Chicano Comedy Aguruphobia Screens at the Frida This Saturday

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This Saturday is your chance to check out a unique independent Chicano film for a cause. A-Guruphobia, written, directed and produced by Richard Montes, is a dark comedy about a guru, his biggest fan, and their mutual struggle to conquer ownership of the wave vibrator (um... what?). Not only does this event feature a screening of the film, but cast and crew will be on hand for a Q& A moderated by Macarthur genius Rueben Martinez of Libreria Martinez, as well as special guest Raul Alonso Evans with AIDS Project Los Angeles.

Price of admission guarantees you access to see the film and Q&A, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that you're helping the filmmakers complete their financial goals towards paying the actors in the film and distribution costs. And if that still doesn't convince you, consider that sponsor Jarritos will be giving away free bottles of soda to guests. So buy a ticket and GO GO GO!

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Maribel Ramos' Amazing Life, Heartbreaking Disappearance Are on Friday's Dateline NBC

Dateline NBC
Maribel Ramos was last seen alive paying her May 2013 rent in Orange.

Another high profile Orange County murder case is getting the Dateline NBC treatment Friday night.

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In Plain Sight: Stories of Hope and Freedom Gives Sobering Glimpse of Human Trafficking

In Plain Sight: Stories of Hope and Freedom
This woman told producers she was 8 when her mother sold her.

What is happening "in plain sight" on American streets? Girls and women are being snatched up and forced into prostitution, say the producers of In Plain Sight: Stories of Hope and Freedom, which is being shown in Costa Mesa Friday night as part of the documentary's 14 premieres around the country.

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Pump The Movie is a Real Gas So Get Out to See It at Frida Cinema TONIGHT!


Our big sistah paper in NYC, Village Voice, called Pump the Movie a "compelling and cogent documentary," so since it ends its one-week run at the Frida Cinema in Santa Ana tonight, get on over and see it (at 7:30 or 9:15 p.m.).

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Bill Burr, MST3K Crew and Cartoon Mike Tyson Featured Among 5 Small Screen Can't Misses

Adult Swim
Season 2 of Newsreaders begins tonight with a new host.

I can't speak for you, but here are five things coming to small screens that I don't want to miss.

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Octomom Nadya Suleman's Masturbation Video Proceeds Peak the ... uh ... Interest of IRS

Wicked Pictures
Octomom's porn proceeds spark IRS interest.
Turns out Octomom Nadya Suleman's legal troubles may not have been over with her no contest plea to welfare fraud in July.

Orange's single, seldom-employed mother of 14 received two years probation and a small fine for receiving public assistance in 2012 from Los Angeles County despite having earned $144,000, including more than $100,000 from her masturbation video.

But Octo-cheater may not be done paying up. The Internal Revenue Service is reportedly investigating her for possibly failing to report at least some of her income.

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1,000 Times Goodnight, Juliette Binoche and Peter Travers Are "in" Port Theater TONIGHT

The New Port Theater
The outside of Port Theater and programming inside have entered a new age.
Before and after its 2012 resurrection, the Port Theater in Corona del Mar has been the host of film screenings followed by audience Q&A's with filmmakers and stars.

That's happening again at 7 tonight with the drama 1,000 Times Goodnight, although there is a twist: moderator and Rolling Stone film critic Peter Travers, in-theater reporter Alison Bailes and the film's star Juliette Binoche will be 2,800ish miles away in New York City.

The New York Film Critics Series presents live, interactive, high-definition screenings of films that are beamed into independent cinemas, before the regular theatrical openings.

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Hibbleton Gallery Brings You the Cinema of India

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Youtube/ pescespada
from Satyajit Ray's Devi

There's more to Indian cinema than their popular Bollywood exports--much more. That's why programmers at Hibbleton gallery have opted to make their latest film series an ongoing introduction to the cinema of India. Films by Indian filmmakers, about India from non-Indians, from art house to documentary to classics to political films, Hibbleton'll host a menagerie of genres to sink your teeth into to enlighten, captivate and amaze viewers who choose to give them a chance.

This series barely scratches the tip of the proverbial iceberg in the range of Indian films that exist, but it's a start--a two-month start, even. Screenings start this Wednesday, and as always, you can settle in for some rousing discussion with Steve Elkins, who presents each film, at every film's end. Here's the full list of films to expect.

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Read Nick Schou's Kill the Messenger, See the Trailer, Read the Review, See the Flick

Original Kill the Messenger book cover (left) and the version now that there's a major motion picture.
As you'd expect, the cover has changed to OC Weekly managing editor Nick Schou's book Kill the Messenger now that a major motion picture of the same title based on the book hits theaters today.

Whether vintage or new, you'll want to read the book before venturing into a local theater to see the movie starring Jeremy Renner. For Nick's sake, why not buy copies of each version? Check Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Takes Over The Frida Cinema This Friday Night

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scott pilgrim picture show.jpg
Without the added participatory elements of a light show, sing-along, or garlic bread handed to me, Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World is still a movie worth watching. Yet, the folks at Cinemattack from Fountain Valley have planned all those things and more for their upcoming screening of the film at the Frida Cinema in SanTana this Friday night.

The film, based on the popular graphic novel by Brian Lee O'Malley, was well received by critics and fans alike upon its initial release, and like the graphic novel, has nurtured its own cult following (although it's no big issue if you're unfamiliar with the source material since the film stands alone for its hilarious and visually stunning merits). It stars my good buddy Michael Cera in the title role, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Allison Pill, Aubrey Plaza, Kieran Culkin and Anna Kendrick, who bring to life O'Malley's beloved characters to the screen.

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