Musicians Stage Protest Show Outside Santa Ana Jail for Immigrant Detainee Omara Gomez-Aviles

Gabriel San Roman / OC Weekly
Los Jornaleros del Norte chant down Santa Ana jail
Immigrant rights activists and musicians rallied in front of Santa Ana City Jail yesterday to lift the spirits of Omara Gomez-Aviles. The Salvadoran mother of three faces possible deportation tomorrow after la migra took her into custody outside the family's East Los Angeles home just last month. The 'Chant Down the Walls' concert protest demanded that Gomez-Aviles be released from Santa Ana city jail and reunited with her loved ones.

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Group to Protest Swallows Day Parade; Says SJC Prefers Migrating Birds over Migrating Mexis

Truth be told!

Migrating swallows famously returned from Argentina back to Mission San Juan Capistrano every March for decades. The birds have gone missing the past couple years but that hasn't stopped the annual festive Swallows Day Parade from taking place nor deterred efforts by the old mission to lure them back. But when it comes to the city's migrating Mexis, San Juan Capistrano is for the birds!

Sick and tired of harassment from la migra, We Are San Juan, an immigrant rights group, plans to drop a protest banner during the parade this Saturday. That should go well...

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The Eternal Spic-Mick Connection, Or: Why Mexicans And Irish Get Along

Photo from the OC Weekly archives
There's gotta be a Mexican in the background somewhere in this shot...there! That guy's neck!

In honor of the wearing of the green, one of my all-time favorite ¡Ask a Mexican! back-and-forths, one so scandalous it got a man suspended from work:

Dear Mexican: Why do spics and micks get along so well? Is it because both races are drunk, fornicating, degenerate Catholics?

Don Mulletino

Dear Mick: Get your racial slurs straight--Mexicans are wabs, not spics. Otherwise, you nailed it on the cabeza, cabrón.

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Immigration Attorney Hasti Fakhrai-Bayrooti Pleads Guilty to Drugged-Driving Manslaughter

Courtesy of Orange County Sheriff's Department
Hasti Fakhrai-Bayrooti was blazing on Xanax and Suboxone.
An immigration lawyer pleaded guilty Tuesday to crashing her car into a bicyclist and killing him while driving under the influence of prescription drugs that included Xanax and Suboxone.

Hasti Fakhrai-Bayrooti, 41, of Rancho Santa Margarita, copped to felony vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and now faces up to four years in state prison at her sentencing scheduled for May 8 in Newport Beach. Orange County sheriff's deputies arrested her on Sept. 23, 2013, which was after crime lab blood results were in from the crash that happened six months before.

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Mission Viejo Apartments Were Also Searched as Part of Government's "Birth Tourism" Probe
The Carlyle at Colton Plaza is at 18880 Douglas, Irvine, was among the 20 ICE raid sites.
UPDATE NO. 2, MARCH 4, 9:59 A.M.: Apartments in Mission Viejo were also searched as part of the government's investigation into "birth tourism," where pregnant Chinese women with fraudulent visas come to the U.S. to deliver babies so they will be born U.S. citizens, according to the federal affidavit.

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Immigrants Advised at Rally to Push Back Against Judge's Ruling to Halt Obama Orders

Photo by Marilyn Montano/OC Weekly
Immigrants are told to push back against judge's order.
UPDATE, FEB. 19, 8:45 A.M.: Three local officials vowed at a gathering in Santa Ana Wednesday to continue educating immigrants on how to apply for documentation despite a federal judge's ruling blocking President Obama from providing legal shelter from deportation for some immigrants.

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It's Ain't Screwy Voting Districts Killing Latino Political Power in OC; It's the Democratic Party

Thumbnail image for jose-solorio_solorio-for-senate.jpg
Solorio: Former rising star, then the status quo--and now done

Over the past two weeks, much has been written about how former supervisor/state senator/state assemblymember/Lou Sheldon bitch Lou Correa lost the First Supervisorial District race to former Garden Grove councilmember Andrew Do. Coming a couple of months after a disastrous 2014 Election Day that saw Sharon Quirk-Silva lose her State Senate race to Young Kim and Jose Solorio lose handily to Janet Nguyen in the race for Correa's old State Senate seat, and it's been a bitter pill for Democrats but especially OC Latinos, who now find themselves without a wab representative in Sacramento or on the Board of Supervisors for the first time since 1998.

The most popular angle taken by local media and pundits is that Correa and Solorio should've won handily because the district they ran in have a lot of Mexicans in it, but those damn Vietnamese voters in Little Saigon just vote too darn much! For Correa supporters, the main culprit is a 2011 gerrymandering scheme by the all-Republican Board of Supervisors at the time (don't accuse me of exaggerating--no less a conservative lion than then-Supervisor John Moorlach called it "gerrymandering") that diluted Latino voting power in the First by bringing in more Little Saigon voters--you know, those voters who vote too much. Both Latino yaktivists and Democratic Party officials are now mumbling about a possible lawsuit using California's Voting Rights Act to correct the First's alleged wrong and ensure Latino wins in the future. That's fine and all, but that stance will let off the hook the biggest reason why OC electoral gains in higher office for Latinos have now been effectively rolled back two decades: the pendejos running the Democratic Party of Orange County.

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Immigration Agent Myles Kui Zhang Busted for $13,000 in Alleged Phony Overtime Claims

Wikipedia Commons photo by Beyond My Ken
Myles Kui Zhang worked at the Ziggurat (Chet Holifield Federal Building in Laguna Niguel).
A federal immigration agent who worked in the Chet Holifield Federal Building in Laguna Niguel has been charged with grand theft for allegedly making more than $13,000 worth of phony overtime claims over a nine-month period, authorities said.

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Is Jose Zarate Alvarez the Subject of "Meanness" by Cops and "Miscarriage of Justice" by OCDA?

Mugshots courtesy of CMPD
Were cops mean to Jose Zarate Alvarez?
Jose Zarate Alvarez received good news and bad news recently.

How do you want it, Orange County?


Glad you're the glass half full type. The good news is the 36-year-old had charges dismissed alleging he conspired to rip off $32,000 from a Costa Mesa convenience store.

The bad news is he is facing deportation ... which, actually, some of our most loyal trolls would flop to be a bad news-good news scenario.

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Ex-Immigration Officer Get 51 Months for Taking Bribes from Cambodian Immigrants

Facebook/Billy Nelms
Billy Louis Nelms Sr.'s Veterans Administration badge.

A former Santa Ana-based immigration officer was sentenced to more than four years in federal prison for helping Cambodian immigrants legally remain in the U.S. in exchange for bribes. Billy Louis Nelms Sr., 54, of Los Angeles, had steadfastly maintained his innocence and accused the government of persecution and prejudice before his conviction this summer.

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