Dapper Day Disneyland 2015 Dispatch: Darling Disneybounding!

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Ed Carrasco

When a man dressed like he's from the Jazz Age talks about Orange Is the New Black on the Mark Twain Riverboat...well, doesn't that tell you all you need to know about Disneyland's awesome Dapper Day tradition? Add a young woman who resembles a 1950s Hollywood actress taking iPhone selfies to the mix and it becomes not just apparent, but clear.

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Killswitch Documentary Went from Santa Ana to Washington, D.C., Before Net Neutrality Vote

Akorn Entertainment
Killswitch: The Battle to Control the Internet is about the battle over access to online information.
On the eve of last Thursday's historic vote by the Federal Communications Commission to implement strong net neutrality regulations, two Santa Ana filmmakers were invited by a congressman to show to policymakers in D.C. their award-winning documentary about the forces trying to control the Internet.

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And Here Come the Surf City Hail Memes!

Hector "Hek" Valdez for Facebook/HBcommUNITYVoice
First came the rare sight of what looked like snow, but was actually hail, covering downtown Huntington Beach and nearby beach sand Monday morning. Then came the photos posted in texts and on social media of the freak weather phenomenon.

And then came Hector "Hek" Valdez.

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Is It Surfrider Foundation or Stinkraiser Foundation? Nonprofit Says Don't Shower

Categories: Environment

Photo by flickr user Brandy
What? ... No water!?!
The Surfrider Foundation, whose national office is in San Clemente, doesn't want you to shower. Don't worry, it's just for one day--March 22--so all of you who skip showering on even-number days won't have to do a thing. Or not not do a thing. Whatever.

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Read On, Write-In, Speak Out: Epistolary on a Saturday Morning!

Categories: OC Bookly

Let's get the 411 out of the way. Press HERE, Great Americans to get information, driving directions and more - as if you didn't already know them - to prep for my favorite civic activism event ever, the 30th annual Great American Write-In, sponsored by Women For: Orange County. You'll want to share the info and invite friends because, of course, the Times and Register won't mention it as they might, should, toward promoting political engagement and civic literacy, unlike this magazine you are reading online, which profiled the long-time OC feminist outfit last year. This despite or perhaps because of the truly dangerous idea it represents as manifest in the powerful image at right, of an older woman holding a pen, mightier than the sword, they say, in the wonderfully authentic and vivid and scary act of hand writing a letter to an elected official. It's a modest if impressive bit of what remains of both participation and resistance in an often otherwise virtual and therefore mostly meaningless "like"-along or online petition or Facebook un-world  

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Jillian Jacobson Identified as El Dorado High School Teacher Found Hanging: Update

Categories: School Daze

R.I.P., Mrs. Jacobson
UPDATE, MARCH 2, 4:37 P.M.: The county coroner has identified the deceased teacher as Jillian Jacobson, 31, of Anaheim. Also, the coroner has not confirmed her death in El Dorado High School Room 902 was a suicide: "The investigation is ongoing and an autopsy will take place later this week," reads the agency's website. However, Placentia Police Lt. Eric Point said that while the investigation is ongoing, "everything points to suicide. There's no indication of foul play.'' A note was not recovered in the room, Point said, but investigators were looking for one elsewhere.

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$60 Million Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed By Family Of Woman Killed By U.S. Postal Truck

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The surviving family of an elderly Trabuco Canyon woman run over and killed by a U.S. Postal truck in October 2013 has filed a $60 million wrongful death lawsuit inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse.

Mary Honda, 85, had been placing mail in her mailbox at her Teaberry Lane residence when postman Adam Stewart Rojas ran over her "several times" and caused serious trauma, according to the lawsuit.

The wounds included injuries to Honda's head, neck, shoulder, right forearm and ribs. She also suffered a laceration to her heart and hemorrhaging in her kidneys. She arrived at Mission Hospital alive but died several hours later. Orange County Sheriff's Department records show that Rojas called for aid after the accident.

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"Brother Greg" Rancourt of San Clemente Tattoo on Painting and his Advice to Young Tattooers

Courtesy of Greg Rancourt

Not every great tattoo artist takes a direct path to the top of the industry. For San Clemente Tattoo owner "Brother Greg" Rancourt, the journey to becoming one of OC's most sought-after traditional American tattoo artists included a career as a plumber, painting houses, and a bit of jail time.

"About 10 years after I got my first tattoo, I got tattooed by a friend to cover up the tattoos I got in jail," Rancourt says. "I started the wrong way, and I taught myself to tattoo about 20 or 21 years ago."

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First House Detox of Newport Beach Hit with $10.25 mil Judgment in Bulimic Man's Death

Categories: Cha-Ching!, Court

Courtesy of Anna Menedjian/Sizemore Law Firm
Detox centers were accused of "buying and selling" young clients such as Brandon Jacques "like they were pieces of meat."
An Orange County Superior Court jury recently awarded more than $10.25 million to the parents of a young man who died while in the care of a Newport Beach drug and alcohol detox center, plaintiff attorneys announced.

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Elozona Ogbechie, Marcellus Carpenter and Phillip Anthony Gallegos Held for Pimping Girl

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Photo by flickr user 710928003
Your room is ready.
Three young men from this area have been charged with pimping out a 15-year-old girl from the Midwest, according to authorities.

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