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Ex-Sheriff's Dept. Officials Create Bold, New Firm!

Over at the Orange County Register, ace reporter Peggy Lowe writes tonight on Orange County Sheriff's Department blog news that two of indicted ex-Sheriff Mike Carona's Yes Folks (YF) quit today: assistant sheriffs Jo Ann Galisky and Steve Bishop.

Somehow the third and final major YFer embarrassment, Acting Sheriff Jack Anderson, remains . . . sitting atop the massive police agency, repeatedly uttering four words: "I am the sheriff' and waiting, nervously, for guidance from Carona/GOP operative Mike Schroeder.

Can the public and the honest people at OCSD ever get decent leadership? I ask this to you, Janet Nguyen.

Today's developments prefaced an upcoming unflattering grand jury report on the brutal killing of a man in pre-trial custody in October 2006. The Carona-Galisky-Bishop lie, oops, line was that a deputy standing feet away from the lethal beating (that lasted, perhaps, 20 minutes) suffers from severe ADD. They proposed that he remained clueless to the gory killing because, drum roll, he was too busy watching TV.

According to the new public employee union contract, jail deputies are required to work only during regularly scheduled TV commercials and not at all during sporting events or the airing of porno.

There's good news though. Galisky--who recently hired a criminal defense lawyer (no, really!)--won't join the unemployment line. She's announced that she will head a new private detective firm with Carona and Bishop: Blatant Liar, Screw Em & Duh, LLP.

They'll specialize in sexual harassment, illegal eavesdropping, misuse of public property and unnecessary government employee travel abroad cases. Galisky's focus? Evidence elimination and grand jury preparation tactics.

The ultra-trustworthy Full Disclosure Network reports that other notables are set to participate in the firm too. Don Haidl will supply employee perks--free boats, cash and Bible-based pep talks, but only if he gets to wear a Blatant Liar, Screw Em & Duh badge. Thanks to a grant from a mysterious individual with mysterious interests, Brian Sun and something like nine other Jones Day lawyers will work as, uhhh, "free" employees. Incarcerated Las Vegas titty bar owner Rick Rizzolo and ex-federal prosecutor Wayne Gross, a Carona apologist, have already signed on as clients. Meanwhile, Reg columnist Frank Mickadeit--who lives with Gross!?!?!--is waiting for final instructions from Schroeder before he writes a flattering column on Galisky's new business.

-- R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

Comments (15)

  1. Tim says:

    It's nice to see you've completely dropped your pretense of objectivity. You know that "feet away" covers a wide range of distance, yet implies that the deputy was right next to the beating instead of over 60 feet away inside a darkened, enclosed guard station. How much time have you spent in a guard station while inmates are in the dayroom? Minutes, seconds, none?

    As far as your comment about working only during commercial breaks - hah, hah, hah, you're funny Mr. Funnyman. Not too many sporting events or pornos being played in guard stations these days. One inmate in 20 years is murdered in custody so now the inmates only watch PBS on their dayroom TVs.

    Are you a "news" reporter, an "opinion" writer, or just a blogger? It's hard to tell these days.

  2. Tim says:

    Oh by the way, how many real live Deputy Sheriffs have you talked to? You know, the guys who put on the pants one leg at a time and drive in from there homes outside Orange County. You probably have trouble rustling up a willing conversation partner because talking to a "reporter" is like talking to the cops - you're going to get burned.

  3. Alex Brant-Zawadzki says:

    "Bold, New Firm"?

    Sorry, R. Scott, the contest for the Ex-Sheriff's little ex-sheriff's new nickname is OVER. Deal with it.


    Tim: I used to drink with a Deputy Sheriff, and he bloody loved the Weekly. So there.

  4. Entertained says:

    Yeah, Mox. What the hell is wrong with you? Please follow Deputy Timmy's instructions and give us only the official department version of its lies. If you don't, Timmy might cry.

  5. Jennifer H. says:

    Re: "As far as your comment about working only during commercial breaks - hah, hah, hah, you're funny Mr. Funnyman."

    My husband read the blog first, chuckled several times and then read it to me. I laughed too.
    Deputies hate to be called out for their mistakes. We know. One of our nephews works in a jail in Orange County. At family events, he drinks too much beer and brags about punching people in the face. We've prayed for him for years but he seems to get worse.

