How to Stop Granny from Getting Screwed by Scammers

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My elderly father got a call from someone pretending to be his grandson saying he was at a buddy's wedding in the Middle East, had too much to drink, got into an accident leaving the reception and now needed $2,500 to bail out of jail. When the caller screwed up on the first name, Pops figured out he was being scammed.

I heard a prosecutor say the same exact thing happened to her mother, who went ahead and wired the money, but the prosecutor managed to get a full refund from the scammer, who was never brought to justice.

The point is, the scamming of your grandparents is getting out of hand.

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Another Month, Another Newps' UFO Swarm

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As you know, Orange County has experienced a swarm of earthquakes since Friday night's 5.1 magnitude shaker in La Habra. But did you know the ground is not the only place where local swarmin' has been going on recently?

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As Quake Aftershock Wakes Up La Habrans, USGS Warns of Phony "Big One" Letter

As aftershocks continue to spook folks in Greater La Habra--a magnitude 2.8 shaker centered a mile south of the city woke some folks up at 6:02 this morning--the U.S. Geological Survey is warning Southern Californians about a fake alert that went out on the agency's letterhead about a Big One coming.

"USGS had no part in this letter or any alleged alert," responds the agency. "USGS does not predict earthquakes."

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County Passes Along Tsunami Survival Tips

See the update at the end of this post on things you can do to protect against tsunami damage.

ORIGINAL POST, MARCH 26, 7:09 A.M.: If you live in Huntington Beach, and especially along the coast there, you'd be wise to figure out a quick route to reach higher ground.

That's the advice of Lucy Jones, Southern California media's go-to expert on earthquakes and tsunamis.

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Kenneth W. Mack, Harvard Historian and FOB (Friend of Barack), to Talk Civil Rights at UCI

Professor Mack
Historian, award-winning author and 2008 presidential election season talking head Kenneth W. Mack delivers the UC Irvine law school's Meyerhoff Public Interest Lecture Thursday afternoon on "The Civil Rights Movement, 50 Years On."

Two days later, law school dean Erwin Chemerinsky is among the speakers at an all-day symposium on "Prisoners' Access to Justice: Exploring Legal, Medical and Educational Rights."

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2 Separate Reports of Helicopter or Military Jet Chasing UFOs in Orange County Skies

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Two different witnesses reported seeing a sphere-shaped UFO chased by aircraft--the first a helicopter, the second a military jet--within days of one another from two different Orange County locations.

The first report was over Anaheim on Feb. 11 and the second came from an undisclosed OC beach on Saturday, according to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

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GI Coffeehouses Tour's "Make Love, Not War" Valentine Delivered in Fountain Valley Tonight

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Director David Zeiger led a great audience exchange with Laguna Beach Film Society members the night of Jan. 12, 2007, when his thought-provoking documentary Sir! No Sir! was shown in the Festival of Arts' Forum Theatre.

His film examines in-uniform, anti-war acts dating back to the Vietnam War, some of which were hatched in the Oleo Strut coffeehouse in Killeen, Texas, that served service people out of Fort Hood.

Tonight, Oleo Strut comes to Fountain Valley.

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Spend Your Valentine's Date with Harold and Maude ... in a Cemetery

Hey, who wants to spend their Valentine's date Friday night at a movie about a young man obsessed with death--right down to staging fake suicides, attending funerals and driving a Hearse--falling in love with a 79-year-old woman who teaches him how to love life?

Oh, and did I mention it's screening in a cemetery?

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Knott's Berry Farm Spectacle Will Have Those for Miles Around Seeing Red and Then Pink

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That big red light you will see from miles around coming from the center of Orange County tonight and tomorrow night is not an LED tactical light being used by aliens to target us.

Well, not this time it isn't.

And when later Friday that red light turns pink, it does not mean you have boozed so hard your pink elephants have turned into beams of light.

Well, not this ... oh, never mind.

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Vigil Tonight for Teen Dating Violence Victims

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Thumbnail image for vigil-candles.jpg
A candlelight vigil is being held this evening in honor of victims of teen dating violence.

Laura's House, which provides shelter and services to individuals and families who have suffered abuse, hosts the fourth annual Candlelight Vigil for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month from 5:30-7 p.m. at the Orange County Sheriff's Department Regional Training Center, 15991 Armstrong Ave., Tustin.

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