Rancho Santiago Community College District Foundation Takes Up Saudi Arabia Deal TODAY

Photo by flickr user Shannon Doyle
Hello, we'll be your guidance counselors.
The Rancho Santiago Community College District Foundation's board is scheduled today to discuss its controversial $105 million consulting contract with Saudi Arabia that has been chastised by faculty, a student trustee and the oldest pro-Israel organization in the United States.

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Todd Christian Hartman, Ex-Youth Counselor at Vineyard Church Anaheim, Held for Child Porn

A former youth counselor at Vineyard Church in Anaheim was scheduled to make his initial appearance in federal court in Santa Ana this afternoon for allegedly using peer-to-peer file sharing technology to possess and distribute child pornography.

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Sale Near for Former Home of Homo-Hating St. James Anglican Parish in Newport Beach

Take this church ... please!
An Episcopal church bishop announced to Newport Beach congregants Sunday the closing of the sale of St. James the Great Episcopal Church, whose previous flock broke from the diocese in 2004 when openly gay Gene Robinson became a bishop in New Hampshire, realigned with an Anglican church in Uganda and later lost the OC property in court.

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Costa Mesa Church Hosts SUNDAY Fund-raiser for Families of Immigrants in Federal Detention

Photo by flickr user 710928003
Their families need help, too.
A Costa Mesa church on Sunday afternoon hosts the launch of a nonprofit campaign to raise financial assistance for the families of those held in immigration-detention facilities.

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Tony Ortega: From Cal State Fullerton Student to One of Scientology's Best Watchers

Luke McGarry/OC Weekly
Tom Cruise and Xenu, just for fun!

Tony Ortega wants people to attend his book signing this Sunday at the Neighborhood Community Center in Costa Mesa. It's a homecoming for the editor of progressive website the Raw Story--he's a graduate of Savanna High School in Anaheim, lived in Fullerton and Buena Park, and got his bachelor's and master's degrees in English from Cal State Fullerton. His book, The Unbreakable Miss Lovely: How the Church of Scientology Tried to Destroy Paulette Cooper, is already receiving rave reviews for its well-written, wonderfully reported narrative about one of the first journalists to take on the controversial religion. Still riding a wave of publicity based on his insightful commentary for the HBO Scientology documentary, Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, Ortega expects the local appearance (sponsored by the Center for Inquiry Orange County) to be a great one, especially since Paulette Cooper herself will join him.

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Westboro Baptist Church Plans to Picket Anaheim High Next Monday

OC Weekly Archives

UPDATE, APRIL 20, 10:00 A.M.: In response to Westboro Baptist Church's announcement that they'll be picketing Anaheim High, a peaceful counter-protest was organized and executed Monday morning. The counter-protest, driven by the themes of diversity, tolerance, and love, consisted of positive signs like "We support the separation of church and HATE!" and "God loves everybody!" Anaheim High students, faculty, and administrators -- many of whom stood outside near the counter-protestors -- showed solidarity with them. According to protestor Yoli Serrato, Westboro only lasted at Anaheim High for 10 minutes. To celebrate, the counter-protestors blasted Queen's "We Are the Champions." Good job, y'all!

Bye Felicia! No room for hate in Anaheim! They left after like 10 min

Posted by Yoli Serrato on Monday, April 20, 2015

ORIGINAL POST, APRIL 14, 8:03 A.M.: According to their website, the notorious Westboro Baptist Church of "God Hates Fags" infamy says it will be picketing Anaheim High (our Mexican-in-Chief's alma mater--class of '97!) on Monday, April 20 from 7:15-7:45 a.m. -- right before students head over to their first period class.

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Weekender Updater: Guilty Gambler Murderer, Prison Guard Slaying Cases, Dalai Lama Tickets

This weekend you're updated on a woman's first-degree murder conviction in the death of a gambler, tickets going on sale for the Dalai Lama's three-day 80th birthday celebration in Orange County and two developments from the fatal ambush of a state correctional officer 17 years ago: a man pleading guilty to conspiracy to murder and an Anaheim police detective being cleared of coercing a false confession.

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Robert H. Schuller of Crystal Cathedral/Hour of Power Infamy Dies at 88

Illustration by Thomas Pitilli
Rest in pesos...

American Christianity has been nothing if not a graveyard for once-powerful preachers who fell under the weight of their own hubris, but few holy men fell harder and farther--and more deservingly--than the Reverend Robert H. Schuller, who passed away this morning at 88.

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Ahmad Henry Osman Accused of Molesting Three Girls Under 10 He Taught at Mosque

Courtesy of the Orange County District Attorney's office
Ahmad Henry Osman taught at The Indo Chinese Islamic Center in Santa Ana.
Prosecutors call him a pastor, police detectives call him a youth program educator and the leadership at his mosque calls him a Korean-studies volunteer, but whatever Ahmad Henry Osman is, he faces up to 50 years to life in state prison and lifetime mandatory sex offender registration if he is convicted of molesting three girls, ages 6, 7 and 9, who he met at the house of worship. That sentence could ultimately be longer if there are, as the Santa Ana Police Department and Orange County District Attorney's office fear, more victims. The two agencies issued a joint statement Thursday urging members of the public to contact them if they have additional information on 52-year-old Tustin resident Osman.

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Benny Hinn Finds Himself in Need of a Faith Healer After Suffering Heart Problem

Benny Hinn Ministries
Too bad there was no faith healer around to help Benny Hinn ... wait!
Televangelist Benny Hinn, who is known for laying his hands on the ill faithful and "curing" them with the power of Christ, needed a handjob of his own last week.

The 63-year-old leader of Benny Hinn World Media Center in Aliso Viejo suffered heart problems in Brazil and was admitted to the intensive care unit in an undisclosed Orange County hospital.

But his daughter later reported that Hinn was up, alert and expected to make a full recovery, and the man of God told Charisma News, "This is a challenge, but I'm getting good reports. We don't have all the answers ... as we get older, our bodies need repair."

"In other news, Benny Hinn has a heart," wrote someone in the peanut gallery.

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