Christians and Atheists Debate in Huntington Beach Over Whether Jesus Was a Real Dude

Sony Pictures
Christ is your buddy, but was he real?

I knew Huntington Beach Christian Toastmasters and Backyard Skeptics--a group of Orange County atheists, humanists and assorted non-believers--had debated before but who knew these education events have been a regular deal over the past year? Gathering No. 12 is Thursday night in a Surf City church, and it's free to attend even if you're a damn dirty heathen!

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Dana Rohrabacher, Lou Correa, Judge Jim Gray Among UCI Marijuana Symposium Speakers

Illustration by Jorge Negreros
A high fiber meal ... emphasis on the "high."

An all-day symposium at UC Irvine Thursday is not only dedicated to one of OC Weekly's favorite topics (marijuana legalization), but it includes ... um ... colorful characters who have filled our pages (print and otherwise) for years (Dana Rohrabacher, Lou Correa, Judge Jim Gray and Tom Umberg).

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1,000 Times Goodnight, Juliette Binoche and Peter Travers Are "in" Port Theater TONIGHT

The New Port Theater
The outside of Port Theater and programming inside have entered a new age.
Before and after its 2012 resurrection, the Port Theater in Corona del Mar has been the host of film screenings followed by audience Q&A's with filmmakers and stars.

That's happening again at 7 tonight with the drama 1,000 Times Goodnight, although there is a twist: moderator and Rolling Stone film critic Peter Travers, in-theater reporter Alison Bailes and the film's star Juliette Binoche will be 2,800ish miles away in New York City.

The New York Film Critics Series presents live, interactive, high-definition screenings of films that are beamed into independent cinemas, before the regular theatrical openings.

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"PBR Day in Surf City USA" to Leave Hipsters and Frank Booth Sorely Disappointed

Warner Home Video
What kind of beer do you like? Heineken!?! Fuck that shit! PABST! Blue Ribbon!

After blue collar workers--and before the hipsters--Pabst Blue Ribbon was most appreciated by Frank Booth, the sick pup brought to career-resurrecting life in the movie Blue Velvet by the late, great Dennis Hopper. An Orange County city that seems like a crossing station for blue collar workers, hipsters and Frank Boothians is Huntington Beach, where Saturday has been proclaimed "PBR Day in Surf City USA."

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3 Orange County Wedding Tales: Something Bold, Something Donated, Some Things Stolen

A major life event turned Tara and Dyland Tortarolo's recent wedding into a sobering cause.

Call this a tale of three recent Orange County weddings and, fittingly, we'll start with the one that has a life at stake.

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UFO Over Tustin and "Mothership" and Two Angels in Orange County Skies the Same Night?

Casablanca Records
We presume this was not the massive mothership over Orange County. Sadly.

Someone who saw a UFO over Tustin last week wants you to know that it was not the "massive mothership UFO and two angels sighted over Orange County" the same night.

Or was it?

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SoCal Film Festival Celebrates 10 Years Starting Today and Earns Much Praise from Filmmakers

Yep, it's been a decade, movie lovers.

Time flies when you're watching a well-made film, and time has flown for a now 10-year-old Huntington Beach festival that specializes in indie flicks and the people who make them.

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Jim Washburn's Latest Presentation Shows What British Invasion Did to Orange County

Categories: Events, OC Media


A local author, historian and former OC Weekly editor/columnist discusses a subject that is very much associated with your favorite Orange County-based alt.-rag that debuted in 1995: the 1964-1966 "British Invasion."

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Platanito y La Chupitos Light (and Laugh) Up Anaheim Benefit for Baja Orphanage

Categories: Events

Noches Con Platanito
Platanito y La Chupitos are coming to Anaheim.

Yara Hayek would be excused for still being grief stricken over the September 2013 murder of her sister Nancy Hammour, who was allegedly gunned down and had her body dumped in Newport Beach by two gang members. But Hayek is too busy at the moment spreading the word about a laugh-filled fundraiser for "a wonderful organization which helps drug-addicted mothers and orphanages in Baja, California."

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Director Alex Rivera Reflects on the "Twisted Existential Shit" at the Core of Sleep Dealer

Maya Entertainment
He's coming for you, illegal drinkers of corporate water!

A prescient, five-year-old, science-fiction thriller that is steeped in love, death, border crossing, maquiladoras, social justice and global connectivity, corporatization and water issues? Hell to the yes you need to see Sleep Dealer, and all the better if that seeing is on a big Frida Cinema screen in Santa Ana Saturday afternoon. That's because you'll be able to applaud/bow before/ask WTF? of director Alex Rivera afterward.

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