4 Disneyland Cast Members Hospitalized Due to "Wet Paint" Fumes: Update

See the update at the end of this post on four cast members being hospitalized.

ORIGINAL POST, MARCH 28, 1:49 P.M.: A "strange odor" that is not believed to be from a hazardous material has sent Anaheim fire crews to Disneyland today.

As many as six people have complained of symptoms, according to initial reports.

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5 Signs Girl Meets World Meets Satan

Boy Meets World was a family sitcom on ABC from 1993 to 2000, and all I remember about it is my kids watched it, the actor William Daniels who played the next-door neighbor was heart surgeron Dr. Craig on St. Elsewhere and that until very recently I was convicted the star was Shia LaBeouf. Actually, that was Ben Savage, who joins Danielle Fishel, a recent Fashion Island Bloomies employee, in reprising their roles of Cory and Topanga on the Disney Channel's new Girl Meets World, which follows their characters' daughter. Know what else the two shows have in common? They're satanic!

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AT&T and Disneyland Join Forces to Bring the Sound of Silence to Anaheim Resort

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AT&T? Not a fan. The company has been my home, wireless Internet provider for years, and for years my home, wireless Internet has ... what's the word for more sucky than sucks? The best part: the only choice other than AT&T in my neighborhood is broadband. Two things: that company, which I won't name because I don't want to get sued so let's just say it rhymes with Slime Corner, is equally loathed by customers. And I refuse to pay for anything that helps fund those Bill Cowher commercials. But back to AT&T, my experiences are why I won't bundle my cell-phone service with them. So, good luck, Disneyland!

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Joshua Boren Family Caps Happy Disneyland Trip at Christmastime with Murder-Suicide

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Kelly Boren, daughter Haley and Minnie Mouse at Disneyland
Photos show a happy family enjoying Disneyland at Christmas. A 7-year-old boy and his 5-year-old sister smile, their faces painted. One shot has the little girl proudly showing off her princess costume. Mom and dad appear happy and healthy as well.

But all was not well with the father, 34-year-old Joshua Boren.

The police officer is believed a few weeks later to have fatally shot his wife, the children, his mother-in-law, and then himself.

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Nik Richie Swears He Can Afford Disneyland

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Thumbnail image for nik-richie_thedirty.jpg
A gossip site claims Nik Richie has taken such a financial hit, the founder of TheDirty.com cannot afford to pay his bill for a Disneyland season pass.

But Richie countered on his own site that he did not even know why his credit card did not clear for his pass payment, that all is good with the Mouse again and that he even visited the Anaheim theme park just last week.

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Marvelization of Disneyland Continues with Captain America's Spring Arrival

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The Marvelization of Disneyland continues as a new costumed character comes to the Anaheim theme park this spring.

And what a coinky-dink: that's also around the time a new movie based on that same character hits cineplexes.

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5 Things Disney Should Add in Refurbishment of Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

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Despite having worked at Disneyland years ago, I am not really up on all the recent changes to attractions at "The Happiest Place to Part With Your Mortgage Payment on Earth."

But I swear it was not that long ago the lagoon surrounding the submarine ride was drained, and the attraction was closed for an extended time. Ah, well, it's already happening again.

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Disneyland Settles White-Rabbit-is-Racist Lawsuit in July, Tweets Out Photo of Mickey w/Black Family Today--Coincidence?

Thumbnail image for Muerto_Mouse_lalo_alcaraz.jpg
From the Lalo Alcaraz collection
Really has nothing to do with the story, but we'll never tire of it!
We all know that everything Disneyland does is planned to the teeth--that's what makes it such a fascinating, maddening place. And it's because of that we couldn't help but wonder what motivated the Mouse to tweet out a photo today of Mickey sitting on a bench with an African-American family. Don't accuse us of being race-obsessed; more like having a photographic memory of all the hilarity that happens in OC year after year.

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Disneyland Pimp Of Underage Girls Admits Guilt After Momma Insisted He Was Innocent

Wanna-be Los Angeles rapper, momma's boy and now official pimp Canady: Despite what my momma says, I illegally sold an underage girl for sex to anonymous men
Earlier this year, elite Anaheim Police Department vice squad officers arrested Los Angeles resident and wanna be, tough talking, rapper Curtis Canady (a.k.a. "Cash") for pimping underage girls near Disneyland and, after I broke the news, his proud momma repeatedly wrote me angry messages declaring her son's innocence and my stupidity.

Gina Vazquez--the once feisty, foul-mouthed woman who claims she is Canady's mother--even laughably tried to allege that her son was a post-George Zimmerman victim of racist Orange County.

Alas, while I am most certainly stupid, Vazquez is silent today after her son pleaded guilty to federal pimping charges tied to the disgraceful, sexual sale of minors, including a 15-year-old girl.

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Christian Isaiah Barnes Cops to Holding Dry-Ice Bombs While Working Disney's Kaboomtown

Thumbnail image for Christian-Isaiah-Barnes.jpg
The former Disneyland cast member arrested after two dry ice bombs exploded at the Tragic Kingdom in May cut a plea deal that had him copping to misdemeanor possession of a destructive device. In exchange, Long Beach 23-year-old Christian Isaiah Barnes was sentenced to the 36 days he already spent in jail, three years informal probation, 100 hours of community service and an order to stay away from the House That Walt Built.

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