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Brian Feinzimer/Feinzimer Photography for OC Weekly
It's time to retire the Weekly's Bong Blotter logo because photographer Brian Feinzimer has captured the perfect replacement image to depict all things cannabis in the County or Orange.

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Santa Ana Pot Store Where Cops Allegedly Ate Edibles Shut Down By Cops

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Luke McGarry
Sky High Cops
Santa Ana police officers raided the Sky High Holistic Collective early yesterday morning and red-tagged the building, according to activist Marla James. Although no arrests were made because the dispensary was closed, police confiscated several pounds of marijuana along with video cameras and other equipment. The raid marked the fourth time that police have shown up at Sky High Collective with a search warrant, the most famous example having occurred last May when police arrested several volunteers before being captured on candid camera insulting James, (an amputee who uses a wheelchair) throwing darts, and sharing what appear in the video to be pot edibles.

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Freeway Ricky Ross, Former LA Crack Kingpin, Busted in Northern California

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Freeway Ricky Ross, dubbed the kingpin of crack cocaine by the LA Times, and a central figure in the CIA-crack-cocaine scandal of the 1990s, has been arrested near California's Emerald Triangle, the Times reports today. Although details of the case remain murky, the article seems to imply that Ross, who authorities say was carrying $100,000, may have been involved in a transaction involving marijuana, given that the location of his arrest is near the state's Emerald Triangle, the epicenter of America's underground pot economy.

A legendary figure in LA's drug scene in the 1980s, Ross was on trial for cocaine distribution in San Diego in 1996 when San Jose Mercury News reporter Gary Webb published a three-part investigative series, "Dark Alliance," revealing that much of Ross' cocaine had been supplied to him by Nicaraguans working with the CIA-backed anti-communist rebels, the so-called contras. Major newspapers eventually attacked Webb's reporting and the scandal drove him out of daily journalism and contributed to his 2004 suicide. After being sentenced to life in prison, Ross, who had been nearly illiterate when he entered prison, researched his case and managed to win his freedom after more than a decade behind bars.

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Police Pluck Pot from Same Placentia Industrial Complex for Third Time Since April 2014

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Roger that!
A marijuana grow operation has been discovered in the same industrial complex in Placentia for the third time since April of last year, according to police. And who do the pot purveyors have to blame for the trio of cannibusts? Habo, the drug-sniffing police dog. (Damn you, Habo, damn your eyes ... and nose!) Placentia Police Lt. Eric Point tells City News Service about 600 live plants and 100 pounds of packaged marijuana valued at about half a million were found about 7 a.m. Monday in an industrial suite in the 700 block of Monroe Way.

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Surf City Collective and Miss Mary Jane's Edibles Raise $11,000 for Cancer Patient
"FatMike" Jacob and his girlfriend Casey Jennings
A Huntington Beach medical marijuana collective (do they allow those?) held a two-week fundraiser that ended Saturday, raising $11,000 for a local surfer battling a rare bone cancer.

But crowdfunding continues for Michael James "FatMike" Jacob.

Surf City Collective and Miss Mary Jane's Edibles teamed up to help the 32-year-old Huntington Beach resident, who learned after an April 1 biopsy that he suffers from Ewing's Sarcoma, a cancer that typically affects children and adolescents but is rarely found in adults.

Jacob, who belongs to the collective, has gone on to withstand ongoing chemo treatments, medications and the inability to work.

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Santa Ana Cops In Pot-Eating Video Sue Their Own Employer

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Luke McGarry
Apparently at least three of the Santa Ana cops caught on video eating pot edibles, throwing darts and complaining about feeling "light-headed" after a raid on an illegal marijuana dispensary two months ago are still high.

The trio of officers, who are asserting their right under the Peace Officer Bill of Rights to remain anonymous, have filed suit against Police Chief Carlos Rojas and Santa Ana's internal affairs division. Their lawsuit seeks to prohibit the department from using footage of the officers during the raid that was recorded by security cameras and first made public by the both the Weekly and Voice of OC on June 11.

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VIDEO: Santa Ana Police Feast On Pot Edibles During Raid

It's Scooby-licious!
A trio of Santa Ana police officers are on administrative leave in the wake of video footage and photographic stills posted by the Weekly that appear to show police eating marijuana edibles during a May 26 raid on the Sky High Holistic Collective.

So far, however, Santa Ana police chief Carlos Rojas and Commander Chris Revere, head of internal affairs, have stated that only unedited footage will help them investigate if the officers depicted in the footage are actually eating pot-laced edibles. On July 1, the Weekly obtained several hours of raw footage of the raid and now, we're publishing four minutes of unedited raid footage that provides the most compelling evidence yet that the officers were indeed getting high on the job.

Click through to see the unedited video.

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Exactly Who Won Santa Ana's Medical-Marijuana Lottery?

It was the video seen 'round the world, seven minutes of Keystone Kops-worthy exploits that exposed Santa Ana's sham of a medical-marijuana system once and for all.

The first image on the grainy footage, taken from a secret camera in the upper-right-hand corner of an empty hallway, is a hand-held battering ram smashing through the front door of Sky High Holistic Collective. Weapons drawn, a rush of plainclothes and uniformed police officers--most of them wearing hoods or motorcycle helmets--charge offscreen. A camera inside the dispensary's lobby captured officers pointing their guns at customers and employees, ordering them to lie down on the floor.

The officers arrest everyone inside the dispensary without incident, including wheelchair-bound amputee and legendary medical-marijuana activist Marla James (see "OC's Matriarch of Medicinal Marijuana," March 20). After a female officer wheels James out of the lobby, the video shows her crowbar-wielding partners ripping cameras from walls and dismantling a DVR machine. "Can we break some fucking cameras and make the boss happy, please?" one of the plainclothes officers shouts.

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Full Video of Santa Ana Dispensary Raid Shows Even More Cops Eating Pot Edibles

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Scooby Snack!

The Weekly has obtained full and unedited footage of the Santa Ana Police Department's May 26 raid of Sky High Holistic Collective that went viral in June. The footage contains hours of video from four separate cameras, not all of which were equipped for sound. However, footage from a camera inside the dispensary's lobby area as well as one inside the club's safe room appears to solve the the mystery of exactly what the officers were eating, as they confiscated box after box of dry marijuana and pot edibles.

And yes, the word "officers" is not a typo. Although the edited footage originally released showed only one officer munching on a Scooby snack while handing a treat to another cop, the full video clearly shows four officers gobbling away on what one of the cops calls "pretty good looking chocolate bars" that were retrieved from an open safe containing pot edibles.

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Former OC Democratic Party Chair Accused Of Peddling Influence in Santa Ana Pot Lottery For Mayor Miguel Pulido

Luke McGarry
An Incident on Shakedown Street?
Two employees of a Santa Ana medical marijuana collective tell the Weekly that Frank Barbaro, the former chairman of the Democratic Party of Orange County and longtime lawyer for Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido, offered to help the dispensary secure a winning slot in the city's Feb. 5 2015 lottery--if they "worked" through him.

The employees, both a manager and a budtender for the Aloha Community Collective Association, claim that Barbaro became a member of the collective sometime last year and frequently visited the dispensary to purchase marijuana and edibles. Furthermore, they claim that on repeated occasions, Barbaro, who identified himself as Mayor Pulido's personal attorney, told them that he was the "person we needed to work with" if they wanted to "secure a spot" in the city's upcoming lottery.

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