Citizen of the Week: Hands Off the Little Girl, Grandpa

If you're a horny, numbskull, adult male thinking about having sex with an underage female, please read, ponder and digest this cautionary tale.

It's not only a public service, but also potentially a way for you to avoid living in a hellhole California prison for decades.

Or, you can ignore this admonition and end up like the pathetic Esteban Antonio Villamil.

While living in Tijuana several years ago, the then-61-year-old Villamil sexually molested his 9-year-old step-granddaughter, according to Orange County Superior Court records.

The crimes--usually committed when other members of the family were away from home or asleep--continued when family members relocated to the Fullerton and Santa Ana area.

Villamil gave the youngster cash in misguided, unsuccessful hopes his victim would remain mum about his acts.

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Violent Orange County Rapist Feels Cheated

Blackmore: Women find me irresistible
Sitting in his Southern California prison cell, Ray Michael Blackmore--a sexually violent offender--is steaming because he believes the judges and lawyers tied to his last series of convictions in 2010--the ones that left him with a severe punishment--cheated.

Blackmore, who wants his sentence reduced, is an expert on bad conduct.

In 1984, he beat and attempted to rape a 16-year-old girl during a residential burglary.

Four years later--after he emerged from prison, he picked up a prostitute using crutches, took her to a motel room, applied intense pressure on her broken ankle to force her to forgo the $100 payment, and then raped and sodomized her.

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Two Idiots Assault Man in Downtown Fullerton, Leaving Him in Coma

DTF Surveillance Footage
Quick - no one help! But everyone, pull your cell phones out!

Any fight that starts with something along the lines of "You lookin' at my girlfriend, bro?" is automatically pointless. Last week, that Neanderthal mentality put a young man into a coma.

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Akeem Johnson Thought It Was A Good Idea To Have Sex With Intoxicated Lady; He Was Wrong

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Here is a scenario: It's Thanksgiving night 2010 and you're a man in a Tustin bar where you see a heavily intoxicated woman, a tourist from Australia and a mother of two kids, who can't even walk on her own. Would you try to help her, ignore her or would you see a cheap opportunity for sex?

For Orange County's Akeem Jelani Johnson, the scenario is not hypothetical. He saw the woman's condition. Indeed, she'd fallen on her face on her way to the bathroom and later dropped all of her money on the floor. But she'd flirted with him and he decided to take advantage of the situation.

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Man Punched, Slammed & Stomped Girlfriend's Face But Wants to Be Punished for Only One Act of Violence

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A January 2010 day began well for Orange County's 21-year-old Aaron Michael Laythorpe, who took his girlfriend and their baby on an enjoyable beer-drinking trip to a Fashion Island restaurant in Newport Beach.

But the day ended in horrific, senseless domestic violence.

Laythorpe eventually dropped Jill off at her grandmother's house in Anaheim and promised he'd quickly return in her vehicle.

Hours later, when her boyfriend finally returned, an unhappy Jill asked him what took so long.

She doesn't remember his answer or what happened next because Laythorpe beat the hell out of her.
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Citizen of the Week! Meet Joseph Martinez, Perverted Grandpa

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At this very moment, Orange County's Joseph Coronado Martinez is sitting in a California prison and he's immensely frustrated, in part, because he's not attracted to his neighbors.

Martinez--a 64-year-old grandfather with a 5-foot-3 and 200 pound physique--thinks the criminal justice system treated him unfairly by locking him up for sex crimes.

It's a fascinating sentiment given the sweetheart deal he received.

Pursued by the Orange County District Attorney's office, Martinez initially pleaded not guilty to two felony counts involving continually molesting his second-grade granddaughter for two years.

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Newport Beach Home Schooler Used Young Girl as Sex Slave

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To commit his serial sex crimes against a little girl, David Alan Goddard arranged the perfect setting.

While his wife worked long hours as a nurse, Goddard worked out of their Newport Beach home as a stock broker and insisted on home schooling "T.B.," the 12-year-old girl adopted by his mother-in-law.

Schooling quickly evolved into a disgusting nightmare for T.B.

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Citizen of the Week! George Clebert Nails Just Wants to be Loved

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You might not know it by looking at him, but George Clebert Nails lived in various Buena Park motels, drank beer to excess, smoked methamphetamine and liked to beat the hell out of his girlfriend, Rhonda.

After the couple spent a glorious, highly intoxicated Fourth of July 2009 holiday, Rhonda did the improbable. Somehow she decided she'd tired of Nails and wanted to leave. I'm guessing that she might not have been happy that in a fit of rage he'd broken one of her fingers.

But Nails was having too much fun and didn't want the party to end.

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Citizen of the Week! Ray Michael Blackmore Can't Control His Penis

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At the age of 18 in 1984, Orange County's Ray Michael Blackmore couldn't control his penis.

Blackmore stood outside a 16-year-old girl's bedroom window one night, reached inside, tried to yank off her shirt and failed.

While the girl called a 911 operator for help, he climbed through a kitchen window, knocked her down and began beating her in the head before her father intervened.

The crimes landed him in prison for two years.

In 1988, Blackmore agreed to pay a prostitute $100 for sex but once they got inside a motel room, he refused and applied force to the woman's broken ankle until she let him rape and sodomize her.

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Citizen of the Week! Incest Perpetrator: Miguel Angel Andrade

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If Costa Mesa's Miguel Angel Andrade is right, he might be the most abused good daddy in Orange County history.

Andrade says his two young daughters fabricated that he routinely sexually assaulted them as revenge because he forced them to do their homework and wouldn't let them go outside to play.

He claims his only mistake was leaving his pornographic film collection where the girls could find it.

But an April 2010, Orange County jury didn't buy the story and sided with prosecutors.

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