Stop Wildlife Destruction at Costa Mesa's Fairview Park TONIGHT!

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Hiking trails > Astroturf

A drive by of Fairview Park in Costa Mesa doesn't inspire much awe. About half of the park looks like any other: sad grass, lonely picnic tables, and shade trees. The other half of the park, however, is a natural, wildlife habitat, peaking out in the distance. Tonight, the Fairview Park Citizens Advisory Committee will vote on whether or not a portion of this more-rugged habitat with native plants should be leveled and transformed into athletic facilities that will require sprinkler systems, destroy wildlife, and remove just a little bit more of the land that makes planet Earth so gosh-darned pretty and not manicured Irvine.

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Gustavo's Latest KCRW "Orange County Line": On Costa Mesa's Effort to Criminalize Public Comments!

Photo from the OC Weekly archives
Righeimer: Don't criticize me!
I've said this before, and I'll say it again: Man, we really should be paying attention to Costa Mesa politics. Between the scandal that was the city's 60th anniversary party, the lawsuit by Mayor Jim Righeimer against Costa Mesa cops for messing around with him, to the Left's embrace of wackjob conservative Wendy Leece just because she's pro-union, it's almost as much of a wreck as Anacrime. We'll get to soon as we get another staffer, which'll probably happen once digital goes away.

In the meanwhile, we'll find our spot, like here: My weekly "Orange County Line" commentary for KCRW-FM 89.9 yesterday focused on the insane attempt by Righeimer to quash public comments.

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Charter Warning Compares What Could Happen in Costa Mesa to What Happened in Bell

City of Costa Mesa
Mayor Jim Righeimer (center) leads a three-member City Council majority that supports Costa Mesa becoming a charter city.

Days after the Costa Mesa City Council held the second of two public meetings required by state law of proposed charter cities, a San Diego-based nonprofit launched a website warning the public that it is among five or so California cities that risk becoming another Bell.

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Jim Righeimer, Steve Mensinger, Costa Mesa Mayor and Councilman, v. Cop Union Lives!

Photo by Chasen Marshall/OC Weekly
File photo of Costa Mesa Mayor Jim Righeimer holding up a fire services proposal.

I don't know how many election cycles we'll have run through before it's all sorted out, but when it comes to the harassment case Costa Mesa's mayor and a councilman have against the city's police union, it's still game on, baby!

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Hugo Godinez, Registered Sex Offender, is Unlikely "Star" of Constitutional Challenges

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When Hugo Godinez was ordered to register as a sex offender with the Costa Mesa Police Department at his sentencing for a 2010 misdemeanor sexual battery conviction, the Santa Ana resident could not have foreseen his future in shaping California law.

The latest ripple came Wednesday when the Orange County District Attorney's office filed a petition in hopes the state Supreme Court will uphold ordinances banning sex offenders from municipal parks and recreational facilities.

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Steve Mensinger, Costa Mesa Councilman, Was Fine Revealing Cop Union GPS Snooping: Judge

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An Orange County Superior Court judge recently refused to hold Costa Mesa City Councilman Steve Mensinger in contempt of court for revealing someone placed a GPS tracking device on his truck.

Judge David Hoffer on Dec. 13 denied the contempt motion by the Costa Mesa Police Officers' Association, which claimed the disclosure by Mensinger and his attorneys violated a court order. One problem: that order applied to a criminal case, not Mensinger's civil suit.

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Carl Helber, 69, Has Complaint Rejected That Costa Mesa Cop Roughed Him Up in DUI Bust

A 69-year-old Lake Havasu man has filed a claim seeking more than $25,000 from the City of Costa Mesa because a police officer allegedly shoved him to the ground, broke his finger and injured his arthritic knees during a driving under the influence (DUI) arrest.

Carl Helber, who moved to the Arizona town from Costa Mesa, alleges the cop used excessive force in the claim that the city immediately rejected.

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Claim: Costa Mesa Councilman Steve Mensinger Tracked by Political Enemies with GPS Device

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Mensinger: best political press photo in OC?
The politics of Costa Mesa keep getting crazier and crazier by the week, especially in the controversy surrounding a lawsuit filed by Costa Mesa mayor Jim Righeimer and councilmember Steve Mensinger against the city's police department's union, their former law firm, and the firm's former investigator. Prepare for even more madness tomorrow--like, crazy madness.

That's when Mensinger's attorneys, Manly & Stewart (the famed firm that eviscerated the pedophile racket over at the Diocese of Orange) will hold a press conference at Harbor Court at 11 a.m. to unveil a shocking allegation: that Mensinger's enemies tracked him with a GPS device stuck to the undercarriage of his truck throughout most of 2012 in their campaign to discredit the councilmember and Righeimer due to their anti-union ways. Needless to say, Mensinger never approved to the tracking.

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Alibaba Motel, a Costa Mesa Landmark (IMHO), Slapped with 21 City Code Violations

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When it comes to places to visit on my bucket list, near the top is the Alibaba Motel even though I have lived since 1989 a few miles from the Costa Mesa landmark known for its inviting dome roof.

The delay in fulfilling that wish may owe to the, uh, colorful, dentally impaired tweakstes found wandering around that general location (2250 Newport Blvd.).

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Costa Mesa Woman Suffering from Disease that Keeps Her In Dark Room At All Times Needs Your Help

Photo from Heidi's Website
Please Help!
Time to divert your monthly tithes, drink at home instead of going out, or put off paying for something responsible for another week.

20-year-old Heidi Rose Theis of Costa Mesa, has been diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) or Reflex Symptomatic Dystrophy (RSD), which makes her feel excruciating burning sensations all over her body and has exiled her to a dark room at all times. On her website, she describes the feeling to be like someone has covered her body in acid and pumped it through her veins. Two years ago, she was in an equestrian accident that left her with a broken leg and tailbone, and banged up her kidney. But it wasn't until several months later, when her body should've been coming around, that she started turning colors instead: Pink, red and purple, and that horrible burning.

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