Will Ferrell on His South Coast Repertory Acting Class and Pay-to-Play Standup at Golden Bear

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Stayin' classy
"I would start by singing the theme song to Star Trek. The whole [in falsetto:] aaaaaaaaa-aaaahhhhh, aaa-aaa-aaa ahh-ahhhhh .... But I'd sing the whole thing. Aaaaaaaaa-aaaahhhhh, aaa-aaa-aaa ahh ahhhhh. That would usually get applause or some reaction. And then [I'd say] I was originally the singer and I don't have any testicles."

-Will Ferrell, to WTF podcaster Marc Maron, on our Holiday Film Issue 2013 cover boy's first performance on stage at the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach.

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Will Ferrell on Watching Irvine Improv Open Mics and Life in "Park Watts Apartments"

Photo by Gemma LaMana, cover design by Dustin Ames
"... I had an older neighbor, in Irvine's only apartment complex by the way."

Hee-hee, yeah?

"Park West Apartments."


"Which the rich kids referred to as 'Park Watts.'"

Oh, really, it was bad?

"It was just that one black family [was among those living there] but everyone thought, wow, it's ethnic."

-Will Ferrell, our Holiday Film Issue 2013 cover boy, to WTF podcaster Marc Maron.

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Watch Black Behind the Orange Curtain Documentary Online!

Categories: Cover Story, Film

A film screening and mixer was held this past Saturday for the debut of Black Behind the Orange Curtain, a documentary partially inspired by a Weekly cover story on the embarrassing lack of African-Americans in OC. The goal of the film, as stated on its website, is "to help people understand that our diverse perceptions on social matters such as racial profiling and injustice, affects us as individuals and as a community."

For all those who didn't have the opportunity to attend the event held at the UC Irvine Cross Cultural Center, the half-hour short directed by Shandell Maxwell was made available yesterday in its entirety online!

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The Best in Orange County Sports and Athletics of 2013

JC Vera/OC Weekly
Suck it, Los Angeles sports!

In honor of the recent release of our 2013 Best Of issue, we've compiled a list of the greatest sports and athletic activities Orange County has to offer. The winners range from professional to amateur with awards for the Best Gym, Best Angels Player and even Best Place to Hit People With Balls and Inhale Foam. So without further ado...

Andrew Youssef/OC Weekly
Fasth saves!

Best Ducks Player: Viktor Fasth
Goaltender Viktor Fasth's inaugural season in the NHL may have been only half a season, but he seemed determined to make up for lost time. Seriously, he's not a goalie; he's a man-shaped wall in a goal net, racking up a 15-6-2 record after spending the lockout playing hockey in his native Sweden. Fans everywhere were stunned when Fasth wasn't invited to play in the post-season and left wondering whether the Ducks would have advanced had he been there.

Readers' Choice: Teemu Selanne

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Dr. Ronald Gilbert, Slain by Apparent Madman, Was Down-to-Earth and Deeply Religious

This week's News story has Jeff Abraham, CEO of Absorption Pharmaceuticals of Huntington Beach, mentioning how he and late partner Dr. Ronald Gilbert, who developed the company's FDA-approved premature ejaculation remedy Promescent, came from humble beginnings.

Abraham illustrates the point with the photo of himself at right.

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Black Behind the Orange Curtain, New Documentary Partly Inspired by OC Weekly Cover Story, Releases Trailer

Categories: Cover Story, Film

Shandell Maxwell was already planning to make a documentary short film on the black experience in Orange County when a friend handed her a copy of this infernal rag's special issue "Where the Black People At?" back in late May.

The provocative title made her heart race. "I wanted to say, 'Hey I'm right here and I want to share my story!,'" the African-American resident who makes her home near SanTana tells the Weekly. "After reading the article, I knew it was time to move forward and make the film with the help of my community."

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VIDEO: Greg Escalante, C.R. Stecyk and Paul Frank Discuss 'Kustom Kulture II" Art Show

Categories: Cover Story

Our cover story this week focuses on the "Kustom Kulture II" art show at the Huntington Beach Art Center, opening Saturday. The Weekly chatted with the iconic curators about the sequel to the legendary art show of 1993.

We also put together this video featuring curators Greg Escalante, C.R. Stecyk and Paul Frank discussing "Kustom Kulture II" as well as what has drawn them to this scene and how it has influenced them over the years. Enjoy!

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Save San Onofre Coalition Files 2 Lawsuits to Stop Foothill/Eastern (241) Toll Road Extension

Thumbnail image for toll-road-trestles_victorio.jpg
The Save San Onofre coalition filed two lawsuits in San Diego Superior Court Wednesday aimed at stopping what it considers the first five-mile segment of a 16-mile toll road that would ultimately cut through a south Orange County park and up against a northern San Diego County beach.

The complaints allege the Foothill/Eastern Transportation Corridor Agency (TCA)'s approval of the "flawed" 241 South Toll Road project fails to account for a range of ecological and economic impacts and violates the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for not meeting basic environmental review.

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Robert Citron, Who Went From OC Treasurer's Office to Prison for 1994 Bankruptcy, Dies

Categories: Cover Story
Thumbnail image for Money-on-Fire_square.jpg
OC Weekly started publishing in September 1995, something I remember because I'd been hired on the editorial side four months before that. It's also my memory that our cover story package dissecting the 1994 County of Orange bankruptcy, fallout and lessons learned/ignored was among the first to win us notice as practitioners of "real" journalism as opposed to our ever more popular snark wrapped around futon ads.

Now comes word that the architect of the financial free-fall that led to the bankruptcy has died.

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One Weekly Reporter's Weekend Dressed as a KKK Member

Categories: Cover Story
Jack Gould
Feral Ferguson's day of infamy
If you ever plan on wearing a Klan robe around Orange County, (either attempting to intimidate minorities or as part of an ill-conceived Halloween costume), the first thing you need to know is that the public response to the sight of your ludicrous cone-head will be immediate. 

As model/guinea pig for Gustavo Arellano's latest cover story on the Ku Klux Klan's shameful history in the land of citrus (itself a continuation of his award-winning "OC Pioneers Who Were Klan Members" series), I speak from experience. I was the brave Weekling chosen to pose in a Klan robe, namely because I'm white, tall, can run fast, and have cojones of steel. In addition to quick responses from bystanders, residents and even Sheriff's deputies during our two-day shoot, the stares cast at my robed persona spanned disbelief and revulsion.

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