Irvine Animal Care Center Changes Already Under Way After Volunteers' Complaints

Photo by Dustin Ames/OC Weekly
Obviously overjoyed by the changes.
An independent evaluation of Irvine Animal Care Center has only just begun, but city officials have already made some changes in the wake of allegations by shelter volunteers of inhumane treatment of pets and euthanasia of treatable animals.

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Irvine Animal Care Center's Volunteers Claim the Shelter is a One-Way Pet Motel

Dustin Ames/OC Weekly
Give them shelter

At Purina Pro Plan's 53rd annual Show Dogs of the Year Awards, presented by Dogs in Review magazine and the Bow Tie Inc. publishing company, Irvine Animal Care Center (IACC) was presented the Shelter of the Year award in 2007 for the facility's innovative programs and disaster-relief efforts during that year's Southern California wildfires.

Billing itself as "a progressive and innovative municipal animal shelter," the IACC has also been recognized for providing top-notch veterinary care; high-quality food; soft bedding; and daily socialization with animals that include dogs, cats and bunnies available for adoption.

But what has most set the IACC apart from other city- or county-run shelters are its low rates of euthanization. A February 2013 Orange County Register article reported only 6.2 percent of IACC animals were put down for behavioral and health reasons--and that none was euthanized due to lack of space or time spent at the shelter. By comparison, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals lists the national rate of euthanization for cats at 70 percent and dogs at 60 percent.

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Animal Shelter Volunteers to Raise Concerns About Conditions to Irvine City Council

City of Irvine
Adopt me!
Irvine Animal Care Center volunteers say they will attend Tuesday's Irvine City Council meeting to express their concerns about conditions at the city-run facility. Botched euthanasia procedures, putting strays down too soon and keeping dogs caged up for hours without letting them out to relieve themselves are among their concerns, and taking a hard look at the leadership of the center is among their solutions.

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Impaled Deer Being Euthanized by Animal Care Officers Slitting Its Throat Sparks County Probe

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Photo by flickr user thriol
"Hey, any of you seen my buddy?"
Orange County Animal Care officers' "barbaric and improper method" of euthanizing a deer impaled on a fence in Anaheim Hills by slitting its throat has sparked a county investigation--a probe that might not be had the killing not been done in front of a horrified veterinarian.

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Huntington Beach Investigates Elephant Being Used in Resort Wedding Ceremony Despite Ban

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Photo by Ellen Ericksen and Jill Mulato/Animal Defenders International
Here comes the bride and groom, riding on a pachyderm.

An animal rights organization has pressed Huntington Beach to investigate how an elephant was used in a recent wedding ceremony at the Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa despite a city ordinance prohibiting wild animal performances.

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"PBR Day in Surf City USA" to Leave Hipsters and Frank Booth Sorely Disappointed

Warner Home Video
What kind of beer do you like? Heineken!?! Fuck that shit! PABST! Blue Ribbon!

After blue collar workers--and before the hipsters--Pabst Blue Ribbon was most appreciated by Frank Booth, the sick pup brought to career-resurrecting life in the movie Blue Velvet by the late, great Dennis Hopper. An Orange County city that seems like a crossing station for blue collar workers, hipsters and Frank Boothians is Huntington Beach, where Saturday has been proclaimed "PBR Day in Surf City USA."

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"Shortsighted" Seal Beach Coyote Killing Plan Produces Online Petition Drive
This graphic accompanies a petition to "Stop the Killing of California Coyotes."

The animal activist blowback to plans to systematically rid Seal Beach of coyotes is scheduled to be heard by the City Council tonight amid a new petition aimed at stopping eradication efforts.

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Karen Hanover, Convicted of Fraud, No Longer Part of Crowdfunding Microchips for Lost Pets

UPDATE: Irvine's Ken Niedziela, the Veterinary Practice News news editor, emailed the Weekly Tuesday to say he wrote the Escape Alert story and contacted Karen Zaxton after seeing our post. "Karen confirmed that she is Karen Hanover," Niedziela writes. "She also said she was resigning her position with Escape Alert effective today to avoid hurting the company. She insisted that Escape Alert is a legitimate company and potential product. She said she would have CEO Wayne Norris contact me. She also said the Kickstarter campaign was delayed."

Photo courtesy of Karen Hanover
Karen Elaine Hanover
A crowdfunding campaign launches today for a fledgling company that is hawking veterinarian-implanted microchips that would use GPS to track lost pets.

Sweet. But what's so interesting about that? Well, the domain for the Escape Alert device is owned by Karen Hanover of West Hills and the email address

A Karen Hanover of Seal Beach and signed a plea agreement in federal court in Santa Ana this past March stating that she bilked 48 people out of $1,437,091.36 through get-rich-via-real-estate seminars across the country.

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Barkworks Dragged into Court Again for Allegedly Selling Dogs Bred at "Puppy Mills"

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Facebook/Boycott Barkworks Pet Stores
Animal activists have put heat on the Barkworks chain and individual stores for years.

If the latest lawsuit against Barkworks proves anything, it's that the Southern California pet store chain needs to do a better job of weeding out the animal activists from the puppy-buying public. Because those folks are now plaintiffs in a new lawsuit filed in Orange County Superior Court that alleges Barkworks engaged in false advertising when it sold them "pure-bred" dogs that were actually "churned out" of puppy mills.

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Assemblyman and Supervisor Candidate Allan Mansoor Inspires Fantasy Coyote Mission

Photo by flickr user Matt Knoth
Here, kitty-kitty-kitty ...

Shortly before o'dark thirty, CT6 (Coyote Team Six) lifted off from the 24/7 Denny's at Harbor and the 405 and plunged into the dusky streets of the beaches Seal and Huntington. We'd secretly been inspired to embark on a covert mission to kill coyotes by California Assemblyman Allan Mansoor (R-Costa Mexico), a county supervisor candidate and out to prove to his latest future constituents that he is a true fighter in the War on Fur.

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