Alice in Arabia Cancellation Before It Starts by ABC Family Cheered by CAIR-LA: Update

See the update at the end of this post on CAIR-LA welcoming ABC Family's decision to cancel production of Alice in Arabia.

ORIGINAL POST, MARCH 20, 7:33 A.M.: When ABC Family announced a new addition to its lineup, the Greater Los Angeles-Area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) in Anaheim sprang into action, not to see if their cable television grid includes the channel but to arrange a meeting with network executives.

Muslim and Arab-American community leaders want to discuss their concerns about potential stereotyping in the pilot for the new series called Alice in Arabia (think Wonderland but much hotter).

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Who's Orly Taitz Chumming With Now? Pastor with "Jesus Would Stone Homos" Church Sign

Orly Taitz is so proud of being on The Manning Report, the online series of chief pastor at ATLAH World Missionary Church in New York City James David Manning, that the Rancho Santa Margarita lawyer/dentist/real-estate saleslady/Birfer Queen/mad matryoshka model posted the video above on

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Kyle Firstenberg, Mars Hill Church's Former Orange County Pastor, Talks of Being Silenced

Are former leaders of Mars Hill Church essentially being told to shut up lest they lose severance and health insurance?

That's what a Pennsylvania college professor is alleging, based partly on letters he has received from former leaders, including a fellow who was executive pastor of the Malls Hills Orange County church in Santa Ana.

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Servite High Stage Extension That Collapsed Was "Flawed," School Admits: Update

See the update at the end of this post with Servite High School's president admitting the stage extension that collapsed Saturday night was "flawed."

ORIGINAL POST, MARCH 10, 8:36 A.M.: I won't tell you what a fellow former Catholic high school parent told me when I shared the news about a couple dozen students from all-girls Rosary High School getting injured when the stage they were stomping on at Servite High School in Anaheim collapsed--because it wouldn't be classy and we're all about the classy here at Navel Gazing.

Most sustained bruises and scrapes Saturday night but some suffered broken bones.

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Linda Rose Gagnon, Tustin Businesswoman, Gets 3 Years for Bilking Nuns Out of $285,000

A woman who ran a Tustin company that was supposed to help clients with delinquent mortgages was sentenced Friday to three years in federal prison for cheating a group of nuns out of $285,000.

Linda Rose Gagnon, who was found guilty of three counts of wire fraud in November, was also ordered to pay $285,000 in restitution, although U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Guilford in Santa Ana may add to that if more evidence is produced showing related losses, according to prosecutors.

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"Irvine 11" Convictions Upheld (For Now)

During the height of the backlash against the prosecution of the so-called "Irvine 11," I recall asking Erwin Chemerinsky if he believed convictions in the free-speech case would be upheld as constitutional, and the founding UC Irvine law school dean and respected constitutional law scholar answered they would.

On Monday, a panel of Orange County Superior Court judges agreed.

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5 Signs Girl Meets World Meets Satan

Boy Meets World was a family sitcom on ABC from 1993 to 2000, and all I remember about it is my kids watched it, the actor William Daniels who played the next-door neighbor was heart surgeron Dr. Craig on St. Elsewhere and that until very recently I was convicted the star was Shia LaBeouf. Actually, that was Ben Savage, who joins Danielle Fishel, a recent Fashion Island Bloomies employee, in reprising their roles of Cory and Topanga on the Disney Channel's new Girl Meets World, which follows their characters' daughter. Know what else the two shows have in common? They're satanic!

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Rick Warren Tells Saddleback Church Congregants Not to Go to Church on Sunday

Was that rumbling in the sky from thunder or Rick Warren just saying on national television that he has told his Saddleback Church congregants not to go to church Sunday?

Now, the Purpose-Driven pastor does not want the pews in Lake Forest empty every Sunday, just this Sunday.


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Innocence of Muslims Suffers a Legal Blow But Not For Former OC Conman (This Time)

Cindy Lee Garcia, unknowingly in Innocence of Muslims.
At least the latest legal setback for the inflammatory film Innocence of Muslims won't land the former Orange County resident who made it behind bars (this time).

In a 2-1 decision Wednesday, a panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ordered Google to remove from the Internet all copies of the 14-minute, anti-Muslim film.

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James Ray Guerrero, "Pastor" Who Molested 2 Boys, Gets 15 to Life Over Prosecutor Objections

From praying to preying
A self-appointed pastor who held "church" services and Bible studies in his Westminster home was sentenced today to 15 years to life in state prison for sexually assaulting two male relatives beginning when they were 12.

But the Orange County District Attorney's office objected to the sentence Superior Court Judge Michael Beecher gave 54-year-old James Ray Guerrero, arguing for a term of 120 years to life in prison, or three years less than the maximum allowed under state law.

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