Angels Fans Dress as "Mexicans" with Approval of Part-Time Mexican Owner Arte Moreno

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Let's see them pull this shit in SanTana...

Since your Anaheim Angels of Anaheim can't be expected to set any legitimate baseball records anymore (save for the extraordinary Mike Trout), the organization is reduced to passing out free hats and achieving glory that way. Yesterday, about 25,000 fans wore sombreros on Cinco de Mayo, thereby shattering the Guinness Book of World Records entry for the largest gathering of people wearing the Mexican hat. The Halos put that in their trophy case alongside previous achievements such as biggest gathering of people wearing Santa hats, cowboy hats, wigs, and worst free-agent signing.

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OC May Day Marches to Fight for Immigrant and Worker Rights!

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AJimenez Photography
Many countries around the world celebrate May 1st as International Workers' Day. Though the holiday's origins trace back to the 1886 Haymarket Affair in Chicago, the United States--in another example of American exceptionalism--shrugs its own history aside and tells its workers to clock in! In recent years, though, the immigrant rights movement revived May Day from coast to coast, even in Orange County.

To mark the occasion this year, two coalitions will host marches on Friday in Anaheim and SanTana. Both are calling for immigrant and worker rights in their own way.

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NBFF 2015: Los Olvidados Showcases Extraordinary Cardboard Mexicans

Courtesy of Ramiro Gomez, Jr.
Los Olvidados

Back in 2013, I reviewed Ramiro Gomez, Jr.'s extraordinary artwork that finds him either painting working-class Latinos into photos of ritzy homes, or has him put up cardboard cutouts of said trabajadores in ritzy communities. The star of the piece, though, was Los Olvidados, which depicted a group of migrants mourning the loss of one of their own who didn't survive the brutal journey across the U.S.-Mexico border. That installation took up an entire room of Cal State Fullerton's Grand Central Arts Center, and included was a panorama-sized photo of Los Olvidados in the Arizona desert.

That particular installation got a short film made about it, and it'll screen at the Newport Beach Film Festival twice this week.

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Why Are Santa Ana's Gentrifiers So Afraid of 4th Street's Quinceañera Shops? UPDATE

Wikimedia Commons
Not as scary for gentrifiers because the dress doesn't have that many ruffles...

UPDATE, 3:11 P.M.: Talked to Quinn, and he said he "respects" all the businesses in downtown SanTana, old-school and New Wave and quinceañera shops included. Regarding his quote, Quinn said he was talking theoretically about why some businesses might thrive in the area while others close, and used quinceañera shops as a general example; he never meant to single them out. Good conversation between us, and we're going to meet in-person next week so I can interview him about his feelings on what's happening downtown because that's what journalism and being a good neighbor is about, right? Stay tuned...

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Santa Ana's Miguel Pulido Rides Alone in Orange County as Immigration Reform Signee

OC Weekly archives
Lone horseman Don Papi Pulido
Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido is the only Orange County official who has joined 70 mayors and state representatives across the country in signing a statement released Monday calling for an end to the delay in implementation of President Barack Obama's executive order on immigration.

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Francisco Merino-Ojeda of Santa Ana Held for Cold Case Rape and Murder in Reno, Nevada

Washoe County Jail (left photo)
A tip and DNA evidence linked Francisco Merino-Ojeda to the rape and murder of Kyla Annan.
A 32-year-old man who was living and working in Santa Ana has been extradited to Reno, Nevada, where he is accused of the 2004 rape and murder of a woman who taught preschool.

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Musicians Stage Protest Show Outside Santa Ana Jail for Immigrant Detainee Omara Gomez-Aviles

Gabriel San Roman / OC Weekly
Los Jornaleros del Norte chant down Santa Ana jail
Immigrant rights activists and musicians rallied in front of Santa Ana City Jail yesterday to lift the spirits of Omara Gomez-Aviles. The Salvadoran mother of three faces possible deportation tomorrow after la migra took her into custody outside the family's East Los Angeles home just last month. The 'Chant Down the Walls' concert protest demanded that Gomez-Aviles be released from Santa Ana city jail and reunited with her loved ones.

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Group to Protest Swallows Day Parade; Says SJC Prefers Migrating Birds over Migrating Mexis

Truth be told!

Migrating swallows famously returned from Argentina back to Mission San Juan Capistrano every March for decades. The birds have gone missing the past couple years but that hasn't stopped the annual festive Swallows Day Parade from taking place nor deterred efforts by the old mission to lure them back. But when it comes to the city's migrating Mexis, San Juan Capistrano is for the birds!

Sick and tired of harassment from la migra, We Are San Juan, an immigrant rights group, plans to drop a protest banner during the parade this Saturday. That should go well...

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The Eternal Spic-Mick Connection, Or: Why Mexicans And Irish Get Along

Photo from the OC Weekly archives
There's gotta be a Mexican in the background somewhere in this shot...there! That guy's neck!

In honor of the wearing of the green, one of my all-time favorite ¡Ask a Mexican! back-and-forths, one so scandalous it got a man suspended from work:

Dear Mexican: Why do spics and micks get along so well? Is it because both races are drunk, fornicating, degenerate Catholics?

Don Mulletino

Dear Mick: Get your racial slurs straight--Mexicans are wabs, not spics. Otherwise, you nailed it on the cabeza, cabrón.

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Immigration Attorney Hasti Fakhrai-Bayrooti Pleads Guilty to Drugged-Driving Manslaughter

Courtesy of Orange County Sheriff's Department
Hasti Fakhrai-Bayrooti was blazing on Xanax and Suboxone.
An immigration lawyer pleaded guilty Tuesday to crashing her car into a bicyclist and killing him while driving under the influence of prescription drugs that included Xanax and Suboxone.

Hasti Fakhrai-Bayrooti, 41, of Rancho Santa Margarita, copped to felony vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and now faces up to four years in state prison at her sentencing scheduled for May 8 in Newport Beach. Orange County sheriff's deputies arrested her on Sept. 23, 2013, which was after crime lab blood results were in from the crash that happened six months before.

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