Goose Dies After Removal of Arrow in Its Neck

Orange County Animal Care
Veterinarians examine the goose before surgery.
UPDATE NO. 2, APRIL 16, 5 A.M.: The Egyptian goose with an arrow in its neck underwent surgery to remove the stick but later died Wednesday, Orange County Animal Care announced.

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Dial Eme For Murder: How Prosecutors Teamed With Mexican Mafia In Death Penalty Case

R. Scott Moxley
Prosecutor Wagner defending questionable DA moves in pending death penalty case

It's odd when both the Mexican Mafia and the Orange County district attorney's office (OCDA) want the same guy dead. It's remarkable when two assumed-enemy outfits work together to achieve a mutual goal. But that is what happened to Anthony R. Navarro Jr.

The Mexican Mafia (a.k.a. La Eme, the pronunciation of M en espaƱol) put Navarro on its "hard candy list," marking him for death. OCDA simultaneously worked to hand him capital punishment. In the process, a church-going prosecutor and an unsavory disciple of Eme bosses collaborated in a Santa Ana courtroom. As a result, Navarro today sits on San Quentin State Prison's death row.

The 48-year-old hoodlum admits he's no angel. At the age of 12, he became a gangster, two years later landing in the California Youth Authority for manslaughter. He inked his body with underworld tattoos, took the moniker "Droopy" and became a leader of the Pacoima Flats Gang in the San Fernando Valley. During a prison stint for robbery, the smooth-talking car enthusiast, small-time methamphetamine dealer and $19-per-hour Warner Bros. studio extra won prized Mexican Mafia associate status.

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Newport Beach Film Festival Honors Orson Welles' Centennial

Carl Van Vechten

1. Orson Welles was born on May 6, 1915.

2. As a filmmaker, his three greatest pictures, in order, are Touch of Evil (1958), Citizen Kane (1941) and The Magnificent Ambersons (1942).

3. Ah, yes, but Citizen Kane tops many lists as the greatest film of all time (with Welles filling the top slot on many directing lists). The fictional story of a megalomaniac newspaper magnate (loosely based on William Randolph Hearst) and innocence lost is indeed a masterpiece . . . albeit a dated one. Newspaper magnates? Not in this century, bub.

4. John Houseman wrote in his 1972 memoir Run-through that the deeper he, Welles and Herman Mankiewicz took the script into the heart of Kane, the more the identity of Welles was exposed. "Between young Kane and young Welles, there is more than a surface likeness; in the dramatized person of Charles Foster Kane, 'Champagne Charley' was finally able to realize extravagances that far exceeded anything achieved in life by Richard Welles and his precocious son," Houseman wrote.

5. Kane and Welles also shared a fury, according to Houseman, whose association with the filmmaker dated back to their Mercury Theatre days. "A vague aura of violence surrounded the Hearst legend; there was the persistent rumor of the fatal shooting, in a jealous rage, of a well-known Hollywood director on a yacht off the Malibu coast. We made no reference to that episode in our script. We did not need it. The wanton, wordless, destructive fury which Kane wreaks upon the inanimate objects in his wife's room when he realizes she has left him was taken directly from our recent scene in the upper room at Chasen's. During its filming, Orson reproduced with frightening fidelity the physical gestures and the blind agony of rage with which he had hurled those flaming Sternos against the wall. The cuts he received on his hands on both occasions were, I was told, almost identical."

For more info, go to or

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Lawyer For Santa Ana Police Says Ex-Cop's Sexual Orientation Lawsuit Is Ridiculous

SAPD chief Rojas
A lawyer for the City of Santa Ana is calling a lawsuit filed by a retired, high-ranking police officer who says she was discriminated against because of her sex and sexual orientation "an attempt to extort money" based on a claim that "borders on ridiculous."

Diana L. Field with Ferguson, Praet & Sherman filed those remarks in advance of a scheduled April 20 hearing with U.S. District Court Judge James V. Selna inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse.

Field is asking Selna to dismiss Tammy Franks' lawsuit before the case reaches a jury trial.

The Weekly first reported in January about the case, which alleges a homophobic officer filed a frivolous, theoretically anonymous complaint designed to smear Franks' reputation and sabotage her career that saw her rise to the rank of commander.

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Back to the Future DeLorean Restoration Film is Pushed into the Present with a Local's Help

Universal Pictures
Tinker away, Doc Brown.
A Laguna Niguel marketing company is helping to spread the word about a Kickstarter campaign for a documentary on the plight to save the DeLorean "time machine" from the Back to the Future movies.

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Jimison "Jaymo" Coleman Gives Up Chase in Orange County But All Roads Lead to Texas

5 NBCDFW (Dallas-Forth Worth)
Jaymo surrenders in Irvine on Monday.
In the middle of a televised chase on Orange County streets and highways during the evening rush-hour drive Monday, viewers were told the driver was a suspect wanted for dealing heroin in Buena Park. But when the dust settled--or, in this case, the perp was in custody--it was revealed that 36-year-old Jimison "Jaymo" Coleman of Dallas is wanted in Texas for a 2014 killing.

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Judge M. Marc Kelly Censure Vote by OC Board of Supervisors Delayed at Least a Week

Categories: Court

Courtesy of the Orange County District Attorney's office
Was the sentence Judge M. Marc Brown gave Kevin Jonas Rojano-Nieto just?
UPDATE NO. 1, APRIL 14, 5:36 P.M.: After receiving a legal analysis from the Orange County Criminal Defense Bar Association, the Orange County Board of Supervisors put off a vote on a resolution calling for the resignation Judge M. Marc Kelly.

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Mother-Killing Daughter: Prosecutor, Inept Defense Lawyer Robbed Me Of A Fair Trial

Categories: Court, Crime-iny

Daughter Dearest: Rachael Scarlett Mullenix in happier days
It's impossible for Huntington Beach teenager Rachael Mullenix to have reacted more bitterly to her mother's 1 a.m. curfew, especially after she bragged she'd discovered how to use sex to manipulate men.

In September 2006, Rachael, then 17, and her 21-year-old boyfriend, Ian Allen, used three or four knives to stab Barbara Mullenix more than 50 times and then dumped the corpse in Newport Harbor near Corona del Mar with a butter knife protruding from an eye socket, according to police reports.

From her new home--a prison cell at Chowchilla's Central California Women's Facility, Rachael continues to insist she is innocent of a murder committed solely by Allen, and that both Orange County homicide prosecutor Sonia Balleste and an inept defense lawyer robbed her of a fair trial.

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Westboro Baptist Church Plans to Picket Anaheim High Next Monday

OC Weekly Archives

According to their website, the notorious Westboro Baptist Church of "God Hates Fags" infamy says it will be picketing Anaheim High (our Mexican-in-Chief's alma mater--class of '97!) on Monday, April 20 from 7:15-7:45 a.m. -- right before students head over to their first period class.

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Are "Orange County" and "Ethics Reform" Mutually Exclusive? Kick It Around Wednesday

Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly
Would you buy an ethics commission from this board chairman?
Orange County Board of Supervisors Chairman Todd Spitzer hosts a roundtable discussion in Irvine Wednesday afternoon that is either part of genuine, much needed ethics reform or a continuation of a charade pulled on county voters last year.

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