Asian Boyz Gang Membership Dispute Lands In Federal Court

Tam Trong Nguyen didn't sport any Asian Boyz criminal street gang tattoos. Nguyen wasn't known to flash gang signs or wear gang paraphernalia. He didn't answer to a gang moniker and cops never spotted him at any known gang hangout.

Nonetheless, Joe Pirooz, a veteran Long Beach police officer who has extensively studied the gang, offered 2010 trial "expert" testimony that while Nguyen didn't display the normal signs of Asian Boyz membership, he was still definitely in the underworld organization.

Pirooz's reasoning?

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Kelly Thomas Civil Trial Pushed to October

OC Weekly archives
Kelly Thomas after city of Fullerton cops were done with him.
Trial in the civil suit filed by Kelly Thomas' father against the city of Fullerton had been scheduled to begin this week, but an Orange County Superior Court judge recently pushed the dates back to Oct. 9 for the beginning of the process and Oct. 13 for jury selection.

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The Con Man, Wood Chipper And Plot To Assassinate A Federal Judge In California

Even before he allegedly plotted to kidnap, torture and murder U.S. District Court Judge Andrew J. Guilford with a wood chipper machine, Orange County's John Arthur Walthall personified the type of twisted villain Hollywood scriptwriters crave for crime fictions.

Audacious beyond belief, Walthall is a gifted con artist, who in 2007-2008 tricked wealthy investors out of $5.5 million to supposedly extract gold from old, abandoned mines in Nevada, Imperial Valley and Brazil.

He instead diverted funds into more than 30 bank accounts to mask his financial crimes, which included using investor's money to send a son to the New York Film Academy, make child support to an ex-wife, secure a premium personal ad on eHarmony, buy gifts for a girlfriend, pay off credit card debts and loans for three Ford pickup trucks, and purchase a Fortius 420 Hyperbaric Chamber.

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ACLU Sues Laguna Beach over the Treatment of Homeless People. Again

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Photo by flickr user Orange County Archives
Move it along, Greeter!
Here we go again: The American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Southern California (ACLU SoCal), which settled a lawsuit with Laguna Beach in 2009 over the city's treatment of homeless people, filed a new suit Thursday on essentially the same grounds.

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Kurt Sipolski Writes a Touching Memoir ... and of Getting Screwed Over by Dan Harkey

Photo courtesy of Kurt Sipolski
A judge says Dan Harkey must pay Kurt Sipolski thousands. Harkey would rather pay lawyers to avoid doing that, so Sipolski is selling his furniture online to get by.
You'll love the photo on the next page from former state legislator out of Dana Point Diane Harkey, who is currently the 4th District member of the California Board of Equalization, a.k.a. the state tax board. The photo shows a group of senior citizens smiling to go along with an article posted on Harkey's BOE page, "Senior Citizens Day: Recognizing Our Most Golden Citizens." Not smiling among them is golden citizen Kurt Sipolski, who a judge long ago ruled is owed six figures from Harkey's estranged husband Dan. Sipolski, who lives mostly off Social Security in Palm Desert, is now selling his furniture on craigslist to survive.

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Does An Influential Newport Coast Conservative Publisher Have A Deep Secret?

Illustration by Jeff Drew
Perched on Southern California's most breathtaking hillside real estate overlooking Pacific Coast Highway, 9 Pelicans Drive in Newport Coast appears to be the epitome of idyllic, worry-free living. The $21 million, three-story, Palladian-style house on 25,000 square feet contains five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, 400 feet of unobstructed sea views to Catalina Island, a grand staircase, two bars, a wine cellar, eight marble fireplaces, 14-foot ceilings, a gourmet kitchen, a swimming pool, fountains, a terrace, an elevator, $4.8 million worth of art and a movie theater. To lessen the burdens of occupying such a residence, the owner, Thomas Lee Phillips, employed a British-born butler and 14 other house servants, one of whom chauffeured him in a Rolls-Royce to swank restaurants, political events or his $14 million, oceanfront "beach house" 11 minutes away in the most exclusive section of Corona del Mar.

But the luxurious, gated-community setting is hardly scandal-free. In fact, life inside the mansion has produced enough intrigue to fill several seasons of television's raciest soap opera. The themes are sex, money, power, jarring hypocrisy and seemingly endless backstabbing plots that snared the local district attorney's chief of staff, as well as two model-handsome males, one a CBS Big Brother contestant and the other a Los Angeles rhythm-and-blues singer who appeared on Soul Train.

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Richard Linington and Fiancée Sue Cypress for Strengthening Sex Offender Ordinance

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Megan's Law
Richard Milen Linington claims he's been crime-free for 28 years.
A registered sex offender is set to go before an Orange County Superior Court judge this afternoon, but the 47-year-old is not a criminal defendant.

Richard Milen Linington is suing the city of Cypress over a new ordinance that he says will force him to move out of the home of his fiancée. He is seeking a temporary restraining order to stop the ordinance from going into effect next Wednesday, Aug. 26, as it prohibits registered sex offenders from residing within 1,000 feet of any school, park or day care center. The home of Linington's fiancée, Michelle Moreno, is less than 1,000 feet from a school.

Linington was convicted in 1987 for felony sexual penetration of a victim with a foreign object by force and was released from incarceration three years later, according to the state's Megan's Law database.

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Who Stole 13,330 Postage Stamps And Why?

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Vanessa Van-Kellogg was both an Orange County postal clerk and a prolific magician, of sorts.

During her shifts at El Toro's main post office in Lake Forest from October 2011 through January 2013, at least $6,000 in stamps disappeared without payment from the branch's inventory.

If you don't think that's simultaneously a petty and monumental criminal feat, consider this: In a little over a year, she stole the equivalent of about 13,330 first-class stamps.

Who was she mailing?

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Anaheim Gang Members Get 15 to Life for Shooting Undercover Cop Car

Thumbnail image for covarrubias_martinez_sanchez-thumb-452x150.jpg
Covarrubias, Martinez and Sanchez

An Orange County jury dropped a shocker late February deadlocking on attempted cop-killing charges against three Anaheim gang members. Andrew Sanchez, Jordy Martinez and Juan Covarrubias stood accused of firing at Anaheim police during a wild, late-night car chase on June 1, 2012. But did they knowingly do so? The jury failed to reach a verdict on the question of the most serious charge.

But with street terrorism and gang enhancements, the three didn't get off easy with the felony charge they were found guilty of: firing at an occupied car. On Friday, judge Patrick H. Donahue handed down 15 years to life sentences for each of them.

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Texas Man Sues Over California Misadventure on Disney Monsters, Inc. Ride

SolarSurfer/Wikipedia Commons
Enter if you dare ...
I don't know what is more surprising: that a Texas woman is suing the Walt Disney Co. over alleged negligence by the operators of the Monsters Inc., Mike and Sulley to the Rescue! ride at California Adventure or that the ride opened way back in January 2006. I didn't even realize the Monsters, Inc. movie was that old.

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