"This is Tyranny!" Orly Taitz Bemoans Dismissal of Her Last Surviving Birfer Suit Against Obama

Bastardization of "Casey at the bat" photo by Jason Cutshaw, Fort Drum Public Affairs
Licensed under Public Domain via Commons
And the crowd goes "meh."
Oh, somewhere in this teabagged land Ben Carson is shining bright;
Ted Nugent is playing somewhere, and somewhere homos are light (in the loafers),
and somewhere Trump is laughing, and somewhere the Clintons pout;
but there is no joy in Birtherville--mighty Orly has struck out.

Amazingly, even Orly Taitz herself is acknowledging the defeat of her last surviving court case alleging Barack Obama was not born in the United States.

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Snopes.com Looks Under Rock of "Breaking" Obama Treason Claim and Finds Orly Taitz

Photo by Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly
Furballed Queen of the Birfers Orly Taitz
Snopes.com, the leading debunker of urban legends, Internet rumors and assorted tall tales of questionable origin, just took on the fantasy that President Barack Obama has been charged in federal court with treason--and discovered that Rancho Santa Margarita's own lawyer/dentist/real estate saleslady/Ivanka lite Orly Taitz is at the center of it.

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Everybody Roy Chi Wing Lung Tonight Encore! Bizarre Hospital Thief is Busted Again

Roy Chi Wing Lung is at it again, say cops.
I wrote the following about Roy Chi Wing Lung on March 20 of last year: "One of the most bizarre thieves I can recall writing about pleaded guilty this week to stealing surgical equipment from Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and was immediately sentenced to two years in jail." The 48-year-old former doctor, who obviously moved from Los Alamitos to Aliso Viejo since getting out custody early (Damn you, Jerry Brown!), was busted Sunday for allegedly stealing about $25,000 worth of surgical equipment from Kaiser Permanente's Orange County-Irvine Medical Center (which is ... gulp ... my hospital).

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Orly Taitz Thought Andrew S. Hanen was Her Anti-Obama Judge; Too Bad He Didn't Play Ball

Photos by Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly
Orly Taitz, sitting, lacks standing.
If you go to Rancho Santa Margarita lawyer/dentist/real estate saleslady/wind-up doll Orly Taitz's OrlyTaitzEsq.com website and type "Hanen" in the search, you'll read all kinds of headlines that seem to indicate a federal judge in Texas is ruling for her lawsuit seeking to stop the transfer of undocumented immigrants between states or, at least, deport or quarantine them for two months to halt the spread of scabies, tuberculosis, measles, whooping cough, swine flu, dengue fever, the Ebola virus and lice. Taitz also alleges President Obama and members of his administration are guilty of racketeering and defamation of her character. But one headline you won't find of her quasi-fundraising site is one reporting the latest out of Texas, where Brownsville-based Judge Andrew S. Hanen, famously blocked Obama administration orders on immigration in a case unrelated to Taitz's (despite her best efforts to merge the suits). No, Hanen's most recent ruling certainly is no win for the Queen of the Birfers,

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HB Attorney Matthew Gregory McLaughlin's Proposed Slay Gays Away Initiative is Killed

Pride flag flaps prouder today.
Huntington Beach attorney Matthew Gregory McLaughlin's proposed California voter initiative that would authorize the murder of gays and lesbians by "bullets to the head" or "any other convenient method" will not be on the November 2016 ballot--or any ballot in the future, apparently.

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Goat Boy Gone: OC's Very Own al-Qaeda Propagandist Adam Gadahn is Finally Dead

Video screengrab
Adios, Azzam

The Shawal Valley is a remote place, even by the standards of Pakistan's Federally Administrated Tribal Areas. Located along the Shawal River between steep mountain walls just north of the border between South and North Waziristan, it is the last redoubt of al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters who fled Afghanistan after the 2001 U.S. invasion. Numerous Pakistani military offensives in the lawless region, most recently in June 2014, have failed to dislodge them, although their ranks have been decimated, a handful of targets at a time, by hundreds of CIA drone strikes.

On Jan. 19, one such strike involving four remote-controlled missiles blew up a compound that the CIA had designated as an al-Qaeda safe house, killing seven suspected militants and injuring four. According to an anonymous Pakistani official who spoke to NBC News shortly after the attack, those killed included "non-Pakistani foreign fighters." It wasn't until April 23 that the White House announced that one of those foreign fighters was none other than the American face of al-Qaeda: Adam Yahiye Gadahn, a.k.a. Azzam al-Amriki or Azzam the American.

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Garrett Smith's Naked Anaheim Romp May Have Produced the Most Amazing Video Ever

Please don't tell me the streak craze is back.
Yes, Garret Smith is accused of crimes and of mucking up Charles Barnes' minivan and of scaring the stuffing out of Clarisa Vidrio.

Still, after watching the amazing surveillance video in the news report after the jump, I totally want to go as the Riverside 21-year-old next Halloween.

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Nathaniel Estes is All Smiles Now, But He Could Have Had Head Blown Off by Irvine Police

Courtesy of the Irvine Police Department
After a trip to the hospital, Nathaniel Estes was booked into Orange County Jail.
Look at Nathaniel Estes smiling in his booking photo. The 35-year-old appears pretty pleased with himself considering how close he came to being another police officer involved shooting statistic.

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Huntington Beach Attorney Matt McLaughlin Files Ballot Measure Requiring Gays To Be Shot

Fly this flag at your own risk.

How do you stop the encroaching gay menace threatening the well-being of [one particular interpretation of the Christian] God's country? Well, if you're attorney Matt McLaughlin, you crawl out of the Mailbox Express box you practice out of in Huntington Beach and you spend $200 of your own money to file a ballot measure called the "Sodomite Suppression Act". This charmingly titled proposal re-criminalizes homosexuality and makes it a capital crime.

The text also specifies that the death penalty must be carried out by "bullets to the head or any other convenient method." Good call there: Wal-Mart has been sold out of rifle bullets the last few times we went to stock up for Gay Marksman Days.

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Immigrants Advised at Rally to Push Back Against Judge's Ruling to Halt Obama Orders

Photo by Marilyn Montano/OC Weekly
Immigrants are told to push back against judge's order.
UPDATE, FEB. 19, 8:45 A.M.: Three local officials vowed at a gathering in Santa Ana Wednesday to continue educating immigrants on how to apply for documentation despite a federal judge's ruling blocking President Obama from providing legal shelter from deportation for some immigrants.

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