Botulism from Heroin Spikes in Orange County

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Photo by flickr user JohnnyCashsAshes
What was that the Beatles said about a warm gun?
Orange County Health Care Agency officials say three people have been hospitalized over the past month for botulism associated with injecting heroin--and that two of those folks wound up in intensive care.

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"Candy Man" Dr. Julio Gabriel Diaz Withdraws Guilty Plea to Prescribing Drugs in 20 Deaths

OC Weekly archives
Dr. Julio Gabriel Diaz pleaded guilty to Judge Cormac Carney in January.
A physician dubbed the "Candy Man of Goleta"--because he allegedly wrote illegal prescriptions for a shitload of narcotics that prosecutors have tied to 20 patient deaths--was allowed to withdraw his guilty plea to 11 felony counts in Santa Ana federal court.

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Michael Drobot of Pacific Hospital Workers Comp Scheme Fame is Sued by Two Patients

Pacific Hospital
Michael D. Drobot
Starting from our earliest headline up through to the most recent before today gives you the best back story on Corona del Mar's Michael D. Drobot:

* Michael D. Drobot-Owned Pacific Hospital and Pharmacy Raided by Feds Suspecting Fraud
* Ron Calderon, State Senator, Had His Offices Raided After the FBI Searched Newport Beach and Long Beach Properties of Campaign Donor
* Michael D. Drobot Signs Plea Deal to Testify Against Slimed Legislator Ron Calderon
* Michael D. Drobot of Pacific Hospital Fame Files $50 mil Defamation Suit Against Lawyers

Now the latest from the massive legal fees generator: Two patients are suing Drobot, his son Michael Drobot Jr., Drs. Simon Lavi and Edward Kolpin, then-Drobot-owned Pacific Hospital Long Beach and Drobot owned International Implants LLC for allegedly being "subjected to ineffective and painful spinal fusion surgeries performed by doctors using defective implant hardware supplied by International Implants at grossly inflated prices."

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Dr. Charles Coonan Streit Disciplined by Medical Board for Removing Wrong Kidney

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Urological Medical Group
of North Orange County
Dr. Charles Coonan Streit
The California Medical Board has disciplined a Fullerton urologist for removing the wrong diseased kidney from a 59-year-old patient.

Dr. Charles Coonan Streit, a Urological Medical Group of North Orange County specialist who received three years probation from the board, had his medical license for 41 years at the time of the February 2013 2012 surgery at St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton.

Streit's patient, a federal prison inmate, emerged from the operation with his diseased left kidney intact and his healthy right kidney removed, according to the state Department of Public Health.

The patient had to undergo two more surgeries to correct the medical blunder.

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SEC Suspends Trading in Wholehealth Products of Anaheim Due to Dubious Ebola Test Claims

Illustration by Mikael Haggstrom/public domain
Remember the board game Operation?
An Anaheim company that claimed to have developed a product that can detect the Ebola virus in hours instead of days was ordered to stop trading by the Securities and Exchange Commission Thursday.

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Save Saddleback Formed to Fight Closure of San Clemente Medical Center's Emergency Room

A new group is fighting the planned closure of a hospital emergency room in San Clemente.
A nonprofit has been formed to fight the planned closure of Saddleback Memorial Medical Center San Clemente's hospital bed and emergency room services, and a former district attorney has been retained to consider possible litigation to stop the move, it was announced Thursday.

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Jesse Jackson and Fellow UCI Ebola Panelists Agree All We Have to Fear is Fear Itself

UCI School of Law
Jesse Jackson makes a point at UCI Wednesday about people who want affordable healthcare for themselves but not Obamacare for those who would otherwise be uninsured.
UPDATE NO. 2, NOV. 20, 7:30 A.M.: During the discussion and exchange with audience members at Wednesday's UC Irvine law school panel on "The Constitutional Implications of Ebola: Civil Liberties & Civil Rights in Times of Health Crises," dean Erwin Chemerinsky said, "It's important that constitutional decisions be based on scientific information and not fear."

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Medical Marijuanist "Dr. J" Wijegunaratne Told to Stop Practicing Due to Sexual Assault Claim

An Anaheim Hills-based doctor who practices out of a medical marijuana clinic and goes by "Dr. J" (get it?) has been court-ordered to stop practicing medicine while he is out on bail for the alleged sexual assault of a female patient. But here's the deal with Dr. Sri Jayantha Wijegunaratne: He's already out on a bail in a separate case that accuses him of having defrauded Medicare by prescribing powered wheelchairs to patients who did not need them.

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UCI Law's Erwin Chemerinsky and Michele Goodwin Tell Obama to Act on Organ Shortages

Photo by flickr user vintagecat
There just aren't enough parts to go around.

UC Irvine School of Law founding dean and nationally known constitutional law scholar Erwin Chemerinsky, UCI Chancellor's Professor of law Michele Goodwin and 300 health and transplant professionals, religious leaders, legal scholars and ethicists are calling on President Barack Obama to take action on "easing a critical and worsening shortage of transplantable organs that results in thousands of American deaths every year."

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Ebola Outbreak in Liberia Spurs Massive Food Drive by San Clemente's Kids Around the World

Kids Around The World
Volunteers pack food at a previous Kids Around The World event.

About 500 volunteers are gathering in San Clemente Saturday to pack 250,000 high protein meals that will be shipped to starving communities in Liberia, where the Ebola outbreak has killed nearly 5,000 people.

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