC Weekly archives
UPDATE, OCT. 16, 5:36 P.M.: A 20-year-man was shot several times in the upper body in the 1600 block of West Orchard Avenue in what is believed to be a gang-related crime, according to Cpl. Anthony Bertagna, the Santa Ana Police spokesman. Despite being shot, the victim ran east on Orchard, then north on Doreen Way and finally into a home in the 1400 block of South Doreen Way, where he asked for help, said Bertagna, who added the fellow later went into surgery. Police sought two gunmen on bikes, one of whom ran onto the campus of Jose A. Sepulveda Elementary School at 1801 S. Poplar St., prompting authorities to temporarily hold students in classrooms before later releasing them to their parents.

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OC Reg Customer Service Rep: I'm Sorry for the "Lies" I Must Tell Subscribers

Thumbnail image for aaron_kushner_kevin_liu.jpg
Photo by Kevin Liu
Kushner: Wake the flock up!

Crazy but true: I've received dozens of emails from Orange County Register subscribers who think we're the Reg and proceed to let me have an earful about their delivery problems. I direct them to our coverage of Reg owner Aaron Kushner, and they always thank me for being far more transparent about the Register's problems than the Reg is. Then they say something along the line of never expecting such professionalism from the Weekly--and that we now have a new reader.

WOW. Maybe I should take into consideration the advice from my superiors that I act more mature...HA!

Anyhoo, the Reg's customer service reps must know that readers are reaching out to me, because they keep sending me letters to publish in which they try to reach out directly to subscribers via me to apologize. Here's one such letter--anonymous, of course--in which the rep claims she's been ordered to lie to subscribers.

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Guy in Raiders Sweatshirt Lives Up to the Stereotype by Robbing Stanton Market: Video

Courtesy of the Orange County Sheriff's Department
Robber in Raiders sweatshirt calls an audible to the liquor store cashier.

The hardest part about being a Raiders fan is not the consecutive losses strung over two seasons, the revolving door for head coaches or an ownership more interested in moving a team than fielding one. Nope, it's having to be associated with thugs and thieves who don't know a pro-set formation from a probation officer. Take the armed robber of a Stanton market Tuesday night ... PLEASE!

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