Innocence of Muslims Suffers a Legal Blow But Not For Former OC Conman (This Time)

Cindy Lee Garcia, unknowingly in Innocence of Muslims.
At least the latest legal setback for the inflammatory film Innocence of Muslims won't land the former Orange County resident who made it behind bars (this time).

In a 2-1 decision Wednesday, a panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ordered Google to remove from the Internet all copies of the 14-minute, anti-Muslim film.

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James Ray Guerrero, "Pastor" Who Molested 2 Boys, Gets 15 to Life Over Prosecutor Objections

From praying to preying
A self-appointed pastor who held "church" services and Bible studies in his Westminster home was sentenced today to 15 years to life in state prison for sexually assaulting two male relatives beginning when they were 12.

But the Orange County District Attorney's office objected to the sentence Superior Court Judge Michael Beecher gave 54-year-old James Ray Guerrero, arguing for a term of 120 years to life in prison, or three years less than the maximum allowed under state law.

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Peter David Nitschke, Newport Beach Lawyer, Admits to Embezzling $780,000 from Clients

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A Newport Beach attorney and church leader has copped to stealing more than $780,000 from nine victims, including over $720,000 from the trust account of two elderly sisters he'd offered to assist with their finances.

Peter David Nitschke, 47, is expected to be sentenced to up to 12 years in state prison in April.

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Joseph Angel Olvera, Ex-Youth Shelter Pastor, Gets Jail, Sex Offender Tag for Sexual Batteries

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The former pastor of a Fullerton church was sentenced today to four months in jail, three years probation and a lifetime of sex offender registration for the sexual battery of an 18-year-old female follower.

A jury a year ago Tuesday found Joseph Angel Olvera, the 55-year-old former pastor at Lifetime Ministries, guilty of two misdemeanor counts of sexual battery.

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Margaret Downey, Famous Atheist, to Give Villa Park a Reason for Being at Backyard Skeptics Meeting TOMORROW

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I recently had to drive through Villa Park to buy some gravel for...something, and I wondered anew the point of the municipality (and can you pick the lemons from the trees on the medians on Villa Park Road?). You'll have to read my ultimate takedown of Villa Park in next week's issue (and I don't even mention crazy councilwoman Deborah Pauley!), but in the meanwhile, something, ANYTHING is happening there tomorrow as local atheist group the Backyard Skeptics invite a famous atheist to spread the gospel of No Gospel in one of America's Christian hotbeds.

To the press release! And Villa Park: you and I have a date in the dead-tree edition of this infernal rag soon...

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OC Atheists Special Christmas Day Message: Jesus is NOT the Reason for the Season

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After opening your presents this morning and turning off the 437th straight showing of A Christmas Story on the tube, you may feel like taking a summertime stroll (thank you, global warming!).

But should that stroll pass the Huntington Beach Pier, expect to be greeted by Orange Countians with this special holiday message: Jesus is NOT the reason for the season.

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Nearly Half of Muslim Students in California Schools Have Been Bullied in Some Way: Report

Nearly half of California's Muslim students say they have been subjected to some form of bias-based bullying, according to a first-ever report released Thursday. "Growing in Faith: California Muslim Youth Experiences with Bullying, Harassment and Religious Accommodation in Schools" was presented by the California chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CA), whose Greater Los Angeles office is in Anaheim.

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Christian Toastmasters and Backyard Skeptics (Orange County Atheists) Debate Prayer Tonight

The Christian Toastmasters group of Huntington Beach should be in for a more lively debate tonight than the one that broke out after Brother Earl suggested one of 'em was a chick at the Last Supper.

That's because they'll be visited by members of the Orange County atheist/humanist/non-theist group Backyard Skeptics, which is there to bat around the topic "Does Prayer Work?"

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Rick Warren Appears on CNN to Reaffirm that He's a Homo-Hater

Rick Warren is making the media rounds to promote a book on how to lose weight inspired by his Daniel Plan, the diet initiative that had half of South County laying off that last margarita in Javier's because the Bible tells you so. That meant he got a hour to himself on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight--and because Piers Morgan is the imp that he is, the Brit asked Warren if he's still against gay marriage in this day and age in changing societal views on the subject.

Unsurprisingly, Rick hasn't. But then he tried to engage in clever double-speak in trying to claim that he doesn't hate the gays because he's opposed to gay marriage--yet still revealed himself a homo-hater in the process.

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Paul Crouch, Founder of TBN/Titan of American Christianity, Dead

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Crouch, in the Holy Land, with his Gospel
Word is spreading around Christendom that Paul Crouch, the Missouri native who moved to Southern California with his wife Jan to create Trinity Broadcasting Network, the largest Christian television network in the world, has passed away at age 79. He had been hospitalized recently for heart problems.

The news was announced by his grandson, Brandon Crouch, on Twitter.

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