Samy Hakim Allegedly Raped One Cab Fare But Prosecutors Fear There May Be More

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Samy Hakim
So far, an Orange County cab driver is accused of raping only a Huntington Beach woman, but the district attorney's office (OCDA), fearing there may be other victims, turned to the public this morning for help.

Samy Hakim is scheduled to be arraigned Friday on felony counts of rape and sexual penetration by foreign object of an intoxicated person. If convicted, the 54-year-old Anaheim resident faces up to 10 years in state prison, OCDA says.

Hakim got a fare in the early morning hours of Nov. 18, 2014, when an unidentified 36-year-old woman was picked up at a Surf City bar and driven home. The OCDA alleges Hakim drove the intoxicated woman to her apartment complex, raped her in his cab, dropped her off and drove away.

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Edgar Ramirez is the Latest to be Arrested for Murder of Tagger Confronter David Douglas

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Anaheim 3rd Ward
David Bruce Douglas, R.I.P.
UPDATE NO. 5, JULY 29, 12:44 P.M.: The Orange County Sheriff's Department has announced a new arrest in the fatal shooting of David Bruce Douglas, who had confronted taggers in unincorporated Anaheim on July 19.

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Sheriff Clicks Her Heels But OC Snitch Scandal Won't Go Away

Bob Aul/OC Weekly
Anyone who had spent a year traveling overseas before walking into the July 24 Board of Supervisors' meeting on civilian oversight woes at the Orange County Sheriff's Department (OCSD) might have thought they were witnessing the coronation of Sheriff Sandra Hutchens. The top cop's arrival in the Hall of Administration, with her entourage, prompted smiles, handshakes and backslaps. One attendee said the sheriff was doing an "excellent" job. Another praised her willingness to attend; a third declared "the highest degree of respect for her." Even board chairman Todd Spitzer praised Hutchens' purported desire "to do the right thing."

If OCSD is a paradigm of virtuous public service, why call a semi-emergency hearing? The sheriff wondered the gist of this question out loud, though she said, in disingenuous politeness, "I'm pleased to be here." Worried police-corruption revelations once again have won national attention, Spitzer assembled the powwow to discuss strengthening the Office of Independent Review (OIR) or scrapping it for more effective oversight. "We have a problem as a county," he said.

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Meet More of Your Neighbors and Fraudsters, Orange County!

Photo by flickr user ivers
F is for fraud.
Two local men were recently sentenced, a third pleaded guilty, a fourth pleaded not guilty and a woman was charged in separate, unrelated frauds that stung victims for amounts ranging from the thousands to the millions of dollars, according to authorities.

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Frank Carmen Simonetta Arrested for Alleged Molestation of Girl Over 3-Year Period

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Courtesy of the Tustin Police Department
Frank Carmen Simonetta has not yet been charged.
A 54-year-old Stanton man was booked into Orange County Jail for allegedly molesting a woman when she was 12 to 15 years old, according to authorities.

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Mark Sostak Gets Year in Jail for Role in Land Scam That Falsely Included Arnold Palmer

Photo by flickr user Sean
Trying to confirm that the burned at least received this as a parting gift.
A 57-year-old man was sentenced to a year in jail Friday for his part in a $52 million real estate scam that had fraudsters falsely claiming golf legend Arnold Palmer was a partner on the way to wiping out the life savings of some retiree investors.

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Isai Beltran Accused of Sex Assaults on 2 Boys He Met as Church Helper, More Victims Feared

Courtesy of the Orange County District Attorney's office
Isai Beltran is currently out of custody, having made his $100,000 bail.
A 25-year-old Long Beach man who was a youth group volunteer at several Cypress and Los Alamitos churches is scheduled to be arraigned today for the sexual assault of two boys, but police and prosecutors fear there may be other victims.

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Costa Mesa Cop Ryan Patrick Natividad Accused of Filing Fraudulent Claim About His Fist

Photo by flickr user Dirk Gently
In some cultures, such claims are known as "fisting."
A Costa Mesa cop has been charged with committing insurance fraud through a work-injury claim involving his fist, according to prosecutors.

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Jailhouse Snitch Hoped For Punishment Break But Lands Huge Prison Sentence

A Mexican Mafia gangster who worked as a government informant inside the Orange County Jail during a massive investigation into the underworld's Southern California activities probably hoped for a significant punishment reduction.

But Brian Todd Ruorock (a.k.a. "Sporty") learned this month that his enthusiastic snitch services during a period around 2010-2011 didn't save him from a hefty prison punishment of 88 months for dealing methamphetamine.

When the gangster emerges from custody he must undergo supervised probation for a decade, according to a July 17 sentencing order by U.S. District Court Judge Andrew J. Guilford.

The judge banned the Huntington Beach man, who attended Edison High School, from any future association with East Side Longos gangsters, unless they are relatives.

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U.S. Seeks Funds from Sale of Disneyland-Area Motel by Philippine Disaster Relief Scammer

Philippines Police
Would you buy a used Disneyland area motel from this lady?
The U.S. Department of Justice is reportedly trying to recover about $12.5 million in assets that include proceeds from the sales of Irvine property and a Disneyland-area motel by a Philippine businesswoman who allegedly stole millions of dollars in funds entrusted to her for development assistance and disaster relief for her people.

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