Garden Grove Council Members Draw Kudos, Haters for Supporting Obama Immigration Reforms

Korean Resource Center
Mayor Bao Nguyen makes a point at Tuesday's Garden Grove City Council meeting.
By a narrow majority, the Garden Grove City Council voted Tuesday night to support the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Deferred Action for Parents of U.S. Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) programs--a.k.a. Obama's Incite Donald Trump, Orly Taitz and Temeculans to Lose Their Shit Acts.

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Behold These Nominees for Newport Beach City Councilman Scott Peotter's New Logo

City of Newport Beach
Councilman Peotter, prepare to be blown ... away.
UPDATE, JULY 17, 6:30 A.M.: So far, talent has exceeded volume when it comes to submissions to our contest aimed at finding a new logo for Newport Beach City Councilman Scott Peotter, who agreed to take the City of Newport Beach seal down from his newsletter after some cutting observations about same-sex marriage and the LGBT community.

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Newport Beach Councilman Scott Peotter Now a "Victim" After Whipping Up LGBT Shitstorm

City of Newport Beach
Newport Beach City Councilman Scott Peotter, still defiant.
UPDATE, JULY 9, 9:03 A.M.: Newport Beach City Councilman Scott Peotter is doubling down on his divisive public comments about same-sex marriage and the perceived theft of rainbows from God, making himself out to be the victim of having his First Amendment free speech rights infringed.

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Anaheim Passes 30-Year Disney Gate-Tax Ban, to Resort Elite's Delight

Photo by flickr user Glen Scarborough
Anaheim City Hall?

Disneyland began celebrating its 60th birthday in late May, and the Anaheim city council lined up the House of the Mouse with a generous gift. The theme park is planning a future billion-dollar investment for resort area expansions but wanted a lil' something in return. At the end of the marathon meeting that began yesterday afternoon and wrapped up this morning at 1:04 a.m., the council majority gave it to them: a ban on any future gate tax on admissions on Disney for at least 30 years!

The resort cabal, usually glaring at their tablets in the back rows of council chambers during other meetings, came out full force to barely contain their glee at fleecing Anaheim residents for decades to come, while said residents were mostly relegated to a spillover room, as young people protested outside.

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Surfrider, Coastkeeper and Other Groups Sue Surf City Over Its Repeal of Plastic Bag Ban

Photo by flickr user MMU Library Services
Recycling at work
The other receptacle made of organic polymers of high molecular mass has dropped: The Huntington Beach City Council's May 4 repeal of a plastic bag ban was met Tuesday by a lawsuit filed against Surf City by Southern California environmental groups that include San Clemente-based Surfrider Foundation and Costa Mesa-based Orange County Coastkeeper.

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Rudolph Peter Juarez and Gabriel A. Garcia Join the Club of Ex-Buena Park Officials Behind Bars

Courtesy of the Orange County District Attorney's office
Gabriel A. Garcia (left) and Rudolph Peter Juarez pleaded guilty and got prison sentences today.
What's good enough for Buena Park's lying ex-mayor is good enough for the city's embezzling two former parks and recreation managers: guilty verdicts in an Orange County courtroom.

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Drought, Drought, Let It All Out, These Are the Dry News Things You Can't Do Without

Mark Greening/Orange County Water District
That's purified from OC's amazing Groundwater Replenishment System (a.k.a. toilet to tap).
Notes from Year 4 of the California drought ...

Facing the worst drought in Burnt Golden State history and separate actions recently by Gov. Jerry Brown and provider the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to conserve water up to 25 percent, the Board of Directors of the Fountain Valley-based Municipal Water District of Orange County just voted to reduce imported water use throughout the county by roughly 15 percent July 1 through June 30, 2016, unless drought conditions improve.

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Garden Grove Poised to Become Latest OC City to Ban Breeder Sales of Dogs and Cats

Unite Against Puppy Mills
Bargain bin
Like Irvine and Huntington Beach before it, Garden Grove is poised to become another Orange County city that bans the sale of dogs and cats from commercial breeders, only allowing the paw trade through shelters or rescue groups.

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Surf City Massage Parlor Moratorium Helps Cops Try to Take the "Tug" out of "Rub 'n' Tug"

Photo by flickr user Supernova Surfboards
It's getting that you can't massage anything in Surf City these days.
Massage parlors mushrooming from eight in 2009 to 74 in 2014 prompted Huntington Beach to recently impose a 45-day moratorium on new such businesses opening while an ordinance is drafted to crack down on crimes associated with some joints--the "tug" that can follow the "rub," if you will.

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Adam Nick Charged for Allegedly Removing Another Lake Forest Councilman's Signs

Facebook/Lake Forest Councilman Adam Nick
Councilman Adam Nick before being hoisted with his own petard.
In 2014, Lake Forest City Councilman Adam Nick pushed to amend the city's sign code to criminalize those who tamper with or remove campaign signs without permission.

Today, the 50-year-old was charged with petty theft, receiving stolen property and violating that same Lake Forest Municipal Code section for allegedly removing another councilman's campaign signs on public display without permission.

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