Tony Diep Held for Stabbing of Another Homeless Man: "The Birdman" of Disneyland

Qwik Tape
"The Birdman" of Anaheim, who along with his parrots poses for photos with tourists to raise cash, was stabbed multiple times during a fight with another homeless man outside Disneyland last night, authorities say.

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Star Wars Disneyland Expansion Announced While Anaheim Continues to Crumble

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Lucas Films/Disney

It's official: the Death Star with mouse ears is closer to becoming fully operational! The news is out that Disneyland (and its cousin in Orlando) will soon be expanding to include a Star Wars-themed land. Walt Disney Company CEO and Chairman Bob Iger revealed the plans Saturday during D23 Expo at Anaheim's Convention Center. It's caused a stir rivaled only by the anticipation of the forthcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens film. Updates to Tomorrowland's already existing attractions like Star Tours are due later this year and ground is expected to break on the brand new 14-acre site in 2017.

This is the part where we have to point out the unpopular, Downer Debbie obvious: While Disneyland builds, Anaheim will continue to socially decay around its current city council's focus on a tourism-based economy.

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Texas Man Sues Over California Misadventure on Disney Monsters, Inc. Ride

SolarSurfer/Wikipedia Commons
Enter if you dare ...
I don't know what is more surprising: that a Texas woman is suing the Walt Disney Co. over alleged negligence by the operators of the Monsters Inc., Mike and Sulley to the Rescue! ride at California Adventure or that the ride opened way back in January 2006. I didn't even realize the Monsters, Inc. movie was that old.

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Michelle Yeh Pleads Not Guilty to Charges of Sex with Two Boy Students: Update

Michelle Yeh faces nearly 10 years in prison.
UPDATE, AUG. 12, 5 P.M.: Michelle Yeh, who taught in San Pedro High School's science department and previously held a number of temporary teaching assignments in the area and provided online tutoring, pleaded not guilty at her arraignment today. She is due back in a Long Beach courtroom Sept. 10.

ORIGINAL POST, AUG. 12, 11:57 A.M.: A former San Pedro High School teacher who specialized in working with special needs students was to be arraigned in Long Beach today for allegations she had sex with two underage students, one of whom was taken to Disneyland and another to a hotel.

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Would a $15 Minimum Wage Campaign Help Working-Class Anaheim More Than a Gate-Tax?

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Photo by flickr user Glen Scarborough
Anaheim City Hall
It's been nearly two weeks since the Anaheim city council gave Mickey Mouse a decades-long entertainment tax exemption, and activists are still reeling over it. The 3-2 vote during a marathon meeting promised total reimbursements of any future levy for up to 45 years in exchange for $1.5 billion in Disney expansion efforts. The latest sweetheart deal brought the people's pitchforks out again with angry residents vowing to double down on political revenge.

But Duane Roberts, a former Anaheim city council candidate (and Weekly 'Best Gadfly') says that a "Fight for $15" minimum wage increase campaign would benefit working-class residents more than a gate-tax could've ever hoped for.

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Darreck Michael Enciso, Disney Resort Hotel Worker, Allegedly Tried to Hook Up with Girl

Courtesy of the Orange County District Attorney's office
Darreck Michael Enciso could get more than four years in prison.
A Disney Resort Anaheim hotel restaurant staff member was charged Monday with attempting to sell tickets to Disneyland in exchange for sex with a minor.

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Anaheim Passes 30-Year Disney Gate-Tax Ban, to Resort Elite's Delight

Photo by flickr user Glen Scarborough
Anaheim City Hall?

Disneyland began celebrating its 60th birthday in late May, and the Anaheim city council lined up the House of the Mouse with a generous gift. The theme park is planning a future billion-dollar investment for resort area expansions but wanted a lil' something in return. At the end of the marathon meeting that began yesterday afternoon and wrapped up this morning at 1:04 a.m., the council majority gave it to them: a ban on any future gate tax on admissions on Disney for at least 30 years!

The resort cabal, usually glaring at their tablets in the back rows of council chambers during other meetings, came out full force to barely contain their glee at fleecing Anaheim residents for decades to come, while said residents were mostly relegated to a spillover room, as young people protested outside.

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Dr. Sears, OC Republican Legislators Illin' Over Gov. Brown Signing Vaccinations Bill

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Too late for this boy, who was infected in 1963.
That late December/early 2015 outbreak of measles traced from Disneyland to other parts of Orange County, across California, over the border to Mexico and to other states such as Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Oregon, Utah and Washington state prompted Golden State vaccination legislation that was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown Tuesday--and then immediately blasted by Orange County Republican legislators and a pediatrician embraced by "anti-vaxxers" or those opposed to or skeptical of vaccinations.

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San Francisco Corrections Officer Left Glock and Cocaine Behind on Family Disneyland Trip: DA

Photo by flickr user Pseph
Ye olde fanny pack
A fanny pack with a loaded Glock 20 handgun and .45 grams of cocaine that was accidentally left in an Anaheim hotel room earlier this month was linked to a San Francisco juvenile corrections officer who was on a family vacation to Disneyland.

Robert Dandrea Minor now could find himself on the other side of adult corrections officers, inside a prison cell for four years. That's what the Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA) essentially says in a statement this afternoon that indicates the 51-year-old resident of Hercules is charged with one felony count of possession of a controlled substance with a firearm.

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Disneyland Claims Abuse as Termination of Club 33 Membership Draws Lawsuit

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Absinthe/Wikipedia Commons
What's the secret word?
The 84-year-old author of a Disney fan book and 47-year member of Club 33 alleges in a lawsuit against the Burbank-based entertainment giant that his lifetime membership in Disneyland's exclusive private restaurant was wrongfully terminated.

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