Newport Beach Film Festival's 2015 Trailer Takes Aim at Global Cinema

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Newport Beach Film Festival
Skeet Art
A clip audience members who attend multiple Newport Beach Film Festival screenings between April 23-30 will see over and over and over (etc., etc.) again--a.k.a. the 2015 fest's trailer--is now up, and it's artsier fartsier than previous efforts, which is quite fitting given the cinematic extravaganza's "Know New Art" theme.

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For the Activist in Your Life, Take Them To See Concerning Violence This Saturday

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Youtube/Films Boutique
Ominous, isn't it?

If I remember my film studies correctly, Frantz Fanon was the writer, philosopher, theorist and psychiatrist who penned the methodical book Black Skin, White Masks on the negative psychological impacts of racism and colonization on black people in society; rudimentary stuff to us now, but revolutionary in its debut.

In fact, the writer had even more incendiary material in him for another book called The Wretched of the Earth, wherein he supports the use of violence by colonized or indigenous people in protests or struggles for human rights, as a direct nose-thumbing to oppressive powers who consider them less than human. Not surprisingly, Fanon's book was censored at the time, but proved to be highly influential to indigenous struggles around the world, and filmmaker Goran Olsson based his documentary Concerning Violence on the tome's major themes applied to the struggle for independence in Africa. Olsson's documentary, not released or even available in the United States, will be brought to El Centro Cultural de Mexico in SanTana by Colectivo de Mujeres Migrantes Unidas (Collective of United Migrant Women) this Saturday.

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Erin Gruwell Comes Back to UCI for Screening of Documentary on Her Freedom Writers

Freedom Writers Foundation
Erin Gruwell and her kids
In April 2012, Erin Gruwell came back to a town she used to reside in for a Newport Beach Film Festival screening of Stories From an Undeclared War, Dennis Rice's documentary about Gruwell's experiences teaching at Long Beach's Woodrow Wilson High School and beginning her Freedom Writers Foundation.

On Wednesday, Gruwell comes back to her alma mater--UC Irvine--to do that same thing, although the picture now goes by Freedom Writers: Stories From an Undeclared War.

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A Bond of Blood Rolling SUNDAY in Los Al is Neither a Bond Movie Nor a Gore Fest

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Oh, I've seen this one before.
If something seems familiar about the 1916 silent movie rolling in the Los Alamitos Museum Sunday afternoon, that's because it was shot near the venue where it is playing.

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Logan Crow Is the Frida Cinema's Screener

Photo by John Gilhooley
Roll it!

Logan Crow's world revolves around cinema. "Film and music were my first sexuality," the Frida Cinema director says. "I noticed those things way before I noticed my first boy or girl."

Crow wears many hats to run the daily operations of his beloved Santa Ana indie theater: programmer, projectionist, custodian, box-office clerk, promoter, poster designer, social-media correspondent, among others. You could say he'd do anything to provide like-minded movie aficionados a communal screening space. "I love the idea of inviting people over and showing them a film," he says. "I've been doing it all my life at home."

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The Incredible Story of Suavecito Pomade's Señores J-Bird and Pete and Tony Adame

Photos by John Gilhooley
Get it, hombres!

"No, no, no, no, man!" yells Tony Adame of Suavecito Pomade, barely containing his laughter. "Don't use that shot--ha, ha!"

Adame, his brother Pete, and their business partner J-Bird stand along with about six of their friends in an abandoned parking lot near the 5 freeway in Santa Ana, the city's iconic water tower looming in the distance. Everyone is howling as the photo shoot dissolves into camp. Not that the three are ever fancy paisas: For the past three hours, the Adame brothers and J-Bird have faithfully re-created the infamous Tijuana tourist trap you see above, complete with sombreros, ponchos, a custom-built stand they slapped together in minutes, and a pair of miniature donkeys named Jorge and Angelina Jolie they rented from a ranch in Malibu just for the shoot.

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Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend

Photo by John Gilhooley
We miss you, Alison!

Alison Rosen works out of the roomy upstairs apartment she shares with her husband, Daniel Quantz, and their cute little pooch, Wendy, in Los Angeles, but she is Orange County through and through.

Born in Oakland, Rosen was 1 when her parents moved into the same Corona del Mar house in which they reside today. "I think they wanted a safe place to raise kids," she says from her apartment's comfy sofa. She spent her Orange County years becoming a professional journalist, punk-rock guitarist and subject of hilarious self-deprecating exploits she frequently shares on her popular podcast Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend, which is recorded from her dining-room table.

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VIDEO: ¡Ask a Mexican! on Why Mexicans Play the Radio So Damn Loud

Usually blasting one of these puppies, of course...

So you ever driving only to hear a spleen-destroying tuba riff, a eardrum-bursting accordion trill, or bone-rattling bass line? Yep: A Mexican is coming! In the latest edition of my ¡Ask a Mexican! video series, I take on the question of why we Mexis have to bump it so damn loud (hint: because 11).

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Has Angels Slugger Josh Hamilton's Wife Katie Quit Real Housewives of Orange County?

Josh and Katie Hamilton (left) greet Heather Dubrow of Real Housewives of Orange County.
There is apparently much Real Housewives of Orange County footage in the can of new cast member Katie Hamilton, but Josh Hamilton's wife has reportedly not appeared at shoots for the Bravo reality show currently in production for about two weeks--or about as long as the public has known about the Angels slugger's looming suspension for substance abuse.

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Dr Who Fans Time Travel to Disneyland This SUNDAY

Courtesy Amy McCain

If you go to Disneyland Sunday and find yourself wondering why you're seeing so many people wearing fezzes or what's the significance of that blue police call box you keep seeing in various forms, the answer to all of your confusion is Doctor Who.

Devoted fans of the British sci-fi television show with a cult following--naturally called Whovians--will converge en masse upon Disneyland proper for the third time on Sunday. The first Galliday gathering (named as a play on the Doctor's home planet Gallifrey) was titled "The Oncoming Storm" and took place in January of 2014. "The Next Regeneration" followed in September, and now the first Galliday of 2015 is entitled "Jelly Baby Jamboree"--a reference to the Fourth Doctor's beloved snack.

Galliday organizer and founder Amy McCain will be dressing up as a femme version the Fourth Doctor herself this weekend in honor of the theme. McCain took the time to speak with us in anticipation of this weekend's Whovian festivities which range from a photo scavenger hunt to Whovian speed dating at Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar after hours. Allons-y!

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