Samer Samir Ibrahim Faces Charges of Abuse for Leaving German Shepherd to Chew Off Leg

Coastal German Shepherd Rescue
Rocky was adopted by a couple in San Diego.
A 23-year-old Westminster man is scheduled to be arraigned this morning for alleged animal abuse due to his 11-month-old German shepherd becoming entangled in the backyard and chewing off part of his own leg to break free.

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Live, Rabid Bat Found in Fullerton Surf City

The old Weekly World News
Batboy in North County Surf City?
UPDATE, FEB. 23, 6 A.M.: A live, rabid bat was found recently in a Huntington Beach shopping center parking lot, confirms the Orange County Health Care Agency. Anyone who came in contact with the bat, which was found on the ground outside Big Lots, 6911 Warner Ave., on Feb. 15, is asked to call OCHCA's epidemiology department at 714.834.8180 or 714.834.7792.

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Weekender Updater: Gang Killer, Boss Slaying, Disputed DUI Manslaughter Sentence and More

It's another busy weekend of updating as we bring details on the conviction of a gang killer of a 14-year-old, the trial starting against a former fugitive accused of choking out his boss, the disputed jail sentence given to a drunk/drugged-up driver who mowed down an elderly jogger, the sanity finding for a mother who drowned her baby girl in the tub, another stay-out-of-jail payment by an embezzling parent-teacher organization president and the new interim leader of the complaint-plagued Irvine Animal Care Center.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the Beetles! OC's Gold Spotted Oak Borer Invasion Ain't British

Categories: Grrranimals

U.S. Forest Service
Gold Spotted Oak Borer or Agrilus coxalis as the cool kids call him.
An invasive beetle that is blamed for killing thousands of oak trees in San Diego and Riverside counties has made it to Orange County, and boy are his arms tired.

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Serial Cat Killer Steven Ullery Gets Two Years for the Death of One of His Five Dead Pussies

Photo by Vickie Chang/OC Weekly
How could you?
A Long Beach man was recently sentenced to two years behind bars after an investigation revealed that before he and his wife took the bodies of two cats he'd adopted back to a shelter for a refund, they had taken three other dead cats to an animal hospital--including one that died from blunt force trauma and another that had been choked out.

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Elena Nauman Gets Conned Out of $500 After Responding to Offer for Dalmatian Puppies

Photo by Mary Bell/OC Weekly
If the promised puppies do exist, they may need the services of Dalmatian Rescue of Southern California Inc.
Someone posing as a dog breeder recently conned a San Clemente couple out of $500 through an online ad offering Dalmatian puppies for sale.

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Sergei Smirnoff Due in Court Today for Allegedly Strangling Girlfriend's Christmas Cat

Courtesy of Redondo Beach Police Department
Are those cat scratches, Mr. Smirnoff?
A Long Beach man is scheduled to be arraigned today for allegedly strangling his girlfriend's cat.

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Irvine Animal Care Center Changes Already Under Way After Volunteers' Complaints

Photo by Dustin Ames/OC Weekly
Obviously overjoyed by the changes.
An independent evaluation of Irvine Animal Care Center has only just begun, but city officials have already made some changes in the wake of allegations by shelter volunteers of inhumane treatment of pets and euthanasia of treatable animals.

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Irvine Animal Care Center's Volunteers Claim the Shelter is a One-Way Pet Motel

Dustin Ames/OC Weekly
Give them shelter

At Purina Pro Plan's 53rd annual Show Dogs of the Year Awards, presented by Dogs in Review magazine and the Bow Tie Inc. publishing company, Irvine Animal Care Center (IACC) was presented the Shelter of the Year award in 2007 for the facility's innovative programs and disaster-relief efforts during that year's Southern California wildfires.

Billing itself as "a progressive and innovative municipal animal shelter," the IACC has also been recognized for providing top-notch veterinary care; high-quality food; soft bedding; and daily socialization with animals that include dogs, cats and bunnies available for adoption.

But what has most set the IACC apart from other city- or county-run shelters are its low rates of euthanization. A February 2013 Orange County Register article reported only 6.2 percent of IACC animals were put down for behavioral and health reasons--and that none was euthanized due to lack of space or time spent at the shelter. By comparison, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals lists the national rate of euthanization for cats at 70 percent and dogs at 60 percent.

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Animal Shelter Volunteers to Raise Concerns About Conditions to Irvine City Council

City of Irvine
Adopt me!
Irvine Animal Care Center volunteers say they will attend Tuesday's Irvine City Council meeting to express their concerns about conditions at the city-run facility. Botched euthanasia procedures, putting strays down too soon and keeping dogs caged up for hours without letting them out to relieve themselves are among their concerns, and taking a hard look at the leadership of the center is among their solutions.

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