Anaheim Police Chief Fears Riots in City After Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

Matt Oliver
Riot cops on the streets of Anaheim two years ago

The Anaheim Police Department is still plagued by "riot fear" more than two years after unrest erupted in the city's downtown. The reason? It's not over the Orange County District Attorney's office clearing APD's Nick Bennallack in the fatal shooting of unarmed 25-year-old Manuel Diaz.

According to a letter obtained by the Weekly, the cause for concern this time around is possible protests after a Ferguson grand jury decides whether or not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for gunning down unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown.

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This Holiday Season, Don't Forget to Set a Little Aside for Orange County's Millionaire CEOs

Photo by flickr user Transguyjay
Underpaid Orange County CEOs must pull themselves up by their suspenders.
The quest for a year-round homeless shelter in Orange County has been delayed yet again. Nonprofits that feed the needy are scrambling to come up with enough food for holiday meals. In these globalized, post-recession, stagnated wage days, the lines of sorry souls in need of assistance just keeps growing.

But as we head into Thanksgiving and Christmas, forget about those people. For those who are really hurting are Orange County's CEOs, who are desperately trying to make ends meet on an average annual salary of $1.8 million.

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Jesse Jackson and Fellow UCI Ebola Panelists Agree All We Have to Fear is Fear Itself

UCI School of Law
Jesse Jackson makes a point at UCI Wednesday about people who want affordable healthcare for themselves but not Obamacare for those who would otherwise be uninsured.
UPDATE NO. 2, NOV. 20, 7:30 A.M.: During the discussion and exchange with audience members at Wednesday's UC Irvine law school panel on "The Constitutional Implications of Ebola: Civil Liberties & Civil Rights in Times of Health Crises," dean Erwin Chemerinsky said, "It's important that constitutional decisions be based on scientific information and not fear."

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Where Were Inland Empire Felon Couple Going with 7 AK-47s and Ammo Stolen from Georgia?

Categories: Crime-iny

Photo by flickr user Israel Defense Forces
Imagine this lineup not in northern Gaza but alongside a Newport Beach street.
The big question I have about a couple--he driving on a suspended license, she on probation--whose Dodge Caravan got stopped in Newport Beach with, according to police, seven AK-47 assault rifles, six 30-round high-capacity 7.62 caliber magazines, two 10-round magazines and more than 350 rounds of 7.62 caliber ammunition (all stolen) is: Where the hell were they going?

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North County-Adjacent La Habra Heights Puts an Oil Fracking Ban Before Voters

Photo by flickr user Maryland Sierra Club
Hey, Marylanders, some folks in La Habra Heights might buy that sign off you.
As sides on both sides of the oil fracking debate solidify in North County, a North County-adjacent city council has placed a ban on drilling and fracking on the ballot.

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VIDEO: ¡Ask a Mexican! On Why Mexicans and Salvadorans Hate Each Other

Photo by the Elmo Monster

One of the first articles I ever did for this infernal rag was a review of a Salvadoran restaurant that no longer exists. Although I heaped nothing but praise on the place, the owner never got around to hanging the piece on their wall, mostly because it was a rumination on why Mexicans and Salvadorans hated each other, starring myself, a Salvadoran friend, and the vicious insults we hurled at each other over pupusas and horchata.

Flash-forward 13 years later, and the beef between Salvis and Mexis hasn't stopped--nor will it ever. This is the focus of my latest ¡Ask a Mexican! video.

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Our Babes of Burlesque: Celebrating OC's Cabaret Girls with a Bunch of Photos

Photography: Riley Kern Photography Assistant: Genevieve Davis Model: Madeline Sinclaire Hair: Danielle June

Two decades have passed since Heather Sweet, a young woman from Irvine, first turned heads and raised eyebrows at Captain Cream in Lake Forest with her then-novel, vintage-inspired striptease sets. Known simply as "Dita," she titillated the county's--later, the world's--interest in the sex appeal of old Hollywood glamour. Though she went on to become Dita Von Teese, burlesque superstar and pinup extraordinaire, and has all but abandoned Orange County--and the legendary club that acted as her springboard (and which closed in 2011)---the local neo-burlesque movement has only grown.

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Rich Mirman Thinks He Can Save the OC Register

He delivers! (to your doorstep)
Courtesy Rich Mirman

The last thing Rich Mirman expected to do when he became the new publisher of the Orange County Register on Oct. 13 was to deliver newspapers--but he had no other choice. The daily was in a state of chaos, the grand journalism dreams of Register owner Aaron Kushner in shambles. Tens of thousands of subscribers hadn't received their paper for more than a week, the result of Kushner switching delivery companies after the Los Angeles Times claimed he owed them at least $2.5 million in unpaid delivery bills. That fiasco came just weeks after Kushner sold off the paper's longtime Grand Avenue offices, shut down the Los Angeles Register, and laid off about 30 reporters and editors--the second mass cutting in the newsroom this year alone. Irate phone calls and emails kept flooding the Register, with cancellations numbering in the thousands.

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Ex-Buena Park Mayor Miller Oh Gets 6 Months in Jail for Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies to DMV

Miller Oh stepped down as mayor after being convicted of five counts of perjury in May.
Former Buena Park Mayor Miller Oh was sentenced this morning to six months in jail for using a fake name and other phony information on DMV documents to avoid paying child support. Keep in mind that the 50-year-old real estate developer used his two daughters as props while campaigning for office. Such a family man!

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Activists to Mobilize Today Against Townsend Gang Injunction in Santa Ana

Thumbnail image for SAPD_Townsend.jpg
Townsend activists want to know: gang injunction, what's your function?
Another round of OC Superior Court hearings are due today in the fight over a new gang injunction in SanTana. In August, Judge Franz E. Miller granted a preliminary injunction against the Townsend street gang that claims the neighborhood around Jerome Park.

The early morning hearing will deal with defendants named as gang members by the Orange County District Attorney's (OCDA) office. Later on in the day, a ruling is expected on whether Santa Ana Police Chief Carlos Rojas will get sanctioned for brushing off summons and depositions.

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