Boobs Were Used to Get Dirt on Costa Mesa City Councilman: Case Against Cop Union's P.I.s

Photo by Chasen Marshall/OC Weekly
Jim Righeimer at a Costa Mesa City Council meeting years ago. He's one of the victims of union private investigators, the DA says.
UPDATE, DEC. 16, 9:31 A.M.: Costa Mesa's CEO and acting police chief issued a joint statement reacting to the Orange County District Attorney's case against two private investigators--who worked for a law firm retained by the city's cop union in the weeks before the November 2012 election--accused of illegally spying on two City Council members.

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Will Carly Fiorina Sheepishly Demonize GOP Opponents on the Road to the White House?

Carly for California
Who was running that campaign? Pink Floyd?
Remember the heady days leading up to the 2010 GOP primary for U.S. senator in California? Let's go back to former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina's campaign running an online "demon sheep" ad against moderate candidate Tom Campbell. The perceived front-runner at that time, Campbell was called out for sheepishly supporting the tax hikes of then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, while Fiorina had signed a pledge against such increases. Arch-conservative candidate for senator Chuck DeVore of Irvine then set up a website to at first chastise the Carly for California campaign's use of demon sheep in the race--before Chuckie adopted demon sheep as his own.

Good times, good times.

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New, Refreshing Day In Garden Grove: Bao Nguyen Captures Mayor's Office

Nguyen: Honest concern for residents outranked opponent's "communist" name game
A refreshing, new era in Garden Grove unofficially began tonight when the Orange County Registrar of Voters ended its Nov. 2014 vote counting and left young, upstart Bao Nguyen the victor over crusty, entrenched politician Bruce Broadwater in the race for mayor.

The result should mean Garden Grove--a city festering too often in grotesque backdoor dealings, questionable policy making, anti-immigrant sentiment and blatant nepotism thanks to Broadwater--is poised to enter an uplifting phase where residents don't take a back seat to national corporate interests luxuriously feeding financially off of nearby Disneyland.

While Broadwater seemingly couldn't resist any lunch or dinner with a wealthy developer or political hack, the Buddhist Nguyen--a UC Irvine graduate and son of parents who fled communist Vietnam and landed in Orange County's Little Saigon--has been known for years in Southern California's progressive communities for his mellow personality that defies an absolutely stern commitment to minorities, workers and everyday residents.

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Mike Murray, Prominent Homicide Prosecutor, To Run For Orange County Judge Post In 2016

Michael F. Murray, one of Orange County's most accomplished homicide prosecutors, is running to win a superior court judge post in the 2016 election.

Long feared by criminal suspects for his intense, relentless pursuit to solve major crimes, Murray's prospective departure from prosecution duties should bring a collective sigh of relief from future Southern California hoodlums.

I've witnessed psychopathic killers cringe when the no-nonsense, West Point graduate--a U.S. Army captain during the first Persian Gulf War--entered the courtroom.

In October, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the righteousness of Murray's homicide conviction in People vs. Marvin Smith after bickering lower courts nitpicked about imaginary violations of Smith's constitutional rights.

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Stalking the Polls and Partying with Orange County's Finest Obama-Haters

OC Weekly
Congrats, you also won a chihuahua!

5:20 a.m.: OC Tea Party activist gloats that White House fears a "shit storm" is approaching. (R. Scott Moxley)

6:58 a.m. Last glance at a 4-inch stack of hostile campaign mail between Janet Nguyen and Jose Solorio. Guess what? Both say the other is a scumbag. (RSM)

7:45 a.m. Bored, Little Saigon poll worker-elation becomes palpable when first three voters finally arrive. (RSM)

8:23 a.m.: The Measure K proponents are out in force in Orange this morning, leafletting every school in the Orange Unified School District and causing the usual morning drop-off scrum to become a tangled knot of unmoving vehicles. As I wait for traffic to clear around California Elementary School, one of the volunteers says, "You ever feel like maybe we're preaching to the choir here?"

I suggest that they might do better handing out flyers at the senior center and trying to influence those who don't have children in school.

"Are you kidding? Those people voted at 7:01 this morning. That battle is lost." (Dave Lieberman)

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Irvine Political Boss Larry Agran Gets Crushed At Polls and Rev. Lou Sheldon's Spawn Is Angry

In Larry Agran's case, it wasn't a bucket full of water but rather disinfecting sunshine that caused a meltdown
A weighty omen of Larry Agran's long overdue demise occurred 72 hours before the Nov. 4 Irvine city council election when the dictatorial boss of a political machine once considered invincible was spotted frantically running out of his house carrying boxes stuffed with campaign fliers.

