Santa Ana Federal Judge Seeks August 2015 Trial on $5 Bil Suit Against Standard & Poor's

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Watch for falling assets.

Hey, remember that worldwide economic collapse of 2008? My, how time flies when you're watching your 401k vaporize. Well, the litigating over those blamed for helping cause the free-fall is not over, as evidenced by a case in U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter's courtroom, where the U.S. Justice Department is suing the Standard & Poor's credit rating system for $5 billion.

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Ji Hae Kim of Fullerton Remains Fugitive in $5 Mil Health-Care Scam That Took Down 7 Others

Dept. of Health and Human Services
Still on the loose.
Five people tied to a $5 million health care fraud scheme--which recruited elderly Koreans in Southern California to pose as patients--have received federal prison sentences the past couple weeks, while two more defendants learn their fates in October.

But an eighth participant in the scam, and the only one who resided in Orange County, remains a fugitive.

Fullerton's Ji Hae Kim, a 43-year-old registered nurse, pleaded guilty in federal court in Los Angeles to conspiracy to commit health-care fraud in November 2011 but skipped while awaiting sentencing, according to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services investigators who believe she may be in South Korea.

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James Ralph Huff Gets No Prison Time for Fatal Drunken Driving Crash as Prosecutors Object

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Heed the sticker!

Prosecutors objected to a plea deal an Orange County Superior Court judge recently made with a 49-year-old man who drove drunk and caused a fiery crash in Buena Park that killed his passenger. James Ralph Huff was facing up to 10 years in prison if convicted at trial, but he instead received three years probation with no additional time behind bars.

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William David Robin, Alleged Mastermind of $8 Mil Loan Fraud, Has Charges Dismissed Again

Courtesy of Orange County District Attorney's office
William David Robin
Orange County Superior Court Judge Richard Toohey dismissed grand theft and conspiracy charges against William David Robin in May 2013, prompting prosecutors to immediately file new counts against the 66-year-old Coto de Caza man.

Well, the same thing happened on Monday, except this time it was Judge Kazuharu Makino who tossed the case against the owner of Pacific Vantage of Rancho Santa Margarita.

Robin had been accused of masterminding an $8 million real estate fraud scheme that caused 16 victims to lose their homes.

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Nazario Enrique Cruz-Sanchez Gets 70 Years to Life for Sex with Girlfriends' Little Girl Relatives

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Courtesy of Santa Ana PD
Nazario Enrique Cruz-Sanchez
A Santa Ana man whose girlfriend watched as he raped her 9-year-old niece and who had sex with a separate live-in girlfriend's 12-year-old relative, was recently sentenced to 70 years to life in state prison.

Jurors on April 23 found 43-year-old Cruz-Sanchez guilty of two counts each of having sex with a child younger than 10, oral sex with a child younger than 10, sexual penetration of a child younger than 10 and lewd acts with a child younger than 14, while also finding true sentencing enhancements for multiple victims. Estela Garcia, the girlfriend who watched, cut a deal to exchange a guilty plea for a 20-year prison sentence.

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Kwang Chol Joy Guilty of Slaying Roommate and Army Veteran with Future Maribel Ramos

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Kwang Chol "K.C." Joy and Maribel Ramos in happier times.

A jury today found a 55-year-old Orange man guilty of murdering his roommate--a U.S. Army veteran who was poised to graduate from Cal State Fullerton--dumping her body in Modjeska Canyon and then acting as if he was surprised as anyone she was missing.

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Catherine Kieu Becker Loses Appeal Arguing Slicing Off Husband's Penis was Not Torture

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Courtesy of Garden Grove Police Department
Catherine Kieu Becker said her husband "deserved" it.

Attorneys for Catherine Kieu Becker tried to argue on appeal that the 51-year-old Garden Grove woman should not have been convicted of torture last year because there was "insufficient evidence she intended to cause cruel or extreme pain and suffering" on her husband, whose penis she sliced off before tossing it into the garbage disposal, turning the appliance on and telling cops he "deserved" it.

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Donald Keith Goff Cops to Scams That Cost SBA and Financiers of Gas Station Loans Millions

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Welcome to you know where.

A Laguna Niguel businessman who took a bank, the Small Business Administration and the financier of a Fountain Valley gas station for millions and millions of dollars recently copped to multiple fraud counts in federal court and now faces up to 70 years in prison.

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FBI Arrests Bomb-Threatening, Wild-Note Writing Santa Ana Bank Bandit

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Blazing idiot
Southern California FBI special agents say they have solved a March bank robbery in Santa Ana that, at least temporarily, netted the note-bearing bandit $21,000.

According to the FBI, Gerald Anthony Prudholme, Jr. entered Chase Bank at North Main Street and Washington Avenue, and handed a bank employee a poorly-written note containing the following message:

"This is not a joke! Do not panic or press alarm! I am sending this NIGGER in your bank who is attached to a timed bomb (look up) he also has a small camera that I can see everything. I also have a small camera in the lobby. I want $50K in 100s + 50s. NO DYE Pack or bait money or else I blow you ALL up! Of course the NIGGER too! Yay!"

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Orange County Man Charged With Selling Fake Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii

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U.S. Department of Justice officials revealed this week they filed a copyright infringement case against an Orange County man for illegally reproducing and selling popular electronic games.

Paul Trinh spent at least a 180-day period in 2010 selling the fake versions of Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii for "the purposes of commercial advantage and private financial gain," according to federal officials.

The charging document claims Trinh, who was born in 1978, sold at least 10 copies of the games with a retail value of more than $2,500.

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