Stalin and Mao Tried to Assassinate John Wayne, New Book Claims

Steven Travers is an historian, guest lecturer at the USC Annenberg School of Journalism and author of 20 books and screenplays. He's a conservative author whose own publicity posits grimly that the "old way" of American patriotism and macho values have been destroyed and replaced with the "world now dominated by Barack Obama."

One of Travers' biggest heroes is that paragon of John Birch-era Orange County, John Wayne. And it is the Duke himself who is the protagonist of Travers' new book The Duke, The Longhorns and Chairman Mao, which you can find in bookstores, or at least on Amazon, on April 7. The book makes some truly remarkable claims about Wayne, who Travers argues was an anti-communist icon of such stature that two of the worst communist dictators of the 20th Century tried to have him assassinated.

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OCDA Drops All Charges Against Nadia Davis Lockyer

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Just one day after Nadia Davis Lockyer graced the cover of OC Weekly for Steve Lowery's excellent, in-depth profile of her, the Orange County District Attorney's office has dropped all charges against her stemming from her Sept. 2012 arrest for felony drug possession, being under the influence of drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia and child endangerment.

Nadia Lockyer tells the Weekly she appeared in court this morning before Judge Gerald Johnston. She expressed gratitude to prosecutors for allowing her to move forward with her life and said she felt "proud" to have reached a significant milestone in her recovery. "But mostly, I have a ton of gratitude for my family and the higher power," she added.

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Young Man Commits Suicide by Amtrak Train

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A man in his mid-20s committed suicide by Amtrak train in Anaheim this afternoon.

"This guy left a note," Anaheim Police Lt. Tim Schmidt said of the poor soul who deliberately stepped in front of an Amtrak train around 1:30 p.m. near Ball Road and Lewis Street.

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Kelly Thomas Murder Trial: Officers Ramos, Cicinelli NOT GUILTY!

Inside a packed, tense Santa Ana courtroom, former Fullerton Police officers Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli have been found not guilty of murdering Kelly Thomas, the homeless Fullerton resident who died after being brutally beaten by Ramos, Cicinelli and several other officers in July 2011.

Specifically, jurors found Ramos not guilty of second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter and Cicinelli not guilty of involuntary manslaughter and excessive force.

Flanked by 11 sheriff's deputies, Cicinelli cried as the verdicts were read. Moments earlier, he had hugged family members, while the district attorney's chief of staff, Susan Kang Schroeder, handed tissues to Thomas' mother, who was seated next to Thomas' father, Ron.

See our entire Kelly Thomas Killing archives here.

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Octomom Nadya Suleman Charged with Welfare Fraud

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Octomom Nadya Suleman of Orange has been charged with welfare fraud, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.

The single, unemployed mother of 14 allegedly failed to report nearly $30,000 in earnings from personal appearances and porn video residuals during the first six months, explains the DA's office, noting she had filed for public assistance in Lancaster that January.

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Independent Audit Proves Massive Larry Agran Corruption At The Orange County Great Park

Illustration by Bill Hunt
Since the late 1970s and until about a decade ago, Larry Agran served as the most beloved liberal politician in the heart of California's Ronald Reagan-style conservatism, Orange County. Democratic Party activists cherished his words and followed him around as loyal disciples. Lefty academics hailed him as a refreshing political reformer dedicated to good, honest government.

But 2004 ended up being a watershed year for Agran, who'd fought Bill Clinton for the 1992 Democratic Party nomination for president of the United States. Having become the undisputed boss of a political machine that controlled the City of Irvine, his deep character flaws revealed themselves to his close political and personal allies: journalist Will Swaim, then my editor here at the Weekly, UC Irvine professor and onetime an Agran-appointed city planning commission chairman Mark Petracca and defense lawyer Chris Mears.

Swaim allowed me to investigate and uncover numerous, corrupt Agran moves involving shenanigans with public funds and backroom, sweetheart deals for his pals.

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No Bomb at Surf City Starbucks; Powder at Costa Mesa AAA HQ Likely Not Hazardous

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See Update No. 3 at the bottom of the next page on the device in Huntington Beach turning out not to be explosive but there being something to the earlier report of a "commotion" at AAA headquarters in Costa Mesa. Update No. 2 is on the first report of the Surf City bomb scare. Update No. 1 was on the Costa Mesa report.

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ORIGINAL POST, DEC. 16, 12:23 P.M.: A reader claims some kind of commotion is coming from the Southern California Automobile Club (AAA) headquarters in Costa Mesa, where there are apparently police, FBI agents and a bomb squad right now.

We are awaiting confirmation from the Costa Mesa Police Department, but ...

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Iftekhar Murtaza Pleas for Lie Detector Test After Jury Recommends Death Penalty: Update

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ORIGINAL POST, DEC. 16, 11:45 A.M.: A jury in Santa Ana this morning recommended the death penalty for Iftekhar Murtaza, the sick fuck who wiped out a young woman and her father because he did not want the Van Nuys 29-year-old dating his other daughter.

Murtaza had hatched a plan that would have his ex-girlfriend returning to his arms after the "robbery"-murder of her sister and father, who were ultimately set on fire, and near slaying of her mother, who was beaten into a coma.

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Kent Wycliffe Easter, Attorney-Cuckold Accused in Drug-Planting Plot, Faces Retrial

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A Feb. 11 retrial date has been set for Kent Wycliffe Easter, the Newport Beach attorney, enraged father and non-pants-in-the-family-wearing husband accused of trying to frame a PTA mom at his son's Irvine elementary school.

Jurors deadlocked 11-1 last month in favor of convicting Easter on a felony count of false
imprisonment by fraud or deceit.

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Read the Full Transcript of the Night Fullerton Police Killed Kelly Thomas

Thomas laying in the hospital before perishing days after the beating
As if watching the video of Kelly Thomas' beating wasn't enraging and gut-wrenching enough, a website called Arrest Angel just released a full transcript of what transpired on the evening of July 5, 2011. The document is 37 pages long and covers the security-camera video in its entirety: from the moment Thomas was first approached by Officer Manuel Ramos to when his limp and bloodied body was carried away by paramedics as the cops licked their "wounds."

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