OC Atheists (So Hot Right Now) Hold "I Am Charlie" Event to Let Everyone Draw Cartoons

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Charlie Hebdo
UPDATE, JAN. 22, 1:44 P.M.: Atheists are so hot right now, and by "right now" I mean "tonight through Sunday morning." As mentioned in the original post (that has all the details), Orange County's Backyard Skeptics hold a "speed discussion" event with a Christian Toastmasters group at a Huntington Beach church tonight, and an OC atheist is recruiting like-minded folks to counter-demonstrate against Christians in front of Disneyland Sunday morning. Now, Backyard Skeptics say they'll shoehorn in another gathering Saturday: an "I Am Charlie" demonstration at Huntington Beach Pier, where passersbys will be encouraged "to draw cartoonish pictures of any prophet, deity or religion in a funny or mocking way."

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Charlie Hebdo's Muhammad Cover Draws Praise and Damnation from Anaheim to Turkey

Charlie Hebdo
This issue sold out Wednesday and is already banned in Turkey.
Hussam Ayloush, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations' Greater Los Angeles office (CAIR-LA), said from his Anaheim office that he had mixed feelings about the cover of the Charlie Hebdo magazine that hit the streets Wednesday.

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Trang Thu Pham Held for Buddhist Temple Vandalism After Security Guard Recognizes Her

Courtesy of Santa Ana Police Department
News coverage led cops to Trang Thu Pham.
UPDATE, JAN. 14, 11:14 A.M.: A 45-year-old woman's arrest Tuesday for continually vandalizing Buddha statues outside a Santa Ana temple came after a security officer at a Costa Mesa drug store recognized a shopper as the suspect shown in television news reports. Trang Thu Pham confirmed to detectives she was the person in photos and videos from the front of Hoc Tich Buddhist Temple, according to the Santa Ana Police Department. Before being booked into the city jail on suspicion of felony vandalism of a place of worship, Pham explained she has nothing against the Buddhist religion, say investigators, who suspect her issues are with someone associated with that particular temple.

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ISIS Hacks Website of Buena Park Nonprofit That Helps Syrian Refugees in Middle East

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Giving Hackers Hope
Giving Children Hope, a Buena Park-based nonprofit that has been helping Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan since 2012, reportedly had its website hacked by a group identifying itself as Team System Dz, an ISIS sympathizer.

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CAIR Condemns al Qaeda Attack in France as CAIR-LA to Warn Locals About "Crisis of ISIS"

Photo by flickr user TZA
As France deals with Wednesday's terrorism blamed on al Qaeda sympathizers, Orange County Muslims will conduct a free community forum Friday night to address another deadly group: ISIS.

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Pastor Wiley Drake Leads Prayer at Pro-Police Rally Outside LAPD Headquarters

Photo by Gustavo Arellano/OC Weekly
Have megaphone, will travel: Pastor Wiley Drake
Controversial Buena Park Pastor Wiley Drake delivered the opening prayer at a pro-police rally outside the Los Angeles Police Department Sunday afternoon.

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Weekender Updater: $20 Million for Catholics; Guilty Wife Killer; PTO Embezzler Un-Jailed

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Fixer upper?
This weekend's Weekender Updater looks at a $20 million hail Mary for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange, conviction for a wife killer and the jail's revolving door for a Parent Teacher Organization embezzler.

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5 Ways Nonbelievers Can Say Grace Today

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Your turn to say grace.
Courtesy of the American Humanist Association and their magazine The Humanist, five things atheists, nonbelievers and humanists can say for Thanksgiving grace last today follow ....

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Monday Pervy Monday: Ex-Teacher's Aide, Butt Slapping, TBN, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses

Carra Crouch with her sister Brittany Crouch (left photo) and father Paul Crouch Jr.
Monday Pervy Monday includes an accused butt slapper, an ex-teacher's aide facing charges of sex with a teen and, for our religious readers, molestation allegations against a South County Jehovah's Witness leader and a Long Beach Mormon church member and the alleged rape of the granddaughter of Trinity Broadcasting Network's co-founders.

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Author Eric Metaxas Pumps His Book Miracles and the "Real" Phenomenon in Newps Tonight

Dutton Adult
Rockin' those glasses!

According to a New York Times bestselling author speaking in Newport Beach tonight, miracles are real, he's tracked them and he can explain why they happen--although it is unclear if Eric Metaxas mingled with those seeking them in Grateful Dead concert parking lots. But his topic has prompted the godless OC Weekly to preview an event co-sponsored by Vanguard University and St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, which can mean only one thing: IT'S A SURPRISING AND WELCOME EVENT THAT IS NOT EXPLICABLE BY NATURAL OR SCIENTIFIC LAWS AND IS THEREFORE CONSIDERED TO BE THE WORK OF A DIVINE AGENCY!!!

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