Immigrant Activist Luis Bravo Released Just Hours After Being Detained by ICE

Courtesy of the Bravo family
Luis Bravo pictured left
The Bravo family got a rude awakening from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) this morning, when they arrived to their Costa Mesa apartment around 6:42 a.m. "I heard the doorbell ring," says Daniel Bravo. "I went to the door and opened it to two officers."

Only the ICE agents weren't looking for him. Before leaving, they handcuffed his older brother Luis Bravo, an immigrant rights volunteer with the Orange County Congregation Community Organization (OCCCO), hauling him off to the ICE field office in Santa Ana.

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Flood Warning Issued Through Tonight for East Central OC; Silverado Burn Areas a Concern

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Paramount Pictures
"Head for the Orange Circle!"

The National Weather Service in San Diego has issued a flood warning for east central Orange County through 6:30 this evening.

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Not Free at Last! Kent Wycliffe Easter Taken into Custody for Drug-Planting Conviction

See Update No. 2 at the bottom of Page 2 with Kent Easter being taken into custody pending an October sentencing hearing. Update No. 1 included details that led to his conviction.

Thumbnail image for Kent-Wycliffe-Easter_ocda.jpg
Courtesy of the Orange County District Attorney's office
Life just got sadder for Kent Wycliffe Easter, the cuckold attorney.

ORIGINAL POST, SEPT. 10, 3:48 P.M.: The second time was a charm for prosecutors as a jury this afternoon found Kent Wycliffe Easter guilty in his retrial for planting drugs in the PT Cruiser of a school volunteer the Irvine attorney's wife thought had insulted their then-5-year-old son.

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Hurricane Marie is Bringing High Surf, Mucho Traffic and Scant Parking: Update

See the update at the end of this post on Newport Beach officials warning of high traffic and scant parking because of people flocking to the coast to see high waves, particularly at The Wedge.
Buckle up, OC!

ORIGINAL POST, AUG. 25, 11:06 A.M.: If you thought the surf that pounded Orange County beaches was treacherous this past weekend, you apparently ain't seen nothing yet.

But you will very soon, according to forecasters.

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Jerry Valentin of Arizona Could Get 25 Years to Life for 91 Freeway Shooting: DA

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See Update No. 3 at the end of this post on the charges against and potential punishment for Jerry Valentin. Update No. 2 identified him as the alleged 91 freeway shooter. Update No. 1 provided more details on the incident.

Photo by flickr user Christopher Najewicz
They're lighting up the 91 freeway again.

ORIGINAL POST, AUG. 4, 5:05 P.M.: No sooner had we hit the send button on a report about charges against the alleged fatal shooter of a complete stranger on the 91 freeway in Anaheim last month than there was a new report of a shooting on the 91 in Anaheim Hills that left at least one person injured and at least one person in custody this afternoon.

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Great Park Insider: Larry Agran's Corruption, Incompetence Worse Than Previously Known

Meranda Carter/OC Weekly
In January 2008, Larry Agran--the leader of a three-council-member, Democratic alliance that then controlled the city of Irvine for more than half a decade--desperately needed to enlist outside professional help to manage what had spiraled out of control: plans to build the Orange County Great Park, then one of California's largest public-works projects.

But there was a problem.

Agran, a career politician who had no clue how to build a massive public park despite his promises otherwise, didn't just crave a competent CEO for the $1.6 billion project. The county's living liberal icon with frightening Nixonian tendencies hoped the park would be an unbreakable monument to his legacy, so he needed someone who would obey his wishes, no matter how ridiculous or shady.

Excluding the four other elected representatives on the council, as well as the other eight members of the Great Park's Board of Directors, Agran--a losing Democratic Party presidential-primary candidate in 1992--met Mike Ellzey at an Irvine Denny's off I-5 on Sand Canyon Avenue.

Ellzey's background with private corporations, at a university and as CEO of the Golden Gate Park Concourse Authority made him a suitable candidate for the Great Park job. Demonstrating his dictatorial sensibilities that allowed him to dismiss notions of government transparency and the participation of his colleagues, Agran unilaterally offered Ellzey a taxpayer-funded job worth more than $175,000 annually.

Of course, there was a catch.

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Orange County Superior Court Bomb Threat Prompts Search; No Boom-Boom Maker Found

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Google Maps
Orange County Superior Court is still standing.

This morning, someone phoned in a bomb threat to Orange County Superior Court, otherwise known as the Central Justice Center in downtown Santa Ana.

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Little Saigon Loan Shark Accused Of Using Cop As Enforcer Admits Guilt

The Little Saigon businessman arrested in a loan-sharking scheme that allegedly used a Westminster Police Department officer as the enforcer against a bikini coffee shop owner for 60 percent annual interest has pleaded guilty.

After originally claiming innocence, Kevin Khanh Tuan Do admitted less than a week before a scheduled trial that he's guilty of a federal crime--lying to thwart FBI agents investigating the loan-sharking operation with surveillance and wiretapping.

According to the June 13 plea deal, the government will drop other charges while Do acknowledges that on August 30, 2013, he "knowingly and willfully made a materially false" statement denying his loan activities.

Do--a Fountain Valley resident known to have police and political connections by being generous with food and cocktails--must personally declare his guilt to U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter, who can accept or reject the deal.

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Orange County Jail Inmates Allowed to Enjoy Phone Sex, Deputy Testifies

Rosenblum: My client is getting railroaded in jail sex case
Jail inmates--including killers, rapists, gangsters and pedophiles--regularly enjoy phone sex with civilians on public lines recorded by the Orange County Sheriff's Department (OCSD), and deputies allow the perk because "it's not illegal," according to court testimony this week.

That unplanned revelation came courtesy of OCSD Investigator James Karr, who was questioned by defense attorney Lewis Rosenblum about use of jail phone recordings to arrest David Lloyd Cass in 2013 after the deputy allegedly accepted bribes in exchange for allowing a maximum-security inmate contact sex dates from 2009 to 2012.

To charge Cass with four felonies involving gift cards to places such as Burke Williams Day Spa, Karr and prosecutor Aleta Bryant are relying on portions of more than 1,000 hours of phone recordings between inmate Stephenson Choi Kim and girlfriend Ha Duc Nguyen, who used her vagina to smuggle marijuana to the vicious killer and took cell phone recordings of him masturbating to porn she brought into the jail.

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Little Saigon Politicians Linked To Alleged Police-Tied Loan Sharking Operation

Councilman Quach
A Little Saigon businessman accused by the FBI of using a Westminster Police Department officer as an enforcer in an illegal, loan-sharking operation does not want his upcoming jury to know about his close associations with two local Republican political figures.

The lawyer for Kevin Khanh Tuan Do--who was arrested last August with accused accomplice cop Anthony Duong Donner--told U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter this week that federal prosecutors should be blocked from informing jurors about Do's ties to Westminster City Councilman Andy Quach and former councilman Tyler Diep.

Do attorney Shaun Khojayan is also asking Carter to block evidence of witness statements tying his client to violence--including at Little Saigon coffee cafes--in the collection of debts as well as his his "lunches, drinks, campaign contributions or even extra-ordinary contributions for the assistance in the granting of permits" by Quach, Diep--both mentored by ex-Little Saigon Assemblyman Van Tran--and other unnamed police officers.

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