William Donnelly Yotty Trades Monarch Beach for Club Fed After Copping to Two Ponzi Scams

William Donnelly Yotty will be changing addresses soon.
A 69-year-old Dana Point man will likely die in federal prison if he is sentenced to the maximum 40 years for admittedly running two Ponzi schemes that soaked about 240 investors for $14 million.

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Kurt Sipolski Writes a Touching Memoir ... and of Getting Screwed Over by Dan Harkey

Photo courtesy of Kurt Sipolski
A judge says Dan Harkey must pay Kurt Sipolski thousands. Harkey would rather pay lawyers to avoid doing that, so Sipolski is selling his furniture online to get by.
You'll love the photo on the next page from former state legislator out of Dana Point Diane Harkey, who is currently the 4th District member of the California Board of Equalization, a.k.a. the state tax board. The photo shows a group of senior citizens smiling to go along with an article posted on Harkey's BOE page, "Senior Citizens Day: Recognizing Our Most Golden Citizens." Not smiling among them is golden citizen Kurt Sipolski, who a judge long ago ruled is owed six figures from Harkey's estranged husband Dan. Sipolski, who lives mostly off Social Security in Palm Desert, is now selling his furniture on craigslist to survive.

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Weekender Updater: More Questions Than Answers After Overdose Ruling ... Plus More!

The late Erica Alonso's father has more questions than answers after overdose finding.
This weekender you are updatered on: a father not buying the overdose death of his once-missing daughter; a Laguna Beach billionaire beating the Swiss bank that shielded some of his assets; a Santa Ana dad copping to beating his precious two-month-old baby daughter into critical condition at a hospital; and a thieving Santa Ana piano company controller hitting a sour note at sentencing.

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Meet More of Your Neighbors and Fraudsters, Orange County!

Photo by flickr user ivers
F is for fraud.
Two local men were recently sentenced, a third pleaded guilty, a fourth pleaded not guilty and a woman was charged in separate, unrelated frauds that stung victims for amounts ranging from the thousands to the millions of dollars, according to authorities.

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Mark Sostak Gets Year in Jail for Role in Land Scam That Falsely Included Arnold Palmer

Photo by flickr user Sean
Trying to confirm that the burned at least received this as a parting gift.
A 57-year-old man was sentenced to a year in jail Friday for his part in a $52 million real estate scam that had fraudsters falsely claiming golf legend Arnold Palmer was a partner on the way to wiping out the life savings of some retiree investors.

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Hieu Minh Ngo Gets 13 Years for I.D. Theft Service That Used Experian Subsidiary's Data

Socialist Republic of Vietnam
A real I.D. of Hieu Minh Ngo
A Vietnamese man was recently sentenced to 13 years in U.S. federal prison for running an identity theft service that was aided by the database from a subsidiary of Experian, the major credit bureau with operational headquarters in Costa Mesa.

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Theresa Fisher of Tustin Gets 3.5 Years in Scam That Gave Patients New Noses, Boobs, Tummies

Princess Cosmetic Surgery of Orange advertisement
Their tummy tucks were billed as "hernia disc surgeries."
A Tustin woman has been sentenced to nearly 3.5 years in federal prison and ordered to pay $2.6 million in restitution for her part in an Orange plastic surgery center's scam that gave new noses, boobs and tummy tucks to patients whose insurance companies were fraudulently billed for covered, medically necessary procedures.

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Marvin Jay Caukin Gets 135 Months in Prison for Flying Off with Gulfstream's $10 Million

Photo by flickr user Dean Morley
Gulfstream jet departs London Luton Airport in England.
The former director of finance and accounting at Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.'s Long Beach facility was sentenced this week to 11 years and change in federal prison for embezzling more than $10 million from his employer over a 13-year period.

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Deborah Mueller Busted for Allegedly Stealing $75,000 from Her Company ... Four Years Ago

Courtesy of Santa Ana Police Department
Police say Deborah Mueller stole $75,000 over a 14-month period.
An ex-office manager, who embezzled more than $75,000 from her Santa Ana company in 2010-11 and moved to Arizona after she was fired, was arrested near her new home in Huntington Beach Tuesday, according to police.

Deborah Mueller, 60, was arrested on a warrant charging her with grand theft, forgery, computer-access fraud and falsifying records, the Santa Ana Police Department reports.

She had been employed at Jorgenson Metal Rolling & Forming as the office manager for over a decade when, in January 2011, Mueller was suspected of embezzling a large amount of money and was terminated.

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Athena Maldonado and Christopher Harati Guilty of Scamming Debt Relief Customers

Photo by flickr user carnagenyc
Until debt do depart
Two Orange County residents pleaded guilty this week to having roles in a scam where what was supposed to be payment assistance for credit card debtors was diverted to upfront fees customers were not aware of, according to federal prosecutors in Washington, D.C.

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