Chapman University's Dodge College Ranked 7th Best Film School in U.S.

Chapman University
Dodge College of Film and Media Arts in Orange stands tall.

Finishing ahead of the likes of Stanford, Loyola Marymount, Cal State Northridge and San Francisco State, the film school at plucky independent Chapman University in Orange has been named the fifth best in California and seventh best in the nation.

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Rev. Bud Green of Guest of Wally George Fame Takes Credit for White Flags on Brooklyn Bridge

KDOC/Channel 56
The Rev. Bud Green appeared on Hot Seat with Wally George multiple times.

A man who once told Wally George in his Anaheim TV studio that Nancy Reagan smoked pot is now telling a whopper on the East Coast: that he was the one who replaced American flags with bleached white versions of Old Glory.

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Martinis and Movie Fundraiser at The Frida Screens The Women This Friday!

Categories: Film and TV

Frida Cinema
The Frida Cinema's marquee, which has long withstood the pressure of Southern California's idiosyncratic weather patterns since its use in the Fiesta Twin cinema days, is noticeably cracked and frayed. For some, this probably might be charming and add to the allure and mystique of the old art-house archetype, but its shoddy nature betrays the indoor renovations that Frida Cinema director Logan Crow has invested in; new carpeting, art work and a mural adorn the inside walls. Now, the last piece of the puzzle is to embark on renovating that loyal marquee.

Generously, the Gay Neighbors, Families and Friends of Santa Ana have decided to initiate a fundraiser to help pitch in for a new marquee for the Frida, and are doing so by helping present a screening of the 1939 George Cukor classic The Women this Friday, aided by the company of classy martini drinks for 21-plus supporters.

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Comic Writer Sam Humphries at Phat Collectibles This Thursday!

Categories: Film and TV


Still feeling those pangs of nostalgia from Comic Con last weekend? We know you're not alone. Three days of indulging your inner comic nerd in the presence of industry greats and Hollywood A-listers can leave you swooning for days thereafter (hello, Guillermo Del Toro!). There's little that can be done about it, however, except for an upcoming event happening at Phat Collectibles this Thursday where Sam Humphries, comic writer for Marvel, Boom Studios, and Image, among others, will be around for various Q&A and book signings of the advance copy of Legendary Star Lord, which you can secure if you buy a ticket to see Guardians of the Galaxy at Anaheim's UltraLuxe Cinemas or at Phat Collectibles (you were probably gonna do that anyway, right?).

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Films, Martial Arts, and More at Fiesta Latina at Bowers Museum This Sunday

Categories: Film and TV

OC Film Fiesta
Kids take on the Buster Keaton-era of film

It's easy to forget that Bowers Museum, that not-so-tiny museum that houses rare artifacts from around the world, stays culturally relevant and fun with family events and festivals. Consider this Sunday's Fiesta Latina, a short but quirky four hours of entertainment that features various Latino-centric forms of expression, musical and otherwise. Salsa dancing lessons, a DJ set featuring tangos, rancheras, and boleros, Brazilian martial arts demonstration and a guitar performance round out the day's schedule, with a showcase of films at the center; a series of short films brought to you by the OC Film Fiesta shown at Bowers' Kershaw Auditorium.

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Magdi Faiz Girgis Murder Plot Against Wife in 2004 Featured on NBC's Dateline TONIGHT
Ryan Girgis is shown after the then-17-year-old broke out of his ties on Sept. 29, 2004. He'd been bound by killers of his mother who had been hired by his father.

A cold-case murder plotted by a Westminster respiratory therapist who did not want to pay for his divorce from his wife in 2004 gets the NBC Dateline treatment tonight.

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Former Superman vs. Former Superstud: Dean Cain and Matt Leinart Trade Barbs

Dean Cain: from Superman to life on the D list?

Dean Cain, who played Superman on the ABC series Lois & Clark in the 1990s, told TMZ Sports that Johnny Manziel should be careful about running with the Hollywood crowd because he wouldn't want to end up out of the NFL like Matt Leinart. Guess who took the Twitter after that?

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Justin Bieber Cruising Disneyland in a Wheelchair Draws Swift Biebot Defense

Wheely messed up?

Justin Bieber pivoted from pissing off wealthy neighbors to pissing off Disneyland guests over the weekend, when it was assumed he was making like your grandmother by using a wheelchair to cut to the front of attraction lines. But a rep for the Biebs says it ain't so ...

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Octomom Nadya Suleman Means to Make You Scream at Her in Latest Old Horror Movie

The motion picture formerly known as Millennium
Natalie Denise Suleman IS Vanessa in Millennium, I mean, 666: The Devil's Child.

When Octomom Nadya Suleman of Orange pleaded no contest Monday to welfare fraud, I figured some of the unreported income came from starring in the horror flick Millennium. After all, as I'd reported in November 2011, the director was saying Millennium was coming soon. Turns out we both were wrong.

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"Video Game Day" THIS SATURDAY at The Frida Cinema

Categories: Film and TV

Youtube/ Fresh Movie Trailers
Gamers unite

It's been a long time coming, but video games have finally landed their own documentary in the Zach Braff-produced feature Video Games: The Movie. Video Games presents an overview of the history of video games, as well as a look into their impact in popular culture and daily life, from their humble beginnings as pixelated moving squares manipulated by joysticks to being a huge entertainment industry that stretches worldwide and has branched into every form of consumer media.

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