Bao Nguyen Among Speakers Announced for Climate Rally at Irvine Spectrum SUNDAY

Orange County Climate Action
Orange County Climate Action activists rally in Irvine Sunday.
UPDATE, NOV. 25, 1:18 P.M.: Garden Grove Mayor Bao Nguyen is among the speakers announced for Sunday's rally for the climate at the Irvine Spectrum.

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5 More Healthcare Professionals Tied to Michael Drobot's $600 Million Workers Comp Schemes

Pacific Hospital
Michael D. Drobot
When Michael D. Drobot admitted in federal court in February 2014 to orchestrating wide-ranging conspiracy and illegal-kickback schemes through Pacific Hospital in Long Beach that he then owned, the Corona del Mar resident vowed to help in the investigation of other defendants. As part of the ongoing investigation, the U.S. Attorney announced Tuesday that charges, guilty pleas or promises of the same have been tied to the hospital's former chief financial officer, three Orange County men--including a chiropractor and orthopedic surgeon--and another Southern California orthopedic surgeon.

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Neuropsychiatrist Garrett Halweg Recounts the Monsters Inside Me on Television THURSDAY

Animal Planet
Must-see TV
As a neuropsychiatrist, Garrett Halweg has no doubt heard some crazy things. But nothing prepared the Newport Beach resident for the fight of his life with inner demons. These were not bad thoughts but actual beings deep inside his body that had doctors figuring Halweg's life wound end in Hoag Hospital's intensive care unit.

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Dr. Long-Dei Liu Loses Hospital Privileges and $2 Million Wrongful Death Suit But Not License

Dr. Long-Dei Liu
UPDATE, NOV. 4, 11:54 A.M.: Add another doctor to this week's list of negligent Orange County physicians as a civil jury found against Dr. Long-Dei Liu in the death of a 26-year-old Chinese woman who died of complications from a C-Section last spring. Garden Grove Hospital and Medical Center reportedly pulled the obstetrician's privileges as well as those of intensive care unit nurses. Ling Nie died at the hospital four days after delivering her second son and developed complications from postpartum hemorrhage. On behalf of himself and his two sons, Lie's 29-year-old husband filed a wrongful death and medical malpractice lawsuit against Liu and the hospital.

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Disconnected Film Making World Premiere in CdM Gets Solid Push from OC Pharm Company

Avanir Pharmaceuticals
A PBA sufferer talks in Disconnected about living with the condition in macho biker circles.
Before Disconnected, a documentary about people living with PseudoBulbar Affect, makes its world premiere in Corona del Mar Wednesday evening, Avanir Pharmaceuticals hosts a private cocktail reception. As it turns out, the Aliso Viejo company is more than just a booster of the film about the condition known as PBA that is marked by uncontrollable bursts of laughing and/or crying in people with certain neurological conditions or brain injuries.

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The Anti-Vaxx Empire Strikes Back with Attempt at California Voter Referendum

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
I hate measles to piecels.
You know those mandatory vaccination bills that were signed by Governor Jerry Brown after the measles outbreak linked to Disneyland in Anaheim? Well, in honor of the Mouse's relationship with Star Wars, prepare for the anti-vaxx empire striking back. Opponents of vaccinations for nearly all California schoolchildren submitted signatures this week in an attempt to qualify a referendum to overturn the law.

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Blanca Landeros Busted for Allegedly Stealing $51,000 from Advance Urgent Medical Group

Courtesy of Santa Ana Police Department
Blanca Landeros is cuffed in front of her Santa Ana home.
A woman was arrested Tuesday morning for allegedly embezzling $51,000 from the Santa Ana medical group she worked at as office assistant for 10 years, according to police.

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Doctors Robert P. Imbernino and Douglas Alvin Schaller Slammed by State for Serious Offenses

Photo by flickr user Laura Smith
Ah, the good ol' days of doctoring.
An Irvine anesthesiologist had his medical license revoked for being part of an illegal Internet drug sales scheme, and a Tustin addiction medicine specialist was issued a cease practice order due to convictions for driving under the influence, according to state officials.

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West Nile Virus Spraying Snafu Bugs County

Paramount Pictures
"What's our Vector, Victor?"
Visions of Keystone Cops or Benny Hill players bumping into one another in aircraft over the skies of Orange County fill one's head upon learning aerial spraying the past two nights of pesticide to control the West Nile Virus was scrubbed for the rest of the season because the contractor the county hired failed to get permits.

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Everybody Roy Chi Wing Lung Tonight Encore! Bizarre Hospital Thief is Busted Again

Roy Chi Wing Lung is at it again, say cops.
I wrote the following about Roy Chi Wing Lung on March 20 of last year: "One of the most bizarre thieves I can recall writing about pleaded guilty this week to stealing surgical equipment from Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and was immediately sentenced to two years in jail." The 48-year-old former doctor, who obviously moved from Los Alamitos to Aliso Viejo since getting out custody early (Damn you, Jerry Brown!), was busted Sunday for allegedly stealing about $25,000 worth of surgical equipment from Kaiser Permanente's Orange County-Irvine Medical Center (which is ... gulp ... my hospital).

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