Orange County Bernie Sanders Supporters Seem to Have a Problem with the Koch Brothers

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California for Bernie Sanders
Darth Koch on the left?
When I was informed Orange County supporters of Bernie Sanders' presidential bid were protesting the Koch brothers Saturday, I had to know why. After all, Dave and Chuck Koch are successful industrialists who are really involved in making America a better place ... for successful industrialists. So I asked a random person happening by if she knew why OC Sanders supporters would be so down on the Kochs.

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Surfboard Tied to Two New Guinness World Records on Display at U.S. Open of Surfing

Surfrider Foundation
Hang 132!
The giant surfboard that set a Guinness world record in Huntington Beach on International Surfing Day June 20--by having 66 people ride it at once--is being taken out of its giant, zip-up surfboard bag.

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Friday May Begin OC's Final Run for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Elephants

Feld Entertainment
They're back!
When Feld Entertainment announced in March that it was phasing performing elephants out of its Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, 2018 was given as the year by which all 13 Asian elephants traveling with three productions would be relocated to the company's Center for Elephant Conservation in Florida. But as the newest tour, Circus EXTREME, rolls into Anaheim Friday for a two-week run, Feld officials are saying these may be the last shows when the elephants will be seen in the Honda Center.

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Atheists and Christians Debate Abortion in Huntington Beach: DATE CHANGE!

Photo by flickr user Steve Rhodes
A-bor-tion protest, the San Francisco treat!
UPDATE, JULY 16, 8:11 A.M.: Backyard Skeptics announced this morning that the abortion debate between atheists and Christians has been rescheduled to next Thursday, July 23.

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Gordon "Grubby" Clark of Clark Foam Fame to be Inducted into Surfers' Hall of Fame

Bev Morgan/Surfing Heritage and Culture Center (SHCC)
Surfer magazine named Gordon "Grubby" Clark the 10th most influential surfer of the 20th century.
It doesn't seem right that Gordon "Grubby" Clark will be immortalized in cement in front of Huntington Surf & Sport near the Huntington Beach Pier on July 31. In a perfect world, the 2015 inductee to the Surfers' Hall of Fame would be immortalized in foam--as in polyurethane foam, not saltwater foam produced by crashing waves.

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Should Anyone Care That Ann Coulter Hawks Her Latest Polemic in Costa Mesa TOMORROW?

Regnery Publishing
Hot on the shelves!

I may be going out on a limb here, because I have yet to read Ann Coulter's new book (or, come to think of it, any Ann Coulter book), but other than the upside down exclamation marks before the titles and right side up exclamation marks after, her ¡Adios, America! and The Mexican-in-Chief's ¡Ask a Mexican! book and columns take far different views of U.S. immigration policy.

The pair of authors do have this in common: both will be in Costa Mesa Wednesday.

Gustavo will be here at Weekly HQ, putting the final touches on the latest edition of the best alternative newsweekly in all the land (that's for sale).

Coulter will be pimping ¡Adios, America! at the local Barnes & Noble Booksellers, where a crowd is expected ... to protest her. (They likely won't be able to get as close at Coulter's July 13 gig at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda.)

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Assholes Alert! Orange County NeoFreethinkers Hear UCI Professor's Asshole Theory SUNDAY

Peter Montoya says his Church for Thinkers is catching fire with believers and non-believers alike. With that in mind (and spirit), let us think about the topic of this weekend's "Re-Think Sunday" presentation by Aaron James, a UC Irvine professor of philosophy: "Assholes: a Theory."

Oh, I think it's more than a theory, brothers and sistahs! (Ask anyone who reads me!)

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Confederate Flag Flies in Laguna Beach...Art Exhibit

As South Carolina considers taking down its Confederate flag, the stars and bars battle flags fly in Laguna Beach starting Saturday--if by "battle flags" you mean "images of the Confederate flag in two paintings" and by "Laguna Beach" you mean "Laguna Art Museum" and by "flying" you meaning "hanging on walls."

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Newport Beach Fest, Frank Marshall and Peter Bogdanovich Team to Finish Orson Welles Film

Cover design by Dustin Ames/OC Weekly
I dealt with the latest news on the tireless efforts to complete The Other Side of the Wind, Orson Welles' final film, in about the last fifth or eighth of my April 16 cover story that featured 100 "Orsovations" to preview the centennial celebration of the master at that month's Newport Beach Film Festival. Little did I know that the festival and two Hollywood players who had roles in my piece--actor/director/friend of "O" Peter Bogdanovich and the pride of Newport Harbor High School turned big-time producer Frank Marshall--would go on to join forces for a crowd-funding campaign aimed at bringing The Other Side of the Wind to the big screen.

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Surfrider's International Surfing Day in Surf City Ends with Guinness World Record [VIDEOS]

Surfrider Foundation
Move over, two girls, one cup: It's 66 riders, one surfboard.
Surfrider Foundation's 11th annual International Surfing Day included clean-ocean events all over the globe, but the Huntington Beach gathering was significant because it drew the San Clemente-based nonprofit's CEO, featured the collection of 116.5 pounds of trash and was capped with a Guinness World Record.

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