Have You Seen Heaven? Signs Indicate Santa Monica Cat is Being Held in Orange County

Courtesy of Dawn
This is actually Heaven's twin but she pretty much looks like this.
What would you do if your cat got out, a microchip informed it was many miles away, contact came from someone a county away, you were told the finder may not give the feline back and police were reluctant to help?

In the case of Santa Monica's Dawn, who believes her cat Heaven is being held by someone named Anna in Orange County, she is turning to the public for assistance.

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It Was the Best of Weeks, It Was the Worst of Weeks for Dogs in Newport Beach

Categories: Grrranimals

And the award goes to ...
It was the best of weeks, it was the worst of weeks for dogs in Newport Beach. For the water bowl is half full view, look to firefighters in the city being honored by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for saving a dog and her master from a steep ravine. If that doesn't choke you up, this will: a large, dead dog was found leashed to a cinder block a mile off the Newport coast.

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See If You Can Spot the Surprise Near the Surfer at Lower Trestles Break (Rhymes with "Chark")

Photo by flickr user Panteliz Photography
Here comes the ride.
Check out the following, very, very, very short video and see if you can spot the surprise in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

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Is Lawsuit Against Barkworks Aimed at Improving Pet Stores or Generating Press?

Categories: Court, Grrranimals
Facebook/Boycott Barkworks Pet Stores
Animal rights activists have been demonstrating against Barkworks for years.
Individual Barkworks shops have been sued all over Southern California as has the pet store chain that, once again, today finds itself scanning a legal complaint alleging customers were lied to about dogs for sale that were supposedly obtained from so-called "puppy mills." More »

Hit the No-Longer-Shark-Infested Water Off Newport Beach, People!

Universal Pictures
We're [no longer] going to need a bigger Duffy boat.
UPDATE NO. 3, OCT. 20, 2:12 P.M.: Newport Beach lifeguards have given their beaches the all clear, shark advisory signs have been removed and you are now free to go about your business in the water, officials say.

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Duck Defenseman Clayton Stoner's Suspension Sought for Killing and Decapitation of Bear

UPDATE, OCT. 16, 5 A.M.: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has sent a letter to Anaheim Ducks Executive Vice President and General Manager Bob Murray seeking a season-long suspension of defenseman Clayton Stoner, during which time he can take an empathy course to learn why slaying and beheading a grizzly bear named Cheeky was wrong.

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"Lily's Advocates" Try to Enlist Dalai Lama to Get White Bengal Tiger Moved Out of Silverado

If you go to the Rancho Las Lomas Resort and Zoological Garden Facebook page, you'll see a banner photo of the Dalai Lama speaking there in July and, farther down, a post describing the holy man's appearance as "surreal" and "a beautiful experience." But you'll have to hunt to find the single reader comment noting that the world's most famous Tibetan Buddhist monk referred to Lily the White Bengal Tiger as "a prisoner" with "no freedom of movement" at the Silverado event venue.

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Revenge of the Colony Collapse Disorder? Bees Attack Folks in Laguna Woods and Costa Mesa

NBC/Saturday Night Live
They can't help it if they're killer-you-know-whats.
Perhaps it's part of a final revenge for killing them off, but swarms of bees have attacked folks in Laguna Woods and Costa Mesa within the last week.

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Judge Clears Path for Karma the Husky to Go to North Carolina Sanctuary

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary
An Orange County animal control officials consider Karma "vicious."
UPDATE NO. 3, SEPT. 30, 12:05 P.M.: Orange County Superior Court Judge Corey S. Cramin today overturned his previous euthanization ruling so Karma the husky mix can be sent to a wolf sanctuary in North Carolina.

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PIG OUT at the Wedding of Baby Banks and Briar the Boar SATURDAY in Anaheim

Facebook/The Zen Zoo
Here comes the bride.
Donald Trump would not be the only person to say that the bride getting married in Anaheim's Sycamore Park Saturday afternoon is a real pig.

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