Attention, Target Mission Viejo Shoppers: Pets Are Delicious Meat!

Dog spelled backwards?
Shoppers at the Mission Viejo Target store got an eyeful recently thanks to a minivan in the parking lot with this message on the back window:

"Pets are delicious meat."

Actually, it really comes down to the sauce but ... I mean ... along the back bumper was the answer to readers' obvious WTF? question:

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Was Orly Taitz Silkwooded/Breitbarted/Michael Hastings-ed on Her Way to LA Times Interview?

Followers of Rancho Santa Margarita lawyer/dentist/real estate saleslady/Queen of the Birfers/Pussy Riot reject Orly Taitz wonder if she was recently Silkwooded/Breitbarted/Michael Hastings-ed.

The dark conspiracies were prompted by a truck rear-ending ... oofah! ... Taitz as she drove to an endorsement interview at the Los Angeles Times, which was humoring her run for California attorney general.

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Thanh Van Quang Is Our "Citizen of the Week!"

OCW citizen of the week logo 1 2013.jpg

Little Saigon's wild Thanh Van Quang arrived at Wasco State Prison on Wednesday and, after an evaluation, corrections officials eventually will bus him to a more permanent home at a different California penitentiary, where he'll reside while serving a tough sentence.

You may remember my colleague Matt Coker reported earlier this month on Quang's sentencing hearing for committing one of Orange County's more bizarre crimes.

In Nov. 2012, he used a lighter to ignite a one-gallon container of gasoline inside Room 25 at the Pueblo Motel on Harbor Boulevard. The explosion blew him out of the door, risked the lives of the other motel occupants and caused more than $177,500 in damage. He wore embarrassing evidence of his stunt. Flames burned a portion of his hair and skin on his upper back.

Quang's defense lawyer claimed his client momentarily lost his mind and intended to burn clothes he'd placed outside of the second-floor motel room shortly before the blast, but accidentally lit the gas inside the room.

A prosecutor argued the defendant committed arson as a route to revenge against the motel manager, who'd intervened earlier in a shouting match Quang had with his guests.

Whatever the truth regarding motive, a superior court judge handed a convicted Quang a term of 33 years to life.

But before we close the book on this character it's only fitting to acknowledge all of his contributions to society.

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Tustin Police Cast as Heavies by Movie Theater Patron of 300: Rise of the Empire

"On 03/15/14 at 8:15 P.M. the Tustin Police Department received a call from mall security of two suspicious males entering the movie theaters at 2457 Park," reads a release from Lt. John Strain, the agency's spokesman. "One of the suspects was wearing a backpack. Officers responded to the scene and evacuated the theaters without incident. The two males were located inside the theaters along with the backpack. At this time the investigation is ongoing and there is no additional information at this time."

No big whoop, right? Well, read on ...

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Who's Orly Taitz Chumming With Now? Pastor with "Jesus Would Stone Homos" Church Sign

Orly Taitz is so proud of being on The Manning Report, the online series of chief pastor at ATLAH World Missionary Church in New York City James David Manning, that the Rancho Santa Margarita lawyer/dentist/real-estate saleslady/Birfer Queen/mad matryoshka model posted the video above on

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Thanh Van Quang, Who Earned 5th Strike for Blowing Up His Ex-Motel Room, Gets 33 Years

Thumbnail image for Thanh-Van-Quang_300x200.jpg
For several minutes of supreme assholiness, Thanh Van Quang is going to be rotting in state prison for 33 years to life.

That's not entirely accurate because Quang's most-recent crimes--pouring gasoline in the room of a Santa Ana motel that had evicted him, setting off an explosion and fire--combined with five felony strikes to earn the Fountain Valley 38-year-old the long prison stretch.

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Orly Taitz Allegedly Manufactures Tea Party Backing of Her CA Attorney General Run

Now Orly Taitz is even alienating the tea party crowd.

A Tea Party Nation columnist claims the Rancho Santa Margarita lawyer/dentist/real estate saleslady/Queen of the Birfers/dried-up Russian bride is fraudulently claiming he and the Tea Party Nation have endorsed Taitz's candidacy for California attorney general.

"If Tea Party Nation or I endorse anyone in the California Attorney General's race, it won't be Orly Taitz," writes Judson Phillips.

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Joseph Elija Ettima Declared Sane in Murder of Grandmother: Update

See the update at the end of this post on the jury declaring Ettima was sane at the time of his crimes.

Thumbnail image for Joseph-Elija-Ettima.jpg
ORIGINAL POST, FEB. 5, 7:31 A.M.: A jury in Santa Ana that convicted a man Tuesday--for murdering his grandmother and setting her house on fire while his 8-year-old brother and 3-year-old niece were inside the home--must now determine whether he was sane at the time.

Joseph Elija Ettima, 30, was found guilty of one felony count of second degree murder, one felony count of arson of an inhabited dwelling, two felony counts of child abuse, and a sentencing enhancement for arson with an accelerant.

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Joseph Elija Ettima Murder Trial to Begin After Delays Caused by His Refusals to Leave Jail Cell

Thumbnail image for Joseph-Elija-Ettima.jpg
Joseph Elija Ettima has been jailed awaiting trial since 2009 for allegedly murdering his grandmother and setting her house on fire while his 8-year-old brother and 3-year-old niece were inside. That's because jailers have had a heck of a time getting the 30-year-old to come out of his Orange County jail cell so he can make his court dates.

That's scheduled to change this morning in Santa Ana.

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Ray Mabus, Navy Secretary (and Nostradamus Calamity Maker?) Coming to Camp Pendleton

Categories: Bat Shit Nuts

Is this the Mabus?
Could a man scheduled to visit Camp Pendleton this afternoon have been predicted by Nostradamus to be the usher of worldwide calamities?

That's what some followers of the reputed seer wonder about Ray Mabus, the secretary of the Navy who will address Marines, sailors and civilians of I Marine Expeditionary Force at Camp Pendleton today.

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