Dateline's Keith Morrison Promises New Twists in Tonight's Robert Fischer Murder Case Report

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Keith Morrison returns to the Robert Fischer murder case well tonight on Dateline Friday.
It could be that NBC's Dateline Friday is repackaging its January report on a case that was either a murder, suicide or accidental fatal shooting involving a San Clemente divorce lawyer because there is a tie-in with the holidays. Or, as correspondent Keith Morrison promises in his video teaser after the jump, there may be "new developments" in his "In the Dead of Night" report airing tonight at 8 9*.

* NBC announced a time change this morning.

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Scary Funny: Seth Rogen Learns What Frightens a Dictator

Bobby Saygan

By Amy Nicholson

Update:: Sony has officially canceled the theatrical release of The Interview following terrorist threats against theaters--and the announcement that several major theater chains had opted not to exhibit the film.

Sony assumed North Korea would hate the movie. The question was: What would it do? Pyongyang had just tested its atom bomb and threatened "pre-emptive nuclear attack." And the Supreme Leader with his finger on the trigger was barely older than 30, with less than two years of experience.

But Kim Jong-un didn't care about Olympus Has Fallen, even though the violently anti-North Korean 2013 film showed his people strangling women, murdering unarmed men, kidnapping the U.S. president and even executing their fellow citizens. That wasn't worth a fight.

A year later, North Korea had a bigger enemy: Seth Rogen.

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Bob Iger: Star Wars to Have Greater Presence at Disneyland, Just Not the Star Wars We've Seen

Lucasfilm Walt Disney Co.
Back to Star Tours and the Indiana Jones ride, old man!
Star Wars has been associated with Disneyland since before Star Tours opened at the Anaheim theme park on April 12, 1992, and now two years after the Walt Disney Co. bought Lucasfilm for $4 billion, the entertainment giant's chief has revealed the movie franchise will be even more greatly integrated into the Mouse House.

Well, at least part of the Star Wars franchise will be ...

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Iranian Vampire Western A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night Opens Friday in OC

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Youtube/ Vice
Sheila Vand as the the title role in A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

I'm not sure what's most alluring about Ana Lily Amirpour's directorial debut A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night. It could be the sensual mystique of its black-and-white cinematography, the inventive take on the classic vampire film, or the spaghetti Western score. But Amirpour's film shook up Hollywood this year, so check out its limited release in OC when it opens this Friday.

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A Sneak Peek at Rampage Jackson's New Online Series RampageFit: VIDEO

Let 'Em Have It Productions
Required viewing ... or else.
A new online series that focuses on Irvine MMA fighter/Hollywood actor/Laguna Hills fitness guru Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is coming to a small screen near you soon, according to producers.

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Missy Franklin and Kara Lynn Joyce Touch Hearts in Touch The Wall Doc

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Courtesy Touch The Wall

Filmmaker Grant Barbeito remembers being doubtful at first about shooting video of his friend's 14-year-old swimmer daughter, Missy Franklin. But after seeing her impressive skills in person, he became an immediate acolyte, going on to persuade friend and fellow filmmaker Christo Brock into shooting video of Franklin. Brock himself was skeptical until meeting Franklin.

"We weren't looking to shoot a swimmer, but we got extremely lucky when an older professional by the name of Kara Lynn Joyce decided to come train in Colorado, and then all of a sudden we knew we had a story," says Block.

That story became the blossoming friendship and cameraderie between Franklin and Joyce, which is the subject of the new documentary Touch The Wall. Co-directed by Barberito and Brock, the film opens this Friday at the Regency South Coast in Costa Mesa.

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JT Holmes to Present Warren Miller's No Turning Back and Sign Posters THURSDAY

Photo by Braden Gunem
JT Holmes comes off the slopes and into the Lido Thursday night.
UPDATE, DEC. 3, 3 P.M.: Surfer and Hollywood stuntman JT Holmes will present Thursday night's screening of Warren Miller's No Turning Back and stick around the lobby of the Lido to sign posters. Holmes, who has a place in Santa Barbara, shot an unbelievable scene in the Alps speed riding with a parachute in the picture that begins rolling at 7:30 p.m.

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VIDEO: ¡Ask a Mexican! On Why Mexicans Should Care About Michael Brown and Ferguson

Lalo Alcaraz
Lalo's legendary take on the 2007 Macarthur Park cop riots against peaceful Mexis

Marches in solidarity with Michael Brown and Ferguson have happened and will happen in Orange County--but so has the nasty backlash against such people, as evidenced by some of our readers, and some of my readers over on my ¡Ask a Mexican! Facebook page. The vitriol was such, in fact, that I decided to drop my lame humor in this week's ¡Ask a Mexican! video and give a big ol' chanclazo to the haters.

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RiffTrax Live Warms the Chestnuts of K. Gordon Murray's 1959 Bizarro Flick Santa Claus

VCI Home Entertainment
I must concede that I am unfamiliar with producer K. Gordon Murray's 1959 film Santa Claus but the holiday theme and billing as a "bizarre" movie make it perfect fodder for RiffTrax Live No. 14 (a.k.a. Mystery Science Theater 3000's Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett riffing on movies beamed live into more than 600 theaters, including five in Orange County).

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Hibbleton Gallery Presents William Klein's 'Delirious Fictions' Monday Nights In December

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Youtube/ Wisteria Film
Who Are You, Polly Maggoo?

William Klein is not widely known in the United States, but he's a a filmmaker's filmmaker, adored by cinephiles and art critics for his use of social commentary and surrealism. Touching upon topics such as materialism, war, Imperialism, and government surveillance, Klein's films contain the potent satire of a Kubrick film and without the flashy stylistic pizzazz of Godard's New Wave (another French contemporary whose work surely overshadowed Klein's in the '60s).

Klein's films will be highlighted every Monday night in December at Hibbleton Gallery in Fullerton. Described here as "delirious fictions," Hibbleton Gallery's own filmmaker-in-residence Steve Elkins will offer his usual screening-cum-lecture-cum-discussion. And, like all screenings at the gallery, each film is FREE!

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