  6. Amy Graham says:

    I was sitting at a restaurant bar a couple of weeks ago with my mom and dad and Mike Carona tried to pick me up. He seemed nice at first. But he complimented my eyes while looking at my breasts. Very bad Vodka breath too.

  7. Tim says:

    Pardon me while I wipe the tears from my eyes.

    I love the OC Weekly too. However, Moxley is getting a little full of himself these days. He does some good reporting and then spoils it by telling inflamatory half truths and lies.

    Is this a newspaper? News is supposed to be objective. Maybe I'm confusing the blog content for the paper content.

    Beside, Moxley lives for this kind of abuse. This will keep him going for a few more weeks - "Moxley, you're a chucklehead and a doodie-face!"

    And no, I haven't punched anybody in the face this week. Or last week. Or the week before that. And so on ad infinitum.

    By the way, I love "Ask a Mexican"

  8. Cesar says:

    Hey, Tim, get a grip of your tiny, hapless self--- It's called HUMOR you moron! You would definitely need to be CLUELESS no to get it. Oh, wait, you are a member of the county's right-wing, little marching fascist army incapable of being analytical to begin with. Hey, Mox, you keep it up my friend. Gives us the facts as you always do and pepper us with some occasional humor like today. Tim, go away....

  9. TimB says:

    Hey Cesar,
    How's it going? "Hapless"? Well played sir.

    Do you know me? Do you know I'm a right wing, fascist moron? That hurts. You, sir have wounded me deeply. It only took you eight comments to accuse me of being a fascist. Apparently you don't know me at all. But because I wear a green uniform you think you do. That's okay.

    Moxley is a good reporter who has uncovered some very distressing truths about the OCSD. Every week I read the OC Weekly to find out what is going on with my department. However, when Moxley writes a humorous piece filled with innuendo, one must start to suspect his objectivity. Is he really being fair in his news reporting? Does he have an axe to grind? It's hard to tell.

    Aunt Jennifer,
    Thank you for your prayers. I would suggest that deputies are not alone in not liking their mistakes pointed out. That tendency is pretty universal.

  10. Jon says:

    Labeling a deputy sheriff/police officer a "right-wing fascist such and such" is fifth grade logic and shows you for the simpleton you are. Look up fascist in the dictionary. Authority does not equal fascism.

  11. Laura says:

    I'm a Republican businesswoman in Corona del Mar and even I think that authority is kept honest by reporters who aren't afraid to challenge it. If we had to rely on the Register in Orange County, we'd still believe that Mike Carona is a hero. The Weekly lead the charge that something stank in the sheriff's department. I'm guessing it's not easy to confront dirty police officers but they did it over and over again.

  12. Cesar says:

    Dear Timmy and Jon-Boy,

    I shared your blog entry with my two deputy friends and they got a laugh out of it! They, too, read it weekly and both tell me that guys like you still blindly support your emperor with no clothes. Timmy, keep up the good work of trying to sound objective and concerned over Mox's innuendo filled column. Better yet, get a leg up and go start to defend your next-in-line corrupt asswipe, you know, the current town idiot sherrif bestowed upon us courtesy of the OC GOP (Anderson). Dude, once again it's called HUMOR! Go watch Jon Stewart, Sat Night Live, Mad TV, and even Colbert and then go pop off at the "liberal, drive-by media" for allowing such distorted innuendos be given time. Or go catch some day laborers or rough up some people at OC Jail. You should really consider not drinking that Kool-Aid. Take care, Timmy, it's been great. Keep on reading the Weekly and be sure to dissect every one of Mox's words. It's people like you that we need to fight the fight against sensationalistic, factless-based, yellow-journalism, right?

  13. Know Em All says:

    As a retired law enforcement officer...PLEASE don't confuse Carona and his clan with law enforcement. Carona never walked the walk!
    Also, who gives a rats ass about you living in Corona del Mar? The fact is the main stream media ignored the truth because they are scared of the corrupt county political system, not the police! It doesn't matter where you live.
    Since this is the Weekly, I guess the real question is, are you orgasmic??? I love uptight Republican, Corona del Mar businesswomen

  14. Mike's Friend says:

    If the Sheriff does it, it's not illegal.

  15. Bill says:

    Keep up the good work R. Scott. If those folks don't appreciate you out there, you can always come back to Texas.

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