Drought Even Worse Than Feared Claims New NASA/UC Irvine Study of Groundwater

Photo by Daniel Anderson/UCI Communications
Jay Famiglietti, who is at the JPL and on leave from UC Irvine, was a senior writer of the study.

A new study by NASA and UC Irvine scientists finds more than 75 percent of the water loss in the drought-stricken Colorado River Basin since late 2004 came from underground resources, meaning our parched state and region is even worse off than previously feared.

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Fracking Educating Spreads to All of North County: Update

See the update at the bottom of Page 2 on Saturday's well-attended fracking forum in Brea and details on an upcoming event involving seven North County cities.

Photo by flickr user Maryland Sierra Club
Fracking has drawn opposition all over the country including, as shown here, Maryland.

ORIGINAL POST, JULY 18, 8:33 A.M.: It's doubtful anyone from Linn Energy, the major leaseholder in the Brea-Olinda Oil Field, will swing by but organizers say they are presenting a first-ever presentation educating Brea residents on fracking Saturday night.

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You Can Get Up to 10 Free Lamps Saturday

Help will be on site for those needing assistance with their lamps.

Southern California Edison customers can exchange up to 10 old lamps each for new, free, energy-efficient fluorescent lamps at a swap event in the parking lot of a Santa Ana Home Depot store Saturday.

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Media Overblowing Levels of Chromium 6 in Drinking Water Coming to OC: Mojave Owners

Categories: Environment

See the update on Page 2 with Cadiz Inc. saying the media is overblowing the amount of chromium 6 in drinking water coming to Orange County.

Universal Pictures
"They're called boobs, Ed."

ORIGINAL POST, JULY 7, 7:33 A.M.: "They may have a little science here, a little science there, but the complete studies, I don't think, have been completed."

-- Brett Barbre, a Municipal Water District of Orange County board member and Orange County representative to the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, disagreeing with new state regulations to minimize cancer-causing chromium 6 in our drinking water, to PBS SoCaL's David Nazar.

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Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Stations Now Online at Four Orange County Malls

NRG Energy
You can charge cars at stations (left), home (center) or equipped businesses.

If your electric car comes with a portable plug, you can charge it up at home. More charging stations are also coming on line up and down the state. But here in Orange County, we love to shop. No sweat if you take to the aisles at four OC shopping malls.

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Newport Beach Learns of Severe Flood Risk Thanks to UC Irvine Research

Categories: Environment

Adult Swim
At least the parking has eased up Fashion Island.

Climate change could make Newport Beach a whole lot soggier, according to UC Irvine researchers.

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Orange County Beaches Still Relatively Clean Despite NRDC's Tougher Testing Standards

Categories: Environment

Natural Resources Defense Council
Move over, Bolsa Chica State Beach, an NRDC "Superstar" beach in 2012. A beach in an adjoining city is the newest Superstar.

As we recently reported, Orange County did well in Heal the Bay's beach water quality report, as most of our beaches usually do, although they were helped by a lack of rainfall and the resulting lack of polluted runoff from storm drains and other sources. Now comes the Natural Resources Defense Council's similar report and we're still looking fine. Mostly.

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You Are Hereby Asked to Dump the Pump

The Britt Allcroft Co.
And now for the seven words you can't say on a train.

Hopefully we can catch you before you're out the door this morning, convince you to "dump the pump" and instead jump onto public transportation to get around.

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Bald Eagles at Irvine Lake Mark Raptors' Return to Orange County Since the 1920s

Wonderful Pistachios
The bald eagles that have returned to Orange County aren't even on leashes.

Bald eagles, once threatened with extinction, are reportedly nesting near Irvine Lake in Silverado.

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Obama's Full Climate Denier Denouncing UCI Commencement Speech (with Reactions)

Photo by Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly
A conservative, ahem, thinker found Barack Obama's commencement speech "inappropriate."

Amy Ridenour, chair of the conservative National Center for Public Policy Research think tank, obviously is not a fan of President Barack Obama's commencement speech to UC Irvine graduates at Angels Stadium Saturday.

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