Hairy Who and The Chicago Imagists Screens This Thursday at OCMA

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Leslie Buchbinder's documentary film Hairy Who and The Chicago Imagists first amazed audiences this past April at the Newport Beach Film Festival and makes its way back to OC Thursday night at the Orange County Museum of Art. I even had the pleasure of interviewing Buchbinder about the Hairy Who and making the film; you can read that in-depth conversation here.

To summarize, Hairy Who and The Chicago Imagists illustrates (with nifty illustrated animation, no less) the bizarre and irreverent cadre of Chicago artists from the 1960s whose work challenged the growing pop art movement of New York and Los Angeles. Those scenes had become highly acclaimed in the art world; the work of the Imagists did not.

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The One I Love Screens and Director Charlie McDowell Talks About It at Chapman Thursday

214 Radius TWS
Charlie McDowell crouches down to go over a The One I Love scene with actor Mark Duplass.
When I yammered on and on about how much I enjoyed The One I Love when it hit theaters about a month ago, I shared Charlie McDowell's unusual trip to the director's chair for a most unusual indie feature.

It's a trip the writer/actor/American Film Institute-trained filmmaker son of Mary Steenburgen and Malcolm McDowell can now share with you Thursday night at Chapman University.

McDowell is scheduled to participate in an audience Q&A after The One I Love screens in Dodge College's Folino Theater starting at 7 p.m. Thursday. The public is invited but an RSVP is required HERE.

Despite the training and Hollywood pedigree, what made McDowell an in-demand director was his Twitter feed of open letters to two ditzy female roommates in their mid-twenties who lived in the apartment above his. They were later compiled in his book Dear Girls Above Me: Inspired by a True Story, whose fans included Lena Dunham, Zach Galifianakis and Mark Duplass.

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SoCal Film Festival Celebrates 10 Years Starting Today and Earns Much Praise from Filmmakers

Yep, it's been a decade, movie lovers.

Time flies when you're watching a well-made film, and time has flown for a now 10-year-old Huntington Beach festival that specializes in indie flicks and the people who make them.

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Director Alex Rivera Reflects on the "Twisted Existential Shit" at the Core of Sleep Dealer

Maya Entertainment
He's coming for you, illegal drinkers of corporate water!

A prescient, five-year-old, science-fiction thriller that is steeped in love, death, border crossing, maquiladoras, social justice and global connectivity, corporatization and water issues? Hell to the yes you need to see Sleep Dealer, and all the better if that seeing is on a big Frida Cinema screen in Santa Ana Saturday afternoon. That's because you'll be able to applaud/bow before/ask WTF? of director Alex Rivera afterward.

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Documented A Film by Undocumented American Jose Antonio Vargas, Screens TOMORROW at The Frida

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Youtube/ Documented
Jose Antonio Vargas silently protesting a Mitt Romney rally

It was three years ago when journalist Jose Antonio Vargas publicly admitted he was an undocumented immigrant in a New York Times essay; such a bold act not only won him praise for his courage, but also made Vargas the most prominent face of the immigration movement and strengthened his efforts to raise discussion on the issue. Yet Vargas' struggle hasn't relented since then; he narrowly missed the age requirement to qualify for the DREAM act's worker relief. He was also arrested by immigration services while trying to board a plane out of Texas (although he was released in a matter of hours).

Vargas has gone on to write more thoroughly on his immigration status, while also making a film that presents this story. Documented: A Film by an Undocumented American depicts Vargas' life, from when he came to America at age 12 to his conscious efforts to bring immigration reform as an adult, and his life since making his immigration status public. Documented will screen for one night only at the Frida cinema this Thursday to support Chican@s Unidos OC.

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2014 Silent River Film Festival of Irvine Expands to Beverly, Hills That Is

Silent River Film Festival
The fourth run of this world cinema festival extends to a second city, Beverly Hills.

Silent River Film Festival founder and director Kalpna Singh-Chitnis paused while listing the great things about the 2013 run for us to complain about "a lack of support from sponsors, the local business community, art organizations and many community leaders." But after three straight years of being exclusively an Irvine event, Singh-Chitnis is expanding to Beverly Hills. If you're the glass-is-half-full type, that could mean the fest that fills films from all over the world will have new sponsors, local businesses, art organizations and community leaders to count on. If you're the half-empty type ... well ...

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College's Chapman Filmed Entertainment Indie Company Makes the First Cut with The Barber

Chapman Filmed Entertainment
Director and Chapman alum Basel Owies directs actor Scott Glenn in a scene for The Barber.

The Barber, which is the first movie made by Chapman Filmed Entertainment, the university film school's independent production company, is well on its way to appearing on a screen near you. (I almost wrote big screen near you, but with so many platforms for premieres these days who knows which screen size anymore?)

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Bloody Wedding Oozes with Nominations You Can Help It Win at FANtastic Horror Film Fest

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Thumbnail image for tiffany4.jpg
Sharkey Films
Pason is a best supporting actress nominee for her role in Bloody Wedding.
To be perfectly honest, I remember more having to correct multiple mistakes I made in a half-asleep-written post about Bloody Wedding when it rolled at the 2012 Newport Beach Film Festival than I do the campy slasher flick. But please do not let that stop you from voting for several fan awards for which the locally produced flick has been nominated.

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The Forgotten Eagles Remembers the Daring Mexican WWII Fighters This Saturday at The Frida

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Public Domain
Causing DESMADRE at over 20,000 feet in the air

As the Santa Ana Public Library continues to commit to serving some of the needs of veterans through its available resources, the historians and archivists on staff have launched a series of events aimed at raising awareness on the issues post-war veterans face in their daily lives. This series, known as "War Comes Home: Finding Peace at the Home Front" will delve every week into a new topic in war history through historical exhibitions, film screenings, book discussions, and lectures.

In line with this objective, a screening SAPL is presenting at the Frida Cinema this Saturday is a historical documentary on the little-known unit of Mexican soldiers who served in World War II known as the Aztec Eagles. Made in 2006 and narrated by Edward James Olmos, The Forgotten Eagles recounts the heroic efforts by the Aztec Eagles as they volunteered to put their lives on the line for their country.

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Silverado Film Festival Lineup, Like the Location, is Really Out There (in a Good Way)

Six-year-old girl skateboarders, a boy and his worm, a guy who won't dance, an accountant who loves a seagull and the real-life unique folks who populate Silverado Canyon are among the subjects of films and music videos rolling at the third annual Silverado Film Festival the night of Sept. 27.

The event is broken up into two parts, with child-friendly films shown from roughly 7-8:30 p.m. and adult content screening from 8:30-10 p.m., according to Joel Robinson, the fest organizer, Weekly contributor and naturalist/outreach coordinator with the Santa Ana Mountains Wild Heritage Project.

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