Anaheim Hauler Pays $10k Fine for Schlepping Hazardous Waste for 3 Years Without State OK

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All County Environmental & Restoration Inc.
All County Environmental & Restoration says it has 15 years experience working with various industries.

California's Environmental Protection Agency recently got an Anaheim hazardous waste hauler to pay a $10,500 fine and sign a consent order agreeing that it transported hazardous waste at least 370 times over a three-year period without state-required registration or other authorization to do so.

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The Wedge Like You've Never Seen It Before

From Entourage to The Wedge.

SHFT, "a lifestyle platform founded by film producer Peter Glatzer and actor-filmmaker Adrian Grenier," sounds so La-La-Land as to be repellent to many behind the Orange Curtain. But we're down with their stated mission ("to convey a more sustainable approach to the way we live through film, design, art and food") and really, really down with a video they just shared of The Wedge in Balboa.

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Beaches Have a Trashy Reputation That's Losing Orange County Millions: Government Study

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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Scenes from Orange County beaches

Trash on Orange County beaches is losing locals millions and millions of dollars every summer, according to government research.

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Assemblyman Travis Allen's Beach Fire Rings Bill is Extinguished ... This Year

OC Weekly
Travis Allen is burning mad.
Legislation by a local assemblyman to "save" beach bonfires along the coast is dead ... at least for this year.

Assembly Bill 1102 by Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach) was aimed at thwarting efforts by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) to move or eliminate hundreds of fire rings, a notion that had been put in motion by the Newport Beach City Council following complaints by beach-side residents.

Last week, the Senate Committee on Appropriations chose to hold AB 1102, which essentially means it's dead this year.

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UC Irvine Ranked No. 1 "Coolest School" ... Not by the Cool Kids But Sierra Club's Magazine

Steve Zylius/UCI Communications
UCI students, including Bryant Phung (right), install water-saving plants near Middle Earth housing.

UC Irvine has been named the "Coolest School" in the country by Sierra, which also means that for the fifth straight year UCI has been recognized by the Sierra Club's magazine as among the top 10 "greenest" campuses nationwide.

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St. Michael's Abbey Begins Holtz Ranch Grading, Conservationists Scramble

Joel Robinson
They said God could move mountains
The drive down Silverado Canyon Rd. smells sweet of coastal sage scrub. It guides you through overhanging oaks, boulders blistering under the sun, and the occasional squirrel scurrying across the path, but the view of foothills whizzing past is abruptly interrupted by an assembly of motor graders and excavators. The St. Michael's Abbey is preparing to grade 38 acres on Holtz Ranch any minute now and conservationists are scrambling to stop it before the project completes.

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Drought Even Worse Than Feared Claims New NASA/UC Irvine Study of Groundwater

Photo by Daniel Anderson/UCI Communications
Jay Famiglietti, who is at the JPL and on leave from UC Irvine, was a senior writer of the study.

A new study by NASA and UC Irvine scientists finds more than 75 percent of the water loss in the drought-stricken Colorado River Basin since late 2004 came from underground resources, meaning our parched state and region is even worse off than previously feared.

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Fracking Educating Spreads to All of North County: Update

See the update at the bottom of Page 2 on Saturday's well-attended fracking forum in Brea and details on an upcoming event involving seven North County cities.

Photo by flickr user Maryland Sierra Club
Fracking has drawn opposition all over the country including, as shown here, Maryland.

ORIGINAL POST, JULY 18, 8:33 A.M.: It's doubtful anyone from Linn Energy, the major leaseholder in the Brea-Olinda Oil Field, will swing by but organizers say they are presenting a first-ever presentation educating Brea residents on fracking Saturday night.

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You Can Get Up to 10 Free Lamps Saturday

Help will be on site for those needing assistance with their lamps.

Southern California Edison customers can exchange up to 10 old lamps each for new, free, energy-efficient fluorescent lamps at a swap event in the parking lot of a Santa Ana Home Depot store Saturday.

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Media Overblowing Levels of Chromium 6 in Drinking Water Coming to OC: Mojave Owners

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See the update on Page 2 with Cadiz Inc. saying the media is overblowing the amount of chromium 6 in drinking water coming to Orange County.

Universal Pictures
"They're called boobs, Ed."

ORIGINAL POST, JULY 7, 7:33 A.M.: "They may have a little science here, a little science there, but the complete studies, I don't think, have been completed."

-- Brett Barbre, a Municipal Water District of Orange County board member and Orange County representative to the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, disagreeing with new state regulations to minimize cancer-causing chromium 6 in our drinking water, to PBS SoCaL's David Nazar.

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