Huicholes: The Last Peyote Guardians Screens at Fullerton College This WEDNESDAY

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Courtesy of the Filmmakers
Filmmaker Hernan Vilchez and his actor Enrique Ramirez were somewhere near Albuquerque when they sent over carefully thought-out responses to my questions about their latest film, Huicholes: The Last Peyote Guardians, including the basis of the title. "We're the only ones who manage the peyote; it gives us more strength to find where we are connected to the spirits around the universe, and from there comes our visions and everything in the natural world," wrote Ramirez, the spiritual guide and shaman (known as marakame).

Ramirez and Vilchez are currently on a North American tour to spread the word about their film and the people at its center, the Huichols, the people native to the Mexican states of Nayarit, Zacatecas, and Jalisco, an area they refer to as Wirikuta. They currently face threats from corporate mining companies who desire their land for excavation and exploitation. Huicholes stops by this Wednesday at Fullerton College with Ramirez and Vilchez in tow with an open call for donations to help fund the remaining costs of the film and for the Huichol community.

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OC Screen Productions' Between Two Harbors, Chasing Hollywood Chase Kickstarter Funds

We Are Ocean
Recovering from cancer on a surfboard, in the fledgling documentary Between Two Harbors.
Locally tingled small screen productions are currently seeking funding via Kickstarter, to varying success.

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Weekender Updater Returns with Killers, Defendants, Dearly Departed and 2 Local Flicks

OC Weekly archives
It's back
Haven't done this in awhile, and judging by the backlog that was a mistake. Click on through for updates on stories we've been following on Navel Gazing.

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An Inconvenient Thirst: 6 Videos on UCI/JPL's Alarming Groundwater Research

American Museum of Natural History
From his JPL desk, Jay Famiglietti talks about dwindling drinking water in Australia.

Check out the following six (mostly brief) videos that have UC Irvine/Jet Propulsion Laboratory water scientist Jay Famiglietti and his team's research explaining the California and global groundwater crises.

READING ASSIGNMENT: An Inconvenient Thirst: Water scientist Jay Famiglietti pleas for smart use of our most precious resource before it's too late. Will we listen?


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Human Cinema Film Fest Brings Student Ethnographic Films to the Big Screen

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An avant garde Khmer dancer, dumpster divers, avid Etsy craftmakers, and an intense form of body modification known as suspension--just some of the subjects from the movies of this year's inaugural Human Cinema Film Festival. Organized by the students from Cal State University Long Beach's visual anthropology branch of the college's anthropology department, HCFF culls together shorts from their peers at CSULB, USC, and UC Santa Cruz.

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Real Housewives of Orange County Producers Sue for $5 mil for Allegedly Being Denied Profits

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This time the drama's on the other side of the camera.

Two producers of The Real Housewives of Orange County are suing the show's creator and network for $5 million, claiming they were wrongly cut from Bravo's original Real Housewives franchise show and the series profits that came with it.

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New PBS Show Explores Why Cambodians in Long Beach Don't Graduate from High School

"Pass or Fail in Cambodia Town" premieres Monday at 7 p.m. online and 7:30 p.m. on PBS SoCaL.

A program premiering on PBS SoCaL Monday night took its cameras to Long Beach to find out why Cambodians in the U.S. have low high school graduation rates and what is being done to reverse that in the American city with the highest Cambodian population.

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See We've Got Balls in Director Cherie Kerr's Own Intimate Santa Ana Theater SATURDAY

Ree-Invent Films
No false advertising here: They do indeed got balls.

The founder of the OC Crazies did not have to go far for a venue for a benefit screening of the crazy indie comedy film she wrote, produced and directed. It's in the same Santa Ana theater where Cherie Kerr's comedy improv classes and productions are held.

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Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret Movie Comes with Free Veggie Meal If You Act NOW!

A.U.M. Films
Hey, I'm in a mooooovie.

Nothing whips up a hankering for some chow like a feature-length environmental documentary exposing the total destruction being inflicted upon planet Earth by the meat and dairy industry. Fortunately, the presenters of a special, one-time showing of Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret at the Irvine Spectrum have you covered. But you've got to act NOW for the free (and sustainable!) grub.

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Kidnapped for Christ Screens After Kate Logan Talks About Her Horrific Teen Center Film

Kidnapped for Christ LLC
Anti-gay therapy is the pits.

Biola University student Kate Logan went to the Dominican Republic to make a movie about a troubled teen center. But once in Jarabacoa she discovered teens had been kidnapped at the behest of their parents to attend a school where they'd undergo behavior modification and anti-gay therapy. Thus, the theme of Logan's documentary changed, something she'll talk about at a panel discussion in Long Beach Saturday night before Kidnapped for Christ screens.

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