Wet Seal Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Wet Seal Inc.
UPDATE, JAN. 16, 1:32 P.M.: Foothill Ranch-based Wet Seal Inc. announced today it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection but will continue business operations under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. The specialty retailer released a statement saying it worked out a financing arrangement with B. Riley Financial Inc. to fund continued company operations during the Chapter 11 cases. The so-called "debtor-in-possession" agreement is subject to bankruptcy court approval.

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Mario Orlando Montano Pleads Not Guilty to Sex Assault on Jogger and Attempt on Neighbor

See the update at the end of this post on Montano pleading not guilty at his arraignment to sexual assault AND attempted sexual assault.

ORIGINAL POST, DEC. 18, 6:30 A.M.: With less than two weeks of 2013 to play with, we may have stumbled upon the Ugliest Police Mugshot of the Year.

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PETA "Santas" to Urge South Coast Plaza Christmas Eve Shoppers Not to Buy Fur

That may not be Santa Claus you last-minute shoppers see at South Coast Plaza this afternoon but members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Activists dressed like Kris Kringle will not be trying to draw attention to the miserable working conditions for flying reindeer but animals who are skinned, sheared or mutilated for their fashionable hides.

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Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon Gives His Daughters "Matching" Boob Jobs

Flickr User Matt Gillman

You can't say Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Niccole is a stingy father. His two adopted, 25-year-old daughters, Brittani and Charm, have both had multiple procedures done by their dad, and they're all one big happy family.

"There are people that would critique me for doing a breast augmentation on my daughter at 18," Dr. Niccole told the Daily Mail. "Nobody, nobody would treat my daughter the way I would. ... I felt very, very comfortable doing her surgery. And I would do it over again."

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Shopping Carts, Yard Sale Signs, Overcrowded Homes: Notes from Anaheim's NIMBY Whiners

In Anaheim exists a phenomenon the Weekly calls 'Blight Fright!': numerous, unnecessary NIMBY ordinances that ignore root causes of the plight behind "blight." Everything from homeless tents in public spaces to yard sales have served as fodder to harass poor people in the name of 'quality of life.'

These ordinances don't just drop out of the sky or are the sole domain of council-pendejos! As fun files obtained by the Weekly show, they result thanks mostly to whiny Anaheimers--or as we deem them, "AnaWhiners!"

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In Honor of Raider Todd Christensen (R.I.P.), The 10 Greatest Man Perms in History

Raider Nation is in mourning and even Raider haters are tipping their brewskis upon learning five-time Pro Bowl tight end Todd Christensen died during a surgical procedure in Utah Wednesday morning.

He was 57.

In honor of the one-time possessor of the best man perm on the planet, we present 10 others who have/do rock the hairstyle with gusto.

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Creepy Contact Lenses Are Great Halloween Fun But Feds Warn About Dangers of Counterfeits

Decorative contact lenses are popular around Halloween, but federal officials warn that the marketplace includes counterfeit eye coverings that can lead to all kinds of problems, up to blindness. Indeed, illegally imported decorative lenses that have not been approved buy the Food and Drug Administration are being targeted in an ongoing, multi-agency effort called "Operation Double Vision."

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Wiggin Out Store Owner Must Pay $24,000 After Wigging Out at Wig Customer Online

Not the wig in question
The owner of a Newport Beach wig store was reportedly ordered by an Orange County judge to pay $24,000 to a "disgruntled customer" she trashed online.

After Cheryl Sanders complained about a Wiggin Out wig on RipoffReport.com, store owner Constance Walsh wigged out in rebuttal posts that falsely claimed the customer wrote a check on an unauthorized company account and took bribes at her job with the city of Anaheim.

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Leonardo Pimentel Sanchez, '92 Rape-Murder Suspect, Wins Ugly Police Mugshot by an Ear

Fugitive Leonardo Pimentel Sanchez made his initial court appearance Thursday on charges stemming from the 1992 rape and murder of a 19-year-old aspiring model whose body was found in Irvine. We didn't make the arraignment hearing that was rescheduled to Aug. 9 for the 56-year-old, who was extradited from Mexico on Tuesday and is being held without bail. But because we could see those Dumbo flaps Sanchez calls ears all the way from downtown Santa Ana, we've resurrected Ugly Police Mugshot of the Week.

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Jesse Jet Brooks and Annette Soyinthisane are Burglarizing Hotel Rats: Irvine Police

Mugshots courtesy of Irvine Police Department
Bow before Jesse Jet Brooks (left) and Annette Soyinthisane
Jiminy Christmas, what they hell happened to the homecoming king and queen?

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