Buddhist Thieves At Brea Mall Get Punished By Federal Judge

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Suffering is caused by craving...
Two China-born, Buddhists working for an Asian organized crime outfit and using credit card data from unsuspecting victims to dupe Macy's at Brea Mall out of more than $51,000 in 2013 have been punished.

In mid-August inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse, U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter sentenced 22-year-old, Santa Monica College student Yuanqiang Liu (a.k.a. Q. Liu Yuan and Liu Yuang) to a term of supervised probation for two years.

The case against Lui's partner in crime, Li Qin Lin (a.k.a. Mei Qin Chen), was shrouded in greater secrecy, but this month Carter punished him with a term of 366 days of incarceration.

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Man in His 20s Shot Dead in Front of Anaheim Apartment in Possible Sunday Night Drive-by

Columbia Pictures
A scene like this did or did not happen in Anaheim last night.

A man in his 20s was shot to death in front of an Anaheim apartment Sunday night in what either was or was not a drive-by shooting, according to police.

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Police-Tied Little Saigon Loan Shark Hoping To Escape Prison At Sentencing Hearing

Will Little Saigon loan shark escape confinement?
The Little Saigon businessman who pleaded guilty earlier this year in a loan-sharking scheme that allegedly used a Westminster Police Department cop as the enforcer is hoping today that a federal judge on Monday punishes him with probation for two years instead of prison time.

Kevin Khanh Tuan Do, 39 and a 1991 immigrant from Vietnam, has apologized to U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse, voiced his shame and promised to never commit another crime.

Based on the work of Assistant United States Attorney Brett Sagel and FBI special agents, a Southern California grand jury indicted Do and officer Anthony Duong Donner in August 2013 for charging bikini lounge operator Hanh Le an illegal, "usurious" 60 percent annual interest on a $170,000 loan and using threatening tactics to force payments.

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Gonzalo Parra Jr., Paroled Drug Offender, Allegedly Holed Up at Preschool with a Knife

Courtesy of Garden Grove Police Department
Gonzalo Parra Jr. is being held on various charges.

How'd you like to see the guy above you toting a 12-inch kitchen knife at your preschool? Folks at Garden Grove First Preschool were treated to such a sight this morning, according to police.

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Brian Hughes Benedict, Former UCI Doctoral Student, Gets Life Sans Parole for Slaying Wife

Thumbnail image for brian-hughes-benedict.jpg
Courtesy of the Orange County District Attorney's office
Brian Hughes Benedict was convicted last month of murdering 30-year-old Rebecca Benedict.

Today, one day shy of five years since former UC Irvine doctoral student Brian Hughes Benedict gunned down his estranged wife near his campus apartment during a child custody exchange, the 40-year-old was sentenced to life in state prison without the possibility of parole.

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Sex Offender Sues Westminster For Enacting "Unconstitutional" City Park Ban

Lindsay: He feels violated
An activist working to reform municipal and county sex-offender restriction laws in California is now targeting the City of Westminster, according to a federal lawsuit.

Frank Lindsay, convicted of a sex-related offense in 1979, is using Santa Maria attorney Janice M. Bellucci to challenge a Westminster ordinance that imposes life-long bans on registered sex offenders whose crime involved a child from entering any area of the city "where children regularly gather" without written government permission.

The first violation of the ordinance risks criminal charges and up to six months in jail; a second violation requires a minimum 10-day jail trip; and a third violation brings a mandatory, minimum 90-day county jail lockup.

Lindsay and Bellucci, who filed their lawsuit inside the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse in Santa Ana, say Westminster's rules violate both U.S. and California constitutions by improperly restraining civil liberties at locations including "parks, schools, beaches, harbors, zoos and other recreational facilities."

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Orange County Man Seeks $2 Million For False Arrest; Federal Judge Says Not So Fast

Okay, okay. Say it, don't spray it
Santa Ana's Jose Manuel Lopez is angry about what he sees as his 2012 false arrest resulting in 67 days of wrongful confinement, but he chose to serve as his own lawyer while suing law enforcement officials and the move wasn't wise.

A self-described astonished, U.S. Magistrate Judge Ralph Zarefsky this week ruled that Lopez's rambling, 55-page complaint wasn't just "overlong, speechifying and confusing," but also failed to clearly state a "short and plain" entitlement for legal relief.

The lawsuit filed inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse is "wasting paper, ink and time," though it alleges "a conspiracy of government agents" that Lopez claims landed him "in a Dickensian jail," Zarefsky stated.

To proceed, the 38-year-old Lopez "must eliminate from his pleading all preambles, introductions, argument, speeches, explanations, stories, griping, vouching, evidence, attempts to negate possible defenses, summaries and the like," the judge announced.

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Ex-NFL Linebacker Convicted In California Millionaire's Murder Loses Appeal

Naposki: NFL player turned Newport Beach bar doorman turned convicted murderer
A California Court of Appeal this week rejected a four-prong effort by Eric Naposki, a former NFL linebacker with the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts, to overturn his July 2011 conviction for the 1994, ambush murder of an ultra-wealthy Newport Beach businessman in a financial gain plot.

An appellate lawyer working for Naposki told a three-justice appellate panel based in Santa Ana that there were four errors in the trial, including the government's 15-year delay in filing charges, faulty jury instructions, biased jury and improperly excluded evidence.

But Justice WIlliam Rylaarsdam's 18-page opinion backed by colleagues Raymond Ikola and David Thompson analyzed and then rejected each point, saying they found "no prejudicial error."

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Not Free at Last! Kent Wycliffe Easter Taken into Custody for Drug-Planting Conviction

See Update No. 2 at the bottom of Page 2 with Kent Easter being taken into custody pending an October sentencing hearing. Update No. 1 included details that led to his conviction.

Thumbnail image for Kent-Wycliffe-Easter_ocda.jpg
Courtesy of the Orange County District Attorney's office
Life just got sadder for Kent Wycliffe Easter, the cuckold attorney.

ORIGINAL POST, SEPT. 10, 3:48 P.M.: The second time was a charm for prosecutors as a jury this afternoon found Kent Wycliffe Easter guilty in his retrial for planting drugs in the PT Cruiser of a school volunteer the Irvine attorney's wife thought had insulted their then-5-year-old son.

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Little Saigon Ecstasy Dealer Wins Punishment Reduction

Scooby snack
This week inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse a Little Saigon ecstasy dealer saw firsthand the impact of new federal drug sentencing guidelines set to go into effect on Nov. 1.

Under the current guidelines, Tu Luong Khuong--tied to the criminal street organization Asian Gang (AG)--faced a range of 63 to 78 months for selling nearly five kilograms of MDMA to a confidential informant working for law enforcement in 2013.

But U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter--the county's most experienced criminal judge--agreed with a request by federal prosecutors to comply with punishment reduction recommendations made by the United States Sentencing Commission, approved by Attorney General Eric Holder and effective if Congress doesn't interfere in coming weeks.

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