Nurses Deliver Petition to St. Joseph Hospital of Orange CEO Decrying Benefit and Staffing Cuts

Photo courtesy of California Nurses Association
Nurses brave the heat to rally outside St. Joseph Hospital of Orange Monday morning.

A delegation of St. Joseph Hospital of Orange registered nurses, local religious leaders and community supporters braved the heat to deliver a petition to CEO Steve Moreau Monday morning calling for the restoration of long standing employee benefits, including disability and retiree healthcare plans that were recently cut.

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Hot on the Heels of Robin Williams' Death, Orange County Releases Suicide Data

The death of Robin Williams has brought much attention to suicide.

Whether by coincidence or opportunity to strike while the Robin Williams news cycle is hot, the Orange County Health Care Agency released a suicide report Thursday.

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Laguna Beach Surgeon Put on Probation After Lying About Community Service He Needed to Do. . .To Get Off Probation

Categories: Doctor's Orders

US Navy
Pictured: Not Alaveikos

A Laguna Beach orthopedic surgeon is going to be on probation for a lot longer now, after he lied about community service he said he finished for a prior disciplinary action.

Damon Alavekios needed to finish 120 hours of community service after failing to notify the Medical Board of California in 2010 about a prior misdemeanor DUI conviction. Now, he'll need to finish those hours as well as an additional 80 more as well as serve an additional three years of probation.

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Ji Hae Kim of Fullerton Remains Fugitive in $5 Mil Health-Care Scam That Took Down 7 Others

Dept. of Health and Human Services
Still on the loose.
Five people tied to a $5 million health care fraud scheme--which recruited elderly Koreans in Southern California to pose as patients--have received federal prison sentences the past couple weeks, while two more defendants learn their fates in October.

But an eighth participant in the scam, and the only one who resided in Orange County, remains a fugitive.

Fullerton's Ji Hae Kim, a 43-year-old registered nurse, pleaded guilty in federal court in Los Angeles to conspiracy to commit health-care fraud in November 2011 but skipped while awaiting sentencing, according to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services investigators who believe she may be in South Korea.

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Kaiser Anaheim Medical Center Slapped with $50,000 State Fine over Patient's Death

Kaiser Permanente
A patient death could cost Kaiser Anaheim Medical Center a $50,000 state fine.
The Kaiser Anaheim Medical Center reached a milestone last week, although it's unlikely to be announced on the Lakeview Avenue facility's home page: It received its first administrative penalty from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).

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Trio Allegedly Gave New Noses, Boobs, Tummy Tucks to Patients in $50 Million Fraud Scheme

Princess Cosmetic Surgery of Orange advertisement
You, too, can look like a princess. Just remember that tummy tuck was "hernia disc surgery."

Three people associated with an Orange surgery center that was known at different times as Empire Surgical Center, Vista Surgical Center and Princess Cosmetic Surgery ripped off health insurance companies for $50 million with medically unnecessary procedures for patients who were paid off with new noses, boobs and flat tummies, according to a federal grand jury indictment (that uses the actual medical terms for those surgeries).

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Multimillion Dollar SoCal Pharmacy Oxycontin Scheme Put 900,000 Pills on Streets: Feds

Photo courtesy of Drug Enforcement Agency
Take these two and times it by 450,000.

A looming trial in Los Angeles involves: five medical professional defendants, including a Huntington Beach resident; Medicare and Medi-Cal being stung for $2.7 million in Oxycontin reimbursements; billings for $4.6 million in medical procedures that were not needed or never performed; and 900,000 Oxy pills eventually being sold on the streets, according to federal prosecutors. Two other Orange Countians were convicted in the wide-ranging case.

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Long Beach Doctor on Probation After Being Caught in Medical Marijuana Sting

Categories: Doctor's Orders

Photo by Erik Fenderson
May honestly just be legal in a few years, but until then, CYA (or visit Seattle, it's a nice city)

Here's a tip to all of you doctors out there: If you're going to be indiscriminately writing scrips for medical marijuana, at least put some leg work into it, or you're going to end up like Long Beach doctor Dennis Larry Clark. Clark was put on one year probation earlier this month, as well as being barred from making any medical marijuana recommendations.

Why? Well, he got caught indiscriminately giving recommendations, and he didn't even try to make it look not shady.

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Gyoung Park, Tustin Doctor, Reprimanded Over Messy Paper Work

Categories: Doctor's Orders

Luke Fildes
Gotta write stuff down too, doctor

A Tustin doctor is finding himself in some slightly lukewarm water right now after failing to finish some paper work. Gyoung Park received a letter of reprimand from the Medical Board of California late last month after failing to document an invasive surgery procedure and failing to have his patient sign the non-existent documentation.

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Orange County and Santa Clara Prosecutors Target 5 Companies Over Prescription Drugs

New Line Cinema
The complaint targets Purdue Pharma L.P., Cephalon, Inc., Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Endo Health Solutions Inc., and Actavis, Inc.

The district attorney offices of the counties of Orange and Santa Clara have teamed up to charge five large pharmaceutical companies with endangering patients and deceiving doctors by intentionally misrepresenting the dangerously addictive nature of painkillers to expand their markets and profits.

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