Ross Curtis, Child Molest-y Ex-Camp Pendleton Drill Sergeant, Still Bedevils U.S. Marine Brass

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A federal appeals court has directed a U.S. District Court judge to decide if the statute of limitations can be extended so a woman who was sexually assaulted as a teen by a then-Camp Pendleton Marine can sue the U.S. Marine Corps for negligence.

Testifying in a case that resulted in former Sgt. Ross Curtis' conviction of lewd acts and other felonies involving two teen girls, the plaintiff and her mother discovered he had been court martialed for sexually assaulting three female subordinates at Camp Pendleton before being assigned to a recruitment office that had him interacting with schoolchildren.

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Alberto Flores Ramirez, Spiritual Cleanser Who Rubbed Raw Eggs on Women, Fights Rape Mojo

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On the opening day of the trial of Alberto Flores Ramirez on Wednesday, jurors were told by attorneys for both sides that the supposed "spiritual cleanser" rubbed raw eggs on desperate women before having sex with them.

The question is was it consensual or rape.

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John Petraglia, Newport Beach Pain Doctor, Probed by State Medical Board for O.D. Deaths

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The state medical board may strip a Newport Beach-based pain management specialist of his license to practice after an investigation into the deaths of two patients who died of prescription drug overdoses.

A California Medical Board spokesperson says Dr. John Petraglia, who has International Pain Medicine offices on Dove Street and in Fresno, could have his license revoked or suspended.

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How to Stop Granny from Getting Screwed by Scammers

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My elderly father got a call from someone pretending to be his grandson saying he was at a buddy's wedding in the Middle East, had too much to drink, got into an accident leaving the reception and now needed $2,500 to bail out of jail. When the caller screwed up on the first name, Pops figured out he was being scammed.

I heard a prosecutor say the same exact thing happened to her mother, who went ahead and wired the money, but the prosecutor managed to get a full refund from the scammer, who was never brought to justice.

The point is, the scamming of your grandparents is getting out of hand.

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Robert Rizzo Gets 12 Years in Prison and $8.8 Million Restitution Order: Update

See the update at the end of this post on Robert Rizzo's state-court sentence and apology.

ORIGINAL POST, APRIL 15, 6:37 A.M.: Former City of Bell chief administrator Robert Rizzo was sentenced Monday to 33 months in federal prison for tax evasion, as part of a plea deal that included Jabba the Corrupt admitting he spent $120,000 in ill-gotten loot on construction at his former Huntington Beach home.

We're guessing it was for wider archways and reinforced floors.

U.S. District Court Judge George H. King in Los Angeles said at sentencing Rizzo was consumed by "greed in cheating the taxpayers of the United States after cheating the citizens of Bell," proving yet again that greed is very fattening.

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Medical Marijuana Advocates File [Not Enough Valid] Signatures In Santa Ana UPDATE

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See the bottom of the post for an update on this story.

Original Post, March 10, 9:28 AM: A group of "concerned citizens and business owners" is filing signatures today with the Santa Ana City Clerk, hoping to turn around the recent "Potpocalypse" in that city.

In case you weren't aware, an explosion of medical marijuana dispensaries occurred in Santa Ana after the first election of President Barack Obama. However, starting in 2011, both the feds and local officials in Orange County began cracking down on pot shops, forcing all but a handful of storefronts in Santa Ana, Garden Grove and Anaheim to shut down. As recently as last November, the city sent letters to all dispensaries warning them to shut down or face prosecution.

The latest attempt by medical marijuana advocates to turn this situation around aims to go before voters this November and calls itself "The Initiative to Authorizing Regulated Operation of Medical Marijuana Facilities," or "ARO" for short.

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Newport Beach Mansion Burglar Wants Conviction Overturned

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Anyone home alone?
In the view of Newport Beach Police Department officials, Paul Keesling is a prolific burglar who specializes in targeting mansions in ultra-wealthy neighborhoods and won the nickname "Dinnertime Bandit" because he liked to strike when families dined out.

An Orange County prosecutor won a conviction in 2010, but Keesling filed an appeal arguing the case against him was an injustice. He also says his defense lawyer provided ineffective trial work by letting weaknesses in the government's case go largely unchallenged.

Keesling claims law enforcement officials gave the jury misleading DNA evidence, erroneously asserted the neoprene motorcycle mask he used when driving his motorcycle was a burglary mask, and ignored alleged exculpatory evidence that supported his alibi.

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Grisel Maria Ramirez Gets 13 Years for Posing as Nurse and Stealing Newborn from Hospital

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Ah, remember the lady who posed as a nurse in 2012 and grabbed a newborn at Garden Grove Hospital Medical Center to get her estranged husband to stay with her--after having lied to him the previous nine months about being pregnant?

Tuesday, Grisel Maria Ramirez, 50, pleaded guilty to kidnapping and burglary and was given a 13-year prison sentence.

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Cal State Fullerton's Social Justice Summit Returns This Weekend!

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"Think global, act local"
Finally, the Social Justice Summit has come back to Cal State Fullerton! Okay, so the all-day activist event only had a one-year hiatus, but in this reactionary county of ours, that can seem like an eternity.

The summit returns for its 10th anniversary with its familiar slew of workshops, cool t-shirts, social justice swag bags and vegan luncheon sure to draw hundreds this Saturday. The lineup of keynote speakers is superb with civil rights icon Reverend James Lawson, Cal State Fullerton's own Dr. Berenecea Johnson Eanes and undocumented activist extraordinaire Abraham Medina all on deck.

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Anaheim Police Release Description of Possible Fifth Victim of Alleged Serial Killers

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At a press conference Monday where Orange County law enforcement officials provided some details on their case against alleged serial killers Franc Cano and Steven Dean Gordon, who are accused of murdering four women, Anaheim Police Chief Raul Quezada said investigators are "confident" there is at least a fifth victim.

His department released a description that person Tuesday afternoon in hopes the public can help find her.

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