Having launched his career as a lifelong politician in 1978 when President Jimmy Carter still had two years left in his administration and a movie ticket cost $2, Agran theoretically shouldn't have been in a panic.

After all, the 69-year-old Harvard Law School graduate spent a quarter of a century on the city council (including multiple stints as mayor) and has dropped millions and millions and millions of dollars in self-serving, hagiographic campaign literature on local residents.

But all the desperate, last-minute campaigning to win another re-election and take back control of Irvine and the Great Park from his critics couldn't save Agran from his well-earned fate.

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7 Stupefying Surprises From Tuesday's Election!


You want hyper-local listicles, corporatistas? Well, take a huge whiff of these 7 Stupefying Surprises From Tuesday's Election!* **

*... based on uncertified results from the Orange County Registrar of Voters. **Certified results show Boa Nguyen won the Garden Grove mayor's race, so this post has been updated.

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Larry Agran Spent $200 Million At Great Park, But His Adviser Scores New York Times Story

Meranda Carter/OC Weekly
Agran became an Irvine career politician 36 years ago

We once could have imagined The New York Times sending a future reporter to a completed Orange County Great Park in Irvine for an awe-inspiring article in the paper's "Great Homes & Destinations" section. Don't laugh. There's no shame in being fooled a decade ago. That's when Irvine political boss Larry Agran promised OC that the decommissioned El Toro Marine Air Corps Station wouldn't just be filled with new houses.

The failed, 1992 Democratic presidential candidate said the development plan included man-made canyons, waterfalls and wildlife corridors; an architecturally impressive sports stadium and amphitheater; breathtaking university buildings; botanical gardens and a conservatory; and Smithsonian-caliber museums. Agran even guaranteed the Great Park would be bigger and more impressive than Manhattan's Central Park and San Diego's Balboa Park. All Irvine voters had to do to reap that historic milestone was to keep him and his political machine in control of the city.

This month, a Times reporter with "Great Homes & Destinations" did focus on Orange County, though the story wasn't about the Great Park--at least directly. That's no surprise. During Agran's 12-year reign, not a single major proposed feature was built even though $200 million evaporated from the park construction kitty.

Where did all that taxpayer money go?

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Larry Agran Pledges Building Moratorium But Secretly Assures Developers Otherwise

Campaign image
Gaido, Agran and Fox: Are they smiling because they think Irvine voters are fools?
Newly obtained evidence reveals Larry Agran--the Irvine political boss who wrecked the Great Park plan by diverting millions of dollars to his pals in no bid contracts and lost control of the city in the 2012 elections--is hoping his November campaign slate with Melissa Fox and Mary Ann Gaido will retake power based on a lie.

In recent weeks, the Agran-Fox-Gaido team published at least six fake newspapers as well as continuous campaign mail urging Irvine voters to support them because they will impose "a moratorium" on construction projects.

"Gaido, Agran and Fox have the courage, skills and determination to restore Irvine's Master Plan and put an Irvine Growth Control Ordinance in place," Agran published about himself and his slate in the Sept. 16 edition of his campaign ad masquerading as a legitimate newspaper to dupe voters. "According to mayoral candidate Mary Ann Gaido, this would begin with a council-ordered moratorium--a 'time out'--on major new housing tracts and apartment complexes."

Concerned Irvine residents who want the best for Irvine have several reasons to be skeptical about the Agran-Gaido-Fox campaign promise.

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County Assessor Webster J. Guillory Pleads Not Guilty to Three Felony Counts: Update

UPDATE: Orange County Assessor Webster J. Guillory pleaded not guilty today to three felony counts alleging he filed false nomination papers in his re-election bid in the March primary election. He's next due to appear at a preliminary hearing on Nov. 20, although before that the Newport Beach 70-year-old has the Nov. 4 general election to contend with.

The update at the end of this post has Supervisor John Moorlach and defense attorney John Barnett blasting the district attorney's case against Guillory.

County of Orange
County Assessor Webster J. Guillory could get probation or prison with a conviction.

ORIGINAL POST, SEPT. 9, 4:26 P.M.: Webster James Guillory filed false nomination papers in his current re-election bid for Orange County assessor, according to charges filed today by the Orange County District Attorney's office.

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