Did MSNBC's Blowjob of OC Sheriff's Department Violate a Killer's Rights?

Screenshot from Lockup, Orange County Jail: Extended Stay, MSNBC, 2011
MSNBC's Lockup series--the one that sends camera crews inside jails and prisons to craft hagiographic presentations of cops and showcase the monsters and freaks housed there--came to rescue the scandal-ridden Orange County Sheriff's Department (OCSD) in 2010. OCSD's embarrassments included the FBI arrests and convictions of the sheriff and two assistant sheriffs; a deputy caught stealing seafood and a fellow deputy lying to protect the theft; a deputy falsely accusing a motorist of intoxication to cover up a deputy-caused traffic collision; two deputies hiding exculpatory evidence, writing misleading reports and offering disingenuous testimony in a burglary case; and a deputy committing suicide when charged with raping a 12-year-old boy.

But the biggest reason for the creation of Lockup: Extended Stay Orange County is that veteran deputies doctored official logs, erased video recordings and committed perjury after inmates claimed guards enticed them to commit the grisly, 2006 sodomy and fatal mutilation of John Derek Chamberlain, a pretrial inmate. The incident generated numerous unflattering national headlines, and morale plummeted among the decent cops at the agency.

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Kristoff St. John of The Young and The Restless Sues Long Beach Mental Health Facility

Aaron Montgomery/JPI Studios
Kristoff St. John and Victoria Rowell in a scene from The Young and The Restless.
A star of The Young and The Restless and his professional boxer ex-wife are suing La Casa Mental Health Rehabilitation Center in Long Beach over the death of their son in a restroom there.

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Jaquinn Ramone Bell Gets 14 Years for Slayings of Three 13-year-olds in Halloween Hit-and-Run

Thumbnail image for Lexi-and-Lexandra-Perez-Huerta_Andrea-Gonzalez.jpg
Courtesy of the Huerta Family
Twins Lexie and Lexandra Perez Huerta and their friend Andrea Gonzalez, R.I.P.
A man with a long rap sheet and a last known address in Orange was sentenced Thursday to 14 years and change in lockup for the hit-and-run slayings of three 13-year-old girls who were trick-or-treating in Santa Ana on Halloween night.

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Chinese Birth Tourism Lawyer Loses Fight For Pre-Trial Bail After His Arrest

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Liang: Feds worry he'd flee to China if released from custody
An Irvine lawyer this afternoon lost his fight to gain pre-trial release from custody following his May 18 arrest for alleged illegal involvement in the Chinese birth tourism scandal.

U.S. District Court Judge Cormac J. Carney made the decision against China-native Ken Zhiyi Liang after federal prosecutor Jerry C. Yang asked him to overrule a prior magistrate judge's decision to allow the defendant's pre-trial release on $100,000 bail.

According to Yang, there's evidence Liang, 38, may have already smuggled two witnesses in the case back to China and he bragged to a government informant wearing audio and video devices that he knew how to get out of the U.S. on an airplane without possessing necessary papers.

"The defendant has an enormous incentive to flee," Yang told the judge.

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Mike Carona Still Isn't Serving as a Cautionary Tale for SoCal Law Enforcement

Illustration by Bill Hunt
Policing authority is an ego boost. Just ask Mike Carona. Around a year before the FBI arrested the Orange County sheriff for corruption in 2007, Carona showed up at a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department facility with a four- or five-SUV entourage. South Central-hardened LA deputies who observed the arrival assumed a Secret Service detail had accompanied then-Vice President Dick Cheney. But OC's top cop--a glad-handing politician and career bureaucrat who'd never made a single arrest in his life--jumped out of a government vehicle amid heavy guard, a scene that prompted laughter at the absurd grandiosity.

From pampered office-holder to convicted felon (circa 2009), Carona's fall is now the stuff of history. U.S. District Court Judge Andrew J. Guilford issued a term of 66 months in prison and, in one of the most noble and necessary stern sentencing lectures in county history, slammed the disgraced cop for thinking he was above the law. Lying officers weren't tolerated in his courtroom, Guilford told a man who clearly didn't think he would serve a minute in prison. Following his conviction and on the way to the penitentiary, Carona earned a second identity: Inmate 45335-112.

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Weekender Updater: Alan Keith Hunter and James Stephan Paschall Get 30 Years to Life

Alan Keith Hunter (left) and James Stephan Paschall were getaway drivers.
This weekend you are updated on the long prison sentences for two would-be jewelry store robbers whose two partners were shot to death by the shop owner.

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Prosecutors: Carlos Bustamante's Sexual Improprieties Date Back To The 90s

Bustamante: How was I to know women wouldn't find me irresistible?
In his attempt to evade convictions on multiple pervert-related criminal charges, Carlos Bustamante--the ex-Santa Ana city councilman and $179,000 a year county executive--is expected by prosecutors to employ a trial defense that could be summed up in a single word: ignorance.

In other words, Bustamante--a married father with several kids--will hope future jurors believe he did not understand there could be a problem by subjecting six female government employees to unwelcomed kissing, hugging, fondling and sex demands--or that they would be disgusted by him masturbating in their presence during work.

But the onetime Republican Party rising star and a small project real estate developer who'd dreamed of becoming a county supervisor now may face a hurdle denying criminal intent about his alleged 2009-2011 activities.

Prosecutor Aleta Bryant and her investigators have obtained evidence that Bustamante's abusive conduct with women dates back to 1998 when he worked as a California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) investigator busting businesses serving booze to teenagers.

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Recall Threat Gets Judge Kelly's Irish Up!

The Daily Journal (used with permission)
Don't hate on Judge M. Marc Kelly because he's Irish.
Orange County Superior Court Judge M. Marc Kelly has responded publicly for the first time to the recall campaign being mounted against him for what has been perceived to be a light sentence given to the 20-year-old rapist of a child--with Hizzoner managing to even work in his beloved Notre Dame Fighting Irish into his plea to voters.

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Knott's Berry Farm Log Ride Smashed Girl's Face and Knocked Her Out, Lawsuit Alleges

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Photo by flickr user KateMonkey
No lawsuit from the day this was shot; the log ride was closed.
The family of a girl who was 6 when she was allegedly injured on the Knott's Berry Farm Timber Mountain Log Ride is suing the Buena Park theme park in Orange County Superior Court.

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Two Chief Doctors at Orange County Hospitals Face Wrath of Medical Board, Prosecutors

Photo by flickr user Laura Smith
What do you mean I'm pregnant!?!
The chief of surgery at two Orange County hospitals has been disciplined by the state Medical Board for the third time since 2002 for negligence in his treatment of patients, and the chief of staff at a third OC hospital is fighting to stay out of prison for allegedly embezzling $220,000.

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