College's Chapman Filmed Entertainment Indie Company Makes the First Cut with The Barber

Chapman Filmed Entertainment
Director and Chapman alum Basel Owies directs actor Scott Glenn in a scene for The Barber.

The Barber, which is the first movie made by Chapman Filmed Entertainment, the university film school's independent production company, is well on its way to appearing on a screen near you. (I almost wrote big screen near you, but with so many platforms for premieres these days who knows which screen size anymore?)

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Bloody Wedding Oozes with Nominations You Can Help It Win at FANtastic Horror Film Fest

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Sharkey Films
Pason is a best supporting actress nominee for her role in Bloody Wedding.
To be perfectly honest, I remember more having to correct multiple mistakes I made in a half-asleep-written post about Bloody Wedding when it rolled at the 2012 Newport Beach Film Festival than I do the campy slasher flick. But please do not let that stop you from voting for several fan awards for which the locally produced flick has been nominated.

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The Forgotten Eagles Remembers the Daring Mexican WWII Fighters This Saturday at The Frida

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Public Domain
Causing DESMADRE at over 20,000 feet in the air

As the Santa Ana Public Library continues to commit to serving some of the needs of veterans through its available resources, the historians and archivists on staff have launched a series of events aimed at raising awareness on the issues post-war veterans face in their daily lives. This series, known as "War Comes Home: Finding Peace at the Home Front" will delve every week into a new topic in war history through historical exhibitions, film screenings, book discussions, and lectures.

In line with this objective, a screening SAPL is presenting at the Frida Cinema this Saturday is a historical documentary on the little-known unit of Mexican soldiers who served in World War II known as the Aztec Eagles. Made in 2006 and narrated by Edward James Olmos, The Forgotten Eagles recounts the heroic efforts by the Aztec Eagles as they volunteered to put their lives on the line for their country.

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Silverado Film Festival Lineup, Like the Location, is Really Out There (in a Good Way)

Six-year-old girl skateboarders, a boy and his worm, a guy who won't dance, an accountant who loves a seagull and the real-life unique folks who populate Silverado Canyon are among the subjects of films and music videos rolling at the third annual Silverado Film Festival the night of Sept. 27.

The event is broken up into two parts, with child-friendly films shown from roughly 7-8:30 p.m. and adult content screening from 8:30-10 p.m., according to Joel Robinson, the fest organizer, Weekly contributor and naturalist/outreach coordinator with the Santa Ana Mountains Wild Heritage Project.

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OC Film Fiesta Soars High with Opening Night Film Flying Low

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volando bajo oc film fiesta screening.jpg
OC Film Fiesta
#TBT 1980s, and their awful hairdos

Campy, heartwarming, and not without its comedic charms, Beto Gomez's latest film Flying Low sustains the director's on-point sense of parody in using for fodder a send-up of '80s and '90s Mexican music and cinema. That humor is at play throughout most of the film, yet it doesn't take away from any moments of warmth.

Flying Low tells the story of childhood BFFs Chuyin Venegas (Gerardo Taracena) and Cornelio Barraza (Rodrigo Oviedo) who grow up to be Mexico's greatest musical duo Los Jilgueros de Rosarito, a Lennon and McCartney of their times who write soft rock love ballads in the vein of '80s Mexi acts like Los Angeles Negros, Los Yonics or even the mega iconic Los Bukis. Fame and overexposure ultimately eat away at the duo's bond, and they go their separate ways--until Cornelio's untimely death sends Chuyin reeling away from his hectic rock star life. With a news reporter in tow, he travels from his immaculate Paris mansion back to his native small town Cantamar to recover forgotten lyrics the two friends composed years back, and to confront his past.

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The Dream is Now, Immigration Reform Film, Screens Locally with Panel Discussions
Davis Guggenheim's The Dream is Now launched a movement, a hashtag and a dot-org.

A documentary short calling for the repair of "America's broken immigration system" begins the first of two Sunday screenings during September in Orange County this weekend.

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Popular Huell Howser Documentary Gets Two More Screenings at Chapman University

Chapman University/Huell Howser Archive
California golden: longtime PBS host Huell Howser

Six consecutive sold-out audiences greeted the world premiere of a Chapman University professor's documentary on the late Huell Howser in March. Now, due to popular demand, A Golden State of Mind: The Storytelling Genius of Huell Howser, returns to the Orange campus for two screenings Saturday.

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Isaiah Washington of Grey's Anatomy COULD NOT Attend His Gay-Friendly Film Screening

UPDATE, Sept. 15, 7:27 A.M.: Actor-producer Isaiah Washington's schedule changed, preventing him from attending the Long Beach QFilm Festival screening of his film Blackbird, according to the movie's publicist Tim Yates.

KBiz Entertainment
Isaiah Washington (left) produced and stars in Blackbird, the first picture Mo'Nique shot after winning an Oscar for Precious. A gay teen struggles with his sexuality in Blackbird.

The red carpet at the QFilm Festival just got more interesting. Scheduled to make appearances Saturday evening at Long Beach's longest-running LGBTQ-themed film festival is actor Isaiah Washington, who famously joked on the Golden Globes red carpet in 2007, "I love gay. I wanted to be gay. Please let me be gay" in response to reporters asking whether he'd called a fellow Grey's Anatomy cast member a faggot.

Needless to say, the joke did not go over well.

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Meet The Amazing Race's Amazing Orange County Couple Dennis Hour and Isabelle Du

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The Amazing Race/CBS
Dennis Hour and Isabelle Du first met while attending Chapman University in Orange.

Perhaps an indicator that an Orange County immigrant community has finally made it is when some members join the casts of network television reality shows--within weeks of one another. Previously we told you about Bri Nguyen of Westminster being part of the new Fox reality show Utopia that debuts Friday night. A Tustin couple who hail from the Vietnamese American and Cambodian American communities will be contestants on The Amazing Race, the perennial Emmy winner that starts its 25th season on CBS Sept. 26.

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Gringo Trails, Screening Free Thursday, Shows What Some Sickos Do on Their Global Jaunts

Icarus Films
"Shoot the selfie, Susie!" Gringo Trails follows the global vacation route.

Now that you're back from your summer vacation, it's time to sit back and relax in front of a local movie screen--in particular the one at the Peter & Mary Muth Interpretive Center in Newport Beach showing a documentary Thursday (for free!) that questions what you may have done around the world.

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