DREAMer Confronts Loretta Sanchez on Deportations, Loretta Walks Away (VIDEO)

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Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez has probably had her fill of DREAMer activism for the week--and it shows! On Monday, a trio of OC DREAM Team activists staged a sit-in protest at her D.C. office until they were arrested by U.S. Capitol police.

After that bad look, a Dream Action Coalition member squared off with a clearly unnerved Congresswoman Sanchez at a rally.

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OC DREAMers to Loretta Sanchez: Tell Obama "Not One More Deportation!" UPDATE

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"OC DREAMers want me to say what???"
See the latest updates at the bottom of the post on the release of arrested OC DREAMers.

ORIGINAL POST, APRIL 7, 6:03 A.M.: Saturday marked a national day of action against President Barack Obama's raging deportation mill, with rallies under the banners of "Not 1 More" and "2 Million 2 Many." The Orange County DREAM Team's (OCDT) actions included freeway banner drops and a press conference at the Garden Grove office of Democratic Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez.

Last month, DREAMers began asking Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) members to call out the Deporter-in-Chief on his administration's record-breaking deportations. Some did just that.

The Weekly wondered aloud if Sanchez would follow suit. Predictably, she didn't.

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Unitarian Universalists Hold Daylong Fast in Brea For Immigration Reform

A group of seven Unitarian Universalists staged a 24-hour hunger fast in downtown Brea in support of comprehensive immigration reform. The protest, which ended at noon today, featured the placement of fasting tents outside the office of Republican Congressman Ed Royce (R-Fullerton). Activists also collected petitions for a letter addressed to him regarding their legislative demands on immigration.

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Will Loretta Sanchez Follow DREAMers Request and Ask President Obama to Halt Deportations?

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Last Sunday, Adrian Carrasquillo of Buzzfeed ran an interesting story about how DREAMers are asking the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to ask Obama to start halting deportations. The story goes on to show that some members have signed onto a promise to ask Obama to do such; others haven't yet responded.

One of the non-responders? Our own Loretta Sanchez, who has made a career of offering excuses as to why she's not an Aztlanista while simultaneously dressing down DREAMers for daring to criticize her.

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UCI Professor: Mexicans Most Successful Immigrant Group in the United States

In news that will undoubtedly be accepted by all American and lead to widespread acceptance of Mexicans in the U.S. and everything that they do, a UC Irvine sociology professor recently wrote an essay proclaiming her findings: Mexicans are the most successful immigrant group in the United States.

That's the claim made by Jennifer Lee, professor of sociology at UCI, in an essay she published on Zócalo Public Square and reprinted online at Time.com.

"There is no question that, when we measure success as progress from generation to generation, Mexican-Americans come out ahead," she writes, presenting research she and a UCLA professor worked on published for a project called "Immigration and Intergenerational Mobility in Metropolitan Los Angeles," a multidisciplinary effort worked on by a chingo of UCI scholars.

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With Costa Mesa's Day Laborer Crackdown in Dustbin, Local Groups Set to Celebrate!

Matt Coker / OC Weekly
Grassroots organizations who helped to beat Costa Mesa's anti-day laborer law are ready to party! In October, the city repealed an ordinance that banned day laborers with threats of $1,000 fines and up to six months in jail after legal groups sued the city in March 2010.

After a long activist campaign, the Asociación de Jornaleros de Costa Mesa and Colectivo Tonantzin are hosting the celebration with food, speakers, and music tomorrow evening at El Centro Cultural de Mexico in downtown SanTana.

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Long Beach Colleges Part of Program to Offer Scholarships to Those in Country Illegally

Got no money? Can't get federal aid because you are in the country illegally? Well come to Long Beach City College or Cal State Long Beach, where you may be paid to attend.

Both campuses are among 12 nationally that are participating in TheDream.US, a new national program that offers $25 million in scholarships to select applicants.

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Mexican Human Smuggler At Crystal Cove State Beach Gets Punished

OC's Crystal Cove State Beach is a popular destination for smugglers
A federal judge in Orange County has sentenced a 22-year-old human smuggler to prison after immigration officers found a small, blue panga boat overloaded with 24 Mexicans attempting to enter the United States illegally at Crystal Cove State Beach last June.

Jaime Verdin-Gonzalez, the father of two young kids and a charbroiled chicken shop owner with his family in Mexico, admitted that his role in the smuggling operation was to handle fuel for the boat.

The smugglers took roughly $10,000 from each of the passengers, who in the wee hours of the night waded through coastal waters and touched soil but didn't make it far due to awaiting Department of Homeland Security agents using night-vision binoculars.

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Santa Ana's Connection to Mexico's Burgeoning Vigilante Civil War in Michoacán

One of the best pieces of political cartooning I've seen in YEARS...
Over the past two weeks, gabachos have slowly been learning about civilian vigilante groups in the Tierra Caliente regions of Michoacán and Guerrero taking on the Caballeros Templarios cartel after complaining that local police are in the narcos' pockets. Calling themselves autodefensas, the groups shot it out with narcos, kidnapped police, and slowly took over communities, creating a logistical nightmare for the regime of Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto. Now, the federal army is being summoned to ask the autodefensas to disarm themselves--and, so far, they're refusing.

If the Orange County Register wasn't so busy laying people off, they'd have a great story on their hands, because the list of communities afflicted reads like a roll call of ranchos and cities that have emptied out into SanTana over the past 50 years.

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Gurmukh Singh, Undocumented Immigrant Cause Celebré, Still in Danger of Deportation

Courtesy of Asian Americans Advancing Justice
Gurmurkh Singh (third from right) with his family
Gurmukh Singh, a 43-year-old Garden Grove Sikh immigrant from India with no criminal record, has been with his family since being released in October of last year after months of detention in an ICE facility. Since then, life has been anything but easy. He still faces deportation, with another round of negotiations related to his Ninth Circuit Court asylum appeal set for next week.

"I don't know if this is my last mediation," Singh tells the Weekly . "I'm still facing deportation. I'm not at peace."

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